Shadow Shot Sunday #66

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #66

Ok, this shows more reflections than shadows. I'm posting it anyway due to the risk I took in being booted out of the bowling alley for venturing into areas I wasn't permitted to in order to take a photo of some bowling pins. I didn't want my efforts to be for nothing! It was surprisingly easy to scoot down a slippery lane and back without being spotted by staff. Fun too! Here's a little bowling tune from the 80s. Also fun!

The sound quality of this video isn't the best so you'll need to turn the volume up considerably. Sing along!

My little blog break this week is now being extended for about another month. I have a bunch of stuff I need to catch up on so my blogging will be restricted to doing the Shadow Shot Sunday posts only for the time being. I will always find the time to continue playing in shadows! So, I'll see you same time next week! xo

Happy Sunday!

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Jonny Hamachi said…
Great shot!! See you next week.
GalleryJuana said…
Fun music video. I hadn't heard that song before. Great song to wake up to in the morning.

Cool shot too! This works so well in monochrome. I am glad you have good balance and didn't fall.
Anonymous said…
Strike! That is the coolest shot! I appreciate all you risked for it ;) Thanks for sharing that video!!! It's a great song and I'd never seen the video clip for it before! I'm going to be singing it all day now!
Gemma Wiseman said…
O help you are getting brave! First that grille in the street to get shadows (with everyone wondering what you were doing on the ground) and now this! And what a shot! Well worth it! Shadowy reflections that are very unique!

Happy weekend!
Catherine said…
love that bowling alley shot...something so retro about it...thanks again for the collages...
bobbie said…
a fun video, with lots of great shadows in it!
Tom Hilton said…
That bowling pin shot is fantastic--well worth the risk!

That song brings back memories--I knew the Camper guys in college.
What a great photo! You did well not getting caught sliding down the alley. I'd be too afraid of falling over and breaking my camera. Interesting song. Odd lyrics! It's very catchy! Thanks for including my shot from last week in your collages. It's nice to see a selection of photos displayed because as soon as I posted mine last week my computer died and I didn't get a chance to visit anyone. All better now, so I hope to snag a shadow shot for this weekend!
You rebel you....slippin' & slidin' down to get a picture - which is fantastic we think!
Enjoy your blogging break....get all rested up!

Great video....ahhhh, those were the days!
whizkid said…
ha ha, i can just picture you sliding smoothly, with the camera all set to click :) fantastic shot too!

and thanks for including me in the collage this week!
keiren said…
I haven't heard that song in ages! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. And the scoot down the slippery lane. Both equally fun! I love your shadow photo this week, and all the collages look so good! I like the bright colors of the first one, the tranquility of the second, and the arty look of the third. So many creative people! Happy Sunday to you Harriet!
keiren said…
Forgot to say before that I'll miss your regular posts but I'm very happy that you'll still be blogging shadows during the month. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to be keeping up with everything. Something I constantly battle with! See you again next week!
MyMaracas said…
So worth it. LOL Love the pin shot! AND thanks for the music too.

Your posts are always so much fun. I'm glad you'll be able to host the Shadow Shots, despite your busy scheduled. I look forward to this one.
EG CameraGirl said…
Hahaha! Good for you. Who'd a thunk taking photos could be so risky. ;-)

Thanks for hosting this meme. It's a great one for improving a photographer's eye.
Now that is what I call "taking a chance shadow". Really neat with the pins reflecting on the alley.
I do understand taking some time off. It is really a job in itself blogging and takes a lot of time.
See you next Sunday, God willing.
Happy SSS.
Sylvia K said…
Love the video! Great shadows! I, too, understand the need to take some time off -- have had to do some of that myself!

Happy SSS

Generik said…
Love the moodiness of the bowling shot, and that's my favorite Camper song!

Double score, thanks!
Actually, more than 30% of your shot is a shadow! It's just that it does not have a form as we are so used to seeing.
Once again, i will say what an astounding bunch of shadow sleuths we have.
Tracy, maybe you could consider publishing a selection of these shots via the self publishing (publish on demand) company called, Blurb? And any of us who want to order a book could (and would)! You see all of them and you do a fabulous selection of them each week to show us.
Here's the link:

Just a thought...
BTW, thanks for the "Take the Skinheads Bowling" video! What a hoot!
Sam said…
Another lovely set! I particularly like the second one - those greens and the pussy cat - natch!

Re- bowling pins/ball shot - glad to hear you are risking life and limb for a photo! I like the composition so yes it was worth it!! Hope you get everything done and look forward to bext weeks set!!
Chubby Chieque said…
Never ending fab collage, Tracy! Fabulous in every week I see them. Loving your work, indeed!

