Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #6

Shadow Shot Sunday! I’ve compiled two Shadow Gallery collages this week. Yes! Two! I’ve gone collage crazy! These were created using SSS photos that participants had posted over the last couple of weeks. Thanks again gang for participating. I’m lovin’ all the shadow shots! If you’ve not participated and you would like to, it’s easy. Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog, add your link to Mr Linky and visit other players. And have fun! Happy Sunday!

Shadow Gallery - Good Day Sunshine

The Shooters
1. GreyscaleTerritory 2. RosebudCollection 3. AboutNewYork 4. HeyHarriet 5. LaVieEstBelle 6. BubbleBabble 7. Lisa'sRetroStyle 8. AnnetteHanigan 9. HouseInMarrakesh

Shadow Gallery - Foundations of Geometry

The Shooters
1. AnnetteHanigan 2. RosebudCollection 3. BubbleBabbles 4. Gingerbread 5. HighDesertDiva 6. AboutNewYork 7. Charlie&Grace 8. HouseInMarrakesh 9. AboutNewYork

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #6

"I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, and what can be the use of him is more than I can see" - Robert Stevenson

I was hoping to see pelicans on my trip to the seaside during the week. Sadly not a pelican in sight. I stalked some seagulls instead. I snapped a flock of seagulls. And I ran, I ran so far away (oh stop cringing, think yourself lucky that you can't hear me singing it). So I’ve posted another seagull photo here. It’s not a shadow shot but I thought he was sweet. Or she was sweet. Whatever. The sweet seagull of non-specific gender.

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Lisa's RetroStyle
2. Rosebud Collection
3. Bubble Babble
4. M.Kate
5. Elizabeth
6. Gemma
7. Annette
8. Gina
9. Elizabeth
10. High Desert Diva
11. Martina
12. Michelle Pendergrass
13. Charlie and Grace
14. Xue-Originals

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #5

Shadow Shot Sunday! Again, a huge thanks to those who have played along! You guys rock! I mentioned last week my plans to compile & post a Shadow Gallery collage every few weeks. Well I couldn’t wait & had to post one again this week! I included one photo from each of the participants from last week & I just love the way it turned out. All the photos look so good together! A few participants have posted more than one SSS photo at a time, which is really great. So please feel free to post as many as you wish as I save them all & all will be included in collages at some stage. Also I realise with the time zone difference it may be a little confusing. I post early Sunday morning Australian time, which means it will still be Saturday for those on the other side of the world. It really doesn’t matter when you post your SSS photo. Ideally, your Sunday would be best, but it can be my Sunday, or a Sunday belonging to some mythical country where Sunday occurs at a time most convenient to you. Whatever suits you is ok. All I do ask is for participants to please visit each other’s blogs. So after you’ve added your link to Mr Linky, if you could find the time to check back again later to see if any others have added links & go check them out, that would be awesome. AND, if you kindly leave a nice little comment on each other’s blogs that would be even more awesome! This is by no means a rule by the way. I don’t like rules. It was simply my hope that by opening SSS to anyone to join in, that people would have some fun with it & maybe discover & make some connections with other like-minded bloggers. It’s all about building on that sense of community in bloggyland, and you’ve gotta be spreadin’ the lovin’ for a little community to thrive. And as far as I can make out, SSS participants have been checking in on each other & we’re already a happy shooting shadow of love. So if you’d like to play you’re more than welcome to join our little love-fest. Anyways, enough of the touchy feely stuff. If you’d like to participate, shoot some shadows, post them to your blog, and add your link to Mr Linky. Don’t lurk in shadows. Shoot them! Hope everybody loves the Shadow Gallery collage as much as I do! Happy Sunday!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters
1. BubbleBabble 2. LaVieEstBelle 3. HeyHarriet 4. HighDesertDiva 5. AboutNewYork 6. RosebudCollection 7. HouseInMarrakesh 8. Lisa'sRetroStyle 9. GreyscaleTerritory

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #5

"The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope" - Frank Lloyd Wright

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. M.Kate
2. Lisa's RetroStyle
3. Bubble Babble
4. Charlie and Grace
5. Gina
6. Annette
7. ctmott
8. High Desert Diva
9. Gemma
10. Elizabeth

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forgotten Flora

A little while ago a friend from overseas asked me if I’d take photos of some native Australian flora & post them on my blog. That ‘little while ago’ request was actually made back in February. Oooops. Finally took some pics this week. There’s over 20,000 different types of native plants in Australia & the following three are very common around my area.

