Shadow Shot Sunday #39

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #39

I stumbled upon this cool little metal dragonfly sculpture and his sweet shadow during a visit to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha earlier in the week. There were also a lot of real dragonflies present on the day, but I wasn’t quick enough to catch any of their shadows. Those critters move really really fast! Did you know that dragonflies can fly forwards, backwards and sideways? Dragonflies also have three eyes! I think they do anyway. I could be mistaken, so don’t quote me on the eye count thing.

Happy Sunday!

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Wow....we were just reading your Wednesday post ~ the devastation is just awful! What a sad time for your country. We have you all in our prayers! Thanks for leaving that link for the firefighters. That is lovely…our brother is a volunteer fire fighter here, and we know how much things like this mean to them!

Your dragonfly shadow is so pretty ~ it's like an unexpected surprise when you start admiring the dragonfly itself, then ahhhh! Look at the wonderful shadow it leaves!

We're super early joining today - we are going Tobogganing this weekend and leaving in a few hours - we'll be back tomorrow night to see what everyone else has to show!

Thanks for all you do!
Cool sculpture and even cooler shadow.
A Wild Thing said…
Can't wait to see the dragonflies in my summer gardens...only 35 days till Spring...not soon enough!

Have a great day Tracy!

Gemma Wiseman said…
Love this metallic interpretation of a butterfly! Beautiful shot of its shadow!. Looks fascinating on that rock!
Alissa Nicolau said…
It really is a wonderful sculpture. I love that the artist was inspired to punch all those little holes in the drangonfly wings. I suppose he planned to sell these to gardeners and the like and knew that the dragonfly would be casting his shadows about but...
Those shadow polka dots make it all so sweet.
bobbie said…
Your dragon fly shadow is wonderful.

I am still so upset by your fires over there. I did go to the paper and leave a comment for the firefighters.
Catherine said…
love the dragon fly shadow shot...may try to join in on this one soon...
Shannon said…
I'm back to participating! YAY! No longer have a private blog and have missed this! Love your dragonfly! Very cool!!
PJ said…
Tracy, I can't get over the wealth of public art you have access to. It is definitely sweet! Happy SSS and thanks again for hosting the meme.
EG CameraGirl said…
I love dragonflies and I am so looking forward to summer. You photographed a lovely one. I'm trying to figure out how large it is. Really cool!
T.Allen said…
I'm fascinated by the speed of dragonflies and hummingbirds-that or my inability to capture them. Great shadow shot!

I left a comment for the firefighters, you are all in my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy, What a wonderful sculpture and shadow you have captured, very alluring and so sweet.
Kat said…
I love those little guys at the gardens you've done an amazing job in capturing him as always..
maryt/theteach said…
My Shadow Shot Sunday photo is up, Harriet! I love your little dragonfly! :)
What a beautiful delicate..the holes in the wings really give a nice shadow..I love Dragonflies..Happy SSS..
Anonymous said…
I have visions of you trapsing around Brissy with your camera in tow taking shadow shots, like a groupie after a band, lol!! - you after your art!! To our delight, i might add!! This would have to be one of my favourites of the art you have shown, hes beautiful, and thanks for the dragonfly eye lesson, that i didn't know ;0) Have a good Sunday Tracy - once again the collages look fabulous, ta. ;0) Ax
Victoria said…
Dragonflies are such cool little creatures. We have lots of them in our garden in the summertime, and I am indeed fascinated by the way they move and how iridescent they are... Great shot by the way!
Beautiful collages Tracy. I love the way you've grouped many nice ones and so pretty together.

I am a fan of dragonflies...and love yours...especially his spotted shadow wings!

I love botanic gardens. Brisbane's looks wonderful. The little virtual tours they have thru some of the areas are neat to watch!
Chubby Chieque said…
You can see that the shooter's are really good on their shadow chasing, huh? Seems we can open a real gallery for this, T? §:-)

Dragonfly? WoW this is just amazing one... I do love dragonflies... so much to recall about this creatures.

Perfect, indeed!

Janis said…
I'm always anxious to see your collages -- they are always wonderful.

Love the dragonfly. Now I will be looking more closely at their eyes. You are right, they do move quick!
Gina said…
That's a cool dragonfly shadow..I love dragonflies! They're alot about here atm too, and yes too quick to snap! Brissy has some gorgeous sculpture I must say..Happy Sunday T. said…
Wow! Once again great collages. Love your dragon fly shot-perfect.
Jill said…
I like believing that they have three eyes so I will until I hear otherwise!
I love the pattern cast by the dragonfly sculpture! Mesmerizing!
Terri said…
Oh, I love that shadow! What a great find. And I did not know all that about dragonflies. Fascinating creatures.
Anonymous said…
So sorry about the terrible fires your people are enduring.

