Shadow Shot Sunday #2

Today is the first day of winter here in Australia. Aaaaarrrgh! I'm over it already. I was over it about three weeks ago before it had officially even started. Roll around spring! This clever winter inspired drawing by Alicia Sometimes did at least alleviate the winter blues briefly and put a smile on my face.

Alicia Sometimes is a writer, poet and musician from Melbourne. Also a doodler as I recently discovered. And a funny one at that!

Shadow Shot Sunday! If you don't know what Shadow Shot Sunday is, and you'd like to find out and you'd like to participate, then just scroll down a couple of posts. Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #2

"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance" - Carl Sandburg


SandraRee said…
The drawing by Alicia Sometimes is too funny. :)

Harriet you are one super talented gal,that shot is amazing!
Tizzalicious said…
I lvoe the picture!

I'm so glad it's not getting winter here, eek.
Unknown said…
Hey T, now this is a wonderful shot!! Love the intricate detailing and you are getting better everytime!! Beautiful, is this taken from your home?
Hey Harriet said…
M.Kate -

Thanks! & yes, the photo I took at home. It's amazing how pretty shadows can spruce up an ugly house ;)
I've been so busy emailing you... I forgot to read your blog...I've missed two posts! I'm sorry I lost, but I'm glad Sandra Ree won. I love your bongo boy and Asain girl they are so cute.What a clever way to announce the winner.

I'm sorry you're sick of winter already...but I'm just starting to get into summer and there is no way I'm sending it back had your turn! I'll return it in about 3 just hang tough friend! Let the rest of us get warmed up!!!

Alicia drawing is pretty funny!
I love today's shadow shot!!! I usually do Show and Tell Sunday...but I'm not too into the topic this week...or maybe I'm just lazy, I should try a shadow shot for my post tomorrow/Sunday.

Lisa B.
Bec said…
He he, I just snorted tea out of my nose after reading that doodle. Thanks for making me giggle on a dreary Sunday morning :)
Ali said…
Hey Harriet, you're right - bring on the spring time!! no more of this dreary weather!
(and I love that drawing! hee hee!)
Disco tent...gotta love it.

Not surprisingly, considering who I am married to...I love the wrought iron shadow (and the Sandburg quote). In fact, ol' Carl was a runner up for my quote 'cause I'm playing Shadow Shot Sunday, too.
sound&fury said…
Love the doodle... and yes, winter: over it. And you know what else I'm over? People telling me that because I live in Brisbane that I have no right to complain that it's too cold and what about the people in some other place where it's *actually* cold... I tell you, it's the starving children in Africa argument applied to climate!
Hey Harriet said…
Diva -
Who said that shadow is from wrought iron? It may be a shadow cast from a fancy tree from my fancy garden ;)

Sound & Fury -
You're too funny! But yes I know what you mean. I hear you! Many people believe that winter bypasses Brisbane altogether! Yup. I'm wearing 5 layers of clothing just for the fun of it...
Darn, I forgot about shadow shot..
I have to write things isn't nice getting old.
jodie said…
I love love love your shadow shot!
As for winter, I'm actually enjoying it down here in Melbourne. Brrrr.
Fancy tree, my ass :-)
Victoria said…
Great picture! I need to start looking at the shadows around me, start shooting, and play, too.

My condolences to your entry into winter, I hope it is mild and that spring returns soon! (In the meantime I suggest that you erect a tent and start dancing!)
Unknown said…
i really like that photo - very impressive. I love your work on etsy too :)

ps winter bums me out too
XUE said…
love swirls! i do these patterns with henna on hands & arms!
woolies said…
I'd trade you in a heartbeat. Here in the wild southwest USA, it will be 104 degrees tomorrow. That's farenheit.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful shadowshot!
picciolo said…
I love your shadow shot!
: )
bunbun said…
I love love love your sadow shots!
amy said…
That's my kind of doodle!
littlebird said…
ha i had not thought of that, just as i am all geared up for summer here in Scotland, you are thinking about winter : )
Liked the doodle and nice quote.
Sarah McBride said…
That shadow shot is fantastic!
I also love the sandburg quote.
great job on shadow shot sunday!
Gina said…
This is a beautiful shot! Love the detail and what a great idea to post one a week..hopefully I can have a go soon. :)
Anonymous said…

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