Shadow Shot Sunday #86

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #86

Due to the overcast and rainy weather we experienced for the most part of last week in Brisbane, this was the best I could do. Coffee at the Story Bridge Hotel. Coffee tastes even more special when it's raining.

Today is the last day of my 2 week break from work. Returning tomorrow will be so hard. I'm not ready...

image above sourced from here

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thankyou!


Cloudy here, too.

I agree with your thoughts of coffee on a rainy day...
MyMaracas said…
That coffee certainly looks like the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day. I like the way you've come in close, filling the screen but with peek at the background.

I know what you mean about going back to work after a long break, too. It's like voluntarily returning to prison.
storyteller said…
Lovely shadows you've creatively captured with your coffee ... love the perspective and the photo gallery ... always a great review of last week and sometimes something I missed. Thanks for including the links so it's easy to find the source. I remember returning to work before I was ready after a break that never seemed long enough. It's good to be retired ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
keiren said…
That coffee looks delicious. Happy Sunday to you. Make it an extra happy one with it being your last day of holidays!
Quilt Works said…
Good to see Mr.Linky awake and happy this week :-)

I missed easy way to visit my buddys at shawdows last week!

...White picket fence
robin. said…
it's a soft, subtle yummy cup of goodness shadow. very nice!!

enjoy your last day home...i'm trying to figure out how to get paid my salary...while staying home. when i find the solution i will share...

happy sss.
A Wild Thing said… doesn't leave my side these days!

Sunny, but 4 below zero today...hope my truck starts!

Have a wonderful Sunday Tracie and enjoy your time off!
Unknown said…
YUM! Rich brew and soft shadows for quite a relaxing day for you! We have sun and snow--sometimes quite blinding! But I'll take sun anyday, even with the minus 0F temps! Love the cartoon. I can so relate. Happy new week & back-to-work day!
Coffee sounds good just about any day! Today we have some Chocolate Mint tea in the store...that will have to do :)
Carin said…
That coffee looks delicious! Makes me dream of better weather and having a coffee someplace in town. Can't wait for those days to come.

Glad you enjoyed your holidays, that always makes it more difficult to go back to work. Enjoy your last holiday this Sunday!
bobbie said…
We're never really ready to go back to work, are we?

the coffee pic is a good one.
fredamans said…
I made it into the showcase!! Awesome and Thank you!!

Some great shots!!
Sylvia K said…
Yes, we're having the same kind of weather here! The coffee looks yummy! Enjoy your day!

Patti said…
The coffee looks delicious. It must be a cappuccino or a latte? I see foam. ;-)

Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!

I like the cartoon. Work can get in the way of our other stuff in life!
That looks delicious. So frothy and inviting. I totally agree that the rain makes sipping warmth so much better.
Sarah said…
I am concerned that my job is interfering with my side projects too-I like that! It sounds cosy having coffee in the rain. The photo makes me think of simple still lifes that I wish I could paint! Hope going back to work is not too painful. I actually have some shadow shots this week so I will be back tomorrow!
Martha Z said…
In my gray, damp world that cup of coffee looks good, no matter how soft the shadow.
Catherine said…
nice close-up - and good luck with the return to work - it is never as bad as yout think..
Anonymous said…
I rarely drink coffee - but I enjoy sitting in the sun on holiday with a cup - roll on the end of April when I'll be able to do that! Thanks for putting me in the collage (and credit to Malcolm for spotting the cat on the fence!)
The coffee looks sweet and creamy ~ just the way I like mine!

I am participating in Shadow Shot Sunday for the first time. I have only recently found your place here and have so enjoyed viewing everyone's shots!

Kindly, ldh
Golden West said…
A great treat on a rainy day! Thanks again for hosting - I really enjoy the gathering of photographs.
Diane AZ said…
I agree, coffee does taste even more special when it's raining outside. Wish I could trade some of our sunshine for your rain. :D
Gemma Wiseman said…
There's been a few hot ones in Melbourne recently! So I've had no problem with shadows except I prefer to go out in the morning before heat and holiday crowds take over!

Great shot of the coffee! A very tempting perspective!

