Shadow Shot Sunday #85

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #85

Dog Day Afternoon
(starring Sophie as Pooch Pacino)

I think I'll attempt to rob a bank today and spend all the money on Schmackos

My mid-yawn scary face should terrify people into handing over the cash without the need for a gun

Now, which bank to target?'s all too much really. I think I'll have a nap instead

The end.

It's a new year and so many more shadows yet to be hunted down! Thanks to all of you shadow shooters for bringing so much fun to this little meme each week. You guys are the best! I'm looking forward to another year filled with shadowy goodness! As is Sophie. Although Sophie prefers napping in her shadowy finds.

Happy Sunday!

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1. High Desert Diva
2. Crafty Green Poet
3. Sunnymama
4. Ralph
5. Quiltworks MA, USA
6. Robin. one still frame
7. Golden West
8. Molokai Girl
9. BLOGitse
10. Tom Hilton
11. Pam
12. Gerald (Ackworth born)
13. Pagan Sphinx
14. Bev Baird
15. Bobbie
16. Diane AZ
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22. Amanda-32 Degrees North
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26. Mona, Sweden
27. Catherine
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58. Maria Berg, Sweden
59. Magical Mystical Teacher
60. Reach Beyond Limits
61. freegal1000 @ MOO
62. David C.- IN, USA
63. Thorgun, Sweden
64. Sherrie
65. maryt/theteach
66. Tammy WA USA
67. Raw Thoughts and Feelings
68. Vicki, Maraca
69. Joysweb
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71. Spiderdama - Norway
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74. karen aka kbear
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79. Gallery Juana
80. Square Peg Guy
81. B : )
82. pamlefcourt
83. Kathleen
84. Dan Kent
85. Maria,Sweden

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thankyou!


Pooch Pacino? Too funny.

Happy New Year!
sunnymama said…
Sophie as Pooch Pacino is just too cute! My shadow shot this week is at Happy New Year from sunnydaytodaymama. :)

Mr Linky details:

Happy New Year! :)
Quilt Works said…
Mr. Linky is on the break, eh?
Hope he will be back soon :-)

Quiltworks, MA, USA
Ralph said…
This doggie is so full of emotion, and he shows it! I am so scared that he shows hit teeth (doesn't want to share the loot??). After her travails, the nap is well deserved!

Ralph said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
robin. said…
definitely caught some faces there!! looking forward to the new year of shadows!! and the new year as a whole. thanks for hosting tracy!!

robin-one still frame
Golden West said…
Your dog is so expressive - what a character! Best wishes to you for a new year of health and happiness!

golden west
Happy New Year! I guess Mr. Linky had too much to drink over the Holidays! Here's my Link:

Molokai Girl

We have the darned Shadow Shot Shooters in the Universe here at SSS! The weekly collage/montages are always fantastic.
BLOGitse said…
Happy New Year!
That doggy is scary! eeeek!

My SSS posting:



I'll start surfing around tomorrow!
Hopefully Mr. Linky is okay then...
Tom Hilton said…
Ha! Those first two shots really are scary...

Mine is here. And thanks again for all the work you do on this--it's tremendous fun!
Sylvia K said…
Pooch Pacino is the best! What fun captures!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with love, laughter, good health and prosperity! Thanks for all you do to let us have fun with shadows!!

SylviaK http://sylviafromoverthehill@blogspot
penny said…
Sophie plays a very smart Pooch Pacino, napping is always easier than robbing a banko :)
Thanks for hosting Shadow Shots Sunday, Tracy. Happy New Year!
Gerald (SK14) said…
The dog is so charming and deserving of his nap.

My shadow shot on
Ackworth born, gone West (Gerald)
this week is at
Unknown said…
I'm back with a shadow shot post featuring photos taken with my new camera!

Sorry, I am HTML illiterate. :-)

Happy New Year, Tracy!
Beverley Baird said…
Great shadows! Happy New Year!

Here's mine:
bobbie said…
Scary looking pooch, but I'm betting he isn't at all scary in person. Nice shots.

Diane AZ said…
Aw, I see Sophie smiling at the corner of her mouth. Great shadow in the last one!

Mr Linky: Diane AZ
Kuusela Finland said…
Happy New Year for You and thanks for this shadowsite. ;-)

This week I have only moon shadows.
fredamans said…
Happy 2010!
Quilt Works said…
I am back to see if Mr. Linky voke up! I should have left a live link too so it is easier to follow:

...As still as a duck decoy!
Icy BC said…
That's fun to read the caption, and I love the expressions on Pooch Pacino!
Great story line for a very expressive countenance!
And a nice surprise ending....but, where is Mr. Linky!
Chris said…
Mr. Linky had too much to drink on New Years :)
My link:

Happy New Year!
Amanda @ 32 Degrees North
Chubby Chieque said…
Oh dear! why sorry for that? We surely find a way visitng each other though.

TY for giving my participation photo on your last post of 2009. FOr me it's an honour.

It fun and I am more attentive taking pictures although I am too shy to take some.

Your shots are so funny. Looks doggie had a wonderful and fun day.

WIshing you all the best of the best of 2010.

