Shadow Shot Sunday #75

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. Jacqui 2. Deb(StoneyMoss) 3. PattieV 4. CatherineBardrick 5. MopingWithIntentToGawk 6. Pam 7. TwinkleStarArt 8. Sunnymama 9. Carin

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1. Paula 2. Shannon 3. Sallie 4. Nadine 5. Whizkid 6. Robin-OneStillFrame 7. Maya 8. Katie 9. HotFudge

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #75

One of my favourite weeds! I've been on a crazy TtV dandelion shootin' photo frenzy lately. This is one of a gazillion dandelion photos I've taken over the last few days and it's the only one to feature any shadows.

From "A Rhapsody" (excerpt)

Tis May; and yet the March flower Dandelion
Is still in bloom among the emerald grass,
Shining like guineas with the sun's warm eye on--
We almost think they are gold as we pass,
Or fallen stars in a green sea of grass.
They shine in fields, or waste grounds near the town.
They closed like painter's brush when even was.
At length they turn to nothing else but down,
While the rude winds blow off each shadowy crown.

by John Clare

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sweet Repose
2. Tom Hilton
3. Quiltworks, MA, USA
4. The Summer Kitchen Girls
5. Pacey
6. Crafty Green Poet
7. Molokai Girl
8. Whizkid
9. Pam Florida
11. Bobbie
12. robin-one still frame
13. Sylvia K WA USA
14. Bev Baird
15. Paula
16. Generik
17. High Desert Diva
18. Catherine Bardrick
19. Ralph
20. Jane (Scrappy-Gram)
21. Married to Singaporean
22. foto CHIP (Sweden)
23. Martha Z
24. carolynUSA
25. Gerald (Ackworth born)
26. Patti V. (newbie)
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75. alexa, broooklyn usa
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78. EmBelISH
79. Brandi B.
80. shraddha
81. Freda
82. moping with intent to gawk...

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thankyou!


Tom Hilton said…
Ooh, I really like this one. Odd, almost spooky in a way.
Hey Tracy - love your dandelion shadow! It looks as if it is in a tropical storm blowing all it's tuff out!
Quilt Works said…
Your favorite shot selection is spectacular. Fantastic composition. So delicate!
XoXo said…
Pretty neat shadow and the photo effect are excellent. Mine is up.
wonderful photo, it gives a whole new perspective on dandelions...
Victoria said…
Woman, you have outdone yourself. This is spectacular. I love the pop of the color green, the motion and imagery of being blown away, knocked down, scattered to pieces... and of course I love the shadow!

This is a really beautiful TTV shot! You are so good at these shots!
Enjoy what's left of your weekend.
whizkid said…
:) fuzzy, fleeting and fabulous! love your Ttv's.
penny said…
I always loved picking these as a child and then blowing the seeds into the air and watch them drifting away.
Nice shadow shot Tracy. Thanks so much for hosting :)
A Wild Thing said…
LOVE IT...but I'm so confused by dandelions are just a memory, a few hardy plants still peak through, but soon snows will put an end to their bright yellow bonnets...and yours are just beginning...can I come over there until winter is finished here???

Beautiful poem to grace a gorgeous shot! Have a great Sunday!!!
Sylvia K said…
Oooooh! I love it! It's so delicate and fragile looking. And beautiful words as well! What a great post for the day, Tracy!


bobbie said…
Even seed shadows! Neat!
i love the poem as well.
Beverley Baird said…
What a beautifyl photo- shadowy and delicate! Love the poem as well.
Great post!
robin. said…
here, here...i agree, i love to see the dandelions appear in the spring. so many people will treat their lawns to keep them from appearing...not me...they are just as your post says "fallen stars in a green sea of grass"...

awesome shadow and post today!! love it!!!!
PJ said…
Now that I realize what a burden a nice lawn puts on the environment I've grown to love dandelions. It's a wonderful shot. I really enjoy the collages from the week before, they're always so inspiring, i.e., Why didn't I think of that??
Generik said…
Love the soft tones and delicateness of this one. Dandelions are such an ephemeral subject; this one is very well captured.
Catherine said…
never heard of anyone going on a dandelion shooting frenzy before...the things you learn from blogs!! however that shot is very special and love the poem...
Ralph said…
The weed has a personality here, it seems like it is a dancer on stage. The shadow seems tom reinforce the motion of the performing 'artist' in the spotlight. Er, I think I meant 'weed'...
Unknown said…
Beautiful TtV shot, Tracy! It's nostalgic, straight from the 50's and the vintage shows-look! So nostalgic of our summer yard too! Happy new week!
Patti said…
Ah, 'tis a lovely weed, the dandelion. So delicate!

I love how you captured the shadow here. Very artistic shot.
Patti said…
P.S. Just noticed you used my first entry in a collage. Thanks so much!
I appreciate the link. ;-)
Carin said…
Very spooky shadow shot. It looks great! When the kids were younger I used to love picking the dandelions and showing them how to blow the fluffy seeds away! What fun!

Thanks for putting my shadow car in one of the collages!

