Shadow Shot Sunday #109

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #109

This is a combination of two slightly different photos taken of the same area, each cropped, one flipped, and then placed together. I was trying to be a little creative to make up for the initial laziness of the actual shooting of the photos. While visiting shadow shooter blogs late last Sunday afternoon I noticed in the corner of the study/studio/spare room, these power cord shadows. As I had not long ago uploaded some photos to the computer, the camera was still within reach so I didn't even have to move from my chair to snap these. The blue wall is much darker in reality than it appears in the pics. There are three blue walls in my house. When I first moved in the plan was to paint over them. I moved in three months ago today. Remember the whole lazy thing I mentioned earlier? Yup...

For a look at a less lazy shadow shot feel free to pop on over to my other blog. That one was taken earlier on the same day as the photo above. And I did have to venture away from my chair to find those shadows.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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robin. said…
yup...know what you mean...been in our house for 3 years...and just now doing my daughters room. it's a surprise for her birthday!! a total mskeover...shhhhhh!!! she and the rest of the family is gone this weekend playing in a "gus macker" basketball tournament. peace and quiet...and i better pace myself!!

have a great rest of the weekend tracy!! happy sss.
Anonymous said…
I always enjoy your creative photos and the wonderful Shadow Galleries you share each week. I especially like what you did with these power cord snaps ... very kewl indeed!
Hugs and blessings,
I like your cropped/flipped photo!
I certainly don’t mind you being lazy if you come up with beauties like that. A very artistic shadow shot, well done!
Diane AZ said…
I like your creative blue wall and power cord montage and the camels on your Macleay Island blog are delightful as well. :)
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy! Blue makes a good must have decided not to paint those walls because of that!? Happy SSS to you. We (finally) have some sun here the past 2 days...I'm going shadow hunting!!
Dina said…
I'd say this took a lot more work that you want to claim.
Hey Tracy! I just realized that you had another blog -- very nice pictures over there; I couldn't find a way to leave a comment (maybe I need another cup of coffee)....anyway I enjoyed visiting your Island -- and thatnks again for doing this Shadow Shot meme. We have a lot of sun and shadows here in Florida. Sallie
Arija said…
Love your double trouble on turquoise. Nicely put together.
Sylvia K said…
You are so clever, Tracy, lazy or not! What a fun, colorful, terrific, different shadow shot for the day! Hope your weekend is going well!

Tom Hilton said…
Very nice--lovely color, great patterns.
Victoria said…
Awesome shadow..I love your creative magic! Wonderful!
Martha Z said…
Your always alert for a shadow.
Generik said…
I like the symmetry of the power cords, and the way the picture is cut in half and then put back. Very creative!

I'm also a big fan of blue walls, lazy or not.
Inday said…
Great to be creative indeed. I don't have much time so this will do for the time being.
Serendipity said…
Very clever!
Dani said…
I'm so honored to be part of today's selection of photos.
Thank you so much! And being in the middle..:)))

Your shot is so interesting...
Happy Sunday!
jabblog said…
I like this - very imaginative! I like your other shadow shot too - that looked like a lot of fun.
Carin said…
WOW very artistic shadow shot and so close at hand! Fantastic!

Thanks for putting my picture in the collage once again!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Creatively lazy, though! Those are cool shots! I love that blue on the wall. Great color and composition!
Tracy girl !
Love the creative twist to this : )
Hey .. I was supposed to paint the new door frame of the deck door over a year ago .. we finally contracted some painters to do a bathroom, the kitchen and finally ? the darn deck door frame .. so I KNOW exactly what you mean .. funny enough we have a blue entrance and hall wall .. blue was "in" ? LOL
Sorry, I posted twice... I'm new to blogging and photography, and a bit confused sometimes by all the linking and posting and connecting. My second post, #33, will direct viewers to my page with this weeks Shadow Shot for me.

This site looks fun. I've never taken pictures of shadows as a subject, and it seems a bit challenging. I had only one in my arsenal.

Now... off to check out everyone's shadow shots.
Limarea said…
Love your blue swirl. Just posted my first entry on my blog :)
ha! you had us a quick glance, we thought it was some lovely iron scrolling, perhaps from an old bed....yep - you got us good Tracy!!
What a clever gal you are..Darn, that is one neat shadow. You know, you can't say is very creative and took thought. Just great!
Happy SSS.
Anonymous said…
Hey Tracy, know what u mean about the lazy shadows :-) they came out great though.

Have a great week
Gemma Wiseman said…
A very creative way to present a shadow! Lazy? No! Just inventive!

Happy weekend!
Sam said…
This is cool! It looks like some elaborate Victoian decoration or something! I approve!

I've also got to say - wow look at that plane shadow shot! Up in the top collage! Incredible stuff! I always like looking at the collages you make but also feel a pang of regret because I never have time to check them all out. *sigh*!

Hope you're having a fab weekend up there in Brisbane - it's lovely weather here - with a bit of luck I'll get out for a walk this afternoon - but we have to go pretty early as it gets dark sooo early these days (about 4:30pm!) - a draw back of winter I think.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend and week sweetie! XOXO's
Unknown said…
What a cool shot, I also thought it was some sort of ironwork.

Hope the weather in Brisbane is being kind to you.

