Shadow Shot Sunday #107

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #107

Queensland Police patrolling the Roma Street Parkland area on horses. This isn't something I see very often so it was an exciting discovery for me. That would explain why I took so many photos. I'm easily amused!

For those who may not know, long time regular SSS contributor Gemma recently started a great weekly meme called Weekend Mailbox. I participated this week via my other blog. If interested in joining in the fun head over to Gemma's Greyscale Territory blog. Here in Australia we are allowed to have weird and wacky mailboxes. This isn't the case for many parts of the world, so Gemma is very flexible around the theme.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Wacky mailboxes sounds intriguing! I love those horses! Enjoy the rest of your island weekend!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you're easily amused ... so am I and I love these shots of these HUGE horses and the riders using the bench to mount them! Thanks for the heads up about Gemma's new meme ... I'll check it out as time permits, but this morning I'm watching the women's championship match at the French Open first ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
a mounted patrol
to keep the peace (not the soul)
in perfect order

Shimmering Shadow
bobbie said…
A really great series of pics!
Sylvia K said…
I love horses and I love your shadow shots for the day!! And I know what you mean -- I'm easily amused as well! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!

Carin said…
Wacky mailboxes.... must go over and have a look, over here we don't have that!

Great shadows, lovely horses and very green grass!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Beverley Baird said…
What lovely shots of the horses. Great shadows!
Have a great weekend!
Dianne said…
I too am easily amused ;)

whenever I'm in Manhattan I get so excited if I see the mounted police

these are all wonderful shots!!
Generik said…
That one horse looks much more interested in grazing in the grass than in chasing down criminals, and who can blame him? I would be, too!
A horse is a horse, of course, of course.
jabblog said…
Lovely shots - I'm amazed the police are using the benches as mounting blocks :-)
Anonymous said…
Fabulous horses!! We are surrounded by horses here in the Scottish Borders - I think we have more in proportion to the inhabitants than anywhere else in the UK. We generally don't have mailboxes here - we have letterboxes in our front doors .... those who do have them usually have boring, uniform ones!!

ps - thanks for putting me in the collage again - with my horse shadow shot!!
Ralph said…
The mounted police are in charge of their noble steeds. The equine law enforcers stand tall and proud - and their size is intimidating enough to disperse unruly crowds by his mer presence. It seems that rider and horse are of one mind!
Sarah said…
Don't worry, I get excited when I see mounted police too! It is usually when the local football team are playing. The local police stables is about 3 miles from here in Lewisham. I love the way that drivers are actually really considerate to horses, so much more so than to cyclists!
Birgitta said…
Beautiful horses and great shadow shots!
Anca Pandrea said…
Love the horses and the shots!
Have a great weekend,
I'm a little concerned as to whether or not these two officers are able to get on their mounts without the help of the park benches?!

Doesn't seem quite right to have your shit kicking boots on a place designed for my posterior!

Beautiful horse with lovely shadows:)
Woody said…
Interesting shadows. Odd how the officer stood on the bench to mount the horse!
Elizabeth said…
What lovely shiny bottoms!
Cheers, Tracy!
Martha Z said…
It's nice to see the police patroling on horseback or bicycle. I think folks relax more and interact with the police in a different way when they are not in a patrol car.
Diane AZ said…
I like how they used the benches to get up on the horses. I imagine the officers have a nice time on the horses and people enjoy seeing them.
Cassie said…
Happy SSS to you Tracy! It's Saturday here in Idaho so I'll be going to a book signing/reading at the local book store soon. Those mounted Police and their horses are so regal! Lovely Shadow Shots.
I can't tell if those are men or women officers - my guess is they might be women... nonetheless, full of
grace on well groomed horses. I would be awed to
see them and shoot non stop, too! Thanks for making it a series.
Beautiful horses, beautiful shadows. Being easily amused is a stellar quality in my book!
I’ve only seen the police horses out during a peace march! I might just have to pop over and check out the letterbox meme to get some inspiration for the letterbox at our new house. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Gemma Wiseman said…
I am still blown away with a couple of things on your post! So here goes a bit of a rave!

Loved your police on horseback photos! I too would be running around them taking photos! But I'm sure I would be likely to get a ticket for being a public nuisance!

And thank you SO SO much for your comments about my new Weekend Mailbox meme! I really am thrilled! BIG HUGS!
jabblog UK wanted to leave a comment on your Macleay Island blog, so she left it at mine! I told her I would forward it to you!
"jabblog said...
I can't find a comment space for MacleayIs. DailyPhoto, AU but just wanted to say how much I liked it! Very quirky :-)"
I adored your Ned Kelly mailbox there! Such a fun, eccentric speciman of a mailbox!

Now I think I'm done!
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Policemen on horses that's awesome I don't think we have them in NZ. Loving the mailboxes idea I will definately check it out!!

Weather in NZ is a bit crap so not much chance of shadows this week from me!

Have an awesome week!!
Serendipity said…
Looks like those horses are enjoying munching the lawn!
Catherine said…
nice horsey shots!! Greetings from Mexico
Renee said…
Haha! Great photos! It looks like the sun is still so high up there. Down here the shadows are so long all day now. I guess that's QLD for you! Enjoy!
Unknown said…
Love the colours. Gotta love the police that ride horse back!
So jealous of the lovely weather you are still having, it's been pretty foggy and grey down here in Melbourne.
Hi Tracy, just realised I have been posting for weeks but never leave a comment - slack - sorry! Always enjoy your post every Sunday - its a ritual to log on with my cuppa and check it (and your followers) out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Lee x
Hi Tracy, just realised I have been posting for weeks but never leave a comment - slack - sorry! Always enjoy your post every Sunday - its a ritual to log on with my cuppa and check it (and your followers) out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Lee x
Unknown said…
Horses on patrol, not a common sight here in NZ, just as Sammy said.