Have a nice Sunday and a good week.
That picture is beautiful..I always like dandelions. My girls would pick me bunches of them. Course they didn't last long in the house. My mom made dandelion wine once. You know, I think they are so pretty and you got a lovely shadow from it.
Happy SSS.
Rinkly Rimes said…
You've captured the wind-blown nature of the flower perfectly.
Elizabeth said…
Wonderful at catching the dandelion's
ephemeral nature
love the border round the picture.
Happy Sunday
Chrisy said…
crazy dandelion photographer...yeah right...a clever ruse employed by a dandelion wine producer me thinks!
Hot Fudge said…
I look at a dandelion and it brings back childhood memories when I thought they were little fairies as I blew them softly away. Thanks for the nostalgia kick. Sorry we missed you yesterday - working on Saturdays is not fun!
Terri said…
I love this photo!
MyMaracas said…
Wonderful images, in both the photo and the poem. I love that unreal quality the photo has. Beautiful!
I love that photo, particularly because it has the shadow - the only one you say? It is a beauty because
it so well illustrates its nature and fragility.
admin said…
I'm one of the rude winds that blow off the dandelions shadowy crown. I thought they liked being scattered on the breezes and I like the promise of wishes come true. Hum...who knew.
I love your Ttv:) I just popped over to your shop to see if you had any dandelion shots listed yet. I don't see any.
Great collages too:D
Unknown said…
you have got a great little following here!! love the cat shot in the first set
Wonderful dandelion and shadow ;--)
I find myself taking pictures of them too. Wonderful shadow gallery as always.
Hugs and blessings,
Unknown said…
Fabulous shadow shot - I'm so enamoured of those TtV shots!

Thanks for including my family shot from last week in your collages!
Martha said…
I finally have a shadow shot to play along again - I really need to find time to shoot!
Kranky Granny said…
Great bunch of shadow shots last week. Looks like I missed a lot by being out of town.

Doubt I can catch up on the last four weeks but will give it my best shot.

Good work everyone. Hope you get lots of sun and great shadows in your area. We have been seeing only rain for weeks.
Sam said…
Oh it's beautiful Tracy - really lovely - I've no idea how you got that shot though - trade secret no doubt!

Another lovely selection of piccies - is thta the Eiffel Tower up there? Shees! talk about glam!

Hope you're having a super Sunday!! ...storm has past...unfortunately - as I was rather enjoying it!
A sweet and blowsy photo. How did you ever get this one? You must spend a lot of time flat on your stomach for these.
keiren said…
Great dandy photo! You found the perfect verse to accompany the image! Well done! Happy Sunday to you!
Anonymous said…
Another beauty! It will be several miserable winter months until we see dandelions again!!
B : ) said…
Fantastic! Thanks so much for hosting this meme - it's really a fun one! Peace. B : )
EJ said…
I just chance to discover this interesting theme through bloghopping so now I am joining.

Those are lovely collage of shadowy photos!

Here's my first Shadow Shot Sunday
BLOGitse said…
Hi Harriet!
'Long time no see' - finally I made it again - I'm in!

I've been busy doing other things but I'll try to be more active from now on!

I like your shot, cool!
It took me a while to figure out what was so odd about this image. The weed appears to be blowing in the wrong direction! And I now remember reading a while ago about how some of the cameras used for the TtV process display things in reverse in their viewfinders! So you must use one of those cameras? It all makes sense now! That's if I am right. If I'm not then I have no idea how you did that!!! However you photographed it I think it's so cool and unique! I like the John Clare poem. Winds can be rude ;)
Hanibal said…
Just perfect!
Rimkogeren said…
Thank you for your comment.
Your pictures are like nonfigurative art. Often the abstract art is at picture of reality :-)
toby said…
That's a great shot! I'm glad to have joined your cool meme at last :)
Shannon said…
LOVING the focus on this shot! Simply beautiful! The border is great, too!
JunieRose2005 said…
This is a cool shot!!

Oh! I love these little flowers-in every stage of their life! :)

I have a shadow shot this time too!

Come see!

readingsully2 said…
Sorry I got posted so late. Truthfully, I forgot. LOL

I am posted now.

Lovely Selections you made. :)
Square Peg Guy said…
As always, a fine selection of shadow shot features.

Shadows of dandelions are so elusive! You're lucky to have caught one!
Brandi said…
I agree with some of the other commenters. This shot is somewhat eery!
I have tried to re-create your TtV shots and haven't come close yet! (not that it should surprise anyone) Anyway, I always enjoy your photos! This one is no exception!
Anonymous said…
lovely photos and accompanying!

my first time playing! i had lots of fun!
Jazzbumpa said…
Very interesting shot.

But you won't make me a fan of dandelions.

JzB the stubborn trombonist.
I'm a fan of your favourite weed too Tracy. There is something magical about them. I like Robyn's description of little fairies, that's so sweet. You're photo is lovely. And good to know that your favourite weed is legal ;)
Unknown said…
That is a fantastic shot T..and have them blowing away too. So many wonderful shadows here..but I like those b&w ones..and loving b&w for the moment. Have a pleasant week ahead T...hugs/M
Tracy said…
Your contribution this week is so atmospheric, Tracy! It has such a tender, fragile feeling. As always outstanding participants this week... I'm going back to peek at the photos again--brilliant! Happy week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
lyptis said…
Lovely shots, as always.

Love the second block with all the grey, architecture-ey stuff and the third with all the soft colours.

Your shot is awesome too, looks so retro and dreamy!:)
Clo by Clau! said…
Great idea, I´ll try to get a nice shoot next week ;)

Janis said…
Delightful as ever! Your dandelion makes me wistful for our spring. Enjoy it for me!
Ali said…
Hi Tracy :)
More lovely ss and more lovely TtV shots - I can completely appreciate your dandelion obsession! (I hope you've been making lots of wishes as you blow them all out!)
littlebird said…
i love that colourful selection at the top of the post, my favourite selection of shadow shot yet!!!!
Gabbi said…
Wonderful weeks worth of shadows dear Tracy! My favorites this week are your amazing dandelions and I also adore Deb (Stoney Moss') shadowy white cat... terribly beautiful photographs.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!! I'm such a fan of your project...xo
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