Shadow Shot Sunday #106

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #106

While in the garden attempting to revive my very sad looking grape vine I noticed these late afternoon bike shadows in the carport. I imagined each spoke a smirk, mocking my less than impressive gardening skills...

Paranoid? Me? No. They were smirking I tells ya. And snickering. I distinctly heard the sound of snickering.

Happy Sunday!

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Oh, the travesty of being mocked by bicycle spokes!
The ingrates!
I know you'll show them, come next spring and summer when those grape vines are climbing all over the place.
Have a great weekend!
It's a holiday weekend here (3 days) with Monday being Memorial Day honoring our fallen soldiers.
Dina said…
Regardless of what the bike was saying you got a great shadow shot out of it.

Speaking of sad grapevines--I came home at high noon and surprised a JACKAL under my one poor vine! Now I understand where all the grapes went last summer.
Wow what a sensational shadow shot! If a bike shadow was mocking me it would be for not being ridden. But I am safe from such a fate now as I gave the bike away to the neighbours so I didn’t have to look at its still, smirking, cob web covered frame!
jabblog said…
Aww, go on with you - you're imagining things . . . on the other hand, they do look a bit snide.
Ralph said…
Bicycle wheels can have sarcastic spokes - not that they ever planted a garden. Silly spokes!
Self Sagacity said…
I love the shadow shot of the bicycle! The mosiacs are so much fun as well. So great when you put them together as such. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Nasty things, bicycles (that's why I've never owned one!!) Still, it did give you an excellent shadow shot!
ps - I am enjoying the photos on your other blog!
Joanna said…
That is such a dramatic shadow. The long light of late afternoon is just the best.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic shot! I might participate again this week, I'll have a rummage through my pictures.
Sylvia K said…
Ah! Those friggin' spokes! What do they know about a garden???? I can even hear them snickering from here! Ungrateful wretches! If I were you I'd leave them out in the cold for a night, see if that show them who is who!!! But they do make a terrific shadow shot even if they do take advantage of the opportunity. Have a great weekend, Tracy!
Haha...what an imagination you've got there;)

When my grape vines looked sad I chopped them all back one fall and I think they look much better now.

Cool shadow shot!
I heard snickering, too.
bobbie said…
It's a great shadow. I don't think those spokes were smirking. And if they were - who cares?
Have to admit..A lot of smirking around my place..Your shadows are great as usual..
Have a happy week..Happy SSS.
What a great shadow! Tracy...!
When I read this, I laughed for I could hear the snickering from the old Thomas the train tapes we had to watch with my sons - the naughtey cars would have the most anoying jeering :)
Have a great weekend!
Generik said…
Aw, they weren't snickering at you, they were snickering with you! Come on, snicker!

Great bike shadow!
Victoria said…
Yeah, they were smirking at you, and they probably ride over your grape vines as soon as you walk away! I say turn the garden hose on them 'till they rust... that will wipe those smirks off those spokes!

(Have a great weekend!)
Chubskulit Rose said…
The bike shadow is gorgeous!
Birgitta said…
Spooky...! Great shadow shot!
BLOGitse said…
Tracy, now you're snickering at me - I didn't know the word - now I do! :)
hahaah, great shot!
Sunny greetings from Casa,
have a beautiful weekend!

MyMaracas said…
Great shadows! I love this one.
Imagination run wild methinks ;)
Wonderful shadow shot and marvelous gallery too!
Hugs and blessings,
EJ said…
Love that bicycle shadow!
Anca Pandrea said…
What a great shadow shot you have this week! I love it!
Dimple said…
I bet when you turned your back they pointed at you, too! LOL!
Great shot, it serves them right!
Carin said…
LOL very spoky indeed! I can hear them here....

Happy Sunday to you too!
Rinkly Rimes said…
An atmospheric shot and a selection to delight the eye. Very delighted to be included.
Woody said…
Spokes schmokes. Let's see a spoke actuate a shutter ;-) Very nice shadows, even if they came from a bunch of miscreants.
A Wild Thing said…
Too funny and yes, I'm sure they were mocking...another stupid human attempt at doing something right...will we ever learn never to listen to them...I know it's hard to be humble!

Have a wonderful Sunday Tracie!
Tom Hilton said…
I imagined each spoke a smirk, mocking my less than impressive gardening skills....They were smirking I tells ya. And snickering. I distinctly heard the sound of snickering.

There are times when Resistentialism really makes a lot of sense.

