Shadow Shot Sunday #3

A super end to the week came via a lovely parcel sent to me by my very good blogging buddy M.Kate of the beautiful La Vie Est Belle blog. The package was so sweetly wrapped it was just like Christmas opening it up! The parcel contained a delightful mouse pad & silk purse from Thailand, a nifty beaded bookmark from Malaysia & a gorgeous soft & cuddly pashmina scarf from Cambodia. These were gifts M.Kate had picked up on her travels & I’m so lucky to have been given them. M.Kate, you’re the best! Thank you my friend. xo

Here’s a little peek at my goodies…

Shadow Shot Sunday! Thanks to those who have played along so far. I’ve enjoyed looking at your shadow shots. Keep playing! Anyone else wishing to participate please do so. The more the merrier! Click here for the info & the inspiration behind Shadow Shot Sunday. I’ve added a Mr Linky gadget to the bottom of the post, so if you play along you’ll now be able to submit your link once you’ve posted your Shadow Shot Sunday photo on your blog. The Mr Linky widget remains on this post until the following Sunday post & then it starts over again with Shadow Shot Sunday #4. You can disregard the ‘leave a comment after submitting your link’ bit if you’d rather. That’s the standard text that comes with the gadget & I can’t change the wording. I certainly do love receiving comments & appreciate each & every one, but I don’t want people to feel obligated to leave them.

Here’s my Shadow Shot Sunday #3

“A shadow, the emblem of all that is fleeting and momentary, may be fettered by the spells of our natural magic, and may be fixed forever in the position which it seemed only destined for a single instant to occupy” – Henry Fox Talbot

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. Bubble Babble
3. Rosebud Collection
4. High Desert Diva
5. Lisa's RetroStyle
6. Fog and Thistle

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Unknown said…
Hey T, million thank for the mention, what are good blog-friends for it not to share :)

Now, I am curious..what is that thing? Looks like a drum!! You are REALLY GOOD at this kept raising the standard every week, now I've got to crack my head even more for the next post!!!

...and 'harriet' said - have a bunnderful weekend :)

hugs always !
SandraRee said…
How lucky are you Harriet, your package is very lovely indeed... what beautiful gifts!

Your shadow shot #3 is stunning again. :)
I just want you to know..I had myself laughing like a nut outside taking a shadow shot..Will put it up tomorrow..I know the neighbors are really getting worried about me..on the ground taking pictures of flowers in the bushes taking pictures of birds at the feeder..not the hummingbird feeder, but the others..
I do try and be a little reserved, but I am going to new levels.
Just linked up my shots..I know I am early, but I was having so much fun..
What a great package from M. Kate! Looks like we can be twins when we wear our pashminas!

What does it say about me, I wonder, that the image I saw when I first glanced at SSS3 was a butt, a bum?

I'm posting tomorrow morning!
K.C. said…
Love the shadow shot. Love it! I need to start doing those type of shots with my kiddos. Does it work as well? Or is just inanimates? KC
Anonymous said…
Lovely photo and lovely package!
That generouse M.Kate! What beautiful gifts!! I love that drum in the is a drum, right? I want to know if it's yours and if you can play it? Very cool! Oh, I just put my Sunday post up and added myself to your "Mr. Linky". Great way to add links...I'm glad you found it. I may want to "borrow" it someday.
littlebird said…
i'm sure you deserve all of those lovely bright and colourful gifts : )
Hey Harriet said…
Yup it's a drum in the photo. A Djembe (African drum) which is mine & I play. Much to the annoyance of my neighbours :D
Callooh Callay said…
Beautiful! What a fun challenge for photography lovers--I'll try to play next week.
Caroline said…
What a sweet package!! In this day and age there's still nothing like good old-fashioned snail mail. :)

Thank you for the congrats!!
Bec said…
I saw a beautiful shadow of a tree perfectly outlined against a coral wall at the Rocks Riverside Park on the weekend - and I thought of your blog. I wish I'd had a camera with me at the time (in fact, it was so lovely, I even considered going back at the same time the next day with my camera...alas...good intentions have gone by the wayside, so you'll just have to imagine it). But thanks for the inspiration to notice such beauty - I'm constantly noticing shadows now that I'm sure I would otherwise have completely missed :)
SandraRee said…
Hey Harriet you've been tagged, come see and forgive me. :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely photo of the drums. My son glanced at it and thought it was something else (put yourself in the mind of a teenage boy!)
Sarah McBride said…
lovely little package! Lucky you!!!
Love the shadow shot this week!
picciolo said…
what a great parcel, I saw the one you sent M.Kate on her blog too, they look great! I love this weeks shadow shot, I failed in my attempt to find a good shadow, maybe next week
: )
bunbun said…
Isn't M.kate the greatest? I love what you sent her, too. You are both dolls!

And your shadow shots are always stunning! I have been trying, but nothing I feel good about! Maybe soon!
Victoria said…
Lovely package, how very sweet!
The shadow cast across the drum reminds me of long fingers to some mythical creature. Very cool.
Gina said…
Lovely goodies from M.Kate - what a sweetie she is! I got a surprise birthday package from her yesterday!
Your shadow shot is wonderful!! Love the warmth in it and are so clever! I will try tomorrow, that's if the sun is out long enough!
(not complaining about the rain though..we badly need it) Gx
Shadow Shot Sunday #3 is stunning. I almost couldn't tell it was a djembe. (A bit strange since I play the drums.)
Anonymous said…
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