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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #178

An early morning coffee shadow. The last couple of days have been a little difficult to catch shadows due to cloudy and stormy weather so I've had to reuse this pic that I posted to twitter earlier in the week. I seem to twitpic a lot of coffee and food. As one does on twitter. Just for fun I've compiled a collage of some of the coffee pics I've tweeted. These being ones I've taken at cafes where I've really enjoyed the coffee and can wholeheartedly recommend...

1. Next Door, Paddington 2. Desmond & Molly Jones, Woolloongabba 3. Groove Cafe, Annerley 4. The Brown Dog, Woolloongabba 5. Blackstar, West End 6. The Stove, West End 7. The Joynt, South Brisbane 8. Paladar Cafe, South Brisbane 9. Lady Marmalade, Stones Corner

According to my findings (which has involved copious amounts of dedicated coffee consumption) the best coffee in Brisbane can be found south of the river. There may be places in north Brisbane serving awesome coffee as well, but sadly I've just not stumbled upon them. I will happily continue searching though!

Happy Sunday!

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BLOGitse said…
I wouldn't wake up without coffee!
I like black, espresso type of coffee, with sugar, no milk or cream - but I like how they create those patterns.
Happy Sunday!
Ralph said…
Each and every luscious cup of coffee as presented here would be the finest wake up ever, the caffeinated beverage just the thing to jump start for the day. Tasty!
Sylvia K said…
I'm definitely ready for my cup now!! Great shots for the day! Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy!

Now I want some coffee-like that!! Coll collage!
I wanted to comment on your double exposures, but didn't see a way to do that-those are really neat. Especially the first one. I love using the multiple exposure on my camera. Makes for interesting results!
robin. said…
did someone say coffee? what an impressive collection of java delight. nothing better than a coffee shadow!! love it!
Patti said…
All of these cups of coffee look delicious!

I'm guessing you like a nice cup of cappuccino, as do I!

Thanks for hosting, Tracy. I'm happy to be back after missing two weeks.
I see a fondness for swirly coffee art. Come to Seattle, the mother ship, for good coffee!
Beverley Baird said…
Love your collage of coffees! Great research!
Great shadow as well!
Cassie said…
YUm! I don't tweet...Grunt, groan maybe, but no tweeting from me!! Happy SSS.
Hootin' Anni said…
Not a coffee drinker!! Just give me a glass of o j and that'll start off my day just fine. :o)

THE RAVEN-and its shadow
Dina said…
Judging by the mug's shadow, you start your day early. The best time.
Wishing you some sunshine.
Tracy girl you are making me crazy for some of that fantastic looking coffee ! One day I will try to send you a Tim Horten's coffee .. then you will know the best coffee in Canada ! LOL
PS .. you surely have tweeted a lot of coffee .. how about other drinks ? wink wink
elizabeth said…
The coffee shots are a delight.
How I love the swirls in them.
Sadly, I only like tea which isn't so picturesque!
Catherine said…
love all those swirly patterns on the top of the coffees and the big shadow from the mug...Greetings from the Riviera...
Rinkly Rimes said…
I slipped a shadow into my holiday account! And I love coffee but it has to be decaf I'm afraid.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Coffee is always on my list as the first necessity of the day! Love the mug and shadow! Tempting perspective! And your collage of coffees is terrific! Our weather has been a mix of winter greys and delightful sunshine! It depends on the time of the day!
Enjoy your weekend!
Kay L. Davies said…
I didn't comment earlier, Tracy, because I had to go out for a fancy coffee. I had a white-chocolate latté. Mmm.
Blame your brilliant collage of coffees.
I just discovered, via Denise Nesbitt, the originator of ABC Wednesday, a new meme called Coffee Klatch Friday. A day late (it's Saturday here), but pretty good timing anyway.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
teresa said…
Great photos. amazing how the same exact thing can look so different.
Sarah said…
I like the coffee collage. If I ever visit Brisbane I will bring your list of cafes!
Eden said…
Coffee makes my day: Love your collage of coffees. Beautiful photos.
Unknown said…
I'm starting to think you have way to much time on your hands! :-) My girlfriend, for a time there posted a coffee shot everyday on her FB page. I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love the art on top of each one. Have a great Sunday Tracy.
Sam said…
Yes, I saw that you guys were having some stormy times up there - I thinnk we got the coat tails of it yesterday. Beautiful day today though!

And look at you! You are a coffee hound! I can't remember the last time I had a coffee out - I always have it in because it's a pretty mad scene here coffee wise! Coffee shops here are full of young professionals being "cool" and talking too loudly! I'm a total nana and have it at home in my PJs!

I total approve of your shadow shot though - if it weren't for coffee I don't know what I'd do! Have a lovely week up there Tracy! XO
Angie said…
Way to go!!! Hot here today 35.
LV said…
I am a big coffee lover and drinker. However, I try not to drink as much due to blood pressure issues. I love plain or flavored. Your cup makes a nice shadow. I do not have mine down long enough for that.
lotusleaf said…
Coffee is something that has universl appeal! Your shots are invigorating, like coffee!
Elaine said…
I need some coffee after seeing this inviting cup of java
Unknown said…
Yumm, coffee. Love the pics, nothing like an early morning cup of Java.
Gypsy Lala said…
Yummy coffee, lovely photos. My shadow shot is here:

Anonymous said…
I have never tasted coffees like yours, but they looks yummy :)
Spadoman said…
Your shadow shot is great! I love the coffee collage too! Coffee looks the same from where you are to where I am, half a world apart, but the names of the coffee shops sure are different. I'll have to do a comparison some day. Cool!

Lighthousegal said…
Love the coffee shadow, the cup is so tall.
All those coffee pictures look so yummy, but I have never been able to find a coffee that I like. I have tried the flavored ones, hot, cold, with creams, chocolates and toppings but still can not drink them. I guess i am just not a coffee drinker. which is odd because my parents were big coffee drinkers. They drank coffee all the time, at different times of the day and year round. I don't even like the smell of it. to each their own I suppose. They are pretty though.
Love plain coffee-none of the fancy doctored up stuff, though it does look appetizing. Good shots,not sure I could even find my camera early in the morning!
DougVernX said…
I love the artistry involved in latte. Great shot of your coffee cup. Thanks for featuring my photo from last week!
Victoria said…
Fabulous coffee shadow..yummy too..beautiful!Gorgeous shadow shot gallery from everyone as always! awesomeness!!
Happy SSS
Full-On-Forward said…
Now that's a SHOT to wake up to!!!! By the way---the Double Exposures were exquisite and quite the success!!!!

Chrisy said…
Some fab shadow the first three in the first collage...and your coffee 'research' what a difficult assignment for you...not! Have to agree re south of the river stuff...
Square Peg Guy said…
Ahhh, coffee! Great shot of a Beautiful Subject!
Life Mix said…
These coffee pictures looks amazing, and very creative to enjoy your coffee. I'm impressed!
Alexa said…
Great shots, Tracy! Good luck with your tough research assignment. :~}
colleen said…
It's fifteen minutes till Monday. Am I too late. I really like my shadow shot this week. Yours here goes well with the tea party I went to today.
darla said…
i really like the coffee cup shots!
Haha...nice shot! And I love the Twitter pic collage :)

Did you hear the news about the world running out of coffee in...I think the next 10 years? Hard to imagine a world without coffee. Somehow I don't see that happening. Could get much more expensive tho :(
picciolo said…
mmm, I'm loving all those coffees! Hope you are well
: )