All fired up!

I’ve been having fun creating a range of ceramic pieces for upcoming markets. Colourful little spoons for scooping dried herbs, spices, loose leaf teas, coffee grounds etc… 

Soap dishes, salt dishes and other small dishes with nice subtle speckled glazes. The bar of soap displayed in the photo is from an amazing local soap maker called The LittleShipping Co and they are the most beautiful soaps I’ve ever used! All natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. Gotta love that!

And more soap dishes and tea bag strainer spoons about to have additional coats of a lovely milky chai gloss glaze applied to them before their next firing. Being a member of the Macleay Island Arts Complex includes access to their very well equipped pottery studio and large kilns which I’m very grateful for. Local community arts organisations / groups are such great things to be involved in!