Have a good week
Unknown said…
Tracy, what a super interesting creative shot & I LOVE the blue hues you captured! Happy new week!
Unknown said…
I love this Tracy, I love the flow of the cord and shadow.
A Wild Thing said…
You crack me up, we do have days like that as your Sunday and our Saturday rolls's like's been raining, what'll I do for a shadow shot. Thankfully bits of sun filter in long enough to grab the camera and run for it...are we tetched in the head???(don't answer that)

Have a good one friend!
The cords make strange bedfellows, but the shot works! I don't think I could live that long with the blue!!
EG CameraGirl said…
Your post is very artsy!
BLOGitse said…
very early good morning from Casablanca again!
We came home 30 mins ago, now it's 2:50 am - soon to bed and later today I try to find time to visit other player's blogs...
Have a great Sunday!

Unknown said…
So sorry, everyone, I'm having trouble getting my current SS to link correctly (it keeps going to one in May)! Will keep working on it! Click here if necessary:

Thanks for your patience! jane
admin said…
great!!!! love this & the composition. Happy Sunday :)
Clytie said…
These two shots go together very well, creating a beautiful work of art!
Well, the cropping, flipping, etc., wasn't all that lazy, now was it? Looks good, as always. Are all the boxes unpacked yet, by the way? I just found one from two years ago still with stuff in it. Sheesh.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love the curvy shadows! Happy Father's day to all the Dads!
Lindy said…
Very creative shadow shot!
Very clever, I too thought it was some sort of iron work. Maybe you should do a seies on what the heck is it!
EJ said…
The last one is awesome!
Maude Lynn said…
Nice work!
Alexa said…
This is SO cool!
Hi there Tracy, thanks for featuring me in this weeks collage - how exciting....hope you like my shadow this week. Happy SSS, have a lovely week, Lee x
Hi there Tracy, thanks for featuring me in this weeks collage - how exciting....hope you like my shadow this week. Happy SSS, have a lovely week, Lee x
Spadoman said…
At first I though this to be a photo of a lamp and as you mention, the pictures flipped and cropped. But now I look closely and see the extension cords, (the prinbting on the wire itself).

Very cool!

Victoria said…
There's a lot said for being lazy when it results in this! Beautiful image, Tracy... one of my favorites to date!!
maryt/theteach said…
Creative, Tracy, and colorful! :)
Dianne said…
I love what you created :)
Very creative. I hadn't a clue what I was looking at. I thought it was some sort of fencing.

I like the camel SSs too and the photo of Ruffles.

Hope you had a good weekend Tracy!
Beth Niquette said…
I love Shadow Shot Sunday--I look forward to it. Thank you for hosting this fun event!

And lovely shadow shot, by the way!
Kass said…
Love shadows. These are all great shots. Thanks for letting me join in.
Jazzbumpa said…
My lovely wife has a great ambitious plan to paint over our blue walls.

Fortunately, she has not yet found a color to her liking.

fredamans said…
Awesome shadows from everyone!

I'll be back posting next week, just got home from vacay and playing catch up!
Sarah said…
Lazy or not I like it! It makes an interesting design out of something quite boring. The blue looks pretty!
wanderlust said…
Beautiful blue. Very cool, I love what you've done with this! Hope you had a great weekend!
picciolo said…
Those blue walls look nice - but I suppose we can't really tell if they are darker in reality! Interesting combination of shots. And I love the kookaburra (sp?) shot too
: )
Unknown said…
Thank you for hosting - it is fun to find the "shadow shots" - I LOVE the blue in your photo! The shadows are great!
lynda howells said…
This is such an amazing image..all l can say is WOW and l love the colourxxlynda
Unknown said…
eek does posting at 00.15 on Monday Morning count?! ;)

Loving your shadows - very pretty. I love the blue - it gives a very ethereal feeling to the image.

Emma x
Unknown said…
Sorry, had a problem with my post - blogger suddenly went haywire and put up an empty post ?! Weird.

My first linky will need deleting if you can... no worries if not, the second linky will work! oops!
Catherine said…
it is a lovely creative shot - I didn't realise they were power cords on a first viewing!! Greetings from Mexico
Catherine said…
it is a lovely creative shot - I didn't realise they were power cords on a first viewing!! Greetings from Mexico
Anonymous said…
Actually, I like the blue a lot.
Some of the shadow shots were very clever and imaginative last week. I love the one of the person with a tree sticking out of their head!
I do like yours a lot this week. Very creative.
Gunsside said…
Very pretty blue shadow shot ;)
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! LOVE your fun photo--very clever, indeed...I love the aqua blue and black. Wonderful mosaics of shadows this week. With much happening and my Dad ill, I'm slow with taking photos lately... So I will admire all here. Happy Days ((HUGS))
Sarah said…
It is supposed to be summer but it forgot yesterday! It was quite cold-especially at Dungeness-very windy!
Unknown said…
Firstly, I LIKE you going back to your old style blog..mixture of both SSS and non SSS :) Obviously, I have missed some posts and finally kicked myself to do one post. I didn't know cords look like this at your place, ours are all white - boring. At first look, I thought it was your bed frames or something haha! Happy weekened T
Unknown said…
...........and I love that shot in the previous post! Happy selling..that was really a smarty pants picture ok.