Shadow Shot Sunday #102

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #102

A couple of shadows found at the Gallery of Modern Art this week

Now this is exactly the kind of security staff I like to see when wandering around art galleries. There's no chance of being harassed from this dude for taking photos in areas that I'm not meant to be taking photos

And he didn't even bat an eyelid when I accidentally knocked over this gigantic inflatable bunny exhibit!

Just kidding of course. The big bunny (named Jim McMurtry is by artist Michael Parekowhai) was like that when I arrived, and is part of UNNERVED: The New Zealand Project exhibition which runs until 4th July.

And a less modern looking shadow shot can be viewed on my other blog if interested.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Ralph said…
Even with the tight security, you were still able to knock down an exhibit?? Excellent work!
Generik said…
Now that's the kind of exhibit I like to see! I especially like the stern fellow in the shirt and tie. No nonsense there!

Very nice!
Catherine said…
great collages as usual - and love the art gallery shadows - one of my favourite sources to find them. Greetings from Mexico...
Sylvia K said…
That's my kind of security guy, too! What a hoot, even he has a bit of a weight problem! I love it, as I always love all your photos! Hope you have a great Sunday and that you're resting well right now!!

I like it.
robin. said…
he appears to take his job very seriously. little does he know he is the subject of a shadow cathcer.

happy sss tracy...have a wonderful week ahead!!
Jen said…
I thought he was real!! ha.
It looks like his shadow made a shadow too.
cool picture and cute story.
Happy SSS to you !
Birgitta said…
Cool shot! Like it!

Thanks for always kind comments :)
B : ) said…
Now that's an interesting exhibit!
Hey, he does have a double shadow ~ neat!
jabblog said…
Very interesting though poor Bunny looks a little shocked.
Cassie said…
At first I thought you were serious about knocking over mr.bunny. hehe. Happy SSS to you!
Carin said…
LOL the security looks frightening.... and to knock over bugs bunny..... hahaha! Great find!
LOL ... love your sense of humor, kewl shots and wonderful Shadow Galleries ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
EG CameraGirl said…
Yes, security guards like that pay very little attention to cameras! Bur hey! He left a neat shadow.
Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!!
Love the gallery shots; I am always too chicken to take piccy’s in galleries in case someone yells at me! The shadows look so striking in your yellow house photo too, it looks like you are having lots of fun discovering the history and treasures around your special island.
BLOGitse said…
He is cool!
How much did you pay him? :)

Have a great week ahead Tracy!

Christine said…
A wonderful collection of shadow shots awaits my perusal. I love your security guard and bunny shots, Tracy. Very whimsical. Have a great week!
Sam said…
Very cool Tracy! You get some great exhibitions up there in Brisbane! As much as I love Sydney, our Art Gallery is pretty wishy washy in my opinion. Have you been to Melbourne's? Woof! That really is the real deal - it's international type good...If I lived in Melbourne I'd be in there all the time I think.

Love your collages this week - I like the way they are getting all Spring like! I'm going to see if I can take some autumnal shots today for next week to throw a few reds and oranges into the mix!

Have a great week and thanks again for SSS! XOXO's
Unknown said…
First I thought, What is he guarding anyway? Oh, the drunken bunny! Love your shots, Tracy! What a cool exhibit. Hope to get back to SS one of these weeks (my life is NOT my own--but it's been exciting!).
Jacqui said…
You never know what you will find in a modern art gallery. Nice to be back after a few weeks. Great fun shots. xx
Anca Pandrea said…
Great images. And great courage to take photos in a gallery :)
Happy Sunday and enjoy the shadows, they usually mean that there is also light somewhere :)
Renee said…
I always love your shadow galleries! And I love the subtle double shadow on that "security guard"!
Bunny looks like he passed out from too much carrot juice!! What fun! yes, I've been known to sneak around a museum with my cell phone camera....shhhhhhh.....!
Lindz said…
the shadow of the man looks smaller than he acutally is lol!!, loe your collage, thanks for putting my pic in it.
A Wild Thing said…
Unnerved...yup, that's me...let's move the store again daughter...didn't I just do this...I need that sign!!!

Hope your Sunday was mahvelous!!!
Chubby Chieque said…
YeeHey!!! U really R cool T? Kick that b---t off of the guard, there!
Coz he's playing cool.

Like his tuckiness... & love UR collage as usual.

Happy SS & enjoy your Sunday, downunder.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Always enjoy your art gallery wanders! You always find a treasure chest of shadows there!

