Shadow Shot Sunday #108

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #108

Some shadows I spotted on the exterior of the State Library of Queensland building.

And just around the corner was a nice reflection of the Kurilpa bridge on the side of the GoMA.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sweet Repose
2. Magical Mystical Teacher
3. Rajesh, India
4. robin-one still frame
5. Generik
6. Jill, CA
7. Bev Baird
8. Gemma@Greyscale, AUS
9. Bobbie
10. Ralph
12. Molokai Girl
13. Shannara
14. MaggieB@NormandyLife
15. The Summer Kitchen Girls
16. Carletta
17. Anne
18. RamblingWoods
19. Tom Hilton
20. Hyde Daily Photo
21. quiltworks,ma,usa
22. Coffeedoff UK
23. EG Wow, Canada
25. anka@HappyHangAround
26. Carin
27. Khim
28. Leena, Finland
29. Pagan Sphinx- MA, USA
30. Dave Q, UK
31. Martha Z
32. jabblog uk
33. ctmott
34. Hasse A.
35. Daniela, Macedonia
36. Manang Kim~USA
37. HotFudge
38. Woody
39. toby
40. Emma-HandmadeAmoebaUK
41. Jan -Washington
42. Patti V.
43. Sallie (FullTime-Life)
44. Rose
45. AngelaNZ
46. Lisa's Retrostyle
47. Margaret Gosden USA
48. Alissa
49. Rinkly Rimes Australia
50. Kylie:ChasingPurpleDreams
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52. Desert Southwest, CA
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54. Arija
55. CafebyJW, Bangkok
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60. alexa in nyc, usa
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66. BLOGitse
67. Seiken - M3clicks
68. Maboe
69. Thorgun, Sweden
70. GardenJoy4Me
71. Lake Norman, NC USA
72. foto CHIP - Birgitta
73. Mandy @ BOB & MABEL
74. Just B
75. Mama Zen
76. Eden, Australia
77. dianne
78. aksharaa
79. norwood unleashed
80. Crafty Gardener, Canada
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82. Megan
83. Diahn Ott
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85. juLie:Inside&Out,Philippines
86. Clytie-Random Hearts
87. Lynne
88. mississippiartist
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96. Small Reflections
97. My Camera's Eye
98. Square Peg Guy
99. ~Really Rainey~
100. TheExplorer, Philippines

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


That third photo is superb, with all those billowy, cottony clouds huddling in the windows!
robin. said…
wondering about the random white lines...does it make more sense to see the whole building? love the reflections shot as well!!

nice work as usuaul tracy!!! have a great rest of the weekend!!
Generik said…
Love the green color and the geometry of the first three shots, and the reflected clouds are superb.

Thanks once again for providing this venue to so many talented people!
Beverley Baird said…
Great shadows and reflections this week!
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! Your photos this week are wonderful--love all the very geometric plans, angles, glass and light! That library looks a great building. Some really fantastic photos in all this week--such variety! Always a treat to stop by here... Oh, do pop by if you can, I'm celebrating my blogiversary this weekend with a little treat! Happy Weekend :o) ((HUGS))
bobbie said…
You really find the most interesting shadows!
Ralph said…
The exterior of the modern building is angular in line and character,. Likewise, its shadows are as well. Fine looking, but offset in a pleasing way with the reflection of the bridge, more free flowing in character and with a classic look that complements the modern.

Brisbane is a lovely city!
Sylvia K said…
You do indeed find terrific and interesting shadow shots, Tracy! I love the last one, too! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!

