Shadow Shot Sunday #112

A blog makeover and a new SSS button...

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #112

Three little curled up dried leaves. They almost look like praying monks. Kind of?

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sweet Repose
2. Magical Mystical Teacher
3. robin: one still frame
4. Jill, CA, USA
5. Tom Hilton
6. Gemma @ Greyscale AUS
7. Ralph
8. Manang Kim~USA
9. Daniela, Macedonia
10. Quiltworks mAss uSa
11. anmarie
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13. High Desert Diva
14. Maboe, Norway
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19. Bev Baird
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21. Sara Chapman, Seattle
22. Whizkid, India
23. EG Wow, Canada
24. Carletta
25. Chubskulit
26. Shannara
27. John
28. Nostalgic Marveling
29. BLOGitse
30. Generik
31. Arija, Australia
32. Emma @ the handmade amoeba UK
33. Rinkly Rimes
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86. Jo Williams Photography

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


You've done a blog makeover! Lovely!
robin. said…
awesome!!!! love this photo tracy!! white peely paint...texture, shadows...dried anything. love it!!!!!
Tom Hilton said…
Yeah, the textures in this one are just great. Very nice.

Like the new look.
Ralph said…
Nice new badge! We owned a Polaroid SX-70 cameras in the 1970s and 80s. The shoes have that retro feel to...

These leaves have the look of fresh pasta strands, curled up and ready to add to the boiling water. Excellent look, probably not in taste though...
Gemma Wiseman said…
Your blog looks so very lovely! Well done! And a great new badge! Looks like the shadow shooter essentials!

Very artistic with the curled leaves! I even thought of fortune cookies! Kind of?

AND I must thank you for joining in my Weekend Mailbox! So loved your unusual Macleay Island one! Bright colours!

Happy weekend! We have more rain and wind! Great for blogging!
Dani said…
awesome, indeed. I didn't recognize the leaves. Quite extraordinary.

Have a great Sunday!
Praying monks, huh?

What kind of fruit is in your previous post? The seeds look like jam.
Dina said…
I'm trying hard to see monks . . .
But then, they don't look like leaves to me either. Real art, then; raises the curiosity.
Beverley Baird said…
I thought they wer curled metal, rusted out!
Great shot! Great makeover as well!
Anca Pandrea said…
Great shadow shot! The blog makeover looks really nice and I love the new button, already updated mine :)

Have a great weekend!
Victoria said…
Yay...looks fab..wonderful makeover..and gorgeous new button! hooray! happy Wkd!
Sylvia K said…
Love your new look! And a terrific new logo!! And I also love your praying monks! Hope you're having a great weekend, Tracy! Thanks as always for the fun!

I really like the elegant new look, quite refined. Curling leaves look like snails, kind of? the shadows look like sails. Happy weekend.
whizkid said…
Hey T,
Back here after a really long time. great to see this new-looking blog, and fantastic logo. Loved your seascape TTv's. Amazing work, as usual :)
EG CameraGirl said…
Neat shadows of the dried leaves!
Carletta said…
Love the new makeover!
At first glance I was seeing stirrups. :)
Great shadow capture!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Those curled up leaves are gorgeous!
urban muser said…
thanks for putting me in the shadow gallery. i love it! your photo this week is great. when i first looked at it i thought they were some kind of leather bracelets or something. i'll be posting my shadow for this week soon (it's not sunday here yet!)
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
New look here, new logo...what's going on?! :)
I really like photo - it shows how something what we see in real life gets a new life with an artist.

It's Saturday evening movie time at home - I'll start blog hopping in the morning, nite!

Have a great Sunday,
greetings from Casa!

Generik said…
Like the makeover, and the shot of the leaves is beautiful! Happy SSS!
Unknown said…
Love the new button Tracy, very vintage and very vogue. I first thought your leaf shot was some sort of curly fungus on a board, they make such intriguing and beautiful shapes... You really have a knack of finding the interesting shadows!!

Emma x
A Wild Thing said…
Love the new look, very polished and did good girl!!!

And yes, they do look like little sitting monks all wrapped up in their robes.

Your new home seems to be suiting you well...have a wonderful week friend!
Spadoman said…
Very nice. These leaves look like curled pieces of birch bark when I first looked at them. Creative touches on the blog and on the shadow shot.

Sarah said…
They do-how sweet! I like the new look and button!
Tracy...I love your SS this week! It's so pretty. I'm a big fan of both nature and chippy wood:) Well done!

Love the blog makeover (wishing you'd do mine) and the new button! Isn't the button photo from your shop? If not it should be;)

Happy Sunday friend!
Tracy girl your blog is looking fabulous ! I really like the sneakers and camera picture .. it is perfect !
It took me a few more seconds to see the monks but by gosh girl .. I did it ! I see it from your perspective and they are VERY cool looking entities ? LOL
Joy : )
admin said…
I LOVE your SS & your blog makeover is GREAT!! nice to see you again this Sunday :)
Eden said…
Love the new look and the logo and I am using it now.

What a great find! The curled leaves are so beautiful. Fantastic shadow shot!

Happy Sunday!
toby said…
Ooh, I really like those curly leaves - that photo should really be framed!

