Shadow Shot Sunday #104

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #104

An autumnal shadow shooting spree in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens this week. Not to be confused with the other Brisbane Botanic Gardens located a short 7km away in Mt Cooth-tha. The reason for the gardens being established at Mt Coot-tha was due to eight major floods sweeping through the city gardens between 1870 and 1974. So the flood-free site of Mt Coot-tha was decided upon by Brisbane City Council for a second Brisbane Botanic Garden site and it officially opened in 1976. To my knowledge the original Botanic Gardens haven't experienced flooding since the opening of the second Botanic Gardens. So we are now very lucky to have two major botanical garden attractions within such close proximity to each other.

We're nearing the end of autumn in Australia, and the cooler weather is just starting to kick in here in Brisbane. While it's been brisk in the early mornings and evenings this past week the days have been perfect. There's something really magical about autumn sunshine! And we've had sunshine a plenty. Yay!

Happy Sunday!

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We're just starting to get some warm weather here. First night I've had the windows open all night...nice.
Ralph said…
What lovely shadows! Brisbane looks so beautiful, the shadows in the City Botanical garden perfect. I am partial to the view upon the harbor, with the shadows of the palm and that artistic sculpture so well defined. It doesn't took like the end of Autumn. Of course, where I live it more cold than warm, more gray than sunny at that time of year,,,
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous photos!! Thank you very much for putting me in Mr Linky for the last two weeks ..... and thanks for including me in this week's montage. I'm about to do this week's post with Shadow Shots from our holiday - lots of sunshine!!
Dina said…
Yes, it looks like you have that autumn sharp sunshine needed for sharp shadows. Nice botanical garden scenes. Lucky that the flooding gave up on the original one.
robin. said…
fall shadows are lovely and long as the sun hits things from a different angle. your last photo is my favorite...wonderful textures to it.

enjoy the rest of your weekend tracy and the upcoming week.
Sylvia K said…
Such gorgeous fall shadows, Tracy! I love them all! Hope your weekend is going well! Thanks as always for the fun!

Tom Hilton said…
Nice. The flowers are beautiful, but my favorite of these is the abstract shot at the end.
Dianne said…
I love love love the shadows from the fence and (I guess) some sort of trellis
all those bold lines!!
What beautiful pictures! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! Although, I am REALLY glad that we are going into summer here!! Love the lily picture - pretty colors & shadows! Have a great week Tracy!
Patti said…
beautiful shots and I totally agree about autumn sunshine ;-)

Today is a beautiful spring day here in Connecticut The sun is shining, the birds are chirping..

I love the shadows from the grape arbor or trellis.

I also love those beautiful pink and white flowers at the botanical garden!

thanks for hosting as always, Tracy.
Early start today! shadow fix for the week is about to begin! I always look forward to this and it's kinda like Christmas every week.
bobbie said…
Very beautiful shadows this week.
Beverley Baird said…
What a great array of shadows! Love your photos!
Catherine said…
those autumn shots are indeed magical....Greetings from Mexico..
Maggie said…
Just warming up here in Normandy the garden is beginning to look pretty again and the potager is thriving.
Loved the shot of the water lilies.
Anca Pandrea said…
I love the lotus shot. The light seems cool, but the shadows are very interesting.
Have a great Sunday!
MyMaracas said…
Spring is just getting warm enough to plant here in Indiana. Love your shots, especially that last one. Great texture and patterns there.

Thanks for including me in the collection this week!
Generik said…
That's quite a collection of beautiful organic shadows! Worth a month of Sundays, I'd say.

As always, thanks again for hosting this!
Diane AZ said…
You sure found some great shadows at the botanic gardens. I find the image with the water lilies particularly captivating.
What fun! Great Photos!!! Hey, you live on an island also!?!?? Mine has no bridges to the mainland, stores, mail...
I'll be back to visit again... XO
The pictures/shadows are wonderful.
You always get the most interesting shots..Beautiful.
Happy SSS.
Serendipity said…
I love the water lily shadow :)
Carin said…
You are lucky to be having so much sunshine in Autumn! So far Spring in Holland hasn't brought much sun. In fact these two weeks of May holidays have been cold and gloomy! Lucky me I spent 1 week in Gozo and there I enjoyed lots of sunshine and captured some nice shadow shots!