I love all three of these! What neat colors and architecture! Not to mention all that glass to reflect what is around the building.
Maggie said…
Strong architectural shots, the reflection is very interesting.
We think it's funny that we are reading the outside of the library today :)
Love the lines & colors...what fun!
Carletta said…
Love the lines and perspective of your shadow shots.
The reflection shot is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Super photos - the last one is my favourite!
Tom Hilton said…
Excellent set, and the last two are my favorites.
Carin said…
What a building!Our library is a dwarf next to this one. Love the bridge shadows and all those clouds in that window. Superb!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Unknown said…
my first time here, thanks for hosting.
jabblog said…
Quite vertiginous shots . . . ;-)
I really like your last photo - fabulous!
Very interesting shadows..always enjoy reflections and what a beautiful reflection it is..
The buildings really gave nice shadows too.
Happy SSS.
Dani said…
like line cool shots
Hot Fudge said…
I love the State Library - the exterior colour scheme is so uplifting. Your beautiful image of the reflected bridge almost makes me like it ... almost.
toby said…
Those are great shots - you are so lucky to live near all of those cool shadows!
Unknown said…
I love the way the shadows comment on the vertical painted lines on the walls. Some brilliant shots, and an amazing looking library! Ours isn't quite that imposing ;)

Thank you for including me in your mosaic - I am very chuffed and honoured! :D I have blogged it on my sit.
Patti said…
Cool shadow captures, Tracy. And that last shot of the reflected billowy clouds is great.

Thank for hosting. Enjoy your Sunday ~
Patti said…
Cool shadow captures, Tracy. And that last shot of the reflected billowy clouds is great.

Thank for hosting. Enjoy your Sunday ~
Unknown said…
I love all the angles , the shadows look like they are part of the building. The reflection of the bridge with the clouds is gorgeous.

Thank you for including me in your mosaic, and for hosting.
Chubskulit Rose said…
The last shot is beautiful. Have a nice weekend!
The reflection is really are the patterns of shadow and light on the library. I love that color of green:)

Hope you're having a happy Sunday!
Really, really neat shadow shots this week and i do like the last one! Very special.
Alissa Nicolau said…
Hi Tracy, Long time, no Shadow Shots from me! But I spied one this week and ran for the camera.

I really like your last pic of the bridge reflection on the building glass. Ghostly and pretty.

I hope all is well for you and that you'll enjoy a very happy week ahead! Alissa
I love the green shadow in your second shot. It’s such a nice part of town to wander around.
Angie said…
Love those shots, the reflection is inspiring, thank you.
A Wild Thing said…
Do you, like me, take your camera fully charged and loaded everywhere you go...I would freak out if I didn't have it with me on one of my outings...that would be the time that something fabulous would jump out at me...and I'd FREAK OUT!!!

You created this monster and we love you for it, people worlds apart becoming friends overnight, all because of a lil' shadow...who knew!

Thanks Tracie!
Cassie said…
Really like the bridge reflection. Looks like masts of some large sailing vessel and the clouds are glorious!
Tussy said…
This is my first join, I am impressed with the three chairs..and the girl in Bikini with flur.. beautiful.

My Inspiration
My Skywatch Friday
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love those long, dynamic geometrically strait-jacketed shadow lines on the building wall! Understated drama!

And your last reflection is quite panoramic!

Thank you for including my last week's image in one of your collages. Yahoo!!!!

Drifted over to your Macleay Island for a little dreaming! It still looks wonderful! You seem happy there - apart from the early morning work trips!

Have a great weekend!
EJ said…
I love the reflection!
Annie Jeffries said…
oh I like that. They remind me of barcodes, widely spaced, but still . . .
Arija said…
Love the last shot with the bridge.

Thanks for hosting this meme.
Anonymous said…
I love the blue sky reflection in the last looks so warm
Nice shots Tracy, Happy SSS to you and yours xx
wanderlust said…
Nice greens, bright blues sky, too. Cool!
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
Greetings from RAINY and cold, +10!!!, Helsinki, Finland!
When I arrived a week ago it was really summer weather.
One more week to go and then back to Casablanca.

I really like your last picture - it's full of elements - sky, clouds, glass etc. Great shot!

Have a great week ahead!


