Shadow Shot Sunday #67

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #67

Here's a cool cycling clip. Scenes from the Queer As Folk series set to Queen's Bicycle Race song. I Love it!

Spring officially arrives on Tuesday and nothing screams spring like bike riding. It's time to dust off my poor neglected pushie because I'm planning to join in on the annual national Ride to Work Day this year.

There's a bit of a cycling theme happening here with my SSS today. Yes it was intentional. Bowling last week, and cycling this week. I may be giving the impression that I'm a sporty type. I'm not. Far from it!

Happy Sunday!

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Margaret Gosden said…
Nice strong shadow shot of bike. Love the addition of related videos! You are looking forward to spring and we to autumn - it all goes too fast!
Shannon said…
i absolutely LOVE bike shadows... the tires make the coolest shadows! And I don't like riding them... my hips cannot handle it! :) And.. I'm also a fan of having a "theme" with shadow shots! Have a great Sunday!
Anonymous said…
I've been going through withdrawals due to you not posting during the week! This was fun! Super shadow collages, your bike shot is cool. Three bikes in one shot! And that video! I'll think I'll be sneaking back here a lot to watch it over and over! Whoever put that together is very clever. Thank you so much for sharing it! I loved the series Queer As Folk and was so sad when it ended :(
keiren said…
I'm not a sporty type either but I enjoyed your 'sporty' theme this week. The video was awesome!!! I'm wanting to rush out and hire the QAF DVDs now. I forgot how much I liked that show! Very cool bike shadow shot with the addition of the yellow bike stencil beside it! Happy Sunday Harriet :D
Generik said…
Beautiful bike shot. Very strong shadow, good composition. I like!
Sylvia K said…
Terrific bike shadow shot! I, too, love the composition! Fun post today, but yours are always enjoyable and delightful!

Enjoy your weekend!
well, what's left of it!

You stumbled upon a perfect bike shadow! Very nice shot! I'm going shadow hunting today. Hope the weather improves. Wish me luck!

Interesting video I must say! I hadn't seen any of that series before. Only heard about it. Those scenes tied in perfectly with the Queen song!
Gabbi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabbi said…
Wonderful shadows! My favorites this week are Terri's lovely pink couch shot and Long Island Daily Photo's mysterious angel. Gorgeous....

So excited about being part of the gallery next week! I'm sorry for posting so early, I actually thought it had to be in before Sunday (I'm a dork!). Next week though, on the actual day for sure :)

Wishing you a great weekend!
Sarah said…
I like it! The shadow, the bike and the sign, all lined up! I used to love Queer as Folk!
bobbie said…
Love the photo, the video, and the music!
Jenny said…
I love your site. It's my first time participating, but I check your site often and have several friends that participate. Thanks for a great site!
drollgirl said…
these shots are amazing!!! and the bike shot is just spectacular!!!
Jeanna said…
This is my first time participating as I was sent here by Shannon. I love all the shadows!
Love the strong shadows of the bike. Here we are going into autumn not spring but it actually felt winterish today.
I'm glad that you mentioned that spring is arriving there. We are headed into fall and the mornings greet us with a cool, crispness in the air.
It's hard to imagine that different seasons exist in the same moment in time.
MyMaracas said…
Nicely spotted shadow of that bike, and the clip is great.

It seems so strange that it's spring where you are, while summer is winding down here.
Like the way you captured the bike.
Good shadow. As always, good picture..Happy SSS.
Carin said…
Oh over at your place the biking season is coming and over here it will soon be over. At least the fun biking.

Enjoy your Sunday!
Yay! Bicycle shadows! They're the best, aren't they? Ours is up here. Thanks for keeping this going!
admin said…
Love the bike shot!! very cool :) & Yay for Spring on it's way!!!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Very defined bike shadow! Good one!
And an insp[iring video...I want to ride my bicycle....Aaaaaaah...Now that's going to be stuck in my head all day! And I don't have one!

Happy weekend!
Love the triple bike shot...shadow, bike & bike sign on the road! Being that fall is just around the corner - we're trying to sneak in as many bike rides as possible...soon it will be time to hang them back up in the garage!
Have a great week!
Chrisy said…
Get out those slinky bike shorts...fluorescent pink is best...crank up the music in your ipod..and ride baby ride!
MonikaRose said…
G'day, love your shadow shot, its a subtle one for me this week, thank you for including my ariel shot of the trees with their shadows. Have a great SSS day and weekahead.. :) cya MOnikaROse
EG CameraGirl said…
Happy first day of spring! Fall doesn't arrive here until September 22. ;-)

My shadow shot:
Bicycles always cast intriguing shadows. Yours is wonderful! I don't ride my bike as often as I once did, but I do WALK whenever I can ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
keiren said…
Nice blog and shadow photos
A Wild Thing said…
OK girl, you can stop rubbing this spring thing in...and yes, we feel the same way...did we miss summer...and it was just yesterday that you had summer.

It's still August and it's getting into the 50's tonight...brrrr...NO NOT YET!!!
Summer is getting to an end here although today is about 95 degrees!! LOVE Summer!!!! Don't want it to end!
Anonymous said…
Just popping back in again to watch that video. Told you I wouldn't be able to help myself!!!
Wow, three bikes in one! How cool is that? Wonderful image for Shadow Shot Sunday. And a great collage collection, this week, also.
CJ said…
I'm coming to visit you so I will have 2 Springs this year. It is my favorite season---so full of hope. I always hate to see Fall ---the trees are beautiful mid to late October, but then everything is dead until March.

