Shadow Shot Sunday #38

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for a little further info before submitting your link. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
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With over 50 participants last Sunday, that was a lot of collaging! I'm seeing shadows in my sleep...hehe

Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #38

The second shadow shot is of the Arbour that weaves through the centre of Southbank Parklands for approximately one kilometre. It’s made up of hundreds of curling steel columns, each covered with vibrant magenta bougainvillea plants. This scenic walkway is the defining symbol of Southbank, and the Arbour was designed in such a way that it also functions as an art gallery, with exhibitions hung from the columns for special events and festivals. It’s a very pretty walk. With pretty shadows all along the way.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. High Desert Diva
2. Sweet Repose
3. Chie
4. M.Kate
5. Dianne
6. Aimer
7. Sylvia
8. PJ
9. bobbie 2
10. Kuusela Finland
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26. Carletta
27. Gallery Juana
28. Jill
29. The Summer Kitchen Girls
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31. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
32. Kitty Boo Boo
33. BABYLONEZOO (France)
34. Carin
35. Mamapippa - Belgium
36. Twinkle Star Art
37. The Small Things
38. Sherrie
39. Pagan Sphinx-Massachusetts
40. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
41. Tom Hilton
42. An Aerial Armadillo
43. Hildegarde (Flanders,EU)
44. Junie Rose
45. Ice Pony Trekking
46. Vicki/Maraca
47. DaviMack
48. Rita
49. Sacred Ruminations
50. {S.T.U.F.F.}
51. Molokai Girl

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Love the green shadow in the bike shot!
A Wild Thing said…
LOVE IT...what an artsy walk with beautiful flowers to dream in...I would go there too!

Have a great Sunday Tracy...
Chubby Chieque said…
Lovely everywhere!!! Love it! the bouguimbellas are beauty!

Enjoy ur Sunday, T...
Unknown said…
Love those curling steel columns and the magenta bouganvillea, mine are still hibernating for months at home ;p We are really learning something every week about Brisbane thanks to you. With 50 links and collages, I'll be seeing them in both dreams and nighmares too. Happy weekend T :D
Dianne said…
the shades of green in both photos are fantastic!! so rich
SandraRee said…
Hi T, the Heart Show Art Show sounds fantastic, I know you'll make huge sales! And that it's a children's charity is even better! Your shadow shots are beautiful, I appreciate the colour of the flowers since everything is so dreary here in the States right now. Your bike shot reminds me that I need pull mine out of the shop! :D The collages are always a treat to look at every Sunday! And speaking of...

Happy Sunday to you! xo
bobbie said…
Love both of your shadow shots today. That second one is fantastic! Really lovely.
PJ said…
G'day, Tracy! Beautiful collage work as always. Is that MY photo in the el munnero uno posish? I'm sure it was just the luck of the draw. '~)
I would love to be walking down that flower lined walkway, I'm sure I would use up all my digital film...forget the rest of Sydney... (not!)
Happy SSS!
Gemma Wiseman said…
O it's good to be back this week after yet another computer meltdown!

Love the intricate detail of the bike shadow and love the romantic effect of your artsy walkway!
What a beautiful walk..almost like a bit of paradise. Bike shadow is wonderful too..Good job.
Happy SSS..
They are both such nice shots! So summery! Mmmm I would love to be riding my mountain bike thru the Southbank Parklands. I can feel the warm sun and the soft breeze on my face. Hope I don't get in trouble for riding my bike thru the Arbour...I don't think I could resist. I can smell the bougainvillea now...ahhhh

Thanks Tracy! Love all the collages. If you get any more participants you may have to hire an assistant to get them all done;)

I'd best be go find me a shadow and jump in the game...
T.Allen said…
Now that's a walk! Stunning!
EG CameraGirl said…
I especially like the the bicycle shadows. GREAT!
maryt/theteach said…
Harriet, your shadows are so sharp and distinct! :)
Anonymous said…
Love both shots. The intricate detail of the bike is incredible, can even see the brake wires. The walkway looks fantastic but what happens when the bougainvillea plants take over the steel structure - no more shadows or do they tame it?
Alissa Nicolau said…
What a beautiful place to walk! I can almost smell those flowers. (I've got my eyes squeezed real tight, trying with all my might!) Our weather hit a warming trend finally, it's a whopping 36 degrees outdoors. Very envious of your shadow shots while also trying to make the most of the winter season. Tricky but, I think it's working!
Elizabeth said…
Cool bicycle with really strong shadows.
You must be having nice bright sun!
Greetings from New York.
Hot Fudge said…
Ah, you have captured one of my favourite walks in Brisbane. And is that your bike? I can imagine you riding around the city, snapping away with your whizz-bang camera, taking shots for us all to admire. Go, Bicycle Girl!
Gina said…
Your collage making skills are certainly honed now..they look fabulous! Great bike shadow and beautiful Southbank shadows..we loved this walk a couple of years ago..the bougainvillea is must flower most of the year too :D Happy Sunday! Gx
Anonymous said…
Hey T, you most definately are the queen of collage ;0) As always they look fabulous, thanks for taking the time to do them. Great photos, is that your pushy? That walk is amazing, would love to do it and especially with art hanging everywhere!! You captured the shadows perfectly. Have a fantastic Sunday :0) Ax
Terri said…
Oh I love both of those. The arbour is gorgeous and makes such interesting shadows.

