Shadow Shot Sunday #74

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #74

A TtV (thought the viewfinder) shadow shot this week of some big bus shadows pulling into the Cultural Centre Busway. I took this photo on my way home from celebrating a birthday lunch with some friends at West End on Thursday. And later today I'll be enjoying the last slice of the most awesome lime pie a lovely work friend baked for me. Having friends who are amazing cooks sure makes for a very happy birthday!

It was World Toy Camera Day on the 17th of October. Which was yesterday. For me anyway. In other parts of the world the 17th of October is still happening today at the time of publishing this post. I think.

I took my Diana out for a play this week but couldn't get the film processed in time to participate in WTCD. Hopefully I'll be more organised next year. Visit the WTCD Flickr Group for lots of low fidelity goodness!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Shannon said…
that is some super processing on your shadow shot this week! And I'm so impressed that last week you had 75 participants! This shadow shot thing has really caught on. I do thank you for opening up my eyes to a whole new way to look at the world. I hardly ever take out my camera without noticing the shadows around me :) They truly make me SMILE!!
Quilt Works said…
Another weekend is here! It is nice to start it with shadow shots! Looking forward to visiting great photos and having nice visits from you good folks! Nice to start recognizing people's name :)
I love that photo of your this week! Hard to believe it was taken only the other day because it looks so old and aged. In a good way! Was it your birthday this week? You kept that very quiet. Happy birthday and enjoy the last piece of your yummy cake!

I'll be posting some shadows tomorrow. Will be the first time in 2 months!!!
whizkid said…
Hey T, wonderful photos as usual. A pedestrian-and-bicycle-only-arty, i say. :)

Didn't realise i'd miss SSS so much. As Bentley above, its been 2 month break for me too. But its good to be back. Have a great week.
Patti said…
I'll echo Shannon's comment about looking at the world differently and hunting for shadows. It's my first time here. My husband Ralph got me interested in it.

Happy belated birthday! Nice to see a picture of Brisbane. The city looks bigger than I had imagined.

Yep, it's the 17th here in Connecticut.

Happy weekend ~
Ralph said…
The busses are large vehicles when compared to us. Yet the great shadows dwarf the busses in their grandeur. Brisbane offers an impressive skyline that I wasn't aware of. A lovely modern city! The TtV in black and white seems perfect in enhancing the shadows. A happy (if belated) birthday!
Tracy said…
Gosh, I didn't know it was camera day today...I feel really out of the loop this week! hubby & I have been up to our elbows in painting and wallpapering at home. Your photo this week is terrific--like the "vintage" flair is has. And another fantastic week of photos... I must go back and look at them again. So many clever folks with cameras. :o)Enjoy that lime pie, Tracy...Happy weekend ((HUGS))
Generik said…
That is really a beautiful shot. I love the old-timey feel to it -- looks like something that could have been shot 50 years ago. Very nice!

Happy after-birthday!
Gabbi said…
Lovely shadows! Thank you so much for including me Tracy♥ and for putting me next to my friend Sam :) I love your shadow shot, beautiful traffic! Also adore Quiltworks lighthouse. It's quite surreal isn't it?

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend and that pie sounds delicious!!
Sylvia K said…
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead, Tracy! Love your shot, it does indeed look like an "old" photo! Terrific!

Have a great week!

bobbie said…
Lovely city shadows!
penny said…
I would have believed it was an old photo. That's a great way to show this shadow shot. Well done!
Happy Birthday Tracy, enjoy you last piece of lime pie :)
Very interesting shot..I like that look. Kind of old fashion. Amazing what can be done with a good camera. Of course the camera is good, when it has a person that knows what they are doing with it.
Happy Birthday and may you have a wonderful year..xoxoRosebud
Happy SSS.
Pacey said…
I love that holga look of your photo today...Just awesome, mine is up now. My 2nd. :)
Victoria said…
Well I had know idea... Happy WTCD and a very Happy belated Birthday!!

Your shot is spot on terrific. Looks authentically old and wonderfully intriguing. Love the one little white cloud and all the yummy good graininess.

