chillin' on karra

One of the four Southern Moreton Bay Islands is the tiny 2.5 km by 0.5 km Karragarra Island. With a population of around 124 people (according to T.Barclay Real Estate), some beautiful beach areas with protected swimming enclosures, free electric BBQs and picnic tables on the beach makes the island a lovely spot for a quiet getaway. And by quiet I mean really really really quiet. 'Karra' as it is affectionately known has no shops whatsoever. The peace & tranquility is bliss!

This area at the jetty is pretty and well maintained making it a pleasant space to sit & relax while waiting for the ferry to arrive. And the ferries run very regularly.

If requiring some shade while waiting for the ferry this space provides that.

The public toilets next to the park area along the esplande. Why am I posting a photo of the public toilets you may well ask? Well, I was impressed by the accessibility of these toilets for people with mobility issues. That's quite progressive for an island with such a tiny population and relatively limited tourism. This is more progressive than many of the more populated areas of Queensland! Which is an unfortunate reality in this day and age, but there you have it. On a positive note, things are improving. Slowly. I seriously do not have an odd obsession with public toilets. Really and truly I don't. I work in the disability field so accessibility is something I always tend to notice. That's all.

And what is an island without palm trees?

Or Australia's national floral emblem?

Or driftwood?

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And what is a blog post without a slight self-promotional slant...