Shadow Shot Sunday #113

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #113

Shadows were screaming out at me along the river walk at Kangaroo Point. The day was absolutely gorgeous with temperatures nothing like mid-winter temps at all. Very spring-like in fact. That was during the week. Things have changed back to being quite cold again. Only in the wee hours of the morning at least. Phew!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Dina said…
Yes, it does seem like all those shadows were saying to you "Take my picture!" Fun.
robin. said…
What a lovely place to stroll you a place of shade to sit. the poles are interesting...not sure what's going on there.

have a great rest of your weekend tracy and plenty of sunshine in your week ahead.
Generik said…
Great shadows, love the location and the name. Kangaroo Point! Only one place in the world for that. Would love to take that walk some day.
Kitty said…
What wonderful shadowy company to be in. Beautiful collage. And your shots are perfect. Those clean, sharp shadows are thrilling.
Chubskulit Rose said…
I love the shadow on your first shot, there's a lot of beautiful characters to it. A beautiful place to walk around to.

Thank you for featuring one of my shots last week. Have a good weekend!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous shadows ..... please can I have some of your blue sky!!
GalleryJuana said…
Huray, I'm finally completely settled and have online access. I've missed he shadow shot sundays.

Glad the days are comfortably cool/warm where you are.

I like the last shot as they seem like alien life forms.
Ralph said…
Brisbane is such a beautiful city. The blend of high-rise and water is great, the boats at the marina look nice (probably awaiting a warm Spring day. Beauty abounds!
It looks like it was a gorgeous day! Perfect for shadows;0)
Karla & Karrie
What a beautiful series of shadow shots these are!!
Sylvia K said…
Beautiful shadow shots, Tracy! And what a lovely city! Love those blue skies! Thanks as always for the fun! Have wonderful weekend!

allhorsestuff said…
Neat-o! I loved that walk on a summer Sunday ! Thanks!!!
Sarah said…
Great shadows along that walk. It looks lovely! Hope the weather picks up again this week!
Pretty place and nice shadows... envy the climate. Triple digits here in Nevada, USA.
jabblog said…
Sharp, clear shadows - such days are welcome in the depths of winter.
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
I hope it's okay to post a different kind of SSS post this weekend.
I've moved to WordPress but I didn't have time to post SS post but I wanted to join the gang. I hope all my SSS friends will find my new blog(s)...
I'll be back with 'normal' SSS post next weekend!

Your pictures are great. I love the last one. You know what I like! :)
Have a great weekend and a good week ahead!
Sunny greetings from Casa!
Missed being here for a couple of weeks..Children visited and didn't get a chance.
Enjoyed all your, what a beautiful assortment..
Have a good week Tracy..and Happy SSS..xoxoRosebud..
whizkid said…
thanks for the tour! :) And the last picture is really interesting.

Have a great week!
Carin said…
Shadows all around Kangoroo Point that day! Glad the weather was Spring like so you could enjoy a nice day there.
Cassie said…
Just love names of your special spots in AU!! And the city's buildngscast such wonderful shadows!!!

Last night while trying to "enhance" my blog I ended up losing EVERYTHing from my sidebar. I'm distraught. If you get a chance, could you sign on to follow...I lost my 50 that took over 2 years to get.:>(
Ashley Sisk said…
Just found your blog and LOVE it. New follower here - I'm going to spend a little more time looking around. Looks like I'll see even more things I like. Come check me out if you have a chance:
toby said…
Wow, I love your shadows this week - especially the first! Lucky you to have so many to choose from :)
Limarea said…
Great photos, I especially like the last one. Thanks for letting me hang in your gallery! :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
An incredible parade of shadows! All shapes, sizes and personalities! Fantastic!

And thank you for joining in my Weekend Mailbox meme again! Loved your Macleay Island postbox! Very artistic and creative!

We have the winds and the rains back again. But we have had about 3 days over the last 3 weeks when the temp reached 14 degrees C for a couple of hours!