Golden Wattle (Floral Emblem of Australia)

Crimson Bottle Brush

Banksia (with partly visible ladybug)

This was to be my tag post. But I chickened out. As is usual with me & tags. I’m really not very good at them. I would like to at least follow through on part of the tag, and that being to link back to my tagger, Sandra of Bubble Babble. Sandra’s blog is one that I regularly visit because I always enjoy her well written, poignant and often thought provoking posts. Thanks Sandra! I did go so far as answering all of the tag questions, so Sandra if you are interested in reading them I’d be happy to send them your way. Seeing as you tagged me. And seeing as I’ve written them. And saved them. Just in case. So let me know. They’ll make great bed-time reading if you’re the type to have difficulty getting to sleep. They’ll work a treat!

I wanted to share this photo I found on Flickr recently because it blew me away when I saw it.

Casablanca © Marco Pece

Marco creates magical lego compositions, quite often of movie scenes & famous artworks and then artfully photographs them. If you’ve seen the film Casablanca you will no doubt recognise this scene. If you’ve not seen Casablanca, then may you enjoy this photo simply for the masterpiece it is. Thanks to Marco for granting me permission to post this photo on my blog. I’ve seen quite a lot of clever & amusing lego art photos in cyberland but Marco takes it to another level entirely. To view more from the amazing Marco visit his Flickr photostream, udronotto. Also, if you’ve not seen the film Casablanca you really really should.

Rick - And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.
Captain Renault - That is my least vulnerable spot.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #4

Shadow Shot Sunday! Thanks again to the shooters for playing along! The photo collage below was compiled with SSS images posted to blogs previous weeks by participants. I'd like to create and post a 'Shadow Gallery' collage every few weeks or so, all depending on how many people participate as to the frequency of the collages. If you play along and you'd rather I not save (umm...steal) your photo to include in a collage that's totally fine. No problems at all, and if you could just let me know via the comments box on the Sunday you post your photo that would be great. So play along and once you've uploaded your SSS photo to your blog submit your link to Mr Linky. The Mr Linky widget remains here until the following Sunday & then moves to the Shadow Shot Sunday #5 post to start again. Before removing the widget, the links submitted will be automatically exported from Mr Linky to this post as permanent links. As they were with the previous SSS post. Happy Sunday!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters
1. LaVieEstBelle 2. HeyHarriet 3. Fog&Thistle 4. LaVieEstBelle 5. RosebudCollection 6. Lisa'sRetroStyle 7. HighDesertDiva 8. RosebudCollection 9. HeyHarriet 10. HighDesertDiva 11. Lisa'sRetroStyle 12. LaVieEstBelle 13. BubbleBabble 14. HighDesertDiva 15. HeyHarriet 16. RosebudCollection

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #4

This cute little dog belongs to a friend. He's called Noddy. The dog. Not the friend. The friend may or may not be called Big Ears.

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. M.Kate
2. Bubble Babble
3. Elizabeth Schmid
4. Elizabeth
5. ctmott
6. Lisa's RetroStyle
7. High Desert Diva
8. Gemma

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Anonymous Angel

I entered a giveaway recently on the Life Adorned blog. The giveaway was for a pack of cool Support Independent Artisans buttons. I didn’t win. Yet I did win! Confused? Well, the winner chose to share her prize & organised to have a button sent to each of the entrants & covered the associated postage costs to do this. How cool is that!?! The Anonymous Angel (who shall remain anonymous but I will reveal that she is a registered buyer on Etsy) is very humble & doesn’t believe what she did is a big deal. I think otherwise. It was such a sweet & thoughtful thing to do & so it was a big deal to me. Her kindness is very much appreciated. Also the Anonymous Angel being an Etsy buyer, is a true living testament to the very statement on those buttons!

So thanks Anonymous Angel & thanks to Life Adorned for having the giveaway in the first place. Check out the Life Adorned Blog for regular giveaways, artisan features & other fun things. Also swing by the Life Adorned Shop for an awesome variety of sweet hand crafted goodies!