I missed the bowling time + your tune? He he... nostalgic again.

Have a wonderful & happy SS and hope your weather is warmer as our summer in Europe §;-(

xoxo lots!
Gerald (SK14) said…
have a great holiday - my shadows are bowls related but an entirely different game!
Anonymous said…
Ha - now you've included a reflection I won't feel guilty when I post one tomorrow! Enjoy you break and I hope you come back refreshed and raring to go. (still to watch the video, will do that tomorrow)
Margaret Gosden said…
Monochrome skittles, lovely! I swear I did not know you were going to post a video, which I also did before going to Mr. Linky! Now I will listen to yours.
foto CHIP said…
Just a photo strike - very good :)
Have a nice week!
jabblog said…
Great stuff! I was never much good at ten-pin bowling - but it was fun ;-)
Sandrine said…
Tracy you made me laugh, I could imagine you scooting down the slippery bowling lane!!!;))Have a nice catching up time in the sun and the shadows...;)
Shannon said…
the reflections on that bowling alley are SUPERB! Great work! :) Makes me want to go bowling! :)
Terri said…
What a rebel you are! Great shot.
Glad you have your priorities set and will continue Shadow Shots. Really now! Of course I love the bowling balls. Good, good shot! Hope it was a strike!

I also hope life settles down a bit soon for you. After all, blogging is a key part of life.
Sarah said…
You naughty thing you! Breaking the rules in the name of art! It was worth it though!
A Wild Thing said…
Haven't bowled in years, it used to be so much fun, especially after a few beers...sometimes you just gotta break the rules for those perfect shots...good one!
Methinks (since it's YOUR idea in the first place) you can post whatever you choose! Love the review of last week as always ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
jo said…
Have a nice break, this weeks shots look very cool together, you always do very artistic grouping.
MonikaRose said…
Hi, great shot of the bowling. I used to bowl and had my own balling ball too, when I was a teen. So did my father, he bowled with teams for trophy's and he won too. I used to love hitting an X, 10. Have not done that in a long time. Love your shot though, brings back memories too of my family bowling and having fun. Thanks..cya have a great week ahead :) MOnikaRose
I think it shows both shadows and reflections. I mean the whole scene is set in shadow...right?! It's a very cool shot! I can just see you now sneaking your way down the alley. Silly girl;)

Interesting video. I've never seen it before. Nor have I ever heard of the band before. I have to google so many things I hear of from you...I feel like I've spent my life under a rock! Peculiar but catchy tune. Have yourself a grin knowing I be singing it in my sleep. Still it's the perfect compliment to your shot this week.

Lovely collage:) The shooters are giving you lots of great shots to work with (with the exception of me of course. I think I need to step it up a few notches). I really like the color groupings you've been doing lately. Very nice!

Enjoy your blog break. I hope it doesn't inspire you to go away all together. I would miss you. So I guess I should say don't enjoy your break too much;) said…
love your great bowling pins shot with shadows Tracy! You are so creative & talented.
Hope you catch up on everything as well. Have a great week!
Enjoy your break but come back next Sunday, OK?
Unknown said…
I love that Camper Van Bethovan song! Haven't heard it ages!

Love the shadow gallery and your pic, too. I posted this week!

Peace and love,
Chrisy said…
Great video clip...the 80s fashion is certainly back in...the girl could wear the same outfit today...the only thing that dates it is the guy's hairstyle...I like the idea of you lurking, taking photos where you're not supposed to...
Dianne said…
it is a brilliant shot!!
I love how gritty it feels
Anonymous said…
Your shaddow shot posts are great, so I'm glad you're continuing that :)
Good for you for taking the risk with that bowling shot! You go girl ;)
Jacqui said…
I still think it is a shadowy shot - very brave of you too. Off to listen to the song now.
I love your bowling alley photo! Excellent! Lovely collages too!
Chris said…
LMAO.....what a great video. I've got a cd or two by Camper Van Beethoven, very quirky group.

The bowling shot is excellent! Did you set it up (as in place the ball and take the shot) or was that ball moving?

Enjoy your break!
admin said…
Love the risk taken with that shot!! hehe....enjoy your break & see you next week :)
Anonymous said…
Wow! I'm number 61 on Mr Linky, this SSS is going crazy.

