SSS #110...for Bobbie

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #110

Some soft and subtle shadows found at the Gallery of Modern Art

I was so very saddened this week to hear the news about Bobbie passing away last weekend. Bobbie posted her first shadow shot in October 2008 and has been regularly joining in ever since. I've enjoyed getting to know Bobbie and have always found her to be an inspiration, especially with regards to her ongoing support towards human rights issues. Bobbie blogged about injustices throughout the world and passionately advocated for equal rights and fairness for all. Bobbie was a tireless campaigner for peace. May you now rest in peace Bobbie. You will be greatly missed my friend and I hope you are aware of the positive impact you've had on so many lives. I hope you know. Please know the difference you've made.

My deepest sympathies to Bobbie's family. Thanks to Bobbie's daughter Kitty for updating Bobbie's blog.

Bobbie's Shadows
[a selection of some of my faves from Bobbie from the last couple of years]

I'm not going to end this post with the usual 'Happy Sunday' (not that I don't wish you all a happy Sunday, I do of course!) but I'll end with a quote instead. A quote that was introduced to me through Bobbie...

"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough" - Rabindranath Tagar

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robin. said…
very nice tribute to bobbie tracy. she indeed will be missed.
Tom Hilton said…
So sorry to hear about Bobbie. This really is a lovely tribute.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Tracy, your tribute to Bobbie is beautifully presented! I especially love how you have done a tribute collage of her shadow shots! A wonderful idea!
So nice to have a tribute to Bobbie.

Love the modern art piece.
Generik said…
My condolences as well. That is a lovely tribute you put together for Bobbie, I'm sure she would appreciate it.
jabblog said…
You've put together a fine commemorative mosaic for Bobbie. I'm sure her family and friends will be most apreciative.
What a lovely quote and tribute. It's so very sweet of you to remember Bobbie here. It was very touching to read the last few posts on her blog. It's always sad to see a life pass...but good to know that at long last she has arrived.
I truly sad to have lost an SSS comrade. Bobbie is an inspiration to all of us of the legacy that we can leave behind when we depart.
Sylvia K said…
Such a beautiful tribute to Bobbie! She was a dear, wonderful blogging friend for two years and she was an inspiration. I will miss her.

Unknown said…
Tracy, what a beautiful tribute, quote, and collection of shadow shots in loving memory of Bobbie. Thank God for such wonderful inspirational and caring people as all of you are in this Shadow Shot circle of friends!
MyTwistedRoad said…
I'm new to blogging and SSS. I didn't know Bobbie, but I visited her site. She certainly looked like a fun and happy lady. Your tribute was is beautiful.

I'm looking forward to being a part of SSS and meeting new blogging friends.

Thank you for the opportunity.
Thanks for letting us all know about Bobbie - the friendships that we have aquired from Shadow Shots are precious...Bobbie will be missed here - but she has taught us so much that will stick with us for years to come...
Love your quote - perfect for the day!
Thanks for your lovely tribute and perfect quote ... I've not had much time at the computer for quite some time so I'm out of the loop on so many happenings. I'm saddened to learn of Bobbie's passing ... she will be missed in the Blogosphere.
Hugs and blessings,
Ralph said…
This tribute is perfect. Bobbie had beliefs and was ready to act upon them - do we share the same commitment? The panel of photos are so nice, the shadows mean that there was (and is) a light of life. The sunny look that reminds of a special person...
Dani said…
Very sorry to hear about Bobby. Nice tribute post.
Inday said…
I also read on the sideway - I think from Sylvia over the Hill of Bobbie's passing. I used to leave comments in her photographic blog a long time ago.

Condolence to her family.

(You are very clever. You have so many great ideas in going about your meme shadow.

Here's my contribution:

Nature's Gifts
Anonymous said…
A lovely way to remember her.
Annie Jeffries said…
What a beautiful tribute. I regret that I did not know her. She was definitely a person worth knowing.
Woody said…
A touching tribute, very beautiful.
Chubskulit Rose said…
I so love that modern art shadow! Have a nice weekend.
Cassie said…
What a sweet tribute to Bobbie's life and art.
Sarah said…
That is so sad about Bobbie. Your tribute to her is lovely Tracy.
Dimple said…
I didn't know Bobbie, but it is evident that she both lived and died well. Your tribute is inspiring.
BLOGitse said…
Peace and harmony...

Serendipity said…
It's a lovely tribute.
Thankyou for putting together such a beautiful tribute Tracy. I hadn’t “met” Bobby but was saddened to hear of the loss of a fellow shadow chaser. From your tribute and the recent posts on her bog, it seems she was a very special lady indeed.
Your shadow shot is beautiful, as always.
Unknown said…
A lovely tribute to a SSS participant.

Her shadow shot collage is gorgeous.
Well done on putting it together.

Your shot is beautiful.

And the ceramic cameras are very cool.
Tracy .. I'm sorry I didn't get to know Bobbie, she sounds like a bright light that will be truly missed by those who have known her.
We need more people like her .. perhaps those she inspired will fill the light she kept glowing again. The quote is wonderful .. I want to try and remember it every day now. Thank you !
PS .. I created my post before I knew of your sad news .. I hope Bobbie still has a sense of humour where ever she is ;-)
Sam said…
Oh! So sorry to hear about Bobbie Tracy. She's sounds like a very special person. It is a very thoughtful and lovely thing to do to make a tribute collage for her. May she rest in peace and her family draw strength and courage from fellow family members and friends.

P.S. Love your shadow shot - the more posts you do on your art gallery the more I want to race up there and check it out - there always seems to be something excellent going on up there! Have a super week ahead sweetie! XOXO's
Unknown said…
A lovely tribute, especially the mosaic of her shadows.

