Shadow Shot Sunday #73

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #73

Early this week I walked across the newly opened Kurilpa Bridge and found these shadows floating below in the Brisbane River. I decided to display the photos in b&w so it's not so obvious how dirty the river looks.

Here's a photo of a section of the Kurilpa Bridge. This is a $63 million pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting South Brisbane to the City, and while the design of it doesn't appeal to me the convenience of it does. Love it or hate it, it is certainly an eye catching structure. It was interesting to read the other day that the Queensland Art Gallery director Tony Elwood says it is a work of art. That's very fortunate for Tony that he feels that way about it because one of the best views of the bridge can be seen from the art gallery.

Happy Sunday!

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Quilt Works said…
I am regular now, feels good! I am looking forward SSS :-)

Last week was a fabulous collection of shots! So many favorites.
robin. said…
...the black and white makes it look as if it is a textured canvus painting...very nice shots. the bridge looks very busy with all those lines...

happy sss tracy!!!
B&W....good way to hide a dirty river!
Ralph said…
The bridge evokes an old sailing ship minus the sails. The supporting cables look as if rigging on a schooner from the 1800s. The artistry allows is to imagine the possibilities in the shadowy shape. A nice capture - and city as well!
jabblog said…
Extraordinary photographs - very attractive. The shadows are lovelier than the structure I think. I agree with Ralph - a schooner!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful sailboats and black and white .
Looks very interesting and really gave a good shadow. I did think, like the others, it was a ship/schooner.
Sylvia K said…
Really fascinating shots! I, too, love the reflections! Perfect!

Have a great weekend!

Generik said…
Great abstract, and really like the monochrome. Happy SSS!
We too thought it looked like ship masts...what a cool bridge! We can't imagine driving on it while trying to take it all in though! Better to be gazed upon from the gallery we suppose!
Tracy said…
Just LOVE your b/w photos of the bridge, Tracy...these are really fantastic and dynamic photos! Another super SSS many wonderful photos..too hard to pick a favorite this week--all are stellar! Happy weekend, my friend... thanks for stopping by my place--so great to see you! :o) ((HUGS))
Your comment about the design of the bridge is very funny. I just hope it is safer than it looks! A colour shot might inspire someone to clean-up the river, as Pete Seeger was inspired to clean-up the Hudson in NYC?
Sarah said…
It makes a good shadow at least. It looks like an ocean liner in the shadow. I love the way shadows look like something else. Have a great Sunday!
bobbie said…
Wonderful bridge shadows! Beautiful photos.
foto CHIP said…
I love your floating shadows :)
Happy SSS!
Chubby Chieque said…
Looks so vintage in your B&W shot, T! Fantastico shot, as ever as well as the collage.

Have a great & blissful Sunday. God Bless...
Carletta said…
Wonderful ghostly shadows!!
admin said…
Beautiful lines! Black & white is stunning :) is the river as dirty as the Yarra here in Melb??! :)
Maurice Lauher said…
The lines on the bridge remind me of old sailing ships with their sails down. My fist posting is up
Gemma Wiseman said…
Amazing tangle of lines in those reflections looking great in B + W! An amazing bridge! Great shots!

Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
I love the texture of those shadows in the river - you have a great eye!
annette said…
Hi Tracey!! Its been a while!! These are very neat shots, and i must say i like the depth the B&W bring, shame about the dirty water :0( It certainly is an interesting bridge, mmm little different but serving a purpose none the less!! Have a happy Sunday, hope you are well :0)
Jonny Hamachi said…
Wonderful!! Love em.
A Wild Thing said…
I love it, at first it looked like the masts of old sailing vessels...maybe that's what it's supposed to look like...very cool!!!
Michael said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said…
The shades of ghostly rigging haunting the passing waters.
Nice shots.
Pacey said…
Hi, it's my first time to join here and found out your meme thru Pam. Glad I did. My first shadow shot is up. Have a nice day to all.
MyMaracas said…
The water gives a great texture to the photo. I didn't realize it was a reflection at first. I'm not sure whether I would like that bridge or not; there's such a jumble of cables and beams. It certainly makes a striking photo, though.
keiren said…
I really like that bridge. It looks like a big ship! Your shadow shots of it are very cool too! As for your dirty looking river (which you disguised very well in b&w), I believe most rivers running through cities are quite murky :)
The shadow shots are neat. The section of the bridge in the photo looks a bit like some sort of a wreck of tall ships...lots of tangled mast heads. I would think you would have to call it art as there really no functional reason for all those poles and wires. Interesting.
The shadows are unusual, it's true, but a little strange, almost as if the river is not really water but plastic sheeting or something. The direct capture of the clouds and sky behind the "sailing ship" is thrilling to me.

P.S. I really thought you'd use my bench shadows last week. Little blue frowny face.
Sam said…
$63 million!!! It must be a mighty long bridge! It looks kinda interesting but I think you have taken extremely flattering shots of it's shadows! They are quite lovely Tracy!! Another set of crackign collages you've done here - I like that retro one up the top!

