Shadow Shot Sunday #37

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for a little further info before submitting your link. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. HeartToArt 2. Me 3. MolokaiGirl 4. Chie 5. PaganSphinx 6. AllThingsAlissa 7. LongIslandDailyPhoto 8. Bobbityboo 9. Tea&HoneyBread 10. Fotodiod 11. Raven'sNest 12. TwinkleStarArt 13. Fog&Thistle 14. 2SweetNSaxy 15. HighDesertDiva 16. JagatFotografi

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The Shooters:
1. TheSmallThings 2. Mamapippa 3. MemoriesThroughPhotography 4. Abstractions 5. SweetRepose 6. Carin 7. EmBelISH 8. Lisa'sRetroStyle 9. GreyscaleTerritory 10. JillRuth&Co 11. Olga 12. WorkOfThePoet 13. Babylonezoo 14. SacredRuminations 15. Clearview 16. IcePonyTrekking

Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #37

These shadow shots are following on from the public art sculpture themed shots of last Sunday. The big metal balls (there's 15 in total), called Steam, were created by artist Donna Marcus and are located in Reddacliff Place (just a hop, skip and a jump away from the City Roos of last week). They are made from thousands of copies of World War II steamers welded to spheres, the same pattern as a soccer ball, ranging in size from 1.3m to 2.6m wide. Filled with coloured florescent lights, they are a stunning sight to see at night. I’ll take some night shots of them next time for a future blog post. The artist says that the sculptures weren’t yet finished because her original concept was to have a mist coming out of the spheres to turn them into water features. The on-going water restrictions here in Brisbane have put a hold on those plans.

Apologies to those few shadow shooters who were too late to enter their links in Mr Linky last week. The Mr Linky now stops accepting links on Tuesday Australian time, then all added urls are immediately converted to permanent html links to remain displayed on the post they were added to. Mr Linky accepts links for a period of 48 hours and I guarantee that Sunday falls within that timeframe, regardless of what part of the world you live in. Of course there is always the chance of the Mr Linky hosting site experiencing difficulties during this time and the Mr Linky not always appearing as he should. I have no control over this happening I’m afraid. Hope this all works in with people. I am truly sorry if it doesn’t. Also, if your shadow shot from last week isn't appearing in a collage it will be due to it not being a jpeg image. I'm only able to include jpgs in the collages. I may not have mentioned that previously, so I'm sorry about that.

I received two cool blog awards this week. I am so very lucky! This first one is from the lovely Gina from The Pagan Sphinx. Gina also has a super photo blog called The Pagan's Eye. If I was asked to pick a favourite of the two blogs I couldn't because they're both brilliant for different reasons. Thanks Gina!

This one is from my good buddy Lisa of Lisa’s RetroStyle. I've been a fan of Lisa's blog for ages now and I've always appreciated Lisa's crazy sense of humour. Funny retro girl always makes me laugh. Thanks Lisa!

Thanks so much to both of you! I’m touched and very grateful, as I’m a big fan of your blogs and have also enjoyed your regular participation in SSS. As have many others! I hope that it’s ok with you both that I pass this award along to shadow shooters because I know that you both enjoy all the wonderful shadow shots as much as I do. So, shadow shooters, past & present participants, please accept these awards from three of your fellow shadow shooters, Gina, Lisa and myself. The awards do come with rules, so if you’re not an ole’ stick in the mud type like myself and would like to have some fun playing along with the questions then please do. The info for Gina’s award can be found here. The info for Lisa’s award can be found here. Or simply accept them as no-obligation awards given to you because we love your blogs. Geez, I sure hope this is all ok with Gina and Lisa. If not, at least I live on the other side of the world and far enough away for either of you to be giving me a kick in the butt for doing the wrong thing…hehe.

Believe it or not, I always have the intention of keeping the waffling to a minimum on these SSS posts. Ha!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
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2. Charlie & Grace
3. Gallery Juana
4. High Desert Diva
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31. Molokai Girl
32. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
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48. Noner
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51. Rebecca
52. Ice Pony Trekking, WI. USA

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Unknown said…
AHA! I am first :D
I love those 'steam' balls, they are so cool. I do wish we have more artistic people over here, it seems like there's plenty of art everywhere. I think the people over here are a bit slow in catching up on art stuff, how sad.
Hey, a big congrats to both awards and there are many to come. It's great to pass it on to everyone..I always have problem choosing. You know there's this Chap Goh Meh where on the 15th of Chinese New Year, the unmarried ladies will throw oranges into the river, hoping for a match. So, dont throw an orange at your boss..I am sure there's a river somewhere nearby haha!! Congrats too to your ever growing SSS...very soon it will hit 100. Happy Sunday T, big hugs too.
GalleryJuana said…
Harriet, this sss group has really grown. Thank you for putting the photo montages together each week!

