Shadow Shot Sunday #111

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #111

Shadows I found in the Chinatown Mall. I just love how the patterns of the bench create such lovely shadows beneath. The shadow almost looks like it's part of the seating structure. And the other shadow is from a lantern hanging above. A good day. Sweet shadows and a very tasty Yum Cha/Dim Sum lunch!

Happy Sunday!

And of course those in the United States will be celebrating Independence Day today (or make that tomorrow considering we're a day ahead in time over here). So a very Happy Fourth of July!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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robin. said…
thank you for the fourth shout out tracy!! love your shadow shot with the brillant red and the shadows created by the seat below.
very cool shot.

have a great week...looking forward to our three day weekend!!the weather sounds to be awesome!!!
Sylvia K said…
Love your shadow shot, Tracy! The beautiful red color and such a great pattern of shadows! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

Arija said…
Just the thought of that lunch makes me hungry, its a while since I've had one.
I really like the shadow of the lantern in the open space. An interesting composition as well.
Beverley Baird said…
I actually thought the scallops below wer part of the bench! I had to take a sceond look! Beautiful shot!
We had our Canada Day celebration on Thursday! When is yours?
Anonymous said…
Like Beverley, I thought the shadows were part of the bench - super shadow shot! Thanks for including me in the collage!
Unknown said…
This is a super clever shot! I really thought that shadow pattern was part of the bench! Happy yum cha too....I am missing mine..happy weekend t.
Dani said…
exquisite shadow! Love it.
Have a joyous Sunday!
Ralph said…
To m,e the shadow seems to show a foot pedal that when stepped on, brings the bench to you. Or something, shadows add to my imagination...
Birgitta said…
Cool shadow shot Tracy!
Patti said…
Thanks for the Happy Fourth of July greetings! I guess a lot of your blog friends are Americans.

Have you ever traveled to the States? Can't say I have been to your Continent.

The bench is certainly artsy. I like the patterns in the capture!

Never had Yum Cha.I've had Dim Sum, a few times.
Christine said…
I did think that the shadows were part of the bench until I read your description. Very cool shot, Tracy!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I am moving to India this year to volunteer. I'm so so so excited about it and am going to be working in rural areas trying to provide basic services that we all take so much for granted. It is going to be an amazing trip and I'm fundraising for it right now!

If you spread the word you get a MOOD RING!

Pretty sweet eh? :)
Anonymous said…
I was also at first wondering why this photo is Shadow shot until . . :)
Cleverly done!

Good Sunday and celebration to you!
Cool bench. You always find the most interesting items to shoot.
Anonymous said…
I have to say this is a tricky shadow. It looks like it's part of the base. Great shot Tracy!

Have a great week
Love this bench & it's pattern- you fooled us as well, we thought it was the base of the bench!
Thanks for the Happy 4th wishes...looks like it will be a lovely weekend :)
Generik said…
Outstanding red on that bench. Love the way it pops.

Looks like a beautiful Independence Day weekend here in SF, hope you're enjoying your weekend down there as well!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Amazing line of shadows from that bench! Love how there is just the line of the red and all else is grey pavement and shadow! Artisitic shot!

Happy weekend!
Such fabulous shadows in China Town! Hope you enjoyed your lunch.
MyMaracas said…
That's a beautiful image. I thought at first that the shadow pattern actually was part of the bench. That lantern shape adds an air of mystery, too. Nice choice to make only the seat in color - red. Perfect.
Unknown said…
You shadow shot maes for such a pretty pattern, I love it. And a mega thank you for including me in your mosaics again, It really gives me a lift after the kids giving me hassle going to bed.. I so wish they'd just go when told without fuss!!! Ah dream on ;)

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Emma x
EG CameraGirl said…
I like how everything appears to be in B&W except for the red.
Unknown said…
Tracy what a prefect shot, I love the pattern the shadow has made, simply beautiful.
Thank you also for including me in some of your mosaics, makes me feel v.special. Have a wonderful day.
Lindz said…
a mysterious shadow, where did that come from? lol.. thanks for including me in your mosaic, have a good weekend.
Eden said…
Great shadow shot.I love the patterns of the bench shadows.

Have a great Sunday!
Sam said…
Cool shot Tracy! The shadows beneath that chair are so pretty! A bit Bridget Reily op arty.

Speaking of cool - it has been outrageously cold here - 10 degrees at midday! I don't think I've ever had a winter like this - how about you guys?

By the way - love your beach set - very charming! I must go and check out your other blog too - I bet there's a heap I've not seen since I last popped in!

Hope you're well sweetie and best of luck for the week ahead!! XOXO's
Hi there Tracy, Happy SSS to you, hope you are enjoying the school holidays, hope this weather continues been far too cold down her in Sydney a few warmer sunny days this week has been nice x
Inday said…
I love Yum Cha - and the shadow makes a good bonus.
Chubby Chieque said…
G´day Ms. Dowunder?

Hope everything's fine overthere & enjoying your winter days.

Cool collage as usual. Happy SSS...
Hey Tracy -- Happy July! I love the bright red bench and its lovely shadow.
The red bench—
will you meet there
at sundown?

