doe no wrong

"There is a park in Japan called the Deer Park of Nara. It was set aside centuries ago as a sanctuary to the experience of the brotherhood of all living creatures. In this park, deer walk side by side with people in true companionship. The deer's natural qualities of graciousness, gentleness and dignity make them perfect messengers of the sacredness of life. It was in a deer park that Buddha preached his first sermon. In Buddhism, there is a mandara (sacred drawing) which depicts a deer standing on a white cloud with the Tree of Life above its head. Because the deer is considered the messenger of universal love, meditating upon this mandara is said to open one's consciousness to the mystery of infinite peace" ~ wikipedia

The above photo was not taken at the Deer Park of Nara, but at the Southbank Parklands of Brisbane during the Buddha Birth Day Festival a couple of months ago. This deer has now wandered across to my etsy shop.