Your shadow shots are incredible. The photo technique you used really enhances the shapes and shadows of these sculptures.
Bummer about the water restrictions...they would be uber cool as water features. But we definitely need to see night shots!
Victoria said…
I am so intrigued with all of the street art, and public art you seem to have in Brisbane... just fabulous! These metal balls are so cool! Looking forward to seeing pics of them at night. Congrats on your much deserved awards! I can never follow the rules either, so don't feel bad. If anyone does come after you, just hide behind one of these balls!
bobbie said…
congratulations on the awards!

I love your photo, with all the little shadows on the balls, and under them. said…
congrats on your awards. You do a fine job with your blog. I look forward to this meme every week.
also love your shots this week. I think outdoor sculpture is wonderful. it gets people more involved in art & you've captured this artists work beautifully.
Bobbi said…
Tracey, those photo's are amazing. The fuzzy background really distorts their size. I thought I was looking at a marble digitally placed in front of people. Freaky! Cool freaky, not wierd freaky. One day I am going to fly down and make you take me to all of these amazing places!
PJ said…
Hi Tracy, right now my Duaflex is on my computer desk, completely dissasembled. I'm pretty sure I can get it back together again, it's about halfway done. I have a spot on the mirror that worries me, that it will too big to ignore. I can be easily replaced and I don't understand enough to know if it matters.
Your photos for this week are wonderful, just wonderful. I love them. Have a great weekend and thanks for this week's effort.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy, Love your sculptures - I also have put up a sculpture! But tell me what are 'steamers' I googled it but only other stuff came up. Also congratulations on your awards. I alos like this photo meme as it gets the mind thinking of what could be there in that photo!
Hot Fudge said…
I didn't realise that the balls lit up at night - I guess that's more a commentary on my wild night life than anything else!

Congratulations on yet another fantastic collection of collages - no wonder you are the recipient of two such prestigious awards.
maryt/theteach said…
Hey Harriet, what are steamers? Sorry I'm so dense... Congrats on your blog awards!
Little Mary Moo said…
Congratulations on the awards! Very deserving. I love your shots for this week. I didn't realise all that info about how they were made and the lighting up at night. Very cool.
Chubby Chieque said…
It seems Brisbane have something special to offer their tourist, huh? I was thinking w/ all your posts about ur lovely city. ANd you know? yesterday, we got an extra mag from our prenumeration of our newspaper, & funny enough, it's OZ magazine for swedes who dream to visit the country. I read every page on it & highlighted w/ part I would love to visit. I'll post one day, the mag w/ the cities I'd choosen.

Love your street art post, Lady! Nice, clean & sober=classy §:-)

Hugs from a chilly Stockholm!
SandraRee said…
Hi T! The shadow gallery is wonderful, as always, and your shadow shots of the metal balls are amazing! Congratulations on both awards, you most certainly deserve them! Happy Sunday to you! xo
EG CameraGirl said…
The metal balls are cool! And, of course, so are the shadows. ;-) Congrats on the awards.
I love both your photos! The first one has such a neat it is a has an unreal look about! The sculptures are really neat. Tho I don't know what a WWII steamer is.

Good work in spreading the award love! No butt kicking needed;)
Anonymous said…
Very interesting metal balls with their shadows!

I'm so glad for your roundups, since I don't have much time to visit all the blogs and leave comments (which I like to do).

Congrats on your awards and Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!

keiren said…
Very nice shadow shots Harriet. I like what you did to the images with the soft backgrounds. It makes a nice contrast to the hard grey metal sculptures. You even captured a mysterious cyclist and his/her shadow! Brisbane must be leading the way with public art pieces. The shadow collages are all wonderful. Congratulations on your awards!
Kat said…
oh we LOVE those Mr G calls them Beryllium Spheres after Galaxy Quest, they looke exactly like them (I had to watch the movie to get the reference).

Thats so exciting about them only being phase 1 and will one day have mist! I nearly was reloacted to Brisbane Square(the building above them) in our recent office move, I was mildly disapointed as it would have made a great view..
Anonymous said…
Hello T, happy new year to you!! I am finally back to shooting shadows, (well i never really stopped, you know how it is!!) but i am back into blog world again after a very long break over christmas and looking forward to catching up on some blogs i have missed reading. Congratulations on all your awards, i see things haven't changed, very well deserved ;0) and i LOVE that shadow shot from you. Looking forward to catching up on your etsy shop and your changes, Happy sunday to you HH :0) Annettex
Chrisy said…
...think the photos are getting better every week!...and love the installation that you photographed...a very clever concept...
Forgot to say congrats for your awards!

Just posted more shadow shots. (says the dog owner)
Anonymous said…
Wow! your photos are stunning. I love the blurring. They kinda remind me of what we're having for dinner tonight... meatballs. I'm sure biting into one of those would really hurt your teeth though!