Shadowy Wind Chime
fredamans said…
Thanks for showcasing my shadow!!

Happy Independence Day weekend!
A Wild Thing said…
You are so right, it does look like part of the bench, how cool is that and that brilliant color...WOW...good eye girl, guess that's what this meme's all about.

Here's hoping that all mankind will share in freedom...let it ring all 'round the world!
BLOGitse said…
That bench looks unrealistic...great shot!
I like Chinese food too, yummy!
We're sweating in Casa. Yesterday it was 88% humidity - feels like it's still the same -I had to get up and drink water, so's 4:30 am! :) - back to bed!
Have a great Sunday Tracy!

WP said…
Great SSS photos! check mine out at

Also, tomorrow is monday and that means a new week of photo challenges at, as usuall the themes are:

Monday - Creative Colors (next weeks challenge is WHITE)
Tuesday - Macro (open theme)
Wednesday - 2 of a kind (next weeks theme is ANALOG - DIGITAL)
Thursday - Urban (next weeks theme is LIGH POST)
Friday - Sunset (open theme)

Check it out and hopefully ill see you on Weekday Photos, have a great sunday!
I was in such a daze this morning that I forgot to leave a comment! I love that bench with that lantern shadow. Would also like to have some of the food they probably serve in Chinatown!
Even for you, that's a stunner. Amazing negative shadow pattern. I love it. I do hope the person who designed it gets to see it in sunshine like this!
Unknown said…
This is a great shot. I thought the shadow was part of the seating. Love the red colour..Yum Cha/Dim Sim Lunch now that sounds good.

Many thanks for including my shot in the mosaic..much appreciated.
Cassie said…
Very cool Chinatown bench shadow! It really does look like part of the bench. The red,white and charcoal colors are terrific together.

Thanks for the July4th wish! We did a parade today and a dance Saturday and Sunday will be a celebration of freedom & faith,followed by fireworks. Yippeee!!
krissilugbill said…
your shadow shot is very cool! happy fourth! hope you enjoy your day :)
Sarah said…
Yes those patterns are lovely! Maybe the designer considered that too when they had the idea for the bench. Love the mosaics too-I don't think I have said before but I do enjoy them as I never get time to see everyone's shadows!
Happy SSS!
Linda said…
Great shot today, made more great because only the bench is coloured. Have a wonderful day.
Mary said…
Love the red bench~ Thanks for the Happy 4th wishes, thanks for hosting :-)
Fantastic! I like the patterns too!
Christian said…
I'm just new to blogging but i'm your latest idea..=) Hope you add me to your list.
urban muser said…
love your photo! this is my first time playing SSS. thanks for hosting this.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Back again! Meant to say a HUGE thank you for including my last week's shadow shot in one of your collages! Looks great!
And still enjoying your Macleay Island blog too!
Dianne said…
I did think it was part of the bench!!
What a great shot..don't you just love an image when there is an extra element of surprise in it? You have certainly done it here! Can't tell you how much I am enjoying this. Thanks again for finding me!

Jeanne :)
I lovely the shadows you captured with the red bench ... very kewl! I'm celebrating the 4th of July watching the Men's Championship at Wimbledon on television as usual. There will be a parade in a little while ... always a big deal in the Southern California beach community where I live ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
maryt/theteach said…
Love the red against the black & white, Harriet! Excellent! :)
What a neat composition with subtle shadows and not so subtle - so Chinese!
Gabbi said…
Wonderful shadow shots... I'm especially keen on FredaMans peace shadow!
Tracy girl : )
I am sure you must be snorning away by your time stamp there .. I usually try to do my part on a Saturday but was up to my elbows in garden work .. then I crawled to bed .. and then got up this morning and crawled back to bed again .. long work days in the garden seem to do that to me now ? LOL
Love your shadow shot and I thought the shadow was was actaully part of the bench ! It is so detailed ! Your mention of all that wonderful Chinese food has me HUNGRY now : ) haha
Joy said…
those patterns of light are beautiful!
& a lovely red color to boot.
thanks for hosting this Tracy!
Emm said…
That is the best shadow shot I have seen yet! That red is amazing, inspiring!:)

check out my blog?
wanderlust said…
So cool! Love that bright red. Have a great weekend!
lynda Howells said…
love this imagex also love your fish on the telegraph pole!!!xxlynda
an9e1a said…
I just loved participating in this. It opened my eyes to so much I had been missing!!! :]
Rinkly Rimes said…
Regardless of the shadow, which is great, I love the red with the grey.
Unknown said…
Yes, the combination red and grey is amazing!
Unknown said…
#111 is my fave! :)
That is a really cool shadow! It is so detailed and perfect it at first looked to me like it was actually a solid part of the bench. Love the way it's colored too. Great SS Tracy!
picciolo said…
I thought the shadow was part of the bench! And that deer looks very knowing
: )
Victoria said…
At first I thought the shadows were actually etched designs on the bottom of the bench. What a good eye you have!
This is my favorite (so far) of your shadow shots.
Garden Lily said…
So cool! I didn't notice those were shadows under the bench until you pointed this out - At first glance they look like actual decorations on the bench.