I love the fact that he had to use the bench to get up onto the horse.
A Wild Thing said…
I too would've been burning the shutter on the camera...I love horses!

Like you said, not many strange mailboxes in my neck of the woods, but I may just have to take a rural tour of Iowa and dig up some strange.

Again, thanks Tracie for doing the auto-post for me...I think I work 24-7 these days...but wouldn't have it any other way...I see shadows everywhere now, see what you started...I was even looking at one on the telly the other day, thinking...hmmmm...ha!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Christine said…
How could you not take multiple photos of such sleek, beautiful creatures? I'm so glad you did!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Wow, that's an awesome way to do your rounds. Have a happy weekend.
Victoria said…
Gorgeous..I love horses...beautiful series! What a treat! Thanks for showing my pic..yay!
Unknown said…
Horses are so much fun, they look really serious, which makes me giggle looking at them having to jump up from a park bench!
Angie said…
Good to see the QPs are learning to mount!! Great shots, nice park. And of course some wonderful shadows.
We love seeing the mounted patrol - our kids always get a kick out of it! (although, we've never seen them mount like that 'round here...not that it doesn't happen!!) Enjoy your weekend Tracy! said…
such great shadows Tracy! I love the whole scene, especially the horses.
Have great day Tracy & thanks for hosting this.
: ) said…
I mean "a" great day!
I've always thought that Easily Amused would be a good thing for a tombstone, actually. Me, too!

I've got heart-shaped rocks, and their shadows, for you:
Joanna said…
The horse in your last photo appears to be looking at its shadow.
Unknown said…
I love horses and yours are beautiful! It looks to be around noon by the shadow length. Thanks for letting me play and have a wonderful Sunday!
M3clicks said…
First time to join Shadow Shot Sunday and hopefully better photos for me next time.

by the way, the horses looks very well groomed.
Chubby Chieque said…
Hello Downunder!

Happy that I have time to be with you & your players this week end.

As always, you really did a excellent job.

Have a nice Sunday p.m. overthere & see you in Phils nxt week-end.
Sam said…
I love it when the mounted police clip clop through the city on their beautiful horses! What an awesome shot this is! And the shadow is so small - the sun must've been directly overhead! I'm not a "horse person" actually and I'm quite scared of them having been sent flying over their heads a few times but I've got to admit they are very, very magnificent creatures nevertheless.

There are lots of super animal shots this week in the collages - I love it! The pussy cat and the little pig! Bless!

How's the weather up there? It has been over the top terrible here in Sydney! We've had twisters! Can you believe it? Anyway, they say it's easing now with a bit of luck.

Have a great week Tracy! Thank you again for Shadow Shot - it is one of the highlights of my blogging week surfing all the entrants! XOXO's
Unknown said…
Fantastic SSS photos Tracy... the mounted police horses are often enormous and beautiful animals but we very rarely see them here, so I can understand your excitement!

Our sunshine seems to have gone now, so I'm glad to have been doing some shadow chasing yesterday - I have a stock in hand for a few weeks now ;)... good to see your weather is bright and cheerful.

Emma x
What wonderful picture..I enjoy seeing the police/horses and what great shadows you got. Something about mounted police..they are a group all by themselves. Always fun to see..
Happy SSS.
lv2scpbk said…
Love the black and white photo and the children painting in the first set of shadow shots. I really like looking at the horses also in the last set. I posted my shadow shot this week of my sister's horse.
Patti said…
Love your photos of these fine horses. Interesting how the officers mount their steeds..

I am also easily amused! I'm sure I would have taken many photos as well.

Posting late, but I'm here ;-)

Enjoy your week.
Self Sagacity said…
Those horses are slick! They look so healthy and so well taken care of. Happy SS.
Beth Niquette said…
What wonderful photos--what lovely shadows! What handsome horses!
Whether it was something I saw often or not, I'd probably take multiple photos of it too, its just Cool!! LOL Happy Sunday!
robin. said…
another weekend of me checking in, does life interfer with my blogging!! the horse shadows. one of the towns i work in...the horse cops-horse died a few months back...don't think they are replacing him.

have a great week!!
wanderlust said…
As short as I am, I would need a bench to mount that horse too!
fredamans said…
Lovely shadow shots!!!!

Thank you for adding my photo to the showcase! (((HUGS)))
MyMaracas said…
Love the horses' shadows!

There aren't many interesting mailboxes around here, but I'll certainly stop by and see the ones at Gemma's place. Thanks for the link!
Dan Kent said…
Looks like he's ready to go fight crime, but then his horse just wants to graze. lol. Fun images.
Square Peg Guy said…
I viewed your pictures of the law enforcement officer mounting his horse one at a time. I wondered if the third picture would show him falling off the other side. lol

We're close to some horse stables, so it's not uncommon to see folks riding horses. Maybe my next shadow shot will feature their pasture!

Have a great week!
lynda howells said…
love inagesx happy shadow box sundayx
Anonymous said…
I love the beautiful horses! Great photos with shadows too, :)
picciolo said…
I like how he used the bench to help him get on, does that mean he is stuck on the horse until he gets to another bench?
: )
Victoria said…
Your series of shots were amusing to me as well, although I admit for a sec I expected to see him fall off the other side of his horse after climbing up, (but I'm happy he didn't!) And Picciolo's comment is a hoot... makes me wonder the same thing. I can see the poor fellows wandering aimless for hours on there horses, desperately looking for another bench!
Tracy girl I am also a member of the "easily amused" variety .. I guess I have to get my post in on Friday (here) to make it for Sunday there now ? hehehehe
Hey girl I tried very hard but Mr. Linky spit me out ;-( LOL