Shadow Shot Sunday #72

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #72

I've walked past this fancy building along Ann Street in Fortitude Valley countless times but it was only this week after stepping out from the pub directly opposite that I really noticed all of those intricate shadows.
And yes, the pub lunch was very nice. The Royal George World's Best Pub Lunch Only $6 deal is a goodie!

Behind that waterfall window I could see a desk and a computer. Couldn't see anybody sitting at the desk. Maybe they were also on their lunch break. I've no idea what kind of business this fancy building houses.

Nothing quite sums up spring like gigantic strawberry icecreams! These treats were decorating the grounds of a mini carnival set up in Southbank's Cultural Forecourt as part of the 3 week long Brisbane Festival 2009 celebrations. The popular annual festival ended yesterday. Phooey. It sure was fun while it lasted!

I've noticed quite a few new people joining in SSS over the last month, so a big thanks to the newbies for playing along! And of course many thanks to the regular bunch of sweet shadow shooters who have been keeping this little shadowy thing chuggin' along in such a fun way for so long! As some of you are aware I try to include different participants in the collages each week. I have a crazy little system that sometimes works. And sometimes not. I'm sure I often muddle it up, so if you find that I haven't included one of your photos for a while and you'd like me to, please just let me know. Keep shootin' those glorious shadows! xox

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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robin. said…
very nice shadows from the building. i like the plants hanging on display. how cool are those ice cream cones!!! you find the neatest things to photograph and share!!!
happy sss everyone!!!
Catherine said…
love those splodgy ice-creams and the metal curlicues on that building look fab... can it just be an office??
keiren said…
A very spectacular looking building. Are you sure you could see a desk and computer behind that waterfall feature window? You did just step out of the pub remember ;) But then again you also saw gigantic ice creams which I would have had trouble believing had I not seen the photo! You live in a fun place Harriet! Happy Sunday!
If I EVER go to Australia it will be to see Brisbane because of all your lovely images! What an artful city!I thought the metal sculpture/plant holders were fabulous and then there are those incredible melting ice cream cones!
A Wild Thing said…
We are an intrepid bunch always have the most unusual shots in yer neck o the woods and how fun to tour along with you.

Have a great day Tracy!
Unknown said…
VEry cool. I love that one of the view between the rocks (crevice?).
Sylvia K said…
Fascinating shadows of the building! It is a fancy one, isn't it? And what fun with ice cream cones!! Never seen anything like that and I love it!

Thanks again, Tracy, for all the shadow hunting fun!

Have a great weekend!

Wonderful shadows this week (fun ice cream cones) and marvelous mosaics as always. I do love looking at (and for) shadows and am glad you make time to host this kewl Sunday activity.
Hugs and blessings,
Chubby Chieque said…
Always great collage and a fab own shots...

Hmmm... guess, the scone and the creamy ice cream is waiting for me, ain't it?

Thanks for sharing this wonderful time on week-ends.

God Bless and have a blessed week to come, Tracy.

Gemma Wiseman said…
Incredible architecture of that building! The water feature adds such an interesting dimesnion, but the shadow effectscreate quite an intricate depth of patterns! Fascinating!
Terri said…
Amazing shadows, wow. And the ice cream cones - pure fun!
Beverley Baird said…
What great shadows from everyone this past week.
Yours are quite lovely Tracy - th ones on the building are very intricate!
picciolo said…
It's still saturday here in London so I get to see your shadows early! That building in yours is amazing, I love all the circles and shapes
: )
It is a very strange facade, I am not sure I like it, but
there are the shadows and one must get those, right?
And very sharp they are too.
Tom Hilton said…
Wow, that is amazing.
What a different kind of shadow shot. It took me awhile to see it, because I was so interested in the design. Love the ice cream cute is that?
Happy SSS.
What a bizarre building front....

And the giant, melted ice cream cones......well!

I like the addition of the Brisbane clock, btw. Are you up yet?
penny said…
Wonderful shadow shots this week. I especially enjoyed the extra large helping of ice cream cones :)
Sarah said…
Very pretty shadows on the fancy decorated wall. Glad your lunch was good! I love these icecreams. The children in my class have been going through a phase of making pretend sand icecreams(careful not to really out it in your mouth as you pretend to eat it!) so we were painting some last week. I love icecream colours! Back tomorrow with my shot! Oh-and an update on the bird-it is gessoed and face will go on tomorrow so I will send it next weekend-slow coach that I am!
Unknown said…
Love the giant melting ice cream cones!
Captain Shagrat said…
Good job they weren't chocolate flavour. That would have been too gross. We have had a lot of fun hunting down my first Shadow Shot. Who would have thought there were still coyotes in England?
Ralph said…
The wrought iron scrolling lends itself nicely to SSS. And the ice cream cones look soft, though the shadows left aside the icy treat are pointed. Overall, wonderful and delicate shadows!
Rinkly Rimes said…
The centre-piece of shot 2 would blow up into a masterpiece on its own!
That's some crazy cool building with all of those plants, circles & shadows...not to mention lunch! Those ice cream cones are a hoot though! That's where we'd hang out! Happy SSS - and thank you for hosting it every week :)
admin said…
I LOVE those ice-creams!!! yummi!! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the shadow shot lineup.