Oh, and great shot!
admin said…
FANTASTIC!!! love it :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
The Autumn season seems to wave some kind of magical relleion in the brain and we go into creative overdrive! Is it a protest against hiding from the ever nearing chills of Winter? And o what fun ideas tumble out! Bike shadows snickering at your garden efforts! Two wheels are two eyes watching + shadows = snickering! Quite logical!
Love this post and the bike shadows are simply stunning!
Gemma Wiseman said…
"relleion" = "rebellion" OOOps!
Victoria said…
Wow..that was super of my faves now..totally love this!! AWesome and beautiful!!
lynda Howells said…
love your spokes image......l gave up riding a bike when quite young because it kept throwing me off!!!I swear those bikes have a life of their own!Haxxlynda
Tracy girl !
You are paranoid is right : ) that was too funny and I think I do know how you feel .. the Goldfinches in my garden totally laugh their little assests ? off at me when I am struggling with digging out a plant or snipping vines that want to grab me ? and not in a nice way ! LOL .. I have a grape vine too and they can be tempermental, so you aren't alone girl !
Love the spokes .. reminds me of being a kid again and having those clothes pegs with cards run against the spokes to make pretend engine noises .. ahhh ! to be an innocent kid again ? LOL
Joy (Canadian Joy : )
Renee said…
Fantastic shadow shot! What a joy to be gardening near that shadow - even if the spokes were smirking and snickering!
Unknown said…
I love this shot. Those bikes now have legs!
Beverley Baird said…
They'd be snickering at me too! I am definitely not the gardener in the famil! I am a killer of plants!
Great shadow though!
Unknown said…
Love your shot of the bike. Snickering bike spokes..hmm they can snicker all they want.don't ever see them gardening.
Oooh, a really lovely one. I love the late light. Sorry I couldn't play last week but I have some up now:
Anonymous said…
Love it.... With a capital L!! Thanks for hosting, have a fab week
Beautiful shadow of the bike, Tracy! Have a good weekend..
Dan Kent said…
I love these ghostly bike shadows - not mocking, haunting!
Alexa said…
Let 'em snicker. At least you made the most of them for a really great shot!
fredamans said…
Awesome collection of shadows!
wanderlust said…
Great shot, makes me want to jump on my bike. But it's SO hot in New Orleans right now!
Shadows of bikes are the most fascinating and now
they TALK! LOL as they say!
Anonymous said…
Your shadow is artistic! Have a nice Sunday! :)
Sarah said…
Even if they were smirking, they do make a lovely shadow shot! I hope your grapevine survives!
HA HA!! What a chuckle I got!! I love late Afternoon shadows, and these are terrific....but the words to go with.... priceless!!! Good luck on that Grape Vine, I've never been brave enough to try one!! :)
robin. said…
you are too funny...this is an awesome shadow the color of the photo. and the definition of the spokes on the right.

paranoid? you?
Patti said…
Wonderful shadow shot!
Smirks and snickers from spokes...I dunno. I think you is being a bit paranoid


cute post! I hope you are having a great Sunday.
Beth Niquette said…
Oh, Harriet! You are SO cute! And what an incredible shadow shot. It fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give.
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! You shadow this week is dynamic and fun! We're just back from 2-week visit with family & friends in the US. Glad to stop by and catch up with you! ((HUGS))
Jazzbumpa said…
I wouldn't be dismayed.

Bicycles are among the most self-righteous and cynical of vehicles.

The smirk at everything.

ilovepink1078 said…
Amazing bike shadows. so dramatic...
hey harriet, hope you saw my post for today.. thanks..
jlshall said…
Love it! Reminds me a bit of the giant bicycle on the old Prisoner TV series. Great shot!

Thanks for including one of my photos in your galleries. And happy shadow-hunting from Joysweb
Clytie said…
To be mocked by spokes ...
Snickered at by shadows ...

I can only hope the grape vine survived! :=}

It really is a unique and dramatic shadow shot. I really like it!
Unknown said…
love that shot. the long shadows automatically make you think of the late afternoon hours and a leisurely cup of tea.
i think that is the beauty of this 'shadow photography-SSS' meme.
i love it.
i have posted my first entry today. please let me know if you liked it.
Cassie said…
You are too funny. Since your gardening skills are probably no worse than mine, I'll now start thinking all the inanimate things around are mocking me!! Good Shadow Shot & happy SSS to you.
Sam said…
Oh my hoodness! I'm so late - I've only just made it I think! Phew!

Love your bike shadow here - such a wonderful light the late afternoon is casting! That's so nice you have a grape vine! This island is sounding better and better the more I see and hear about it!!

We are having BIG rain! What about you guys? Anything up there of note?

Thank you so much for including me in your collages - so nice - I feel like I'm part of the global commuity everutime I see them!

Hope you had a lovely weekend sweetie - and that your week is OK!

Sam. XOXO's
Anonymous said…
((hugs)) for the evil mocking spokes ... but that's an awesome image you caught there - thanks for sharing it! Hope your gardening woes are soon over ... there's not much you can do wrong with a grape vine :)

Thanks for including my shadow shot in your gallery - that's amde my day!!
Unknown said…
ooo linky #100! Neat - must be my number as it matches the number of posts I'm celebrating with a giveaway this week.. do pop over and have a go if you get a moment, you will be very welcome indeed. It's over at

Look forward to seeing you there.

And I love love love the bike shadows you took this week - very ethereal :) I hope your grapevine appreciates your love and attention!
Tina said…
Sensational bike shadows! I love the length of shadows at this time of the year. Not to say anything bad about your gardening skills, but I think I can hear them snickering too :)
Happy Sunday!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for featuring my shadow shot from last week!

Smirking bicycle spokes? Nah, they're just relieved they don't have to do gardening!

Have a great week!

- Square Peg Guy.
Chrisy said…
Love the pink cockatoos...and the dragonfly...and your long bike shadows...
picciolo said…
hehe, at least you were attampting to revive it!
: )
Unknown said…
I love that bike shadow! Super cool! Yesterday hubby came back with surprisingly good news. He's taking all of us to Australia end of the year---going to Sydney and Melbourne (hopefully we can cover both) the kids are excited to see some 'roo and koalas :) sorry, I've been on a blog-hibernation, way too busy to blog hop or even post anything. School hols up for next 2 weeks..spending some time with the kiddies..I asked them to be kind to mummy :P