And I like your great new look!
Anonymous said…
Great shadows. They look almost like Genie's with their thin tails :-)

Have a great week
Mary said…
I was thinking this shot should be framed too~ like your new button :-)
Tracy -- cool makeover. I know I need to do something to mine, but I just can't seem to face it.

I thought your picture was of some kind of sea creature. I didn't see monks at all. But it was a beautiful picture and I loved the rich color. So interesting to think it was dead leaves.
Arija said…
Praying monks? Paint peeling away from old weatherboard? Seaweed on a beach? Even when you know thy are leaves, it is hard to believe. The shadows add to the confusion.... you have turned realism into abstract art. ell done indeed!
Dimple said…
Great shot, the peeling paint makes a great backdrop for those leaves. And thanks for telling what they are, I would not have guessed!
Rinkly Rimes said…
"Just" shadows and yet a whole world of life and living in your mosaic!
A still life with a touch of the oriental! Love your new look!
mushiejc said…
hey! Great SSS collages - hope to join in again soon!. I thought your leaves looked like nice leather cuff accessories!
Regular Guy said…
My first Shadow Shot Sunday, couldn't resist.
fredamans said…
Fantastic shots! Love the new look too!
Unknown said…
Love the new look..

The leaves do have an oriental look about them..
Victoria said…
Your shot is gorgeous, Tracy! I think this is my favorite one yet. The earthiness and abstract nature of the leaves and the peeling paint... really beautiful.

And the blog makeover looks super-duper! said…
I love your little praying Monks & their shadows Tracy!
& way to go with your new blog design. it's wonderful!
Angie said…
Oh, I DO enjoy your blog, thank you.
Great imagination with the leaves... shadow shots have endless possibilities!
Carin said…
Very creative shadows! Fabulous!Good eye too! Love your blog make over and the new SSS button!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Unknown said…
It looks very interesting. Great shot!
Fantastic shadow, and texture!
Great shot and so clever. It is amazing how this project can open your eyes to the smallest of details.
Makes me wonder how much I have missed up to now!

Maria's Space said…
What a fun meme. I love the meme button.
Patti said…
I also love the new look! And the new button for us bloggers. ;-)

I'm late posting today...but that has been how I have been blogging lately. Late!

I had a Polaroid like that back in the 70s!

The leaves are very artsy-looking.
Beth Niquette said…
I like the new look, Harriet! It is perfectly wonderful. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!
Christian said…
Hi Harreit...

Just followed you recently. I really like the shadow concept.. I've posted my entry already. Hope you can visit it some other time. add me pls to your list... thanks!!!
Unknown said…
always wanted to join- thanks -I think I did it right!

Limarea said…
Love your curled up leaves, quite artistic :)
Unknown said…
nice shot!
Cassie said…
What cool curly leave shadows! I don't believe I've seen leaves like that. Today I'm just visiting folks. Have a great week.

Oh, and nice new SSS medalian.
Angelle said…
I love this idea and hopefully have done the link right. Thanks so much.
Gabbi said…
Wonderful collection of shadows and I adore the new blog look and button!!

Wishes for a great new week Tracey!
an9e1a said…
I love your Shadow Shot #112, especially the chipping paint and the almost curious way the leaves are curling. So nice to look at.
maryt/theteach said…
I like them, Tracy! :)
Unknown said…
I thought those were chocolate curls. :) Love the SS with the chipping paint! Great new blog makeover, Tracy, & I like the retro SSS badge too! Hope to play again next weekend.
Unknown said…
Sorry I'm coming in late Tracy, it was a busy Sunday. I absolutly love your photo this week, beautiful!
Also love your new badge!
Dan Kent said…
Wow - beautiful shadow shot - I didn't even know what they were!
Unknown said…
Firstly, I love your garden edibles! I did try to grow some...failing miserably :( but shall try again. Love the new button...looks very vintage-y....Hmm...praying monks..I am trying to figure that out but still love the shadows of your dried leaves.
Sam said…
Oh! Joyous new header and SSS button!!

I think your shadow shot is toatlly amazing Tracy! Little curly thingues that they are!!

I missed out on SSS this round - I actually had several sometings to post but it was so difficult to choose that I procrastinated too much and missed the boat!

Have a lovely week ahead sweetie - look! We've done Monday already! One down....! XO's
B i r g i t t a said…
I'm sorry I was too late :)
But I am glad I saw your lovely leaves :)
Nessa said…
Your posts above without comment thingys threw me.

The mats are a fascinating way to highlight the homeless.

I like the photo treatment for the seascapes. makes them look very mysterious.

You leaves make me think of clay cups in the process of being made.
Unknown said…
T..the seascape pics are I am feeling blue, wanting to be by the beach. Love the mats and what it stands for. OZ is really a very creative and artistic country. Unlike here, issues like this are all hushed up...a good reminder of people in need, and that we should be grateful for the things we have..of course, having a cruise round the world would be the icing :P
Christine said…
Hi Tracy, I'm just back from a wonderful vacation and see that you've given your blog a beautiful new facelift and SSS has a new logo! I love it! And I also love your praying monks photo. I had to look closely to see what they really were! Have a great week.