Shadow Shot Sunday #180

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Shadow Gallery
A selection of some of the submissions from last Sunday

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #180

"Lights! Camera! Shadow Shot!" An odd looking light fitting, combined with the shadow looked a little like a weird bug creature to me. A dancing bug at that!

Happy Sunday!

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98. darla

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Looking at that looks like some kind of crazy beetle bug! Cool-io!
Sylvia K said…
I love your dancing bug! Isn't if fun and amazing where we can find shadows once we start looking? Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy! Enjoy!

Dorothy said…
Well, it DOES look like a dancing bug! This is my first time to post here, but I've enjoyed seeing my friend's Shadow Shots! It's an interesting challenge!
Carletta said…
A little robot bug maybe!
The vintage look of your image appeals to me.
Have a great weekend!
What a coincidence!! My shadows have to do with light fixtures too! Yours reminds me of what the one in our bedroom closet looks like-which is tragic, seeing as my husband is a lighting guy! LOL!
robin. said…
your "bug" light made me break into "wave your hands in the air like you don't care"
i love shadows...what an amazing amount of fun we have with them.
happy sss tracy.
Francisca said…
Well seen, Tracy! Your bug/fitting image has a appealing retro surreal look!
Cassie said…
That is an interesting, buglike shadow. Very cool. The ShadowShot Gallery is really nice this week too! Happy weekend, and thanks for hostessing this meme for us!!
Ms. Becky said…
this is an excellent shot! it took me a long time to discern it's makings, what it is, its purpose. I love when you look up. happy SSS Tracy, and thanks for hosting.
One hopes those hot lamps are not too close to the
ceiling! An interesting take on spotting a phantom
bug instead of a light fixture!
colleen said…
I know what it is but it looks like an alien creature with the shadows adding to its mystique.
Dianne said…
first thing I thought was bug, great minds :)
My name is Riet said…
THat is a lovely little shadow. GRreat shot,
Anonymous said…
Excellent shadow shot - I guess old-fashioned lightbulbs just wouldn't have been so interesting!!
That would be a really big bug :{ Is that in your house? Does it give you nightmares? Do I need to bring you a shade to cover it up? I think I might have something that would fit it :)
Sarah said…
Yes it is very life like isn't it? Little legs sticking out all over the place!
I want more shadows in your image! Never thought I'd say that to you. He's a cutie, but his other legs need more oomph. Have a great week, Tracy.
Catherine said…
interesting shadow shot for the day and great collages as usual - Greetings from the Riviera...
DougVernX said…
At first I thought your photo was a bug till I read the post. What an interesting light fixture. I've posted this week too.
Gemma Wiseman said…
The light fitting looks like some crazy cross breeding of a beetle and a spider! There is definitely some kind of generic evolution happening here! Terrific shot!

And thank you ever so much for taking time to do the collages! Delighted to see my cluttered street clock included!

Enjoy your weekend!
Sam said…
That light fitting looks like something out of Alien, doesn't it? I like the filter you've put over it too - very mysterious!

The collages are great! I love that there are always a couple of pussy cats in the mix!

Hope you're having a terrific weekend sweetie! XO
Unknown said…
I like the dancing bug! That's one very abstract light fitting.
Kay L. Davies said…
You're right, it does look like a bug! Wow.
I love your collages, even though they remind me how many blogs I missed the previous week. I especially love the last photo in the third one, the cat, by John McElveen. Wonderful.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
Alexa said…
More proof that it always pays to look up!
A Wild Thing said…
With all of our modern technology, can't we make a light bulb that isn't so alien shot though!

I was late with SSS this morning, my PC wouldn't let me sign in...ARGH...have a good one girl!
muchlove said…
At first glance I thought that WAS a bug!
forgetmenot said…
Is he doing the "jitterbug" perhaps? Great shadow shot. Mickie ;)
Beverley Baird said…
Great shot and shadow! I really had to look closely for that one!
Coloradolady said…
What an interesting photo. At first I thought it was a lawn sprinkler...don't ask...I have no idea!! A bug is much more fitting!! Guess I needed to put on my glasses. Have a wonderful weekend.
Unknown said…
that is so creative a shot. it indeed gives the impression of an insect. perfect lighting and the soft touch in the photography.

and thanks so much for liking and picking my contribution last week :)

My Third Eye
Anonymous said…
He,he, very funny - but only because its not a really bug ;-)
cool shadows! thanks for hosting :)
Eileen said…
Well seen! A clever picture.
Oh, thank you, Tracy, for including me in the gallery this week. I feel honoured!

That IS an odd little thingy for the lights in your shadow photo!
Anonymous said…
your shot definitely look like a bug to me too! lol :) I love the vintage look. xxo
Anonymous said…
LOL It does look like it's dancing!
Thanks for featuring Gaby. She is a lovable one!
Have a great week.
Sherrie said…
Great shadow. Have a great day!

Food for Thought
FiveSibesMom said…
Cool shot and very interesting. I love how shadows show up in everyday places!
Full-On-Forward said…

darla said…
i love seeing all the creativity! in yours, as well as all the other photo's. thanks for hosting!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Terrific shadow shot Tracy! Thanks for including one of my shadow shots last week.
Unknown said…
Its a good shot...but it a weird way too. I thought it was some bug or insect :)