Congrats! on your blog awards too! well deserved :)
Terri said…
Fantastic shadow shots. I'd love to see those in person. Interesting art.
Carletta said…
I love these shots! Not sure which I prefer - both have wonderful merit on their own.
I'm learning toward the second one - the simplicity of this one appeals to me more.

I've been lurking around for a few weeks and had a good shot so I posted my first entry. Thank you for hosting.
T.Allen said…
The sculptures are great-awesome photos too. I miss street art, there was so much to see in NYC not so much here in AZ only in the college towns.

Thanks for the wonderful photo montage, I was giddy to see my premier photo amongst the masses.
Unknown said…
These are incredible, I can't wait to see the night photos of them.

You did a great photographing the sculptures, Tracey. I love your Brisbane art posts!

Mine is up on The Pagan Sphinx.

Happy Sunday to everyone!
I must say, Australia has a lot of really cool public art!
And thank you, once again for taking all the time that you do to host this 'collaboration'. It looks like it takes a lot of work and time (and if, for some reason it doesn't, you should still pretend that it does!).
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy,

Sorry that Mr. Linky somehow didn't include me last week. Oh, well, disappointing but not fatal. The metal balls are tres interessant! Teensy shadows everywhere. This week some grape leaves in sunshine for you.
Lighthousegal said…
Congrats on your awards. You deserve them, your blog is truly great. I am so glad that I found it and the Shadow Shot Sunday group. I really like it alot and appreciate all you do to keep it going......Thanks.
Carin said…
Wow nice shadows of those interesting metal balls! Those balls really like impressive and give great shadows.
Mamapippa ... said…
Beautiful art sculptures !
They give nice shadows.
What interesting shadows and idea the artist had..Really beautiful. I bet when they are lit, they are a wonderful site to see..Congrats on the are sure deserve them..Did you ever think SSS, would get as big as it is? What a happy thing you started and have given much fun to all of us..For that, I give you my Award..Love and Thanks..
Gina said…
Last weeks shadows looks fabulous!
Missing this week too unfortunately..the family have desserted and gone camping (while I look after doggie and go to work)..and worse..they've taken both the cameras! :(
Love the metal spheres, what cool public art in Brissy! Hope to join in again next time. Hope your weekend was enjoyable...I've tagged you next time you pop over :D
p.s congrats on your awards
Unknown said…
Awesome Tracey, you keep opening my eyes to this city as well, I love having anothers perspective of the same simple sights we see every day, it changes everything!
First time visiting your blog! Love it! The SSS group is pretty big indeed.
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
Love your Shadow Shots!! Those are some awesome sculpture!! My Shadows are posted. Have a great day!!

Elizabeth said…
Sorry I'm a bit late to the party!

Such amazing silver balls.
Lovely pictures.
Yes, what a big group we have become.
This is quite something Tracy......

Some keen type with organizational skills (therefore not me!) should make a book of the top 24 collages.
Happy what's left of the w/e!
Anonymous said…
All of your photos are great, and I'm going to enjoy trying to come up with creative ideas for shadow photos and trying to improve each week.
Dianne said…
I love this week's shadows!! the perspective, the blurred backgroud, the color and lack of --- works of art!!

Congrats on your awards
JunieRose2005 said…
Love looking at the shadows!

I've joined in!

MyMaracas said…
Hello, everybody. This is my first time playing, but I've been enjoying your entries for some time now. It's quite a talented group!

Harriet, those sculptures are amazing, and I'd love to see them with the mist turned on. Congrats on your awards, too.

Tessa said…
I love your tour of Brisbane's artistic culture - its brilliant! That first shot is spectacular - what a wonderful 'eye' you have. You are truly an inspiration to us all, Tracy.
Noner said…
Playing for the first time. It was harder than I thought to find a shadow. Or at least a fairly interesting one.
I love your shots of Donna Marcus' sculptures, especially the top one! It's amazing.
Lovely pics :-) And congrats on the awards! WooHoo!! That's great that you updated your Etsy shop...I must go visit right now! Yay!!
Ice Pony Girl said…
fabulous shots!
XUE said…
AHA!....I am NOT the first but no. 48! Congratulatons T on these awards! I'm back home in Tokyo & have 4 little containers of pineapple tarts with me. My husband said "They let you on the plane with so much stuff?!!!"
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your well-deserved awards and I love the marvelous shadow collages you created from last week's entries. Looks like I might be too late to add myself to the Mr. Linky for this week ... but I did play at Sacred Ruminations on Monday ... a day late. Life just got away from me this past week.
Hugs and blessings,
Chubby Chieque said…
Hope the sun is a bit friendly this days.

If you want to chill out for a day, pls visit my place.

Take care...
please sir said…
So wonderful - I'm already seeing some hearts in there!
Martha said…
Awesome!! I sure hope I can get back to regular blogging soon so I can play too!