Great pins! I love the reflections. I'm sure the reflections wouldn't be so great if there were no shadows. Not even sure there would be a reflection at all.
Hey Harriet said…
Chris - The ball was moving. The little person who bowled it wasn't the speediest of bowlers thankfully. Made it much easier for me! :D
Teneale said…
Very cool shot Tracey !! Have a great week xoxo
Ginger said…
The bowling ball photo is one of the best you've posted in my opinion. Great shot!
Victoria said…
I am not much of a bowler but have a strong attraction to anything bowling related. Your shot is a perfect strike and I just love it! I can see you doing a whole series around it, risking life and limb the whole way. (Okay, maybe not life or limb but definitely the angst and anger of the bowling alley manager!)

Enjoy some blog free time, but what a good gal you are to still take time to delight us with your shadow shots each Sunday! xo
love reflections in photos. great shot!
Marie said…
Hi my first time at SSS.
Even though more reflections than shadows your´s are a lovely shot. Nice in monochrome.
Müge said…
You made a great shot! B/W is an excellent choice for this photo! Funny and interesting video! I didn't know this song!

Have a beautiful new week! :-)
Carin said…
You're not the only one who enjoys taking a picture like that. Great shot too!

Enjoy your week!
Square Peg Guy said…
It must be hard to choose shots week after week. I like all the ones featured today!

Good luck catching up with whatever it is you need to do!
myan said…
fabulous shadow shot gallery as usual! :)

and i love your bowling alley shot!
Gabbi said…
Wonderful shadow shots, my fave this week is yours! Risking life and limb for the sake of art is to be commended. :) By the way, I would love love to participate in next weeks shadow gallery! I'm putting the badge up on my sidebar today... *fingers crossed* for a good shadow photo!
Hildegarde said…
Long time since I participated, wonderful collages of great shadow work. Congrats, it's a wonderful meme.
Darcel said…
It's a cool reflection shot. I love seeing all of the different Shadow Shots every week.
Linda said…
GREAT shot at the bowling alley! I'm glad you took the risk of being reprimanded for your art!
;-D Enjoy your break -- see you next week!
CJ said…
Nice photo ---I especially like it in black and white.

It has been ages (25 years) since I've bowled ---and it was one sport I was not terrible at. Maybe I ought to try it again.

Find my shadow shot for this week HERE.
Tracy said…
What a great week of shadows! Super compilation Tracy. :o) I love that cherries with the rainbow in the first grouping, and in that second one that cute cat all tucked up again the side of a house--too cute! So glad you'll still be here for SSS...enjoy your blog break, my friend. Thanks for visiting! Oh, if you ever get to visit for real, I'll be sure to have spaghetti. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))
Celeste Maia said…
Really enjoyed the music video, had not heard the song in ages. And of course the shadow photos are always a treat, like going to a gallery and taking my time with each image. They are all good, such talented photographers.
Enjoy your break, and I will be back next Sunday.
storyteller said…
Hope you enjoy your break and get lots done. It usually takes me most of the week to catch up with all the shadows anyway. I've posted a few shadows belatedly at Sacred Ruminations ... a follow up from a couple of weeks ago actually ... too late to enter the link officially.
Hugs and blessings,
Love all the shadow shots. Yours was intriguing, I can picture you sneaking down the alley and back, very cool.
Hadn't heard the song before, not my usual musicial taste, but I must say I loved the handmade afghan in the bed scenes!
Have a great week.
Peace, Judi
Brandi said…
I love your shadow shot! So cool! It looks a bit retro too!!
I also love that you've added a song for your post. Every time we go bowling, my husband sings that song!
Quilt Works said…
Great shadow collection! Photography is one of my loves, and have taken some shadows, but not a project of just shadows. This will be a great inspiration. Thank you!
Unknown said…
woot...I'm out of blog land for 4 days and it seem like 2 weeks!! Nice collection, love the apple one - so gotta go check it out :D

I imagine you skating down the bowling alley to take this shot, it's nice too. Next time bring a portable lighting to cast some much needed shadows LOL!!!

WOW..1 month break, just make sure this SSS don't overtake everything else or make you devote full time to it. Maybe we'll bump into each other in Paris during your break...yeah, yeah, in my dreams :P

tata..big hugs.muah muah...everything lah !
cabin + cub said…
Always love seeing the shadow series!.... a lot of great shots as always! ;)
Sam said…
Hey there tracy!! When is the deadline for a shadow shot each week? I would love to have an attempt - it's so noble! Have a lovely weekend sweetie!!
Couture Carrie said…
What lovely collages of photos!

Gina said…
oh so worth getting caught..that's an amazing shot!!