Shadow Shot Sunday #5

Shadow Shot Sunday! Again, a huge thanks to those who have played along! You guys rock! I mentioned last week my plans to compile & post a Shadow Gallery collage every few weeks. Well I couldn’t wait & had to post one again this week! I included one photo from each of the participants from last week & I just love the way it turned out. All the photos look so good together! A few participants have posted more than one SSS photo at a time, which is really great. So please feel free to post as many as you wish as I save them all & all will be included in collages at some stage. Also I realise with the time zone difference it may be a little confusing. I post early Sunday morning Australian time, which means it will still be Saturday for those on the other side of the world. It really doesn’t matter when you post your SSS photo. Ideally, your Sunday would be best, but it can be my Sunday, or a Sunday belonging to some mythical country where Sunday occurs at a time most convenient to you. Whatever suits you is ok. All I do ask is for participants to please visit each other’s blogs. So after you’ve added your link to Mr Linky, if you could find the time to check back again later to see if any others have added links & go check them out, that would be awesome. AND, if you kindly leave a nice little comment on each other’s blogs that would be even more awesome! This is by no means a rule by the way. I don’t like rules. It was simply my hope that by opening SSS to anyone to join in, that people would have some fun with it & maybe discover & make some connections with other like-minded bloggers. It’s all about building on that sense of community in bloggyland, and you’ve gotta be spreadin’ the lovin’ for a little community to thrive. And as far as I can make out, SSS participants have been checking in on each other & we’re already a happy shooting shadow of love. So if you’d like to play you’re more than welcome to join our little love-fest. Anyways, enough of the touchy feely stuff. If you’d like to participate, shoot some shadows, post them to your blog, and add your link to Mr Linky. Don’t lurk in shadows. Shoot them! Hope everybody loves the Shadow Gallery collage as much as I do! Happy Sunday!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters
1. BubbleBabble 2. LaVieEstBelle 3. HeyHarriet 4. HighDesertDiva 5. AboutNewYork 6. RosebudCollection 7. HouseInMarrakesh 8. Lisa'sRetroStyle 9. GreyscaleTerritory

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #5

"The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope" - Frank Lloyd Wright

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. M.Kate
2. Lisa's RetroStyle
3. Bubble Babble
4. Charlie and Grace
5. Gina
6. Annette
7. ctmott
8. High Desert Diva
9. Gemma
10. Elizabeth

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You know I will have my picture up today..I always look forward to hearing from you on my blog..You are so darn sweet..Thank you..
SandraRee said…

You have outdone yourself on that shot!! Color intertwined with black & white. I LOVE that combination! Stunning!

The collage turned out absolutely beautiful! Great, great job Harriet!
Victoria said…
Love the colors in your shadow shot!
XUE said…
the blue one in the pool reminds me of aliens - not that I've seen one (yet)!
Ana said…
all of those are awesome!
Ali said…
I love todays shadow collage - it has such lovely fresh colour. And the dappled sun (or dappled shade?) on your deck chair looks like a nice place to just sit :)

I've added my link to participate in 'shadow shot sunday' - inspired by these lovely images (and the warm sunny Sunday streaming through the window this morning) - not sure if I've done it right ...?

off to take my shot :)
Unknown said…
Nice shadow shot from you!!

Colours and black and white, you clever bunny!

Have a wonderful Sunday :D
Gina said…
The collage looks great! They do go really well together.. love your SSS today..reminds me of summer and it's the perfect seat to retreat from the heat (hey that rhymes LOL)..and what a groovy beach towel :)

p.s. I've joined in at last! :) Gx
That's a lovely picture and a beautiful quote!
Human Racing said…
Nice shadow shots! Love the colors.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, Gina led me to your SSS, and i just couldn't resist taking part, love the colours in your chair photo, very inviting, and i'm very taken with your creations in your Etsy shop, :0)
As usual, all wonderful shadows..what great work you do..the chair is really neat..
The shadow love fest...ha!

I like your chair shot and I have that same towel.

Gallery looks fab!
Chichiboulie said…
great gallery and I agree on the blue one and aliens. not that I've seen one yet either.... :/
Gemma Wiseman said…
Thank you for including me in your collage. I adore the stunning balance of textures and colours!

Great job!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Hope you don't mind, but I have posted the collage you created with my last posting for Shadow Shot #5.
Hey Harriet said…
Hey Greyscale

I Don't mind at all. & I see that you've credited all the participants so I certainly don't think anyone will have a problem. It's more exposure for all the talented photographers! Looks super fab on your black background also. Thanks for posting it :)
SandraRee said…
Greyscale, I can't seem to pull your blog up. I've tried the last two SSS and my page freezes. If you see this message, maybe you can give me some insight.

I hope you don't mind me using your blog to get a message through Harriet. :)
Elizabeth said…
Love the dappled sunlight!Doing these shadow shots makes us all look a bit more carefully.
Thank you for organizing it all!
A super collage.
how did you do it/
I'm a computer/techno idiot.
Molly Wiecks said…
great photos! Love the idea.
i really love the collection you put together of peoples shadow shots, what a lovely idea this is! i'll definitely have to get in on this next sunday ;-)
Tizzalicious said…
I really love your shot this week!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Sandra -

Harriet let me know about your message. Not sure why you had trouble, but Blogger was inaccessible for about 10 minutes one day recently. Blogger posted a warning that maintenance was needed. Maybe that was when you tried?

Thank you for trying anyways.

P.S. Thanks Harriet for being the go-between.
Sarah McBride said…
Ok you have inspired me. I am totally going to try shadow shot sunday next week!!
Hey Harriet said…
Yay Sarah! Looking forward to seeing your SSS photo! :)
littlebird said…
wow great colours this week : )
love your own shot !
Amanda said…
What a cool idea! I love the creative shadows gallery.
I'm thrilled you have joined the BrisStylettes, I've just added your blog link to my blog page. Amanda :-)