Shadow Shot Sunday #63

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. CraftyGreenPoet 2. Alexa 3. SweetRepose 4. EG-Wow! 5. Chie 6. MagicalMysticalTeacher 7. MemoriesThen&Now 8. Dorte 9. Robin

The Shooters:
1. Terri 2. Ginger 3. Kenobiitti 4. TheExplorer 5. HipChick 6. Gerald(AckworthBorn) 7. RinklyRimes 8. HappilyRetiredGal 9. Dani

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1. DiahnOtt 2. MolokaiGirl 3. Kuusela 4. Charlie&Grace 5. Clara&Marcela 6. Cara 7. Sunnymama 8. JonnyHamachi 9. GalleryJuana

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #63

Poor sad looking little tree. Looking at this tree reminded me of the tree saving scene from Harold & Maude. I searched youtube for the scene with the intention of sharing it here but I couldn't find it. Oh well.

This week I received some awards from two bloggers I admire a great deal. Gabbi from Felinofelice passed along four wonderful awards to me, and Sarah from Circles of Rain passed along the sweet Circle of Friends award. Both of their beautiful blogs are an immense joy to visit so I was very honoured to be included on their blog award recipient lists! I would like to share a snippet of what Sarah wrote on her award post...

"...I have met some very lovely people through Shadow Shot Sunday and other blog events and memes I have joined in. This award is a lovely one as it highlights one of my my favourite things about blogging, and relates to my blog name which is all about the widening circle of people, ideas and places to go-it is never ending!" ~ (I agree with you Sarah and can totally relate to this. It sums up perfectly how I feel too!)

I'd also like to share this adorable awardees montage from Gabbi's blog.

This is the clever and creative way Gabbi acknowledges her award recipients. How cute is that? That's me represented by the gang of kokeshi dolls. Thanks so very much Gabbi and Sarah for the lovely awards xo

I'm passing the awards along to Shadow Shot Sunday participants because you're all an amazing, friendly, creative and inspiring bunch. Thanks for making SSS so much fun each and every week! To collect your awards, go visit Gabbi's award post here, and Sarah's award post here. Thanks again shadow shooters! xo

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sarah Wallis
2. robin-one still frame
4. Sweet Repose
5. Tom Hilton
6. Vicki
7. Chie
8. Shannon
9. whizkid
10. The Summer Kitchen Girls
11. Clara & Marcela
12. Kuusela Finland
13. Sunnymama
14. Sylvia K WA USA
15. Chris
16. MeANderi
17. Gerald (Ackworth born)
19. Bobbie
20. Bree
21. ctmott
22. Maria Berg, Sweden
23. rache
24. Molokai Girl
25. Hot Fudge
26. Jane, Scotland UK
27. Small Reflections
28. Gemma
29. Faith Hope...
30. Jacqui
31. DaviMack
32. Bryan,GA
33. EG WOW! - Canada
34. Annette - In This Life
35. David C.
36. MonikaRose
37. Magical Mystical Teacher
38. Pagan Sphinx USA
39. ginger
40. 2FramesPerSecond
41. Tanya
42. Terri - teelgee
43. Sara Chapman in Seattle
44. Just Like Martha
45. Rita/Cashjocky USA
46. Charlie and Grace
47. Crafty Green Poet
48. Emma
49. Jonny Hamachi
50. Ginger~Wilmington NC
51. Anne
52. elizabeth schmid
53. alexa
54. wickedchilddesigns
55. desert garden, CA, USA
56. me Ann my camera Canada
57. david zen-kennedy USA
58. Dianne
59. Long Island Daily Photo
60. foto CHIP Sweden
61. Martha Z
62. Martha - Menagerie
63. arabesque~philippines
64. Linda M
65. Joanna P
66. Diahn Ott
67. floreta
68. Evette Mendisabal
69. Lisa's RetroStyle
70. Cherish
71. Deb (a newbie)

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A Wild Thing said…
hey girl, congrats on the awards, you are certainly well deserving...and cool shot of the tree, now that's more what I call a winter leaves.

Have a great Sunday Tracie!
Tracy said…
Congratulations on your awards, Tracy--well done, and well deserved! :o) And thank you for hosting this fun weekly event. Happy Days ((HUGS))
Tom Hilton said…
Congratulations on the awards, and as Tracy says--thanks for hosting SSS!
Hey, Harriet! There I am again in your Shadow Shot Gallery. Thank you very much!
MyMaracas said…
Congratulations on your awards! Well deserved, for sure.

That is indeed one sorry looking little tree. I hope somebody comes along to save it.
Chubby Chieque said…
A wonderful & congrats for your award. As always, Ur worth it, girl!

