Shadow Shot Sunday #65

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #65

A couple of coffee inspired shadow shots this week. The first was taken in the courtyard cafe at the Griffith University's Queensland Conservatorium of Music. The second is the outer wall of one of my new fave cafes. Conveniently located a short walk from my house. I may be giving the impression here that I spend much of my time hanging around cafes. Visits are mostly brief pit-stops simply to fuel up on caffeine. Mostly...

I'll be having a little break this week, so I'll be back again same time next week for more shadowy fun! xox

Happy Sunday!

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robin. said…
how could coffee pit stops be wrong??? if it's wrong...i don't wanna be right!! great shots...we will see you next weekend.
Catherine said…
love the shots and the collages..
Tom Hilton said…
I love the subtlety of the light and shadow in that second shot.
Anonymous said…
Coffeeeeeeeeee!!! You said the magic word! I second what Tom said about the second pic! A nice contrast between the two cafe photos. Happy Sunday to you Harriet!
drollgirl said…
this is such a cool idea! and i am loving the shots!

of course i want to see one with a gun or a knife wielder and their shadow. what is wrong with me?!?!?!?
Generik said…
I'm partial to the first one, myself. Love the color.
Anonymous said…
Excellent photos - but would be better if it was tea, not coffee!!! Enjoy your break, love, Anne
I swear, everyone is getting better each week. It seems like the bar gets raised higher and higher...a bunch of awesome shots and I am tickled pink to be amongst this group!
Unknown said…
I love the vibrant colors in your palm tree shot and the mellowness of your second shot--you are da best! Keep the caffeine flowing. It's good to be back. I missed y'all! :D
Anonymous said…
I love your shadow galleries! One day soon I might even join in on the fun ;)
++MIRA++ said…
i always think my shadow follows me.its kinda
Margaret Gosden said…
Across the pond, they think nothing of having a cuppa tea with every opportunity! Nice shots and clean lines, as usual.
Elizabeth said…
Two excellent photos.
I loved the top one better because the colors pleased me so --though the other is very dramatic.
Have a super break
and love from New York
Sylvia K said…
Oh, great shots! Love the first one! It's so colorful! The second made me realize I was ready for a cup of!

Have a great weekend1

Martha said…
I love your shot for this week! Now I know where you hang out all day ;-)
The gallery shots are great as always.
I still don't think I have taken any new shadow shots, it's been such a busy week! Once things slow down a bit I'll be back in the swing of things. Have a great week!
Hot Fudge said…
I love the warm colours of your first shot, and love even more the thought of a shot of coffee from Retro Espresso! Have a fabulous break Tracy. I look forward to rejoining SSS on my return.
EG CameraGirl said…
I very much like your first photo. It looks so tropical and warm. ;-)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the sharp play of shadows in the first photo and then, in contrast, the calm soft shadows on the coffee shop wall! Great pairing!
A Wild Thing said…
One thing I miss about living in the city is the short walks to the cafe java...but that's the only thing!!! Cool shot, cool name!

Have a great Sunday girl and thanks again!
Teneale said…
Great shots Tracey. I've just finished my morning coffee, and am considering another when I get to Oxford St. I'd prefer to go to Dancing Bean at Kelvin Grove, as my friends Matt and Charlie work there. Maybe I'll be having three today...

If you need another too head to Kelvin Grove, and tell them I sent you lol. Looking forward to hanging your prints there.

xo Teneale
Mmmm... we could go for some coffee right now! Love the palm shadows. Enjoy your time off!
Karla & Karrie
MonikaRose said…
Great collection of photos for the collage this week.Love your first SSS, great play of shadows on the iron from the fern, they fit well today and the colors are outstanding..thanks for another great SSS..have a fab day and weekahead..MonikaRose :)
Beverley Baird said…
Here is my first entry for your challenge. Love all the shots so far!
littlechrissy said…
Beautiful shots... nothing like Brisbane winter sunshine for creating good shadows!
Jane said…
Few first timers like me here today. Looking forward to chasing those shadows.
keiren said…
Very cool coffee inspired shadow shots this week! Beautiful collages as always. So many talented people! Whenever I see interesting shadows I think of you! I need to start taking photos of them and play along. Have a great week!
The palm tree shadows against the red wall are great and I love the simplicity of the retro espresso photo. You have me craving some coffee now! My shadow shot is posted!
storyteller said…
Wonderful collages as always and kewl shadows this week too! Happy Sunday (on Saturday night). I'm playing twice -- with 'color' shadow shots at Happily Retired Gal and in Monochrome views at Sacred Ruminations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Everything runs better on caffeine...that's what I always say:D
I really like the first shot. I love the colors and that metal wall. Very nice!
The second one looks black and white to me, except of course for the retro. Neat effect:)