How's the weather up there? It continues to be super cold down here and rainy! Good job I'm not one of those types who locks all their winter clothes away on the first of September!

Take care and love, love the comments you leave on my blog - you funny thing you!! XO
Quilt Works said…
Thank your nice comments about the lighthouse reflection. I spend several hours during the day trying to find a puddle where the lighthouse reflects. Then I stood and guarded my spot for several hours until the sundown, because there was only one location where you could see it just right. I figured if I did not stand there, it would be taken by someone else I would not get the shot I wanted!
Chrisy said…
Oh I love love those shots of yours of the bridge reflected in the water...
ps at least it's not called the go between bridge like the other newby!
Terri said…
Fabulous shots, Tracy!
Bree said…
Had to do a double-take on the first two to see if they were really photos! b/w was a good choice.
Anonymous said…
I love your black and white images - but not sure about the bridge!! Glad to be home and have the time to comment on fellow SSS blogs - I missed it when we were on holiday!
It's been far too long between shadow shots for me! I hope I have some luck today and can submit something! Yours are great this week! I like the shadows OF the bridge better than the bridge!
maryt/theteach said…
I have some shadows and a wedding... :)
Alexa said…
Brilliant to post these in b&w—so dramatic.
Sarah Knight said…
wonderful as always : )
Marvelous mosaics from last week's Shadow Shots and I appreciate how you add links so we can easily visit ones we missed (or revisit favorites). Your B&W shots of this new bridge are fascinating images.
Hugs and blessings, said…
gorgeous Shadow Shots Tracy, really beautiful, you are inspiring me to take better photographs. You are so talented. thanks again for another wonderful SSS!
Unknown said…
Such unique shots, Tracy! I love the B/W! It's always great to see everyone's SS sharings. :)
Square Peg Guy said…
Goodness, what a monstrosity that bridge is! I like how you captured its shadow, though!
I wondered what the shadow was cast onto! These shots are beautiful, even if the bridge itself isn't so lovely to look at ... and that is what makes you such a talent, being able to capute the beauty of something not so beautiful.
Catherine said…
amazing shadows in the water and yes the bridge is most certainly very striking...
Mamí♥Picture said…
This is my first time participating in your meme! I like the whole idea of capturing shadows!
I love your pictures!
Great Shots!
Here is "My Shadow Shot♥"<--Hope you like it☺
MonikaRose said…
Hi Tracy, thanks for posting up my Green Jennie Bottle shadow from last week. I am a day late this week, but I got another great shadow on the ceiling. My hubby is on two week holiday, we went Gliding on Sat and Sun, fab days, will post up soon. Love your shadows, especially the last one. Love the black and white, makes the photos more sharp and dramatic, thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your week. cya MOnikaRose
GalleryJuana said…
I am late this week.

These shots are really cool and the b/w really gives them a mysterious and edgy feel. For some reason, they make me think of a shipyard.
Victoria said…
Wow! Cool shots! I would have thought that the last one was of an old ship left to ruins... and the two above, images of a road with electric poles and wires all tangled after a massive storm or big quake! Must give one an odd feeling walking across it. So happy Tony likes it! (I think he should hang your photos in his gallery as they are fabulous.)
picciolo said…
wow love your photos, that bridge looks amazing
: )
Gabbi said…
Beautiful shadows Tracy!! My favorite this week is your bridge... I can't believe it's a bridge? It resembles a ship doesn't it? Gorgeous.
Gabbi said…
PS. I'm behind on my shadow posts! I was away this weekend but am putting mine up now... :) Probably too late for next week but I want to participate just the same!! I love the gallery.
Unknown said…
Hiya T, great shots..I am loving b&w now..and heyharriet should be changed to SSS soon, guess you are super busy. I am out of office most of the time, no time to blog hop or post anything. We have a wedding coming up, a cousin, the kids are 'flower girls' and page boy, so me -- busy for the sake of busy, monitoring the tailoring of the girls' gowns etc., and many other stuff..but just really not in office all the time. i have taken so may pics for 2 festivals and still havent uploaded them yet...anyway, enough of my ranting, I hope you have a fab week..or weekend (--woohoo--) is near..I love and live for weekend..I am so holiday deprived :( ciao now, chat again soon. love-love-hugs-hugs-muah2...M
Unknown said…
This is a cool idea! :) said…
great series of shots!! sorry i haven't been visiting of late :(

hope you're well.
Simone said…
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Tracy,
Happy birthday to you!

Hip hip hooray!

Amalou said…
I really love those bridge shadows in B&W, it made me curious as to what the texture was, I thought they were taken through frosted glass at first. It was more obvious that the frosted glass was actually water once I used my reading glasses... signs of age, sigh! Hope you had a great week Tracy, I'm hoping to actually participate in SSS this sunday :)
Shannon said…
WOW! 75 people last week! That's great! Just great! :)