Your shot is amazing. I recall when I just moved in Sweden, the first winter was so hard for me. Not the snow without the nature around me. I didn't understand how they handle the stormy & freezy weather here.

A blissful SS to you, T!

xoxo lots
Shannon said…
LOVING the collages... great work, as always! And that shadow shot... WOW! GREAT inclusion of the fence shadow!
Congrats on all of your awards - you deserve them all!! Love the collages above - very fun! Love your shadow tree too, diggin' that brick that the shadow is on for sure! Enjoy your weekend Tracy!!
Karla & Karrie
whizkid said…
Hey T, congratulations for such lovely awards! very cool, i say,
And a very nice shadow shot too!

have a great week :)
I was so happy to see my last week's contribution in your gallery, thank you! I'm enjoying SSS so much, I will soon start a new therapy group...
"Hi, I'm Marcela and I'm shadow obsessive" LOL!!
Celeste Maia said…
Congratulations on your well deserved awards. These shadow photographs you showed are stunning. Your tree shadow very good, the lonely tree, standing tall in the height of winter. Wonderful and very entertaining entry, as always. I will be back here whenever I can connnect during the next 10 days vacation to a very remote area.
sunnymama said…
Congratulations of your awards! Love your shadow picture too :)
Sylvia K said…
Let me add my congratulations on your awards! And I love your little tree shadow! Have a great day!
Chris said…
I like the sharpness of your shadow. Very winter like. It's weird, once you start looking at shadows you notice subtle seasonal differences like that.
Another hardy congratulations to add to your list above :) And wonderful shadow shot. Reminds me of how sometimes solitude enlivens us and gives us clarity - like the depth of clarity in that shadow shot! Thanks
Monica said…
Congratulations on your awards. I love your shot of the tree.
The tree may be sad but it casts a happy shadow
Margaret Gosden said…
Harriet, this is so outstanding - clean and clear, and the colour, the best I have seen for brick!
bobbie said…
Congratulations. You are certainly deserving of these awards.

I don't think your little tree looks sad at all. And it casts a very nice shadow on the brick wall.
Congratulations on your so deserve them and think of the fun you have given everyone, starting SSS..

I love the tree. He does look a little lonely, but beautiful.
Martha said…
I love your shadow shot this week! The shadow gallery is lovely as always too, and congrats on all your awards! Well deserved! :-)
Ah hem...I would like to thank my agent, my producer...oh, never mind
Thank you for the award!
That fly shadow from Terri last week is awesome. Talk about not taking a breath in while taking the shot!
Hot Fudge said…
My daughter wrote a little story at school at the age of six. The theme given to the class was trees in winter. She ended up with, "Poor trees. They need leaves." - which is how I feel looking at your sad little tree.

Of course, I'm not surprised at your two prestigious awards Tracy - well done!
Gemma Wiseman said…
I am totally surprised at your shadow shot for this week! It could be a mirror of mine! Incredible!

And congrats on your rewards! They are so well-deserved!

Happy weekend and stay warm!
Lovely old tree and shadows. I shared a similar struggling tree in this week's shadow mosaic. I always enjoy your Shadow Shot Galleries and love the way Gabbie acknowledges her bloggy friends. Thanks for sharing.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Jacqui said…
I love tree shots - that is a good one. Thanks for doing this - well deserved awards. xx
Is it still Winter where you are? That's quite the skinny tree! here's mine! Thanks!
Bryan said…
The tree shadow makes me think of hands with long, long fingernails.
lyptis said…
Wow, u always got so many pictures!!

They are awesome, like the one in the tunnel and the nature ones and i like the grey ones/more monochrome ones, they are extra lovely!:)

Whats the obsession with shadows here, what did i miss?;)
annette said…
Hey Tracy - congrats on your award, like everyone says, very well deserved :0) That poor lonely tree - strikes a great SS though. Have a happy sunday.A :0)
keiren said…
Such a well defined shadow and composed so perfectly! Fantastic shot! It looks like winter now. Brrrrr says the tree! Congrats on your awards. Happy weekend!
MonikaRose said…
Hi Tracey, love your shadow shot it is fantastic. Have a great Sunday and week ahead..cya MonikaROse
Tanya said…
Love the shot!

Mine is here: Capturing Tranquility
Terri said…
Oh, I love that scene in Harold and Maude! Great shadow!
Tracy, a great shadow shot. It's so crisp and well seen, perfect composition, and the contrast of the sunny golden wall and the stark tree works so well. Good one.
Kranky Granny said…
Nice bunch of shadows last week. Sorry I was not able to join the group.

