Shadow Shot Sunday #177

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #177

A little sunlight streaming into my kitchen produced some sharp shadows. I use the word 'sharp' in this case due to those shadows been cast from knives!

Happy Sunday!

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That is a cool shot....would that consider you a SHARP SHOOTER then? Happy Shadow Shot Sunday Tracy!
Karla & Karrie
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
Your shadows of the knives might be sharp but my knives are sharp - always. :) One addiction of mine - sharp knives in the kitchen.
Is it summer already over there?
It was raining in Sydney when we skyped there this morning...
Have a relaxing Sunday!
Elizabeth said…
Looking pretty cool...........and dangerous!
Ralph said…
Happily, the knife handles are not as sharp as the blades. That would make them too dicey to handle (couldn't resist :). Sharp shadows, too
robin. said…
very sharp shadows tracy. i am a fan of red kitchen accessories. happy sss!!!!
GalleryJuana said…
That is a cool knife display!

The paper toys previous post was fun to read.
Hope you're doing well and enjoying the season (early summer?) on your side of the world.

I don't have an account on soopsee, but I heard in the etsy forums that it's been down.

Wishing you a good sunday.
Unknown said…
That's a nice set of knifes..mine are all stuck on my magnet board haha :)
Sarah said…
I was trying to work out what they were. Great sharp shadows!
Cassie said…
What an interesting (& colorful) knife display. Never saw one like it before! Interesting shadows. Happy SSS.
Sylvia K said…
What a great shadow shot and so colorful, Tracy! I love it! Hope your weekend is going well! Thanks as always for the weekend fun!!

Anonymous said…
Excellent shadow shot - and I love your knives!
Great shot of shadows. Love the bright orange colour.
DougVernX said…
The softened shadows really add to the compostition of your art. Thanks for sharing. I've added my post.
Martin Lower said…
Been away for a while. Here's one I took on my travels......
Leovi said…
Great, great play of light and shadow, I also love the game of lines and shapes.
Maude Lynn said…
What a cool shot!
Catherine said…
you have got a really funky kitchen by the looks of things - what a cool orange shade- plus the collages are beautifully colour coordinated this week too - Greetings from the Riviera...
Linda said…
Great shadow photo.
Molly said…
Vibrant red. gorgeous shadows
Kathe W. said…
cutting edge shadows.........
Gemma Wiseman said…
This looks like a bright corner of the kitchen in any weather! Lovely angle with just part of the knives visible!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Red! Sunshine! Shadows! All good. Also loved the toy a day post below. Cool beans!
VaishVijay said…
I love that bright orange and the shadows!
Sam said…
Very attractive set of knives you have there! That tells me you like to cook. You could even be a serious cook! My boyfriend loves to cook and he doesn't have such a serious set of kitchen knives - although I think he would possibly like to.

Hope you're well and enjoying your weekend! :0)
Chubskulit Rose said…
Thanks for featuring one of my shadow shot Tracy, have a happy weekend!
Square Peg Guy said…
I'm glad you wrote that they're knives. I couldn't figure out what that was a shot of!

Have a great week!
Dianne said…
love the composition!

the knives are beautiful
bj said…
Great shadows...
I am afraid you have to look really hard for my shadow...but I promise to do better next time. :))
ox bj
MyMaracas said…
Nice! love the color and the close-up of just the detail. It almost looks abstract.
I would never have guessed those were knives!
Where did you find them...I like the composition.
Full-On-Forward said…

And what an excellent Play on words!
5 Stars!

Thanks for including me last week, and as always - thanks for hosting such an awesome event! The participation EXPOSES ar ar us to so many new people and shots!

Have a great Week,

Yep shadows definitely appear in the strangest places huh! Great shot! Hope you are having a lovely weekend, thanks for including "Miss Maddie" in the collage this week, sill have to tell mum her dog is now famous!!!
Very good and nice composition.

Regards and best wishes
Mousy Brown said…
I wasn't going to join in today as I had already posted a lot of lovely shadows earlier this week but this one was left out and I love that view on an Autumns day - thought you might too! :D
Eden said…
Fantastic shadow shot. Love the colour.
Tracy girl I forgot to "link" up with you ! haha .. I love your choice of colour for your cutlery!!
orange is my favourite colour (although pale yellow is my favourite paint for rooms ? LOL)
Great little slice of wit girl !
Joy : )
Holy SMOKES ! I didn't even see my picture in your collage ! Now I really better get new glasses ?LOL
Or is my brain getting too "dull"
wink wink .. we all know dull things can't cut the mustard ? hehehe
DawnTreader said…
Ha. I had kitchen things in my shot for today as well. :)
Spadoman said…
I love the shadows on the wall. They look like soldiers standing at attention. I also love the design of the cutlery. Colorful, contemporary... very nice!

Unknown said…
I wasn't sure if my comment went through. I liked the first commenters play on words and really like your shot with the bright orange and shadows.
FiveSibesMom said…
Very cool pic!

Thanks again for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday! It's so much fun. The Sibes & sun was my inspiration for this week's shot.

Happy Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Nice shadows!
Very cool knife set, love the color.
Life Mix said…
if you did not mentioned that it's the knives, i would have thought it glasses in in a fancy restaurant. Thanks for hosting SSS
RNSANE said…
It seems there are always shadows waiting to be found - or created. Yours are interesting!
E Makes Art said…
Hee hee, you crack me up... and love the Summer Kitchen Girls comment too! Great shadow shot, and very cool knife set. I have an aunt who LOVES orange and red, so she would probably kill for those knives, lol!

LV said…
I am so glad BJ encouraged me to participate in your blog. I love it and find some of the shadows most interesting.
hi, My first time to SSS. Your features are great and your photo is so clever. Its really art! Thanks for hosting.

The French Hutch
What a pretty knife set! Love the shape and the color...and the shadows too!!
Anonymous said…
those are some really cool knives! good composition...
Kero said…
great to be back here!

My entry for this week, let me take you to one of France's formal gardens - The Versailles

visit here
Anonymous said…
I loved it! I'll maybe stop by sometimes! :)

Tiago Couto