Love the ice cream treat. ;-)

MonikaRose said…
Fantastic shots this week, I love scrolls and that architecture is fabulous, I wonder who designed. The scrolls make great shadows ;) Enjoy your day on SSS. CYa MonikaROse
MonikaRose said…
Oh and I love those Ice Creams, there should be more art like that. :)
Gina said…
glad the pub lunch did the trick :) It's amazing how many shadows we walk past before we see them..what a fascinating building!..and the ice cream cones are so cute! Have a great Sunday Gx
Carletta said…
Hi Harriet,
It's good to be back this week. I finally had something I deemed worthy to present. :)
I do love your collages that allow me to experience at a glance what I missed last week.
That intricate pattern looks like fine filigree jewelry and the ice cream cones are the cutest things!
Glad to hear participation is up. Those newbies just don't know how their lives will be changed. I even have friends spotting likely shadows for me!

I want that icecream cone sculpture in my front yard.
Maria Berg said…
Now I feel like going down and have a ice cream, MB
Amalou said…
Again, fantastic montage of shadow shots. They're all so interesting. Especially the one you took through your beer goggles. Was there really just the one pot plant? Nothing better than a good grub feed at a pub. I had one of those the other day and let my hubby beat me at a game of pool too. He really should have lost when he flung the white ball across the room while attempting to pot the black. I'm too nice, no second chance next time loveee!

What a waste of strawberry icecream! I'd be a bit apprehensive about meeting those three massive kids who dropped them.
Quilt Works said…
Hello my third Shadow Sunday shot! I really enjoy looking at everyone's photos! This week's contribution is a black and white shadow shot from the marshes of the beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

I saw my first weeks contribution in a montage (tree shawdow on the old house), but no montage image of my second week contribution (fence in the New Mexico desert). I got some comments on that photo from participants, so they must have followed the links in Mister Linky?

I am curious how the photos for the montages are selected?

Still learning the ropes :-)
jabblog said…
Very interesting building. I imagine working near a waterfall means many 'comfort breaks' ;-)
Not sure about the ice cream cones - they make me feel quite sick, a bit like reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Fun, though!
Quilt Works said…
Thank you for the detailed explanation! Makes perfect sense :-)
Sherrie said…
Awesome photos!! I really like those Ice Cream Cones!! They look good enough to eat! I have posted my shadows at my place, Sherrie's Stuff. Have a great day!

That building is BEAUTIFUL! Makes such pretty shadows too.
foto CHIP said…
Like the ice-creams :)
Sam said…
That building is amazing Tracy!! You've got some wild stuff up there in Brisy! The icecreams too are pretty terrific!! As for your pretty collages - of course I have to say the top is my favourite because of that gorgeous blue eyed fluffy number that is featured - what a beauty!! Hope you're having a great (long?) weekend sweetie and thank you, thank you for all the nice things you say on my blog! I always look forward to your comments!! XX said…
that is quite a lunch deal Tracy!
& Your shadows are so interesting with that fancy office building & your giant ice cream cones.I always enjoy seeing what you come up with every week.
Thanks again for hosting this, it's always a lot of fun. I hope you have a great week.
; )
Square Peg Guy said…
The building shadows are very eye-catching! If I saw that and didn't have my camera, I'd be compelled to go get it and come back to shoot it!

So far since I've started posting shadow shots, you've featured me every other time, and I'm very grateful! It must be a lot of work for you to do this every week, but it's great! Thank you so much!
Vicki ~ FL said…
The building is way cool and I love the ice cream shadows.....
Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy

I've really missed my fix of SSS and hopefully I'll have something for next week. As usual, I'm blown away by your images - particularly the melting ice cream.
Chrisy said…
Nice shot of the building...and gosh those ice creams...just looking at that pic put a smile on my dial!
Sandrine said…
I have been off the SSS but hopefully next week will be back... love this intricate Shadow shot of yours!
Tracy said…
Those giant melting ice cream cones are such fun--what a happy way to start the week seeing these! Beautiful shadows this week...and so many joining in! Happy week, Tracy ((HUGS))
Gabbi said…
Amazing shadows dear Tracy! My favorites this week are a close tie between your gigantic melting cones :) and SarahWallis' adorable cat! I'm very much in love... wishing you a wonderful new week!
Unknown said…
wow..looking at the building shadows are giving me some dizziness..but I love that gigantic icecream!! The bigger the better :P You seem to be very busy..or busy twittering :)
lyptis said…
Kitze kitze katze, Love the cats!;)
And the cave, sand shots.

And that pig driving the cucumber!

Ur shots are nice too, that building, wth is that? It looks almost unreal.
lyptis said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carin said…
Those ice cream cones are majestic! Very cool.