Shadow Shot Sunday #89

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #89

Shipwrecked Shadows

Oops. I got a little carried away and posted more photos than I had intended to. Sorry about that. This is the HMQS Gayundah shipwreck and it's located at the south-east of the Redcliffe peninsula in Woody Point.

I discovered some absolutely stunning photographs of this shipwreck over on Redbubble. Click here if interested in viewing them. And plenty more can be found on Flickr as well. Click here for all those ones.

Happy Sunday!

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Catherine said…
what an atmospheric wreck...great shots and collages as usual..Greetings from Boston this week...
keiren said…
I see that you ignored the DANGER sign! Tsk tsk! ;P

Enjoyed all of these! Happy Sunday to you!
robin. said…
...sign? what sign? there are shadows to be had!! the photos are very cool...the bones of the ships creating lovely shadows.

have a great rest of the weekend!!

love the shadow collages!!!!
BLOGitse said…
spooky...imagine how that looks in a moonlight...huhuuuuuuuu...

Happy SSS!

ps. blogger is not updating my posts as it can take 3 hours until I see my post in a control panel...
Anyone else, same problem?
Carin said…
Those are mighty rusty shadows! Can imagine you got carried away.....

Have a nice Sunday!
What fun! We can't imagine how both little & big kids can hold back from wanting to climb those wrecks! What super shadows - way cool Miss Tracy!
Golden West said…
Incredible how powerful the ocean is, taking apart that ship. Really some good shots there!
Gerald (SK14) said…
wrecks are fascinating once the weather has calmed down - will get my shadow shot posted soon.
bobbie said…
I love the shadowy wrecks! Does the sign really keep people off?
angie said…
thank you for including me in the collage!!

I just love your shipwreck shadows -- how cool!
Patti said…
Wow! We don't mind at all that you got carried away.

Ralph and I think these are way cool. We're both visiting at the same time.

In the third one I can see a face, with eyes and teeth. ha ha

Have a great Sunday, Tracy!
Beverley Baird said…
oohh - love these shots. Love the shipwreck! The shadows are so interesting. Great post!
Sylvia K said…
Wow! What terrific shots, Tracy! Great shadows and a really intriguing subject! I'll have to read more on Redbubble! Thanks for the tip! Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Ralph said…
The rusty hulk of a ship seems junk to some. Yet the upside here is the fantastic shadows left on the sand. Lovely formations, the sepia and and rust colored metal leave a rugged look to the land as the steel rusts its way into oblivion and back to nature...

Beautiful sand in Oz, wonderful beaches I would imagine...
Anonymous said…
Wow... your photo gallery is awesome. Such a vintage-y. Rusty really nice as times goes.

Thanks for the link. Very educational.

Hugs on a wonderful Saturday.
It is really very sculptural - some museum ought to rescue what is left of what must have been a proud ship. No matter, you have documented it splendidly!
Generik said…
Very nice shots, I don't blame you for posting so many. If I were to run across this, I'd spend most of the day shooting it from every angle. Cool!
WOW! This is a fabulous series of shots!
EJ said…
Oh I love that shipwreck photos!

Family Bonding Shadows
Anonymous said…
Fabulous photos - I was so entranced by the wonderful rusty shapes I forgot to look at the shadows!! Thanks for including me in the collage.
Unknown said…
So much to look at, so much to see! What a neat collection of shadow shots, Tracy!
Chubskulit Rose said…
That is a beautiful ship wreck shots!

Princess Shadows
Cassie said…
Wow! Love the shipwreck. Always dreamed of diving and discovering such a ship, but never found one.I've always heard Australia is one of the best places to SCUBA dive. Really cool shots---especially like the one through the big, craggy hole only to find several shadow holes.
Sarah said…
That is an interesting looking wreck. It looks like a big fish with jagged teeth from the front. Glad you posted so many photos of it!
christina said…
Interesting photos!!
Sam said…
Snap-o-rama dear Tracy!!! We both have ship - and naval ship at that - themes this week!! Hmmmm....spooky!

Yours are awesome - submerged wrecks in the ocean terrify the pants off me but this one looks very pretty (? not sure if that's the right word!) - love the colour and the interesting way you've shot it. I checked out the red bubble photos and they are good but I prefer yours!!

Lovely collages - thank you so much for including me!

We've been having electrical storms (no rain) and it's been deadly still of an evening/night - not the best! Very humid and muggy - sometimes we get a cool change if we've lucky. ...and it's not even February yet...blergh! It's good you've been getting those storms - at least they break the heat...

Have a lovely Sunday and have a good week! XOXO's
Christine said…
These are great shots! What fun you must have had taking them.
GalleryJuana said…
Very interesting shots and glad you showed us different angles.
The ship wreck looks haunting and artistic at the same time.
It is inspiring just to look at it.

I had never imagined that something like this would be seen on a beach. Very cool of the city to have left it there.
Shannara said…
Great pics!
admin said…
What an amazing shipwreck! perfect to photograph. Must get there one day :)
Dina said…
A shipwreck on dry land! Fascinating!
I'd love to roam around.
Jacqui said…
Wow - what a fantastic beach find. The shadows are wonderful - who could stay away?
Jen said…
Happy SSS Harriet!
These are great shadow shots from every angle!
Missed you, but hope I can get back into the swing of things.
Love your pictures. So interesting.
Something I would enjoy seeing up close..Just wonderful.
Happy SSS.
A Wild Thing said…
As the sea and the sands consume another ancient relic, how cool you get to visit one last time before it melts away into history!