Have a nice break this week. Hope you have something fun planned!
Annette said…
Yay go the caffiene!! Glad you visit all these places, means great viewing for us, lol!! Great shots again T, colours are gorgeous. Oh must say am enjoying those roof tops in the previous post too!! Enjoy your break and happy sunday to you :0)
Sara Chapman said…
Palm shapes and red, so tropical and exciting! But only you would see the shadows under the letters of the second one. And what the heck is the shape below? Need. More. Coffee.
Great shots for SSS! Love coffee, thanks, Hey Harriett.
whizkid said…
loved the second shot! very classy :)
admin said…
enjoy your break!! love the SS's :)
Sandrine said…
Yay!!!!!I have officially shot my fist shadow Tracy!!!!Yay!!!I am converted!!;)Have a great break ;)
Sandrine x
Celeste Maia said…
Your shot of the palm tree shadow, without a palm tree is brilliant! As is the second mysterious shot. And the others photos you showed. What a talented group you all are.
wonderful photo of the palm tree shadows against the red. Lovely collage too!
Sarah said…
Nothing wrong with hanging out in cafes! Great shots-I especially like the second one. Have a good break!
Shannon said…
LOVE the textures in the 1st shot created by the background! :)
Alexa said…
Nice use of color as well as shadows. Love the huge splash in the first shot, and the subtle bit in the second. Enjoy your break.
Wear Your Wild said…
Great plant shadow. Plants make the best shadows.
Have a great week!
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! LOVE the names with coffee-influence... And such great shadows this week! My favorite has to be in the first photo group, that puppy in the lower right corner--oh, I could hug that little one! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
Fun shots thatnks!
Kranky Granny said…
Harriet, as usual you have the best shadows of the weeks.

Love the plant shadow but have to agree with the others about the second shot.
Chubby Chieque said…
Cool to see that many participants now.

I can see that you're good in your collage & of course loving your shots too. Ah..coffein... nothing compares. Makes my day!

Am late but at least am present §;-)

BIG xoxo...
Square Peg Guy said…
I love the look of the leaves against the corrugated metal wall. Both the color contrast and the waviness are eye catching!

The sign on the wall shot shows a nice variety of texture.

Thanks so much for featuring my family portrait! You put me with Ribbon, who inspired me!
Jacqui said…
Wonderfulshadws there - coffee shops are great places for seeing things like that.
Unknown said…
GORGEOUS! I love that shadow on the orange corrugated metal...just beautiful!
Ellie said…
I looked at my boy's picture today and I remembered I've seen Shadow Shot meme - decided to share the shadow with fellow shadow searchers :)
MyMaracas said…
Great texture on that second one, especially. And as for cafes, that's where all the interesting people hang out. Nothing like good company and a great cuppa.
Gabbi said…
Great shadow shots! My favorite this week is Sunnymama's dinosaurs... adorable adorable.
Unknown said…
Lovely shadow T, wanted to post my SSS but have been out of blog land for a few days, kids are all down with fever, me in and out of clinics as if they are having a sale. see ya soon.
CJ said…
I especially like the plants casting shadows on that orange blind.
Chrisy said…
Geez...these shots are getting soooo good....
prashant said…
Excellent photos - but would be better if it was tea, not coffee!!! Enjoy your break

Work From Home
Anonymous said…
Super shadow shots - the motion blur in the bottom left of your espresso photo is pretty cool. I wonder if that's Miss Harriet's shadow running off with her espresso? Hope you enjoy your break.

I'm having a break too. Unfortunately it's only from my computer. Miss Am's sick and snotty again. I did take a shadow shot, lots of them actually. I'll save them for next time.
Victoria said…
You must have been jumping up and down with joy when they opened that retro espresso near your home! Really like the colors of the first shot, too. :0)
Sam said…
Yes! They get better every week dear Tracy!! I particularly love the shadow of the praying mantis!! How cool is that?? Yours is fabbo too of course - especially retro espresso!! I must submit one of these days!! Hope the weather is nice up there and that you're having a good week sweetie!!
Wonderful the palm leaf..Sorry, I missed this week.
Had a few viruses on my computer and the scan didn't take care of them. Son-in-law fixed it for me and downloaded a new virus scan. Of course, I kept clicking till I could click no more.
Have a good week.
lyptis said…
Lovely shadow shoots, i especially love the praying mantis one and the dinosaur shoot and so many others!:)

Btw, i found this clip on google while checking the praying mantis spelling!:P Interesting stuff!