Enhjoy your weekend!
jabblog said…
That looks so comforting. I love the smell of coffee but can't bear the taste! Hope your return to work is less awful than anticipated :-)
Maggie said…
I'm joining you for the first time this week and have enjoyed looking around at some of the other blogs.
Your photo tells a complete story and makes me want to be there.
Hope you come to visit me in Normandy.
Hot Fudge said…
Back to work - bummer! Still, you have your coffee memories to carry you through. I'm back to work tomorrow as well - back to the Bernina to have some stock ready for our next market. Have a great week (you'll probably love being back with your work colleagues) and have a very happy New Year.
GalleryJuana said…
I think every rainy day should be a day off. I only like rainy days when I don't have a schedule to keep:)

Wow, two weeks off sure is nice. I bet Sophie was glad to have you home. Hope you can ease slowly back into the work week.

I love coffee and cafes as you know. The hotel must be a nice place to relax and people watch. And the coffee in your photo looks delicious.
Sam said…
Awwww! Tracy - I feel for you - your first week back! Eeeeep! Well, if it's any consolation, it's not too terrible. I was actually so, so busy that my week literally flew past! Truly, it was the shortest week in the history of weeks.

We've been getting quite a bit of grey and cool down here too - must be the tail end of the monsoon season or something. But today and next week are ramping up for a stinking time of it - very hot and humid, humid! Blergh!

Love your collages as always - thank you for including me!! I particularly like the second set - that face/ sculpture is awesome in the middle!

Well, I'll be thinking of you dear Tracy - how true is that cartoon!!! May your week be OK and tolerable and perhaps even a bit enjoyable back at work! XO
Maria Berg said…
Photo number two is not mine and you will not come to my blog other, sorry.

/Maria Berg
Soft shadows are still shadows, you know. Pour a cup for me! We had some sun this morning (whee!) so I quick got a little shadow shot in of some orange gerbera daisies:

Come visit if you have time.
Jacqui said…
That looks so inviting.
toby said…
That coffee looks perfect! I'm going to get myself a cup right now :)
Ooh, I am now going to have a coffee :)
Ralph said…
I see a beautiful cappuccino with the steamed and frothy milk making for a sepia delight. The shadows fall over the caffeinated treat, giving it a elegant display. It almost looks too good to drink. The biscotti are a fine accoutrement to this. Enjoy!
Beverley Baird said…
I can so relate to your cartoon and your feelings about returning to work! It was so hard to return Monday after 2 weeks away. Now it seems like there was no time off!
Great shadow!
Maia T said…
I should like to keep you company at that inviting cup of coffee.
What a perfect shot.
Have a nice Sunday and an easy week!
Anonymous said…
Nice-looking cup of coffee. LOL! at the cartoon. Have fun returning back to work. I'm sure your co workers missed you. That'll make returning easier. Right? ;-)

Square Peg Guy said…
Ahh, the rainy day, when the entire shot is in shadow! A coffee is most appropriate!

I like that eCard caption. My side projects interfere with side projects that interfere with side projects. I'm just bouncing from one to the other in fact. Barbara Sher would be proud.

My shot is scheduled to post in about 30 minutes, or 12:02AM EST.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Coffee is always a good thing to take during cold days.

Here are the shadows I could find at our kitchen
Marvin said…
Looks like a dreamy cup of coffee.
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
In Cairo it's been hazy, and I mean HAZY. But not as cold as last year this time.
Sorry you have to go back to work but isn't it nice to jump into the social circles again? or could you stay at home and have a "permanent" holiday?
Soon I'll tweet a hazy morning pic!
Have a gooooood rest of this Sunday! :)
Inday said…
Such inspiring attributes for members. My first shadowy shot is found here:

My weekend craze.
Unknown said…
Fantastic looking cuppa... and that foam! Yum!
I have been so busy with the holidaze... its nice to join up again with my favorite blog parties!
~Really Rainey~
Maria said…
I do think I have to make myself a cup, looks delicious.
Well at least the coffee looks good!!! hope it tasted good too!
Cassie said…
Hey Harriet! I'm so excited. I just posted my first SSS. It's a night shot, and my quality isn't that great, but it is of a favorite subject.
I really love the photos you've chosen this week and will be visiting their blogs.
Tracy said…
Coffee on a rainy day... Oh, yes, it sure lifts the spirits until the sun returns! :o) So many beautiful photos this week here, Tracy. I'm always so inspired when visiting each SSS--Thank you for bring us this each week! Hope you're having a great weekend, mu friend ((HUGS))
The coffee looks so fantastic.
Happy SSS
Have a great week, Tracy!