And yet there is much beauty in the world as well as terrible suffering. A real mystery how we can stand it all.

The dragonfly is one of my very favorite little creatures. So beautiful and graceful, with the iridescence adding a magical touch. Your photo of the statue is wonderful, and I love the comment above about the polka dot shadow it casts. And the collages, as always, just great. Thanks!
Carletta said…
This dragonfly was certainly placed in the right spot to cast a wonderful shadow on the rock which you have captured beautifully!
Anonymous said…
Adore the tea cup splash one! I must say, I always seem to love the ones in movement!
Cassandra Kiss said…
wow, these are interesting & visually intriguing photos, lovely blog!
Chrisy said…
..the quality of these pics just blows me away...think u need to produce a book!
Anonymous said…
Cool shot!

GalleryJuana said…
Thank you for sharing the lovely sculptures in your area. I am glad someone mentioned the polka dot shadows. I went back to take a second look.
Anonymous said…
Polka dot shadows! I've never seen that before.
Elizabeth said…
What stunning shadows your dragonfly casts....
Our thoughts are still with you in the aftermath of the awful fires.
Dianne said…
I've been thinking of you and yourt country - all the people and animals suffering from the fires. I send good thoughts and huge hugs

the dragonfly is beautiful! I like the idea of 3 eyes ;)
Tom Hilton said…
Cool sculpture, lovely shot.
MyMaracas said…
I am so sorry for the devastation the fires are causing. It is a terrible thing to see, and my heart goes out to you all.

The firefly shadow shot is wonderful. I love the play of light through the trees, and the way the backgrund seems so vague and dreamlike behind the sharpness of the sculpture and shadow. Very nice!
Catherine said…
hey harriet...well I made my first shadow shot sunday..thanks for such a great idea..hope I am not too late!!
Anonymous said…
I enjoy the collages you create and share using Shadow Shot Sunday photos each week. Thanks for your time and effort. I've shared mine at Happily Retired Gal this week instead of Sacred Ruminations. I hope that's okay.

Seeing the photos you've shared and the info in Wednesday's post regarding the terrible fires burning in Australia remind me of the devastating fires here in Southern California in November of 2008 and October of 2007 and my heart goes out to all affected. Thanks for including the link to support the firefighters. The work they do is amazing. I continue to pray for an end to the fires and the well-being of those who have lost so much.
Hugs and blessings,
Generik said…
I share a blog with Tom Hilton (and another fellow we know as ahab), and he discovered this meme recently. Some great shots here, and a great idea. Thanks for setting this up. Cheers!
Generik said…
I forgot to mention how much my wife loves dragonflies. Can't wait to show her your shot!
SandraRee said…
Wednesday's post was devastating. I will say a pray for your wonderful country, T.

I love your dragonfly shadow, I adore metal sculptures. The collages, once again, are amazing. :)

I've been under the weather this week, I guess with this hot/cold, hot/cold weather here in the South, it's made everyone sick.

Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy,

I wonder if you wouldn't mind spelling my name without the H, as Sara and not Sarah. It's a small thing, but it bugs me. Sigh. And I have a suggestion that when clicking on a shadow contributor below the gorgeous collages, perhaps that could open in a new window? If I forget and close the window when I'm done, it's harder to go back to your blessed site to go further bloghopping among the elite participants. So I vote for a new window opening. But that's just my two cents, of course.

Thanks again for a truly superior meme, Sara
Hey Harriet said…
Ooops. Sorry Sara. Just corrected the link. Thanks for your suggestion about links to open in a new window. Unfortunately I don't know how to set that up. I'm not very techie I'm afraid...
Rebecca said…
love your shadow shot, the color of the dragon fly ornament and the shadow contrast nicely.

I posted a shadow yesterday but forgot to add my name to the participant list this week and it looks like its lock out now
please sir said…
So lovely - the ice and hearts really make my heart skip a beat!
Anonymous said…
Love the dragon fly shadow! I remember taking a photo of a dragonfly on a leaf in Tossa de Mar, Spain many years ago (WAY before children took over my carefree life!). Hmmm, I wonder where that photo is? it might have an interesting shadow. I wouldn't have a clue where to start looking.

Have a great week Ms T ;)
picciolo said…
so many great shadows this week, and I love your dragonfly!
: )
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
I am in {luv} with this photo.
{LUV} the metal...and of course the shadow.
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
Thanx for the blog {luv}:-D
Hello my sweet friend :-) I'm sorry I have been MIA lately....been drowning in work! But, I am on my normal schedule now ;-)

LOVE the photos!! Especially the dragonfly sculpture. I love the way it is displayed...quite lovely ;-)