Shadow Shot Sunday #176

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #176

Here's a shadow cast from my old Catwoman toy. I flipped it over to look at the year it was released and was surprised to discover it was 1991. That officially makes it vintage this year. Maybe I'll pop it on Ebay. I may score 5 bucks for it!

"White Russian, no ice, no vodka...hold the kahlua" - Catwoman

Happy Sunday!

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That is such a cool toy! How can you part with it? It don't think I could...
Thanks for including me in the gallery this week! Catwoman looks like she's ready for her next adventure!
BLOGitse said…
White Russian - should be milk too!
But I drink it with vodka and ice, no milk! :)
Catwoman is cool like you... Happy Sunday!
robin. said…
my youngest, 11 at the time, said something like to the bartendar at a wedding reception. "i'll have a scotch and water...hold the scotch!" out of the mouth's of babes!!
catwoman definitely made a splash in shadow world today!! happy sss tracy!!
Maggie said…
Beautiful collages of wonderful shadows.
How can you bear to part with catwoman??
Sylvia K said…
What a fun, colorful shadow shot for the day! I love it! Bet there are lots of memories there! Hope you have a great week, Tracy! Thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Anonymous said…
I love your shadow shot!! Thanks for putting me in the collage!
cool cat woman :) very nice shadows from last week too. have a great sunday :)
Kathe W. said…
I am wanting that toy! Very cool!
Tracy girl don't put it up for sale yet girl ! Who wouldn't want to grab that wonderful piece of nostalgia ?? I love it .. and I think it speaks of your quirky personality girl ! LOL
Love it...and the quote! Pretty soon the new catwoman will be on the screen....we don't know about you...but no one can replace ertha kitt....meowwwwing! Have a super sss!
DougVernX said…
Cat woman! What a wonderful model. I've posted a shadow shot this week.
Meowwww! Makes me think of Eartha Kitt -- she was so great. Nice shadow. Thank you for hosting this meme ~as always.
Sarah said…
That's great!
Cassie said…
Cute. Let us know what you get for it on eBay. It never ceases to amaze me what some collectables fetch! Have a great SSS.
Carola said…
This is so cool. Great colors. Fantastic shadow.
Gemma Wiseman said…
A Catwoman toy! Amazing little treasure you have and love the soft shadow circling it!

And thanks so much for including my little blue boatshed in your collage! As always, your collages are really beautiful!

Happy weekend!
Unknown said…
Love the Catwoman shadow shot, 1991 crikey that doesn't feel like it was that long ago, and now it will be classed as Vintage.
Aloysius said…
ooo that little toy is cool! I hope you make more than 5 bucks for it.
Elaine said…
Delightful toy and picture.
Sam said…
Aww! Look at her! Very sweet for some reason. Maybe because she's looking so earnest in her (ahem) car. That's pretty cool you collected cat girl stuff!

Hope you're well and having a terrific weekend Tracy! :0)
Catwoman is pretty cool Trace! Sorry it has been a while since I played along things have been hectic in my little world and the weather has been shocking, heres hoping summer is better than the beginning of spring down here in Sydney! Have a great week x Lee
LV said…
You might want to hold on a little longer to that Catwoman toy. I never saw one like it. I am sure it is worth more than $5.
Catwoman drinks cream, of course! Took me a minute. Hope you like my shadow shot this week; the shadows are very soft but they make the shot.
E Makes Art said…
Your photo of Catwoman makes me smile. Love it! And really? 1991 is considered vintage? wow. I graduated from high school in 1990... what does that make me? LOL!!

Lighthousegal said…
Love the little Catwoman car. So cute with it's tail in the back and all. Does the tail move back and forth?
Full-On-Forward said…
Superb!!!!!! And thanks for the Hand Shadow pic in the gallery!!!

Eileen said…
I love your photo. This is my first time of entering - thanks for organising it.
A Wild Thing said…
Boy we've been at this a long time huh...we're getting about as vintage as Cat Woman huh, as Autumn is starting to cast it's shadow on us, I'll be spending more time indoors and able to comment have a great weekend Tracy...foggy mornin' in Iowa today!
Spadoman said…
Sleek cat shadows for a sleek cat woman. Nice shot! Hope the Ebayers give you a bundle!

Eden said…
Such a pretty toy. Great shot.
urban muser said…
cool shot. love your catwoman quote :)
Thanks for including me in the gallery, there are some very beautiful shots this week, so feel honoured to be included.
Good shot. It is hard to beleive that 1991 is now vintage!
I think I would want to keep it - start a collection, may be!
Unknown said…
I love Halle as catwoman. She is certainly an interesting character and your photo is awesome!
Molly said…
Go Cat Woman Go! Love your shadow shot Tracy
MsRay said…
Have a shadow-ful Sunday everyone!
Anonymous said…
Great shadow, and fun memories!
FiveSibesMom said…
What a purrr-fect shadow shot! I'd hang onto that Catwoman for awhile longer...the are coming out with another Batman movie and who knows...?!

Bandit of our FiveSibes™ was captured gazing out of our front window by my daughter and is the inspiration for this week's Shadow Shot on my blog. Happy Sunday!
Neabear said…
A fun shot! I am with those that say to hang on to it for awhile.

Hey, Tracy! Is that Catwoman toy made out of plastic or glass? Cool shadow shot.

Take care,

Kathy M.
Square Peg Guy said…
Cat Woman is the cat's meow! Even when I was seven years old, I knew she was a hot babe. And then there was Diana Rigg in her all-leather outfit playing Mrs. Peel.

Anyway, great shot, and really good choices for the gallery!
colleen said…
Am I too late? Been drinking wine and photographing it. A sun sip of bliss.
darla said…
i'm with everyone else...why part with catwoman? keep her! too cool! i love all the photo's.
Very nice photo.

Regards and best wishes
Hahaha...MEowww...what a fun little photo! It's hard to believe that 1991 is vintage isn't it...crazy!

I love the toys you've featured above as well...very cute!
Unknown said…
Hello the DIV toy. Like Lisa said...1991 and it's vintage? I love that catwoman and I have batman miniature on my window sink...Danial collects them and when he's done, thay all end up on the window to keep my company. Happy week ahead T..hugs/M