I have just visited your Macleay Island blog again! So many fascinating things to see there! I am sure that in no time you will be approaching the council and proposing some artwork on the telegraph poles! Such a great idea!

And thank you so much for including my shadow shot from last week in your collage! My buddy across the pond - Sweet Repose - always seems to be lined up with me and I love it!
Happy weekend!
I agree, that's the kind of security guard I like. And thanks for including my supercute lilies of the valley in your collage this week. I have a shadow of ME for you this week!
Patti said…
I thought that guard was real for a second!

I know how that bunny feels. ;-)

Have a great Sunday
Patti said…
I thought that guard was real for a second!

I know how that bunny feels. ;-)

Have a great Sunday
fini said…
tough guard!! :) I love all your shots!

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!
Angie said…
That's two great shots! Also love the yellow house on your other blog. I LOVE looking for & at shadows, thank you.
Square Peg Guy said…
I like your Modern Museum shots. That security guard reminds me of the fellow at the MET who kept repeating, "We do not touch the sarcophagus," every time someone reached out to touch the sarcophagus. Well, it was huge and hewn from solid stone!

Alexa's Foot and Spider shot is just too creepy. Wow!
Self Sagacity said…
I enjoyed looking at the shadow shots.
Chubskulit Rose said…
I love the shadow on your other blog hehehe, too bad there's no comment box there lol.. Have a lovely weekend tracy.. said…
LoL! too funny Tracy!
Coincidentally, my shadows are from inside an art museum this week as well.
& Thanks for hosting Tracy. I love the colorful collages. They just keep getting better and better.
: )
fredamans said…
Thanks for the showcase!!!!

Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!!!
Anonymous said…
You definitely live in two very different worlds. I love the island farmhouse shadows the most.
Alexa said…
Can't decide if it's unnerving—or just funny.
EJ said…
Oh, I was going to say, "good thing, the guy didn't mind you taking a photo of him " lol
I love the humour of it! As well as the visit to the museum.
And your new island home - what a dreamy life!
Emma said…
Some amazing shadows. I am strugling to find any sunshine at the moment - the weather just knows it's a bank holiday here in the uk! The art gallery pics are bril. You are braver than me. Lol
Elizabeth said…
Poor Bunny!
This was very funny!
I have to admit, I really thought you knocked the rabbit down. I actually said, "Oh No" outloud. Then I started laughing when I read on.
Great shadows and the guard is a very serious man.
Happy SSS.
Anonymous said…
Great fun photos. They remind me of the time my son told the mummies in the metropolitan museum in ny city to, "WAKE UP!"

Thank you for hosting such a neat site.
Serendipity said…
The giant bunny is fab!
Beth Niquette said…
I loved this Sunday's shadow shot! Especially the story behind the bunny. (grin) Ya almost got me!

I missed last week--but I'm back!
Clytie said…
I think I would be a little 'unnerved' by this giant bunny as well! Good think the guard didn't notice it was knocked down! :=}
Anonymous said…
Seems like an interesting exhibit! I like the bunny best. :D
Diane AZ said…
Interesting shadows at the art gallery. The security guard seems to have a double shadow.
Thanks for featuring my photo from last week. I look forword to Sundays and participating in your shadow shots. You have given me a whole new way of loking at shooting photos.
Sarah said…
Funny bunny! The security man still looks a bit menacing, despite being pretend!
maryt/theteach said…
So real looking, Tracy! :)
Love the bunny!!!
And it even had a shadow.
Christine said…
I emailed you a few house photos Tracy. Thanks for your wonderful comment!

Victoria said…
You had me going there for a minute with the fallen bunny! Love both shots!
HA HA!! Such a Funny Post!! Fun shots!
MonikaRose said…
Hey Tracey...been a while..check out my custard whisk shots and my shots..
Unknown said…
Haha :) Cool shots T. Love the bunny for sure and thank goodness you didnt know it down. Happy week...hugs/M
picciolo said…
Hi, I've just been looking at your other blog but couldn't leave you a comment? Your island looks beautiful, I would love to sit on that bench in today photo, and your bike repairer sounds wonderful
: )
I am loving your daily photo blog:) I liked the little story about the local bike sweet.

That security guy has a painfully large looking belly. I bet if the light were at a different angle it would make a big shadow over his feet. I think that would have made for an interesting statement. I wonder if it would cast a very round shadow.
Tracy said…
That bunny looks tipsy...LOL! Fun exhibit! I'm behind on visiting, Tracy. Crazy days just now as we make ready for a trip early next week. Just wanted to call in while I had a chance... Until soon! :o) ((HUGS))