Every time I see one of your TtV's I always wish to start shooting again, then something happens and I get distracted and forget all about it. So happy that you are not as absented minded as me, as I so enjoy your TtV photography!
PJ said…
I have to get a Holga, I've put it off long enough! Great shot for this week, you never disappoint.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love reading your Sunday Shadow Shot posts! They are always filled with "goodies"!

Glad you had such a happy birthday! Must tell my daughter that 17th October is World Toy Camera Day! She will be amused because that is her birthday! (Mine was 1st October!) Yup! We're all Librans! Have you noticed that Librans seem to have a streak of quirky madness?

Love your shadow photo! It could almost be a 1920's shot of a city street! Really lovely!

And thank you so much for putting my shadow photo in a collage this week! I was thrilled to see the one of the young family there!

Now about that lime pie???? What exactly is that? Never heard of it!
Hot Fudge said…
Ah ... it's so good to be back in the world of SSS. How you assemble such marvellous collages week after week continues to amaze me. Your wonderful bus shot is even more astonishing because you magically made all the traffic disappear. Want to come driving with me?
Sarah said…
Cultural Centre Busway has such a ring to it! Lovely photo too. Was it your birthday? Happy birthday if so!
robin. said…
Hi Tracy~happy birthday!!! Hope you were wonderfully spoiled!!

Great shadow photo...action photo!!

Have a great week!
Martha said…
I'm not back to play along yet but did want to stop by to wish you a happy birthday! Hope it was a great one! :-)
Chubby Chieque said…
First of all, Wishing you had a marvelous BDAY! HURRAY!!!

Secondly, great job for having so many participants joining your meme and of course, this mean more work for you. But I know you're enjoying it, so carry on as we're all carry along with yah!

Wonderful and magnifique collage again.

Always job well done.

xoxo lots!
A Wild Thing said…
And if I had a choice of pie on my birthday, it too would be lime pie or Key lime pie as we call it in Florida, made from the local Florida Key limes. The Keys are islands off the coast of Florida and the limes are tiny, but pack lots of pucker...yummmmm...I feel a bake off coming on...and a happy belated birthday girl!!!

There is hardly any traffic on your roads, unlike the big city roads over shot!

Have a great week Tracy and thanks again!

Chrisy said…
Those vintage type cameras are so interesting...hope you're still celebrating that birthday with lots of yummy least a week of celebrations me thinks...
admin said…
What a stunnung shot! Enjoy the lime pie - sounds delish & happy birthday!!!! X
maryt/theteach said…
Nice job on your photo, Harriet! Never knew there was a World Toy Camera Day! :)
Another beautiful mosaic of shadow shots. I love your bus shot, it looks so olden day, except for the modern buses and newish buildings.

Sounds like you enjoyed some spoiling at your birthday lunch with your friends sharing some yummy lime pie love. It's so warming when friends go to an effort to make your day special. Unfortunately I'm one of those friends who can't cook, so I'll just sing... Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday ..... hmmm I can't sing very well either, sorry about that!
Cindy said…
First and most important -- Happy Birthday!!

I absolutely love how you TtV, brings on a whole new dimension, and with the shadows, an absolutely awesome shot!

Have a great week!
Not only the best shadows on this blog, but the best comments, too. Your shadow shot reminds me of looking through the viewfinder on my very first brownie camera, so it makes me feel about 8 years old. Wonderful! Definitely happy belated birthday. Do have another slice of pie, please!
readingsully2 said…
Definitely, Beautiful. :)
Terri said…
Very cool shot, Tracy! And happy birthday to you!!!
Anonymous said…
It will still be fun to see the photos you took with Diana. Lovely shadow shots as usual.