Loving your SSS - the shadow almost looks like it's in front of the object - very cleverly shot.

Thanks once again for hosting x
Rinkly Rimes said…
I didn't 'know' Bobbie but I feel her personality comes through in your lovely mosaic. It's always sad when a vital person disappears but I think your quote says it all. Bobbie obviously lived her life to the full and that's what counts.
Sallie said…
Such a shame to lose someone who was committed to an important cause. I'm sure she will be sorely missed by those who knew her.
What a genuine friend you are, this is a truly a wonderful dedication to a special lady - rest in peace x
admin said…
sorry to hear about Bobbie. You have put a beautiful tribute together :)
Dianne said…
you put together such a wonderful, thoughtful, loving post
thank you
I will miss Bobbie so much
it was so good to see so many of her shadow shots all together
EJ said…
My deepest sympathy for the family of your friend, sorry for your loss.
Annie Jeffries said…
Dropping back in Hey, H. Love the delicate shadows you found on this unusual mannequin.
Anonymous said…
My sincere condolences, I am sorry for such a loss.
Dorothy said…
This is my first time here. I hope I've done this correctly! You have a nice blog and I enjoy the Shadow Shots.
Angie said…
Rest in Peace, Bobby.
Tracy - loved your 'art' shot.
Tracy F. said…
Lovely tribute.
Jonny Hamachi said…
Great Shot! Very Thoughtful.
fredamans said…
I love the collage all put together. Great showcase shots every one!
Alexa said…
Love your shadow, Tracy. And Bobbie's family will surely appreciate your touching tribute.
wanderlust said…
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of Bobbie's passing. The quote you ended with was beautiful. Lovely photo, too!
A very beautiful and inspiring tribute and quote. I did look at Bobbie's blog and was so touched by her daughter's post. The internet is an amazing thing. You never know what connections will be made. Thank you.
cat said…
So sorry to hear about your friend Bobbie passing away.

Your shadow shot is amazing.
Unknown said…
What a truly touching tribute. I am sure this will mean a lot to her family because it means a lot to me, and I never got to know her. I'm sure it would also mean a lot to her.

God bless her family, and you, her friend.
krissilugbill said…
very cool! love these fun shadow shots :) i would love to play!
krissilugbill said…
so sad and sorry about your friend and fellow blogger/shadow shot-er Bobbie :(
Carin said…
Lovely tribute to Bobbie! It so saddened me to read about her passing away! Not so long ago I commented on one of her SSS posts never realising only a few weeks later it would be all over. Makes me start thinking why we have to say bye to all these fantastic people..... oh well that's life and we have to live it!
Lindz said…
oh my symphaty, your tribute to ehr is very inspiring.
That's an interesting piece of art and a great shadow!
A Wild Thing said…
Thank you Tracie for the wonderful tribute to a beautiful person that will be missed...and I love the quote at the end, it says it all, I'm going to borrow it for some of my artwork.

Your shadow, as well as the artwork is just find the best stuff...have a wonderful week old friend!

Ricepatty said…
Beautiful! Love the quote. I'll say it Happy Sunday :)
Patti said…
I agree with the others that your tribute to Bobbie is lovely, Tracy.
I love that you made a collage of some of her shadow shots. Like shadows, life is so fleeting.

May she rest in peace.
What a lovely tribute, Tracy! I didn't have any shadows today, but I'm so glad I dropped by to see yours (and to visit others). See you next time!
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Have a good one!
Victoria said…
Your friend and S.S. contributor Bobby sounds like a wonderful being. What a lovely tribute and beautiful quote, Tracy. xo
Hi Harriet

I am new to Shadow Shot Sunday and have added your button to my blog In One Place
Hope I have followed all the instructions properly!
I look forward to joining in :)

What a very nice tribute to Bobbie. Her work was wonderful. I love -love-love-your shadow shot!
Limarea said…
I'm so happy I made it to the gallery! :) Just posted my entry for this week on my blog. Very sorry about Bobbie. Never had the pleasure of knowing her, I'm sure she was lovely.
Such a nice tribute to a wonderful shadow shooter.
Your shadow shot this week is my favorite.
Kass said…
So sorry to hear about Bobbie.

Thank you for posting my shadow shot and for the happy privilege of joining in this lovely site.
Jazzbumpa said…
Bobbie, we hardly knew ye.

RIP, dear soul.

JzB said…
Tracy, I am so touched by your tribute to Bobbie. I too am missing her very much. It warms my heart to see your thoughtful post & the way you have included a collage of her lovely shadows as well.
Sorry I am late connecting to your SSS this week, due to a lack of an internet connection. I am so grateful I didn't miss your post. Thanks again Tracy!`
Anonymous said…
Oh, that's sad about Bobbie. Your tribute to her is lovely.
What a thoughtful tribute to Bobbie! Your shadow shot is very expressive in its half formed appearance. A good one to choose from the exhibit presented.
Chubby Chieque said…
I was shocked when I joined in here to here that Bobbie left us.

TY for posting all her post all these years were together as your participants.

Have a great week, Tracy.

Much hugs...
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! So very sorry for the loss of your friend and weekly contributor or SSS. Your own shadow this week is wonderful... it an image of the Buddha?! Happy Day ((HUGS))
urban muser said…
new to your blog. love the SSS idea and intend to participate next week. sorry to hear about Bobbie.
Unknown said…
Firstly, a very good subtle SSS. Secondly, so sad about reading the passing of Bobbie..we used to comment in each other's blog some time ago. Happy week ahead T.
Unknown said…
love the modern gallery shot!
Anonymous said…
I'm only now able to stop by and read this post dedicated to Bobbie. It's beautiful. I love that you put together her shadow shots. Lovely! I do miss her posts and comments.