I agree with Sara. Great crisp and well composed shot.
great Capture.
Ali said…
congratulations on your very-well deserved blog awards Tracy! xx

Your shadow shot today looks like a very wintery scene ... in Brisbane?!

happy Sunday and have a lovely sunny week! :)
Your shadow shot this week rocks! I haven't joined in SSS for ages and miss it. My poor little blog is so neglected. It doesn't help that I spend more time visiting blogs than posting on my own! Congratulations on your awards!
what a lovely shadowy shot of a poor little tree... Congrats on all your awards!

The montages look great too!
admin said…
Great SS collages :) Well done on your awards!!
Thanks for adding me to the collage this week! Your tree image is so sharp and detailed. As always, I enjoy participating in your meme.
Sam said…
The awards are very deserved Tracy!! I agree that Gabbi is incredible the way she does those compilations of people like that! ...and I have to say this week's shadow montages are amazing!! The fly is my favourite - but actually I like them all! Do they get better each week or am I becoming a more finely atuned to their goodness? I love your shot with the tree and the mysterious railing! Hope the weather is gorggeous up in Brisbane - it's been glorious in Sydney all weekend thankfully! XX
Rinkly Rimes said…
No entries from me for a month but I'll certainly be looking-in to enjoy other peoples' work. Thanks for including mine this week.
Teneale said…
Your shadows this week as always are great. You deserve an award for every shot ! I love how you got the tree and the rail all in one.
Elizabeth said…
Great contrasts between angular metal and your brave little tree.
Anonymous said…
I love your shadow shot and I love that scene from Harold & Maude! So did you play the role of maude and re-enact that scene? Will we see a follow up shadow shot of that same tree in a different location next week? ;D

Congratulations on your awards. You so deserve them!
Dianne said…
sweet little tree who casts a strong beautiful shadow
and the fence is wonderful!!

congrats on the awards - lovely way to present them
foto CHIP said…
I found this page just now and I have published my first SSS - Have a nice week!
Linda said…
Love that tree! You always do the most interesting collages with the entries, too. Really fun!
Victoria said…
Beautiful shot. I really like the additional shadow of the unseen fence, (at least I am guessing it's a fence.)

It's so strange to see such a naked tree, when over here we are the middle of summer. It looks so vulnerable. As for The Harold and Maude scene... no clip necessary for me, as I can picture it clear as day! Congrats on the awards!
picciolo said…
I like your tree shot, lovely colours, and congratulations on the awards too!
: )
Unknown said…
What a crisp and gorgeous shadow! Wonderful!

And congrats on the award!

Oh - and thanks for the collage placement - I'm always so tickled to see one of my shots up there! :-D
Anonymous said…
Excellent photo - lovely crisp shadow!
Gabbi said…
Lovely shadow shots! My favorite this week is Dorte's Lavender... very pretty.

Also, thank you so much for the mention of the award dear Tracy! I love your work :)

Hope you're having a great weekend.
robin. said…
tracy-you rock, well deserved awards my dear!! so love the tree photo. i believe trees empty of leaves are my favorite to look upon.

thanks for including my clay pots in the shadows.
maryt/theteach said…
Great tree! :)
I really like your shot this week Tracy. I love old brick walls and trees...even sad looking trees. Very nice:)
Love your collages as well. I really love the colors in the second one.
Congrats on all your awards! All very well deserved!! Gabbi's recipient montage certainly is very clever.
Hope you're having a happy Monday:D
Shannon said…
sorry you had a hard time looking at my blog... the same thing was happening to me this week. SO.. I switched from using Firefox to Explorer and everything seems fine now??? WEIRD!
nina kuriloff said…
i like your shadow shot!
Unknown said…
Congrats T....and much more to come for you. See how your little SSS sparked interest in so many people, I am enjoying all your that FLY and I've got to go visit soon. Hey, that's some poor looking tree...BUT great shadows for sure, looks like my bouganvilla which didn't bloom for 1 year and when it was due for the chopper, it sprouted that saved it. Happy week T...hugs/M
Sandrine said…
So many awards Tracy!Congratulations;)Love the collage too;)
Amazing shadows. Congrats on your awards.
Chrisy said…
ahhh I think I know that poo little tree...the valley maybe...going now to check out a few of those shadow shots further..that punched metal one up top looks interesting...
jabblog said…
Looks like a tree on a bright sunny winter day - I love days like that! Great shot!
Hey Harriet said…
Chrisy -

hehe...'poo tree' (I'm so easily amused!) This tree lives in West End. You may be thinking of her twin sister. I believe she lives in The Valley :)
Amalou said…
Hopefully that tree will sprout some leaves soon and won't look so sad. Its bald branches make an interesting shadow.

Congrats on your blog awards too :)
Sarah said…
Hi! I am back and popping over to enter this week and to have a look at last weeks! Thanks for the write up-very kind! I am glad to have met you through blogging! Nice shadow shot too-I haven't seen Harold and Maude-perhaps I should if they save a tree!