Happy B-day! Happy B-Week! B-Month!
Paz ;-)
Mamí♥Picture said…
Your shot is Absolutely AWESOME!!!!
Love your Shadow Shot!
It's memes like yours that open my eyes to see the world from a different point of view! I hadn't seen shadows in my photos before joining your meme, and they are everywhere on my photos.
Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hope you had a GOOD one!
Thank you for including me in your collages♥
sunnymama said…
Your shadow shot is lovely! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)
Alexa said…
First of all, Happy Birthday! Love your photo—looks like it was taken 40 or 50 years ago. And thanks for including me in the montage!
Carin said…
That's a very cool shot you took through your TtV. Great shadows too!
Sam said…
Hi dear Tracy!! Is it wrong to like the collage you've put me in most? My excuse is that it has cats in it and quite a few tasty shots - I like that lower left hand one especially! ...and I adore yours - it looks real old timey and vintagey - awesome effect!! It sounds like you had a lovely B'day - lime pie - it's making my mouth water just thinking about it! Yes, Sydney has been glorious today and yesterday - I had to drag myself forcibly out doors it was so gorgeous (instead of being a hermit drawing machine!) Have a lovely rest of your Sunday won't you sweetie and thank you again for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog - they make me giggle!! Sam XX
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy - Happy Belated Birthday!! Thank you for including my SS in the montage - it was the favourite of everyone who commented last week! I love your photo - it made me think of one of those old sci-fi films - very atmospheric! Love, Anne
keiren said…
Happy belated birthday from me as well! That's a classy old-time looking cityscape shadow shot! A horse and carriage on the road wouldn't look out of place! I'd still like to see your Diana pics when you develop them! Continue celebrating your birthday for as long as you can. Stretch it out! Even when the cake is long gone ;P
MonikaRose said…
Fantastic and I love your shadow shot. Love the strong lines and outlines. Fabulous :) Happy Birthday :) Sounds like a great celebration. Sorry I am a bit late this week, we went Gliding today and just got back, that was like 10pm and am posting at 11.23pm. Thanks for hosting as always and enjoy your week :) cya MonikaRose
Wear Your Wild said…
I love viewfinder shots! Great one of the city.
Happy B'day~
Anonymous said…
loved the bus picture with its antique look
Your collages go from strength to strength.
readingsully2 said…
Happy Birthday, Tracy...sorry I had realized sooner that it wss your birthday. :)

This is a neat shot. I love how the shadows fall across the highway. :)
GalleryJuana said…
Wow, that is a treat to have homemade lime pie!

Cool photo. You could have fooled me and said it was a vintage photo.

No worries on Mr. Linky last week. It has to close at some point and I was late joining.

And this sss group has really grown!

Hope you had a good weekend.
Yes, it does look like a shot taken with my old box Brownie camera! The buses look so sturdy, but the buildings seem about to topple... I like the shadow-play the whole produces!
Unknown said…
Fantastic shot - what a wonderful way to view an otherwise mundane scene! And each week, the mosaics you put together just blow me away - what a great way to highlight all the wonderful work!
Anonymous said…
The last picture - excellent click. said…
Love your large bus shadows! but most importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!
& Lime pie is one of my favorites you lucky girl, yummy!
storyteller said…
Marvelous shadow shot image for this week ... wonderful collages too!
Hugs and blessings,
Maria Berg said…
I am happy to see my post up there - if you want my photo any week just let me know and I mail it for you, Maria Berg, Sverige
Jacqui said…
I love your picture - many happy returns to you too.
Jazzbumpa said…
Hi -

I'm a new SSS participant. Posted a shot, linked, and added the button. Also just cleverly commented on your May 25, 2008 post by mistake.

SSS is a great idea. Love it!

Catherine said…
lovely shadow shot - the through the lense makes it look so archaic..
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday T, I'd send you a video of me singing but then I know you'll wont want spoil you day and week :P That's a super lovely Ttv SSS, you clever bunny! and you have 88 links WOW!!'s quite unbelievable how you little SSS has grown so huge :) ...and hey 88 is a great number too, have a pleasant week ahead T...hugs/M
74 Shadow Shot Sundays? Good for you! Very generous to do this week after week.
The images in the mosaics are cool, also love your TTV of the buses - very nice!
Peace, Judi
I LOVE that photo T!! I really like the skyline. I think you should do more Ttv cityscapes.
Hope you had a great birthday:D Mmmm...lime pie:}
Sorry I'm so late. I don't know where the time goes these days.
picciolo said…
hey, sorry I'm so late in saying happy birthday. That last piece of pie is long gone!
: )
MyMaracas said…
Sorry I missed this one - Love your old-timey photo! And I hope your birthday was awesome.