Have a wonderful week ahead Tracy, enjoy that lucky dog!
toby said…
I really enjoyed your gallery, as always, and whoa! What crazy cool pics you posted! Those are pretty terrifying, and sure do put life in perspective. I bet whoever was on that ship was pretty convinced that it was invincible...
Even a shipwreck looks so nice :-)Those shadows are just fantastic!
Sandrine said…
I am glad you igonred those signs!!:)Thanks for the great SSS that came out:)
Those are wonderful shots!
Vicki ~ FL said…
Sure glad you ignored that sign ~ looks pretty dangerous but great shots though.
Dimple said…
Really neat! I love old decaying things for photography, but I've never had the opportunity to visit a wreck.
Christine said…
Love the boat shots, worth ignoring the DANGER sign, they turned out great:) Wanted to say a BIG thank you for displaying one of my shots in your weekly mosaics, means quite a bit to me. Happy SSS!
Jonny Hamachi said…
Great Great Shots!
Paz said…
I love your photos of the ship wreck. They should be with the Redbubble ones.

Anonymous said…
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Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy

Sorry I didn't have time to enter SSS this week, but that doesn't mean i haven't followed your post. I really love your shots.

Looks as though you have been hit by a bit of spam going by the Anonymous comment above. They are such a nuisance, aren't they?
Darcel said…
Those are very cool shadow pics! My girls will enjoy these.
Not too many pictures at all -- it was as if I were there with you exploring. Great old shipwreck. The kind of thing we'd both love to stumble on -- I'll share this one with my husband. Thank you! said…
your SS are so cool Tracy. I can just imagine how hard it would be for children trying to resist this exhibit. this looks like something from Pirates of the Caribbean!
Guy D said…
Wow what an amazing shipwreck. Great pics.

All the best
Regina In Pictures
Unknown said…
What a fantastic place to explore! I love the composition of your photos!
I love the shadows created by this shipwreck - I find them fascinating to capture too ...
Have a great Sunday and thanks again for the opportunity!
Gena @ Thinking Aloud
Birgitta said…
Amazing shipwreck! Great shadow pics!
Dorte said…
What a great set of shadow shots ... beautiful.
Have a great week!
Tracy said…
WOW, Tracy! That shipwreck is at once dazzling and spooky! Off to see Redbubble...and look more at the great shadow entries this week. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))
B : ) said…
wow! Pretty hard to stay off that, especially since you're told you have to : )
wanderlust said…
So nice, looks like a pretty day, too!
Dianne said…
I love the shots looking into the ship!
so wonderful
Your shots are all great! I can see why you got carried away...hard to choose just one. I think I'm partial to the interior ones...although #3 makes it look like a friendly iron monster:0
Tammy said…
Amazing pictures and you didn't get carried away at all!
Sherrie said…
Great shadows! Awesome pictures. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff
A great set of photos! The rusty ship is fascinating. Thanks for sharing and for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday - one of my favorite memes!
Unknown said…
Great shots! I love those interior views - very cool!
Janie said…
Great photos of the shipwreck, and great shadows, too.
penny said…
Your shots of the ship wreck are amazing, Tracey.
I'm glad you decided to post all of them, they tell a wonderful story.
Thanks for hosting :)
Helena said…
I love your shipwreck photos! They are really amazing.
Nifty set of shipwreck photos ... glad you got carried away! Love the Shadow Galley always ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Joe Todd said…
I'm glad you didn't stay out LOL.. The shipwreck made for some nice shadows and photos.. Thanks
.pink said…
Aubrey said…
WOW!! That Shipwreck is SUCH a Find! you got some great photos (and Shadows) from it!!
Square Peg Guy said…
Cool wrecks. I kinda like the sign a lot: "Danger: Keep off wrecks." It says much about human nature, doesn't it!

Great SS selections this week! I'm later than usual in posting mine, but we still have almost 3 Sunday hours left here in eastern USA!
Chrisy said…
Really like the 5th photo of the wreck...the punctuation mark in the shadows... Now have to go and check out the photographer of that swing chair on the beach....intriguing...
Maria Berg said…
Love to see the shipwreak.
Here is my shadow but to late,

picciolo said…
what an amazing shipwreck, do you know the story behind it?
: )
myan said…
what great shadow pics as usual!
and the shipwreck shots are awesome!

thanks for sharing and thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my little bloggy! :)
Lynda Howells said…
love these shadows..such amazing images. I have just put my image up..a day late..sorry. It is awhile since l did this challenge as l have been if l remember l just put my image up on my blog
and nothing that right? then people can go and look at it if they want to?xxlove this sightxxlynda
Dan Kent said…
What an interesting wreck! Great shots! I especially like pictures no. 7 and 8 - 8 for the interior shadows, and 7 for the composition. Well done!
Unknown said…
wow! some shadows and ship wreck. I've never seen a real one before. Great sss everywhere T. It's busy here, Chinese New Year is round the corner and everyone is busy doing something. I am busy, being usual. Have a fab week
Victoria said…
That rusted shipwreck is freakin' amazing!! I am totally smitten. Thank you for sharing this treasure, Tracy!
lynda Howells said…
thank ypou for visiting my blog and commenting on my shadowxxxlyndawill try and be on time next week!When l have put image l just add my name to list on your page or once added it is on there for "ever"!!?xxlynda
Lindz said…
did the shipwrecked have been place there for tourist attraction purposes? very interesting.
Anonymous said…
Your shipwreck photos are amazing!
Nishant said…
Beautiful sand in Oz, wonderful beaches I would imagine...

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Anonymous said…
these are amazing :)
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