Love your crispy clear shadow shots!
Seems like we are both enjoying changing weather
patterns- as reflected in the many kinds of new leafy shadows to be seen on the walls and streets of NYC.
Your strong shadow shots are cool and lovely - the last one absolutely top notch!
Sarah said…
Lovely shadows in the gardens. I really like the water lilies. Your weather sounds much like ours, the difference being that we are supposed to be moving into summer!
Love last week's shots too. I also saw lots of star wars characters in the street one day-sweeping along as they seem to have to do. Weird!
What a great day you had for shadow chasing. I love the lily shadow on and the second shot. Is it an arbour or a fence?
Hot Fudge said…
Well, thanks for solving the mystery of the two Botanic Gardens for me Tracy - I never knew the reason, but I'm glad we have both of them.

Your shots are beautiful and I'm intrigued by your last one with the letters carved in the rock.

Enjoy our beautiful May day, although I see a few clouds outside my window. Still, we need the rain!
toby said…
Autumn has always been my favorite season - enjoy!
Thanks so much for featuring my shadow in your gallery! That's always a big honor. And your shadows are all so interesting, and so different from each other! Great post - have a great week!
Chubby Chieque said…
Stunning Brisse! Doesn't look like your in autumn.

Have a joyous day.

I especially like that third shot with the trees - I've put my shadow shot this week on Hyde DP for a change.
Tracy .. it never ceases to amaze me of the opposite seasons thing .. I would love to be in Autumn right now : )
Nahhh ! .. I have to have a bit of summer yet I guess .. but how sweet would that be to see instant Autumn colours here on the trees !
Joy : )
Hi Tracy -- Well, if anyone asked me in a test, I'd know that your seasons were opposite ours (and I'd know why), but nevertheless it still surprises me to see your Autumn shots. All of your shadows are lovely, but I especially love the lacy tree one.
Renee said…
Autumn is a time for beautiful sunshine and shadows and I think the autumn sunrises here are gorgeous at the moment. Your shots are great particularly like the close up one.
maryt/theteach said…
Yes, Autumn sun gives us the BEST shadows, Tracy. Lucky you for a little while longer... :)
Unknown said…
Wonderful shots! I love botanical gardens. So wish I could visit this one - right now!!

Unknown said…
Love your shots, especially the one of the river and the sculpture. Brisbane in Autumn is always lovely.

We are experiencing the same type of weather here.
Victoria said…
Beautiful shots..I love #3 all those magical trees..and the very last one is my fave,..gorgeous and mysterious!! Have a happy-shadowy day! Thanks for hosting such a fun photo blog!
Unknown said…
Your SShots from the botgardens are great, Tracy! I especially love the hot pink lilies! Tomorrow I hope to go to our botgardens to shoot some shadows--if the rain will stop! Another week of rain...we may have to build a boat here! If I don't enter tomorrow, that's why! Thanks for featuring my deck shot. :)
A Wild Thing said…
I'm with Desert Diva, just opened the windows again last night, been quite chilly here too, as our summer approaches...could ya hurry up a little Ma Nature...though I just ate my first big, juicy, red strawberry this afternoon out of the patch...YUM!

Hope ya had a fun flowery trip at the gardens!
EJ said…
My favorite from your entry is the shadow from the two flowers.
MonikaRose said…
Hello. love ur shadow shots this week..i have yet to see a water lilly...enjoy ur day :)
Woody said…
shadows, shadows, everywhere
Square Peg Guy said…
Botanic Gardens -- the best places on Earth! Thanks for sharing your shots of this one. It looks like you were in the water to shoot those lily pads!