It's only Saturday afternoon here but mine was ready to go.

Hope you're not melting down there in Oz! It sounds dreadfully uncomfortable.
Anonymous said…
Fifty participants? Cool! I'd see shadows in my sleep, too. Heh heh heh!

Love your bike shadow shot.
Anonymous said…
I think the bicycle shot is phenomenal - really, really good!
Jill said…
Oh how I would love to go through that arbor walk!
What a welcome sight! The shadows, as well as the arbor are beautiful ~ love the flowers too!!
Raven said…
Your collages are wonderful. Love the bougainvillea and the shadows in the second. Thanks again for hosting this meme.
Anonymous said…
Oh Tracy, I do so love this meme. The photos just get better and better. The collages really highlight and distill the shadows in such a charming way. What a great idea you had to do this!

This post of yours is lovely. The warm light, accented by the black and curving shadows, and inviting walk just pull me in.
Unknown said…
Nice work ... hey I went to Pandos on Sat and had a sweet potato soup ... omg ... but I didn't see your stuff ... ??
Janis said…
Beautiful, beautiful shadows once again. And you have such a flair for collaging them!

I love the last photo and your lush green colors. I am SO longing for spring. I have been thinking of you as I see the frightening reports on the Australian wildfires. Hope they are far from you. You have my prayers.
Hey Harriet said…
Kitty Boo Boo

Hey Katie, I believe the next BrisStyle meet-up is at Pandos next weekend, so if you're going, I'll show you where my stuff is hanging. Weird you didn't see them. Maybe that delicious soup was all too distracting ;D
Carin said…
Oh that lane looks very inviting. Would love to stroll through it on a sunny warm day like on your picture.
Mamapippa ... said…
Very nice shadows !
Anonymous said…
I'll have to get out more! That walk looks delightful :)
Your shadow shots are beautiful and creative as always.
GalleryJuana said…
I miss cycling! And I am amazed at all the beautiful walking paths and parks I see from Australian blogs.

Thanks for putting the collages together!
Kat said…
I love that arbour, it's a such beautiful feature of've captured it so well..
I am loving the balance of the bike shot, you always have such fabulous composition in your shots...
Ali said…
Happy Sunday Tracy!
Wow - over 50 shadow shots last week! They all look great collaged together - big job!
I really love your pic of Southbank - lovely vibrant colour and I like the composition too ... oooh, you're good!
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
Mine is posted. Doxies to look at! Love that arbor walking route! It looks so relaxing there! Have a great day!!

Unknown said…
Hi, Tracey

The arbor just sent me; I love bougainvillea. My mother, who lives in Portugal, has it running along the wall of her garden.

I'd love to see that wall when it's used for displaying art and the area is buzzing with people. Must be quite a lovely scene.

Happy Sunday to you!

Tessa said…
Superb always! Love the bike shadow and, oh, the Arbour looks blissful. said…
Tracy, the numerous collages are beautiful! what a fine job as always. Have I told you how much I love this meme? & your shadow shots are lovely as well. The Arbour looks like an amazing place for a nice summer walk.
Have a great day my friend.
myminimocs said…
what a beautiful collection!!! wonderfully laid out! thank you for a bright spot in my sunday morning!!!
Anonymous said…
Combining the shadow shots in collages makes interesting images.
Carletta said…
I love the bike shot!
It is so a reminder of summer days. Just what I needed to see.
JunieRose2005 said…
I loved seeing all the shadow pictures here!

I have posted some today, too.

Ice Pony Girl said…
Love the bike shot! Mines up!
MyMaracas said…
The bike is cool, but I love the arbor. It's so complex, and the compostition is interesting.
LeelaBijou said…
Beautiful gallery!
Anonymous said…
Fun to see the gallery and your two Shadow Shots today. The second is amazing! I missed the Mr. Linky last week by publishing late, but I'm here in time today (I think).
Hugs and blessings,
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
{LUV} the walk serene and peaceful
I'm late, I'm late! But, better late than never!
I've got a bicycle shadow too to post, but it will be a few more weeks before I post it (many in cue before it to post).
I do think you have discovered what YOUR dharma is. Guess you'll have to read my post to find out what I'm talking about! : )
Neat arches you have, there! Makes me think of espalier trees. Thanks for this!
Victoria said…
Beautiful shadow shots Tracy! I particularly like the last shot. Every time I see a cool shadow I think of you!

Also, Hope all is well over there. The news of the fires are so sad. My heart and prayers go out to you and your fellow Aussies. Stay safe xo.
Bobbi said…
Tracy, I am broken hearted about the fires. I hope and pray that none of our shadow shooters where involved. Our church is sending tons of humanitarian aid down there and I will be sending tons of prayers.
Elizabeth said…
left a comment of support on the site you suggested.
So horribly sad
our hearts go out to all Australians in this awful tragedy.
I do hope the fires were not set by thoughtless careless people.