Tin Shack Bee Hotels

Wildlife habitat for the garden! Tin shack tiny homes for native bees and other beneficial insects! A great way to recycle tin cans, and spruced up with a little paint can turn them into cute and colourful little bug abodes! These won’t attract the European honey bees but will provide habitat for various types of solitary native bees such as leaf-cutter bees and resin bees.  

Simple to make for anyone keen and the materials are likely available for free. Most people growing bamboo are happy for folk to harvest some as it grows so abundantly. For some of the hangers I’ve cut up old wire coat hangers and for others I’ve used old phone charger cables. 

This larger reclaimed wood framed model bee hotel I recently made for the front garden. No inhabitants yet in this one but it’s still early days. Build it and they will come!