Shadow Shot Sunday #4

Shadow Shot Sunday! Thanks again to the shooters for playing along! The photo collage below was compiled with SSS images posted to blogs previous weeks by participants. I'd like to create and post a 'Shadow Gallery' collage every few weeks or so, all depending on how many people participate as to the frequency of the collages. If you play along and you'd rather I not save (umm...steal) your photo to include in a collage that's totally fine. No problems at all, and if you could just let me know via the comments box on the Sunday you post your photo that would be great. So play along and once you've uploaded your SSS photo to your blog submit your link to Mr Linky. The Mr Linky widget remains here until the following Sunday & then moves to the Shadow Shot Sunday #5 post to start again. Before removing the widget, the links submitted will be automatically exported from Mr Linky to this post as permanent links. As they were with the previous SSS post. Happy Sunday!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters
1. LaVieEstBelle 2. HeyHarriet 3. Fog&Thistle 4. LaVieEstBelle 5. RosebudCollection 6. Lisa'sRetroStyle 7. HighDesertDiva 8. RosebudCollection 9. HeyHarriet 10. HighDesertDiva 11. Lisa'sRetroStyle 12. LaVieEstBelle 13. BubbleBabble 14. HighDesertDiva 15. HeyHarriet 16. RosebudCollection

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #4

This cute little dog belongs to a friend. He's called Noddy. The dog. Not the friend. The friend may or may not be called Big Ears.

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. M.Kate
2. Bubble Babble
3. Elizabeth Schmid
4. Elizabeth
5. ctmott
6. Lisa's RetroStyle
7. High Desert Diva
8. Gemma

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SandraRee said…
I love the photo collage!

I tried getting a couple of shadow shots with my pets but they wouldn't stand still long enough, they're always so excited when you pay attention to them. lol Noddy did a good job, great photo! :)
Unknown said…
The collage is great!!! Noddy? Sooo...cute, remind me the cartoon Noddy, my son used to love that song, played it day in and out..almost drove me nuts!! Hey! I wanted the bunnies to pose for me, but they are not so obedient as Noddy, I wonder if there are obedient school for bunnies. Love the shadow against the rustic floor. I'll try my luck with the bunnies next week :D

Happy weekend.
Elizabeth said…
Loved the shadow shots!
Tomorrow I will post some on both
they are wonderful.
Happy weekend
littlebird said…
this looks like fun, i must try to join in on Sunday : )
Elizabeth said…
I can't work out how to do Mr. Linky's - should be easy but I'm too cyber-challenged.
What a great job you did..I did my shot for tomorrow..Have a Happy Shadow Shot Sunday...
Anonymous said…
I love the shawdow shots. I wish i knew how to use a camera!

Enjoying the view...
Victoria said…
Great shadows, and what a cutie Noddy is!
The collage is so great!!! I feel like a real artiste now!!! Thanks for doing that for us! I love that dog shot!!!! Too funny! I just sat down to do my post for know I'm still doing Saturday here. I've just finished my "gardening" for the weekend. I'll have my SSS up in the morning and I'll linky myself then. Thanks!!!!
I changed my mind...I put it up tonight!
*waves to Noddy*

Love the collage. Great idea.

Mine will be up tomorrow. (says the woman from the other side of the world)
K.C. said…
Great pose from your little friend, there. I also loved the way you put all the other shots together in the collage. It was nice seeing all of the as one. It was inspiring, to say the least... Kayce
4:21 am
coffee in hand
shadow on blog post
Hey Harriet said…
Hey Diva

Love your comment! It's only one syllable short of being a haiku. I'll just pretend there's an extra 'yo' in there. Yo-Yo! :)
LazyTcrochet said…
That's great! The shadow looks like a shadow puppet.
Yeah....a haiku!
exactly what I was thinking pre-coffee

DJ said…
How clever, love your little dog!
Angie said…
Oh, I love these photos! I have a fascination with shadows in photos and these are great!
XUE said…
great shots here, nice collage! hope to join yr shadow group one day!
Anonymous said…
Very cool! I remember 'playing' with my shadow when I was a child. It always intrigued me that my would change length at different times of the day.
Unknown said…
Hey T, I wonder what Diva's doing up at 4.00am ?? Blogging?? and yep...I gobled up all zeee food before I could even dish out the camera !!! hahahahaha....
Gemma Wiseman said…
Shadows absolutely fascinate me, so ,my posting is filled with shadows.

Adore the dog pic.

I too am from Oz - Melbourne!

Great to find an Aussie prompt!
picciolo said…
oh I missed it again! The collage looks great
: )
Sarah McBride said…
what a great collage of all those shadows! I love the dog and his shadow as well!! Cant wait to see more!
Unknown said…
hey harriet :) no tags for you, just AWARD time only, and hopefully more will join the SSS
Ali said…
Hey Harriet!
I love the shadow collage - great images!
And your Noddy shadow pic is great - love the composition and colour - lovely simplicity!
bunbun said…
Love the collage! Great job everybody!!!!! And I love your dog shadow shot! Looks like it is from a magazine about dogs!
AlasMyDear said…
Noddy's one cute chappie! and i love the angle on your captured him perfectly!