B i r g i t t a said…
Thanks for the great job you do with SSS! This little extra when you show some of the participant's work is so welcomming and nice :)

The reflection in the last picture is awesome!
Inday said…
Thanks for using the Comment Pop Up Window Harriet. This is the only way I can post comment especially returning kind tokens from those who left some to mine. I have trouble with the Comments Embedded below the post box.

As you have been aware, I have been away from the memes for so long. Now am trying to get back on track as there's a lot to catch up on with.

Meanwhile, I like the geometrical motiff of your post. So much talent there. Cheers from Sydney!

Mine is Australia:Nature's Gifts
Tracy girl !
This is how rattled I was yesterday .. I went to the wrong post and freaked out ! LOL
I think it was watching the police person get on that damn horse that fascinated me ? hahaha .. and then when Mr. Linky behaved rudely with me .. well .. I "lost it" haha
I'm laughing here as I write this .. I lost it yet again this morning when my camera batteries .. both sets .. DRAINED only after a few pictures .. and it had to happen when light conditions and garden were beyond perfect .. well, I can see how this day is going to go .. we are supposed to be painting the kitchen .. yup ! SCARY !!
Thanks again girl for helping me out : ) I appreciate it !
PS .. Sorry ! I forgot to mention how much I liked your photos this week .. the last one is fantastic with the blue sky reflected !
Dianne said…
the bridge and clouds reflected in all that glass is amazing!!!!
Unknown said…
Lovely shadows. infact, the original subtle green walls accentuate the shadows.enjoyed all the other featured shots too.
A said…
I wish I had a shadow shot for you today Tracy but that doesn't stop me from enjoying yours!
I love the greens on the state library building with their striking shadows. & your glass shot with the clouds is wonderful.
Diane AZ said…
Fantastic! Your library shadows look like abstract art I love bridge reflection on the art gallery. Happy Sunday. :)
Unknown said…
Gorgeous shadows...reminds me of a piano keyboard!
Clytie said…
I really like how the shadows make this plain looking building into a beautiful work of art!

And the reflections in the bottom photo are absolutely beautiful!
Lynne said…
Loving this week's entries!
MOO said…
Love these! The last reflection is absolutely brilliant...

JunieRose2005 said…
LOVE all the shadowy pictures!

I have one for you this time!

Victoria said…
Great graphic quality to that 2nd from last shot... I can see a quilt in it!
ooo--I really like that 3rd one, with the white lines intermixed with the dark shadows...would make a neat paper!! Nice find! Happy Sunday!
I can't seem to get Mr Linky to work...if you could add's the link

Thanks! :)
fredamans said…
Can't get Linky to work;
Sarah said…
Love the library shots! Have a great week!
Kewl shadow shots ... the reflections in the last photo are WONDERFUL and you know I always enjoy the Shadow Gallery. Mr. Linky seems to be missing so I'll leave a link to my Shadow Shots here ... just because.
Hugs and blessings,
Square Peg Guy said…
Those library shadows seemed to serve some purpose, such as an enormous sundial. Neat stuff!

I'm having problems with Mr. Linky today. It could be this alternate web browser. Firefox is buggy, so I'll give IE a try.

Have a great week!
Unknown said…
Sorry I'm late! Busy week end!
Last weeks shots are awesome and always so inspiring! I just love to participate in this party!

Anonymous said…
I love the industrial look of city shadows and reflections. You've captured some beauties. I love the cloud reflections too. What a contrast from your 'island' life!
Pat said…
Interesting shots! I love the reflection one - looks like a ship sailing in the sky!
picciolo said…
love your shots this week, especially the second one. Interesting achitecture too
: )
Sam said…
These are toatlly lovely Tracy - especially the top two collages! I must explore the photographers more! You have 100 participants now - that's incredible - unfortunately I totally missed the boat this weekend!

Love your shots of the state library - it looks huge and modern! It looks like you've got some gloroious weather up there too.

Have asuper week - it's a short one for us - you too? God bless that lovely Queen of ours! :0)
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Have a good one!
Unknown said…