Shadow Shot Sunday #64

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #64

Some shadowy wording. Followed by another photo of the sign...

And here's another photo taken from the other side...

This 10 metre tall sign isn't located outside a motel. It's in fact a scultpure created by Scott Redford found in the forecourt of Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art and was one of the first major commissions completed under the art+place program. It's a wonderful spectacle when illuminated at night! It's so very kitschy cool!

Happy Sunday!

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bobbie said…
so, That is a sculpture? Very interesting! I love it as a shadow shot. You come up with the most fascinating shots each week.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Amazing sculpture! Certainly this is "realistic abstract sculptured mixed media" artwork ~ if there is such a thing! Especially love "Pleasure overrules pain...." part. Very interesting!

Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Cool shadow spotting. So it's classified as a sculpture? That's funny! Crazy modern art! I do love it due to my obsession with all things 50s and kitsch! I really need to get on board with this shadow bizzo one of these days! Happy Sunday to you!
Anonymous said…
Super photos - and that's an amazing 'work of art'! Thanks for including one of my photos in this week's collage. It's only just before 4 on Saturday afternoon here, so a little while yet until I post my SSS pictures (and I've worked out how to put the button into the body of my post - perhaps soon I'll get it on the sidebar!!)
whizkid said…
some 'sculpture'!! gives very neat shadows though :) And what a lovely blue sky!

have a happy week, T.
Hello - thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm having a read of your's and it's really amazing - I'm definately a follower !! Happy weekend to you too !
Very interesting the vibrant colors!
That sign had me going for awhile. Love the "No Abstractions" notice. THAT sure doesn't work for this site! Great find and photo.
GalleryJuana said…
Love the blues in the sky! You really know how to capture vibrant colors in your photos.

The words in the second pic are interesting. Now that I know it is a sculpture, I understand. Very cool idea.
jabblog said…
How interesting! The bright colours would cheer anyone up I think.
foto CHIP said…
I would never have guessed :) a sculpture.
Love your photo angles.
Have a nice sunday!
Celeste Maia said…
Back from my trip up in the mountains where I had no connection at all.
What a pleasure to see your fabulous shots. That sculpture is quite something! I looked carefully at all the photos, and they are all really good. You have such a good eye.
Always great shadow shots and so interesting.
Happy SSS.
Margaret Gosden said…
It soars! Lovely series.
Jacqui said…
GReat colourful images and what a piece of art. Perpetual Xmas had me going until I read what it was :)
I love this sign and how it came to be! Commissioned work for public art! Yowsas!
Hot Fudge said…
Guess what? We drove past that sign a little while back and I was puzzling how a motel had been there all that time and I hadn't noticed it before. Then The Wise One Who Knows Everything shot me one of his All Knowing looks and said it was outside the GOMA - it wasn't real. But I like to think it is.
Martha said…
What a neat work of art! Love the gallery as always too. Not sure if I have a shadow shot for this week. I really need to get out and do some shooting!
Isn't it fascinating what becomes 'art' ??? Very 'kewl' ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Sculpture or not - this is AWESOME!! How fun is this - love to find one and put it in the rec room - how fun would that be?!!
Chubby Chieque said…
Thought this is really the real motel signs. Not just a sculptures.

Anyhow, it makes me feel asking you to book me in the motel when am in Brisbane §;-)

hugs so much...
Annette said…
Hi Tracy, this is a very cool SS, great vibrant fun colours, mmm, sculpture hey, anything goes these days, i like it!! Happy Sunday to you. Ax
A Wild Thing said…
Brizvegas...what a actually reminds me of the signs outside old 50's Las Vegas...back in the day, cool sign!
admin said…
Love the kitschy cool! Might have to head to BrisVegas one day :)
xxx said…
Beautiful shots :)

I've just joined the fun of the shadcows.

best wishes
Gina said…
Amazing shadows as always..and such a cool sculpture..if I'm ever in Brisbane again...will definitely want to check out all this public it! :)
sunnymama said…
What a great sign! I love the shadows in the first shot :)
keiren said…
Brisbane appears to be leading the way with interesting public art! Great shadows and photos, and I love the wording in the second photo! I agree it's very kitschy cool!!!
Sylvia K said…
You do indeed come up with wonderful and unusual shadows! Very cool!

Happy SSS!
Anonymous said…
Love the lettering drop shadows Tracy. Interesting idea for a sculpture.
Alexa said…
Great sculpture! Would love to see it all lit up at night too. Happy Sunday --
what a fun sculpture, with very nice shadows!
Elizabeth said…
These are such amazing shots of a very funky sign.
Love them!
Elizabeth said…
Forgot to say that from the collages it looks like a very doggy week!
I love animals.
Wear Your Wild said…
I love old motel signs. Great shadow shots of it!
Tracy said…
Another great week of shadows... And that sign sculpture is fantastic--love it! Happy Day, Tracy :o) ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
As always, coolest of cool shadow shots. Love the colors in the sign with its shadows, as well.

Paz xoxo
Unknown said…
always thinking about shadow sunday while I make my coffee! this is great -- as usual! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the yellow/snow one.

(yellow snow probably doesn't sound so nice!)

.... oh but hold on.. I just went to look at the photo on their website and it's not snow, it's actually just really white sand!!
The Explorer said…
Another week for shadows...I am joining again...
Victoria said…
Fabulous! I never would have known that this wasn't an actual motel sign... except the great quote did make me wonder. I just figured your motels were more enlightened then ours were!
Sarah said…
What a great sculpture! I especially love the quote!
Unknown said…
How fun I really love the shots this week
Gabbi said…
Wonderful shadow shots!! My favorites this week are Vicki's flowers and Floretta's legs.
Linda said…
Oh, I LOVE this one! There's NOTHING quite so fun as kitschy signage against a blue blue sky!
:-D GREAT shot!
What a great shadow shot! I just LOVE neon...signs, sculptures, whatever you want to call it.

There is a town nearby us that has a road that still has a lot of vintage neon. I've often thought about going over there and photographing it all. But never have done it yet.

Great collages too:)
Shannon said…
It amazes me how you stick through this week in and week out! THANK YOU! Once again -- I've been out of town, hopefully I"ll get to post a few shadow shots sometime before the end of the day! :)
Unknown said…
Hi ya T !!! many new players..really have lost touch BUT I LOVE the collages, let me have a peek at some of those awesome SSS people have shot! Guess no slowing down on SS for you now, but seriously I think this is one of the best meme ever started..ok, send me some chocolates for all the compliments kidding only, you did well :D Love the wording shadows everywhere. You have a fab week ahead...I am up to my nose with work today :( big hugs and big muah muah too !!!
Square Peg Guy said…
I was inspired to join your meme when i saw the self portrait that Ribbon posted today (or your yesterday).

Here's the direct link to my first SSS post:

I hope i did this right. I apologize if I didn't.
Square Peg Guy said…
Here's a clickable version of that link:
Square Peg Guy's Family Portrait
Chrisy said…
Great sculpture...and there's a photo there of a dog jumping up...fantastic!
Catherine said…
Thanks for another set of inspiring collages and great shots...
Brandi said…
Too bad that is a sculpture! That would be an interesting place to stay!! I love the thought about pain vs. pleasure!
Very nice shadows! I'm hoping to come up with some inspiration so that I can participate again soon! :)
prashant said…
thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm having a read of your's and it's really amazing - I'm definately a follower !! Happy weekend to you too !

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