I’m currently featured in this Treasury (ends early tomorrow morning) Woohoo! Thanks to ccvalenzo for including my Fern Photogram ACEO (now sold, yay!) amongst such a nice collection of ferny finds. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do those nifty screenshots so I’ve no picture of the Treasury to share. Thanks to my friend, the ever helpful, sweet-as-can-be Charmaine for trying to help me figure it out though. Sorry I’m such a bumbling idiot! Oh & exciting news! Charmaine has just opened her brand spankin' new Etsy shop called High Desert Supplies. The shop offers a range of both vintage & new supplies focussing on assemblage art. Some of the newly listed items look like fun to play with. Super swanky! Makes me want to try my hand at assemblage art!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #3

A super end to the week came via a lovely parcel sent to me by my very good blogging buddy M.Kate of the beautiful La Vie Est Belle blog. The package was so sweetly wrapped it was just like Christmas opening it up! The parcel contained a delightful mouse pad & silk purse from Thailand, a nifty beaded bookmark from Malaysia & a gorgeous soft & cuddly pashmina scarf from Cambodia. These were gifts M.Kate had picked up on her travels & I’m so lucky to have been given them. M.Kate, you’re the best! Thank you my friend. xo

Here’s a little peek at my goodies…

Shadow Shot Sunday! Thanks to those who have played along so far. I’ve enjoyed looking at your shadow shots. Keep playing! Anyone else wishing to participate please do so. The more the merrier! Click here for the info & the inspiration behind Shadow Shot Sunday. I’ve added a Mr Linky gadget to the bottom of the post, so if you play along you’ll now be able to submit your link once you’ve posted your Shadow Shot Sunday photo on your blog. The Mr Linky widget remains on this post until the following Sunday post & then it starts over again with Shadow Shot Sunday #4. You can disregard the ‘leave a comment after submitting your link’ bit if you’d rather. That’s the standard text that comes with the gadget & I can’t change the wording. I certainly do love receiving comments & appreciate each & every one, but I don’t want people to feel obligated to leave them.

Here’s my Shadow Shot Sunday #3

“A shadow, the emblem of all that is fleeting and momentary, may be fettered by the spells of our natural magic, and may be fixed forever in the position which it seemed only destined for a single instant to occupy” – Henry Fox Talbot

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. Bubble Babble
3. Rosebud Collection
4. High Desert Diva
5. Lisa's RetroStyle
6. Fog and Thistle

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the Darkroom...

I’ve been creating photograms lately. I’ll attempt to explain as best I can what photograms are for those who don’t know & may be interested. If a long-winded description about the process doesn’t appeal to you just scroll down to look at the pretty pictures ☺ Photograms are a form of photography in that they use sensitised photographic paper, a light source (lamp or sunlight) & conventional photographic developing chemicals. The difference between Photograms & Photographs is that no camera or film is used to create photograms. It’s camera-less photography! Images can be captured by placing objects (botanical specimens being most widely used) directly onto the sensitised photo paper, exposing them to light & then developing in the conventional manner. More abstract images can be produced without the need for objects, simply by experimenting with light sources/exposure times and painting with the developing chemicals directly onto the sensitised paper. This is followed with the remaining steps of the print-developing process. It’s a little like painting with invisible ink as the final image isn’t revealed until the paper is developed, therefore the final result always has some element of surprise. Photograms can be fun to make because they’re part mad scientist, part child-like messing about, and part attempting to find ways to get more precise control of the process of layering photogram images & chemical painting. The first documented photograms were by Henry Fox Talbot dating back to the 1830s and are hailed as the invention and foundation of photography. Many artists and photographers have experimented with photograms over the years. Possibly the most famously made were by Dada/Surrealist artist Man Ray during the 1920s. Rayographs being the clever term coined by Man Ray for his photograms.

I’m planning on offering some of my photograms as ACEOs & listing them in my shop as soon as they're mounted & photographed. Photographing them is proving to be very tricky. Grrr! All of my photograms are black & white with some having nice soft sepia tones. Here are two that I’ve attached to black mountboard (cut to 2.5 x 3.5 inches as per ACEO size) & I’ve trimmed the photograms slightly smaller so as to give them a slim black border once attached to the mountboard. The first photogram shown is one of my botanical ones & the second is one of my experimental abstract style ones.

I started experimenting with photograms a few years ago & really enjoy making them. However, what I don’t enjoy are the horrid headaches that I usually end up with caused by the fumes from the developing chemicals. Very annoying. Sigh...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #2

Today is the first day of winter here in Australia. Aaaaarrrgh! I'm over it already. I was over it about three weeks ago before it had officially even started. Roll around spring! This clever winter inspired drawing by Alicia Sometimes did at least alleviate the winter blues briefly and put a smile on my face.

Alicia Sometimes is a writer, poet and musician from Melbourne. Also a doodler as I recently discovered. And a funny one at that!

Shadow Shot Sunday! If you don't know what Shadow Shot Sunday is, and you'd like to find out and you'd like to participate, then just scroll down a couple of posts. Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #2

"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance" - Carl Sandburg