Have a great week! said…
Amazing gardens Tracy! So glad you got to enjoy lots of sunshine before the cold weather sets in.
Have a great week & thank you so much for hosting this meme.
: )
Chubskulit Rose said…
Looks like A Relaxing botanical garden
fredamans said…
Wonderful collection of shadows!
Unknown said…
I love your shadows. They are so well done. I particularly liked the effect of the shadow of the wine goblet.
wanderlust said…
Very nice, love those bright pink flowers!
wanderlust said…
Very nice, love those bright pink flowers!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for using my shadow shot in your gallery this week, it was really cool to have mum call and tell me that it was there. Love the flower!!
love that first picture with the vibrant pink!
Sam said…
Gosh! I never knew you guys had two botanics! How lucky is that! Adore that hot pink water lily and the avenue of figs - even though you're all the way up there it's all still very Aussie - particularly the figs of course!

It's chillin'here in Sydney town - just the way I likes it - great walking weather - I had a stonkingly huge walk today along the Harbour fore shore - I feel like some sort of indestructible athlete now let me tell you!

Hope you had a good restful weekend - re-charging those batteries. I've got to say I'm very much enjoying your other blog - it's very cool you live on an island!

All the best next week - if we just get through the horror of Monday it's all pretty manageable after that!! :0) XOXO's
Gemma Wiseman said…
Lovely play of shadows in this garden world! The Brisbane city garden looks as if it reaches right to Brisbane River? It must be a wonderful atmosphere wandering here in any season!
jabblog said…
Glorious shadows in beautiful weather. The trees in your third shot are magnificent - they look very old. How lovely to have two botanic gardens close by - beauty all around.
Tina said…
I love your Autumnal collection.... this time of year is brilliant for getting great shadow shots!! Your collages are lovely too, and thanks for including my friendly leaf amongst them.
Thanks for sharing so many shadows! :)
Linda said…
All our spring blooms are out and the days are getting warmer. You have some lovely shadow photos today.
Fantastic shadow pictures, Tracy. The water lilies are gorgeous..
MOO said…
Some day I'm going to make the trip Down Under. Beautiful Shadow Shots!
B : ) said…
Oh my - what wonderful shots!
Melissa B. said…
Are those pink lillies? And are they as aromatic as they are photogenic?? My first time over these Superior Snaps!
Alexa said…
Looks more like spring than autumn there. Love the shadow of the palm tree—so crisp!
Anonymous said…

I just want to tell you that I like your blog, it's incredibly inspiring.

I would also like to leave a footprint after me & Sweden, and will welcome you to my blog.

keiren said…
Love all of the garden shadows! That last one my fav! Interesting to learn how the second gardens came to be.
Clytie said…
How wonderful to have two botanical gardens nearby!

Your photos are beautiful - I am most captivated by the river shot - the sculpture there is in shadow, yet still casts a shadow! Wow.
ilovepink said…
I wonderful post. I'll be back as soon as my post is up.
Sherrie said…
Love your shadows. Mine is posted. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff
Anonymous said…
Great photos and I liked the water lily most! :)
Hannah said…
Beautiful collection! I love the pictures of the lilies and the garden.

A blessed Sunday to everyone. :)

My Shadow Shot Post: The Three Ugly Sisters
Missie said…
Gorgeous! I can't wait till we get some more sunshine and summer weather!
Jacqui said…
what beautiful pictures. I enjoyed seeing your city in such glorious colour.
Suzi Smith said…
Such great photos from folk... love that last one of yours particularly...
Victoria said…
HI again! i just wanted to say a sparkling thankyou for your super lovely comments for me..yay appreciated! And yay thanks..for my little picture hosted are a star! thankyou for hosting this fun photo blog every week..much appreciation!
Have a gorgeous night!
Emma said…
Whew, just in time at 23:40 UK time :) and number 101 on the list : I like that. Some fantastic shots as ever. I find I'm looking out for interesting shadows to photograph any time it's sunny now!!
Unknown said…
Love the water lily SSS. Does it means winter is soon? It's been crazy weather here, despite being super hot and humid, it's raining daily...almost like monsoon. Happy week ahead T.
That's crazy! They patiently deal with the flooding for 100 years...and then finally when they decide to remedy the more problem...crazy!

Lots of great SSs. I especially love the water lilies and the tree lined walk.
picciolo said…
That water lily photo is just gorgeous!
: )