It's not fair that delicious cup of coffee is just sitting there, and I can't take a sip of it :-)
Mumsy said…
Thanks for hosting this very fantastic meme..I would love to have a cup of coffee with you one day :)
Chubby Chieque said…
A cuppa is just fab in times like this. Nothing can bet it!

Enjoy the cloudy day rather than struggling the -18 deg to -25 deg snow.

Have a great Sunday & week ahead T.

much xoxo
readingsully2 said…
Lovely shot. Very comforting. :)
A very tempting cup of coffee - great photo shot for a rainy day casting a defining shadow for Sunday!
Dianne said…
the coffee looks delicious
and the setting looks cozy
sunnymama said…
The coffee looks yummy! Sorry you have to go back to work. Hope it isn't too hard. :) said…
this card is so funny! It took me a whole week to adjust to my work routine after our recent holiday! The weekend couldn't come soon enough.
Good luck tomorrow Tracy!
& your coffee looks so delicious.
chrome3d said…
The coffee looks so smooth and inviting. I bet you had a good time with it.
That cup a coffee looks yummy. Wish I was there to linger over coffee in the rain with you.

Sooooo sorry you have to go back to work:( I hope something happy happens to make it less tramatic;)
picciolo said…
I hope your first day back at work is good!
: )
wanderlust said…
That coffee looks like exactly what I need right now! Hope you're having a great weekend!
Birgitta said…
Good shot!
Square Peg Guy said…
Sorry for faking you out on the Mr. Linky this week. I should've commented that I managed to enter my info. Thank you so much for thinking about me, though, and for the kind comment on my Shadow Shot!

- Square Peg Guy
Christine said…
I love your cup of coffee photo, Harriet. Shadows can be found in so many places.
Good luck with going back to work. I feel your pain, having just had 17 days off.
What a wonderful shot! All I can think of is YUM!!!!!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Ahh I'm getting addicted to coffee because of cold weather. Great shadow photos!~

Thanks for visiting Harriet.
Darcel said…
Awesome shadow shots!
I've missed being able to participate. It feels good to join in on the fun again.
Lovely shadows of your coffee ...
happy sss;)
A very creative mosaic of shadows. They all look so interesting. That cuppa looks very temping even for a non-coffee drinker. I love that cartoon - my day job (being a Mum) is certainly interfering with my side projects. Too bad I don't get holidays ;)

Have a great week Tracy xo
muchlove said…
Hi Tracy, I just received the package today - yay! Thank you for the adorable extra. You spoil me so!

btw, about the Much Love Monday thing, you can tell me (email) what your "much loved" thing is. I can still include it :)

BLOGitse said…
PLEASE people
Add your NAME to Mr LINKY as it is on your blog,
NOT the name of the blog (except if it's the same like mine).

Almost 100 people, how do you think I know who is THE Carol, John or this or that if I can't find her/his NAME on the list?

That was just an example.
I give up looking for people who don't play with the rules.

Name: YOUR name NOT YOUR BLOG's NAME! (except it's the same)

URL: the link to your SSS POST -
NOT to your blog!

I give you an example.
George leaves a comment on my SSS posting.
His name is next to his avatar.
I don't click that name to visit his blog!!!
I come to Mr. Linky and look for George.
If he has put instead of his name George his blog's name "My cars" how can I find George?
I can't!
There's only the name MY CARS
BUT on my blog, when he left his comment,
he's George NOT
PJ said…
Hey, Tracy! I hope your return to work wasn't too, too bumpy. And I hope the rain lets up - but only if you want it to!
Victoria said…
coffee... yum!
hope back to work is going well. :o)
Great shots and a fun sounding meme. I'd love to join in (a first-timer), but the first timers link isn't working...
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