Welcome to the new decennium.

Carolyn Ford said…
What a fun loving pooch and well deserving of a nap in luxury! Great photos! Happy New Year to you and yours!

My Mr. Linky details are:

Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy - Happy New Year. I love your photos of Sophie - definitely a dog with attitude. Love Anne
Mona Sweden said…
What a scary dog!!! Happy New Year!
Catherine said…
Happy New Year to you and your pooch - scary dog!! Greetings from Costa Rica...........
storyteller said…
I always enjoy the Shadow Gallery and your Shadow choices ... and today is certainly no exception. Love all the shots of Sophie posing as Pooch Pacino ;-)

I've shared 'fur-kid' shadows at Small Reflections today as well and am working on a mosaic to be shared later ... perhaps at Sacred Ruminations either this week or next depending on time constraints. Happy New Year!
Hugs and blessings,
Unknown said…
What a doggone day! Great shots, Tracy! Pooch Pacino needs a shot glass and a bandana and a plastic gun...
Happy NEW Year from the cold Midwestern USA!
Martha Z said…
Sophie tries to look ferocious but her heart doesn't seem to be in it.

Martha Z
Unknown said…
Oops! I forgot to leave my link--Not much sunshine here lately, but I pulled a photo to share taken by my mom (maybe I can get her hooked on this fun SS meme too!).

Thanks, Tracy!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Sophie dog has heaps of personality! Great collection of shots!

Here is mine for Mr Linky:
storyteller said…
Back again ... this time with a link for A Mosaic of Neighborhood Shadows at Sacred Ruminations. I see Mr. Linky is still playing hookie ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Joe Todd said…
My Shadow Shot Sunday

Maybe Mr. Linky has a girl friend and staid out to late on NewYears Eve. LOL
Chubby Chieque said…
I guess our blog links doesn't need as we can press our name in "blue" though, after leaving Tracy a comment unless you don't have a blogsite, it doesn't work.

It works for me but to those who are unaware, here's my link:

Our name logged in Tracy's comments is easier than to copy & paste.

Jonny Hamachi said…
Love your TTV Style.

Jonny Hamachi
Carin said…
WOW that dog looks scary!
Dimple said…
Pets are a wonderful source of amusement and entertainment!
For Mr. Linky:
Dimple, ID USA
Shannara said…
Love the pics of your dog!

I have another flower this week, a photo that I were not satisfied with at the time for the shooting.

It can be found here:

Have a nice day!
Since I commented BEFORE the new instruction to add
my URL, here it is: http//

Clicking my ID above will take you to my first blog.
From there you can click on the above URL to
be found on the profile page that comes up.

Sam said…
Here's my link for SSS. Maybe Mr Linky had a few too many champers on New Year's Eve and is still recovering?

Love your snowy shadow compilation here best I think - so strange to think they are freezing up there in orthern Hemisphere land - and we're dripping with sweat just thinking!

Adore Miss Pacino here - super shot - she does a very good impersonation of the real mini Italian man! (She's probably taller than him you know!) Love her sweet little white mittens!

Happy New Year Tracy!! Thank you again for SSS - such fun! Looking forward to more SSSs this year and chatting to you in blogland!! XXX's & OOO's Sam.
Patti said…
Pooch Pacino is cute. She didn't scare me a bit. She had a good nap, I hope.

Here's my shadow shot contribution:

Happy New Year Tracy! I do appreciate your hosting this fun meme. I took a bit of artistic license this week. I didn't want to miss out on SSS!

So how is summer going? The wind chill is pretty awful here today. Brrrrrr.
foto CHIP said…
Wishing all of you all the best in 2010!
Victoria said…
Sophie! Be still my heart, I am in love!!!

Wishing you and your sweet, adorable pooch muffin a wonderful and very happy New Year! xo Vic
Dianne said…
I LOVE Sophie!! what a wonderful face
and so good at impressions

Happy New Year
Serendipity said…
Very cute! Happy new year :)
LOL! You and "Pooch Pacino" are too funny:D I think you both have a real future in film.

Soph is quite a good actor drawing on her yawning skills to evoke such a threatening look. Very good.
And your skillfully written dialogue...well, you've really gotten into the mind of the character. Impressive. Bravo!
I look forward to seeing more of your collaborations with Pooch Pacino;D

Happy New Year Tracy and Sophie!!
Jen said…
I think that dog was dreaming. ha!
great shadows. Happy 2010 to you!
Chubskulit Rose said…
I love his yawn hehehe.

MY SSS post. Have a great weekend!
Bravo! Bravo! (we are throwing change at the case you aren't getting it!!)
Love your shadow - we felt all the emotions in Sophie's character :)
Happy New Year to you well as your starlette!
Jazzbumpa said…
Now I understand, "Let sleeping dogs lie." And that's the truth.

EJ said…
He look handsome even on his yawn.