Loved your bike shadow.
Maria Berg said…
Thank you for all the work you doing, like the bike shadow. MB
C.M. Jackson said…
harriet--great bike shot--my 67th post on my blog had to be a shadow shot;-)-best c
Sandrine said…
Love your velo shadow and enjoy your ride to work;)My shadow is a bit pushed this week...;)
Tracy said…
Fun with the cycling theme! And I'm not very sporty either, Tracy ;o) LOL! Another wonder week of shadows... It's always so exciting to see what others capture. And to see the different seasons in different places. Happy weekend, my friend (HUGS))
Tracy said…
Fun with the cycling theme! And I'm not very sporty either, Tracy ;o) LOL! Another wonder week of shadows... It's always so exciting to see what others capture. And to see the different seasons in different places. Happy weekend, my friend (HUGS))
Wear Your Wild said…
Beautiful bike shot! Have a wonderful spring. I'm looking forward to fall and cooler weather.
Chris said…
Looking at this the second time, I love the detail of the THREE bikes in the picture. The bike, it's shadow, and the painted bike designating the bike lane on the road. Very clever.
Linda said…
Bike shadows are absolutely fascinating, and this one is fantastic. I love how crisp and clear it is, and how the colors of the pavement are so varied and interesting.
Teneale said…
Bicycle shots are so funky, especially when you catch a shadow.

Have fun bike riding. xo Teneale
Chubby Chieque said…
The collage this w/end is fantastic choice! Love it!

Hmmm... did I heard right? I though OZes are very sporty §;-)

Guess, time to mobilize T? But, hey... cool clip *lol

hugs on your 67 SSS...
myan said…
love your bike shadow!
and i really like the ones with the glasses!
cool patterns!

happy sunday! :)
Vicki ~ FL said…
Love the bike shadow the most....
Dorte said…
Fantastic shadow shot ... and great collages.
Have a great week!
Unknown said…
What detail you captured in your great bike shadow--the tire "bumps"--wow! We're having beautiful biking weather here. It's such relaxing exercise!
Square Peg Guy said…
I like how the bicycle's rear wheel shadow is so much bigger than the front wheel's shadow. It's like a drag racing bicycle!

Excellent choices to feature, too. The bird shadows on the rooftop and the woman's eyes framed by shadows are my favorites.

While your Spring approaches, our Autumn also approaches, as it does every year.
Brandi said…
Bicycle races are coming your way
So forget all your duties oh yeah!
Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today
So look out for those beauties oh yeah!

Love your shot and your song! I'm a HUGE fan of songs that go with my posts!!
Catherine said…
nice bike shadow..good composition!!
Anonymous said…
Some fantastic shadows in the montage from last week's SSS. I didn't get the chance to visit many SSS blogs. I love the under bridge shadow and the photo looking down at the girl running. They're super!

I love your bike shadow too. That is very sporty of you. Or is that the footpath just outside your house? hehehe ;D
Jenny in Maine said…
My apologies for entry #71 being the wrong link...{when I copy and pasted my blog link, it did not take it], and for the duplicates!!
Victoria said…
I like how the pole shadow looks like it is riding the bike shadow and I really like the yellow painted bike road sign and how that guy is pretty much pole shaped, too. Themes are good... look forward to seeing what you do next week. Hope you have a good one my friend! :0) said…
I LOVE bicycle shadows!
Your collages are beautiful as always. I love seeing the ones I am unable to visit when I see them posted here every week.
Thanks Tracy!
Mary-Laure said…
Love the little kids' shadows - so tiny...
cabin + cub said…
I love biking, but am not a hardcore biker either... hills are not my friends. Have fun with Bike to Work Week.. it will feel really good! ;)
Sam said…
Fabbo!! I love the last one best - but only just because they are all so nice Tracy! Your bike is inspired!!!
Sam said…
PS: Today's random surreal organiser cracks me up!! :) "Come let me ignore thee"!
I really like your bike shot! I can't believe it is nearly spring there already. I don't think I've heard you whine one bit this winter about how cold you were. I'm glad you made it thru and will soon be warming up. Course you know what that means for me:[

I think I would bike to work everyday if I lived in the city. I love to ride my bike.

I enjoyed your video. I don't think I've ever heard of that series. No big suprise there. I seem to be blissfully unaware of much of what is going on around me:)
Celeste Maia said…
Great shadow photo of the bike, congratulations, for me it is the best.
I just arrived back in Madrid, after 2 moths in Portugal. Now I need to get organized and the house organized and start working again. I am looking forward to that. Greetings from Spain!
Hildegarde said…
Shadow shooting really asks focussing, for me it's not so evident as skies, reds, critters, ... I really have to try harder :-) because like this week i have no contribution. And I see many fine contribution here.
Unknown said…
That is a fantastic shot T...great as usual :D

Elissa is home and doing well, tks to all those positive prayers you sent.. hugs.M
Gina said…
Fabbo bike shadow..and what a classic QaF clip..loved that series ;P..esp Emmett, makes me crack up! I can't believe SSS is still growing since my last time here!! :)