Shadow Shot Sunday #6

Shadow Shot Sunday! I’ve compiled two Shadow Gallery collages this week. Yes! Two! I’ve gone collage crazy! These were created using SSS photos that participants had posted over the last couple of weeks. Thanks again gang for participating. I’m lovin’ all the shadow shots! If you’ve not participated and you would like to, it’s easy. Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog, add your link to Mr Linky and visit other players. And have fun! Happy Sunday!

Shadow Gallery - Good Day Sunshine

The Shooters
1. GreyscaleTerritory 2. RosebudCollection 3. AboutNewYork 4. HeyHarriet 5. LaVieEstBelle 6. BubbleBabble 7. Lisa'sRetroStyle 8. AnnetteHanigan 9. HouseInMarrakesh

Shadow Gallery - Foundations of Geometry

The Shooters
1. AnnetteHanigan 2. RosebudCollection 3. BubbleBabbles 4. Gingerbread 5. HighDesertDiva 6. AboutNewYork 7. Charlie&Grace 8. HouseInMarrakesh 9. AboutNewYork

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #6

"I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, and what can be the use of him is more than I can see" - Robert Stevenson

I was hoping to see pelicans on my trip to the seaside during the week. Sadly not a pelican in sight. I stalked some seagulls instead. I snapped a flock of seagulls. And I ran, I ran so far away (oh stop cringing, think yourself lucky that you can't hear me singing it). So I’ve posted another seagull photo here. It’s not a shadow shot but I thought he was sweet. Or she was sweet. Whatever. The sweet seagull of non-specific gender.

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Lisa's RetroStyle
2. Rosebud Collection
3. Bubble Babble
4. M.Kate
5. Elizabeth
6. Gemma
7. Annette
8. Gina
9. Elizabeth
10. High Desert Diva
11. Martina
12. Michelle Pendergrass
13. Charlie and Grace
14. Xue-Originals

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Unknown said…
Very nice work! Seagull reflection and shadow at the same time!

Beautiful :)
SandraRee said…
The Shadow Gallery collages are looking fantastic!

Your shadow shot at the beach makes me so envious, that you live close enough to go to the beach and walk with the seagulls! *sigh* Love the little red legs on the first picture, walking along the shore line...*sigh* And the second photo is stunning! Really Harriet, that is a good shot!
Elizabeth said…
Love your seagulls!
So beautifully seen - though in real life they rather scare me!
I'm very flattered to feature in your super collages.
Yes, have to rush out and find some shadows soonest.
Lucky it's sunny today.......
Hey Harriet said…
I wasn't exactly 'walking' with the seagull. Those little red legs move surprisingly fast. I was jogging along trying to keep up. I wanted him/her to stand still for the photo, but oh no! Super speedy seagull insisted on an 'action' shot ;D
XUE said…
Hey T ! hv you seen really big seagulls with 1-m wingspan? and when it's windy, they are flying but remain still in that same spot, over yr head - now that's scary!
SandraRee said…
Oh I know they move fast! lol Too bad someone didn't snap a picture of you trying to snap that picture!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love your collages Harriet! Excellent work!

Strange, we were both by the sea for our shadow shots this week!

Love your images!
Gemma Wiseman said…
I just remembered your comment about trying to capture pelicans. A pelican image is on my blog just before this shadow posting! We must be on the same wavelength!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful singing, not cringing, lol!! A great shadow shot and reflection at the same time. And that second shot of the seagull in the sand is so sweet, not at all like the squarking things you see trying to get your fish and chips!! Love the photo collages, i would love to know how to do these,so effective. I have posted my SSS off to like - thanks :0)
Have to say your seagulls look much better than ours. I've never seen any with red legs/feet before. And those feathers are so white! Very nice. Loved the shadow/reflection shot.

Like the way you've got the past shots divided into two different collages, too.

Yeah...pretty much like it all...even your singing....
Bec said…
What beautiful shadow galleries. Love your latest shot too! I actually saw some beautiful shadows on our bedroom window blind yesterday, but the battery in my camera was flat. Today it is charged, and if that shadow appears I will finally do my first SSS. Here's hoping the sun stays out today :)
lovely shadow collages! i really must get involved in this :-)

we have loads of pelicans in perth, they sit on top of the light poles on the freeway near the city!
jodie said…
So many gorgeous shadow pics. I think my favourite is the washing basket. I also love the picket fence.
Anonymous said…
Oh, so cute! I love your seagull shot. I have one of pigeon in the same position.

What lovely images - thank you for sharing them with us!
A Wild Thing said…
You have opened my eyes wide this Sunday morn...I am gonna go on a shadow hunt and see with different eyes...THANKS

Just found Shadow Shot Sunday! I love photo challenges. I added mine!
Great pictures!! Shadows came out great!!!
Ali said…
great shadow collages - they look good all together!
It must be seaside time - my ss were taken at the beach too! (but no chasing seagulls for me - only my boy was that energetic!)
You really did a wonderful job with the collages..your good..
Your shadow shot is truly beautiful..and the sea gull just sitting is beautiful..Something about
birds..I enjoy them so much..
Thanks for linking me to your Linky..
Have a happy Monday..
Victoria said…
Love your seagull photos!
They look so clean and pretty!
Ours are rather dirty looking, and can be rather aggressive, especially if you have food, in which case they start behaving as if they have staring roles in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds!"
picciolo said…
great photo and collages, your idea is growing!
Martina said…
Sunday Shadow Shots: this is really a "mind-and-eye-expanding" - project, I haven't seen so many shadows the last years while taking pictures as I have seen today, ;-).
AlasMyDear said…
that gull does look sweet indeed...might there be eggs under it, by any chance?
Sorry I'm so late...2 computers down in one day! Go figure? Got one back up...better late than never? I loved the seagull shadow...til I saw the next one sitting in his little sand hole. That's such a great picture! His feathers look so soft (I can intuitively tell he's a boy;)I feel like I could touch him.
Sandra Evertson said…
Fabulous photos, and is that Jonathan Livingston Seagull ?
Sandra Evertson
Sarah McBride said…
seagulls are deceptively sweet looking. Then when you turn your back they are absconding with your sandwich.
Yours looks fairly well behaved. Just keep your eye on him!!

great shadow shots and collages!!
please sir said…
Lovely round-up of photos!
Anonymous said…
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