My shadow Shots, have a great weekend and a happy new year! said…
aww! what a cute doggie your Sophie is & what big dreams she has too!
I love how you have captured her in these photos with such neat shadows.
I hope your new year is happy Tracy.
hugs & : )
wanderlust said…
Oh, Sophie looks like so much fun! Interesting coincidence, we have a cat named Sophie. She's lots of fun, too!
muchlove said…
looks like Sophie is loving the camera! The captions you wrote are so funny too, haha...
Great shot with Pooch Pacino, you made me smile, very cute!!!! My first shadow shot post is up, thanks for the opportunity and happy new year!
Gena @ thinking aloud
keiren said…
An outstanding performance from Sophie. Also from you as director!
toby said…
Sorry I didn't participate this week - I just stopped by to check out your gallery. Great stuff as always! I hope you and Sophie enjoy your naps :)
love the poochie shots..yours and the other!!! Happy Sunday!
The story line is fantastic, and awesome shadow of Pooch Pacino!
A Wild Thing said…
What a powerful lil' chunk this Sophie she a pit bull??? What a sweetie!

Hey girl, thanks for the help getting me posted, it's been a super help, no computer at work and I leave do derned early in the morning...argh...

And again, many thanks for hosting this wonderful meme, friendships acquired across the seas in other worlds is our little way of bringing us all a bit closer to our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Many blessings in the new year Tracie...we're gonna have a great year!!!

Joe Todd said…
I think the dog went after Mr. Linky and not a bank. nice shots
MOO said…
Sophie's looking mighty tough today. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!

Walk Softly; Carry a Big Stick
Chrisy said…
That third set is exquisite! And Sophie is a born character actor...
Sarah said…
Sophie is far too cute to be scary! I love the first photo especially and your caption. She looks like one of those ceramic temple dogs.
Happy New Year Tracy, and I look forward to many more shadow shot sundays in 2010!
Photography is such a's amazing how we can capture such precious moments of life and make them last forever. The shadow play reminds us just how easy it is to let little things, such as shadows, pass us by.

Rebecca, Maddy,Madeline and Alec
La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society
Sherrie said…
Great shots of shadows and Sophie. I would give her the money. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff
This is my first entry, and hopefully I did it right!

Taking picture of a moving pet is hard, but yours are just wonderful!
MyMaracas said…
Thanks for the grins. Love the scary-face one.
jabblog said…
Aww, Sophie - you couldn't really scare anyone, however hard you tried! Great fun :-)
Guy D said…
This is quickly becoming one of my favourite meme's to participate in. I look forward to visiting as many participants as possible. Great pics everyone!

All the best in '10
Regina In Pictures
Self Sagacity said…
Happy New Year! You always have the best Shadow Shots pictures. AWESOME!!!!
Sam said…
After all that thinking, Sophie deserves her nap!

I love the snow montage - beautiful.

I remembered to join in this week - maybe I'll be more organised this year *splutter* ;-)
Anonymous said…
LOL! Sophie's so cute!

Happy, Happy New Year!

Gabbi said…
Lovely shadows dear Tracey! That Sophie deserves an Oscar... very cute!! I also love Vicki's shadow of an Angel, gorgeous.

Hope you have a wonderful new week!
Square Peg Guy said…
So many great features! Wow!

Happy New year!
GalleryJuana said…
Your Sophie puts on a good scary face and knows how to play the role of Pooch Pacino well!

I wonder if she likes dressing for the role as well?

Looking forward to more shots of Sophie.

And Happy New Year!
Kitty Stampede said…
OMIGAWD Tracy, these shots are incredibly hilarious. She is such a mobster...I can totally see her saying your captions..I was quaking in giggles when I seen this series. LOVE. She is OOZING with personality. Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years etc etc...Cheers to a Great Year ahead!
Pam Lefcourt said…
Tracy ~ Happy New Year to you! Here's my first shadow shot.....
I'd love some new followers!
Not to mention...some sales!
Dan Kent said…
Academy Award Winner! Yeahhh! Some Pooch! (and great shots.) :)
Unknown said…
Happy 2010..may you have a fab year! I am still slow in posting...way too lazy, it's a disease :( Once I get lazy, cant drag my butt to do I blame it all on the holidays in December!

Pooch Pacino ? You are so funny and totally original with that! Hey, Sophie does do a mean mid-yawn, that will scare the securities at the banks meanwhile her sidekick (that's you I guess) go take all those cash..hey, keep some for me will ya haha!

Great shadows as usual, love it and yawn...I think I need a nap too.

Chrisy said…
whahoo this blog is goin off hot hot!...expect Miss Sophie's been enjoyin the cloudy days...
Great idea Sophie! the nap I mean.

You should pin that middle photo on your letter box to chase away foxtel salesmen. I might even print it out and stick it on my front fence. My dog just stands there and looks dumb. When she's really nervous, her mouth mimes barking movements. If only she could find her postman barking voice at other times.

Happy New Year Tracy!
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! Happy New Year! Great to be back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be back home and in blogland. Your pooch pics are incredibly funny...tee-hee! And a great start to a new year of SSS! Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Cassie said…
I want to join SSS, but couldn't find it on Mister Linky. Could you please set me up on it?? Thank you in advance.
myan said…
oh my! i want to kidnap your sweet doggie!!!!
what a cutie pie!! great captures!

happy 2010 dear! :)