Enjoy your weekend!
maryt/theteach said…
Bright sunny day, lots of shadows, eh, Tracy? :)
Rinkly Rimes said…
The gallery delights as usual and I particularly like your first shot this week.
Unknown said…
What a great selection of shadow shots. The location at Kangaroo Point is lovely, even in the Winter.
Unknown said…
Lovely Tracy, my favourites are the first and last. Love the blue and minimalism. Have a great Sunday, I'm off to a photo shoot today ;-)
Hey Tracy girl !
You captured some great shadows there I love the wavy and straight combos and that beautiful blue .. what is it about blue that makes anything look gorgeous ? : )
Cold temps .. come stay with me for a Canadian winter girl and you will soon know what cold temps are ? LOL .. our seasons are slowly shifting .. it won't be long now : )
Great shots Tracy (especially love the first one)..I know what you mean every time you get a peek that spring is around the corner there is another extra chilly day to remind us its still definitely winter! Have a good week, Lee x
admin said…
cool shots! I love the first one with all the stripes :) happy Sunday!
Dan Kent said…
I like every single one of your shadow shots this week! All wonderful & masterful!
Eden said…
Fantastic shadow shots. I especially the love the last one. Looks like it is a beautiful place for a walk.
Happy Sunday!
EG CameraGirl said…
The shadows were not only screaming but they are gret too! I especially like the bottom photo, which is very, very cool!
EJ said…
I am interested with the last shot, what are those sticks on the post?
judi/Gmj said…
fantastic shots!!
A Wild Thing said…
What a great place to stroll hot or cold, we've had some cool mornings that have felt like fall, I could almost hear the school buses bringing kids back to school...NO's too soon!!! I refuse to let go of summer!!!

Hey girl, have a great week ahead!!!
Angie said…
Can't believe it's mid-winter!! Even having to water the seedlings.
Alexa said…
What a great collection of shadows! If I didn't already know where you are, this post would be a dead giveaway. :~}
fredamans said…
Wonderful shadows cast by all!
Joanna said…
The wavy posts with the spikes in them are interesting. Is it an art piece? In any case the shadows on them are cool!
☺lani☺ said…
First time here...
Tussy said…
I like the one with a little girl, she seems to be the cutie.
Sorry about that "2nd entry" thing on my Linky name. It doesn't show and I forget to check for it before I eagerly click to post my link.

You have a plethora of penumbras this week. One more wonderful than the last. Impossible to pick a fave. Great as always. Isn't sunny weather delightful?
Unknown said…
Beautiful crisp shadows just begging to be photographed!!
Maggie said…
Brisbane looks stunning blue skies & sunshine creating crisp clear shadows.
Have a great week,
Gabbi said…
Beautiful shadow shots! I'm especially in love with Dina's lace made of light. Breathtakingly gorgeous.
Sam said…
Gorgeous gorgeous shots Tracy!! Sounds like you've been having the same fabbo weather that we've been having down here.

Love the shadow shot gallery too - I don't know how you manage to get them to gel like that! It's all in the wrist no doubt! :0)

By the way - love your new SSS badge - but is it OK if I keep the old one - I'm very attached to it!! If that's not OK I'm more than happy to change over.

Have a great week sweetie and thanks for all your nice comments on my blog - much appreciated! XO's
Perry said…
Great pix, great shadows! Thanks for sharing.
Natasha in Oz said…
I love all of these gorgeous pictures. I especially love the Brissie ones!

I have linked up for the first time today. I have always enjoyed seeing what other people post and thought I would finally join in too. Thanks!

Best wishes and happy week,
so glad to have finally joined shadow shot sunday.
hopefully some beautiful shots to be made in the future!
Dani said…
creative shadows. Love the first one best. Thank you

Happy SSS.
Yes, I like the first one too - particularly the composition! But what is the last one - is it a
sculpture, I wonder - one twin casting its shadow
on the other. The clarity is wonderful.
Dianne said…
the patterns and lines and angles!! oh my :)

the first one is my most favorite
Beth Niquette said…
I absolutely adore these shadow shots. Thank you so much for commenting every time--I don't know how you do it.

I love how you have this event set up. Lovely--and your photography is extremely wonderful.
Maria's Space said…
Fun! I seriously need to look for more shadows. I usually don't shoot with shadows but I will re-evaluate my thoughts on what makes a great picture. These are all so good!
Tracy F. said…
Looks like a lovely place to walk with lots of fun shadow shot opportunities.
Maude Lynn said…
Lots of cool angles in these!
Patti said…
Those shadows were there just waiting for you to come along, Tracy! You lucked out here.

They are all so sharp. The second to the last one is so interesting! Love it.
I'm so glad you had a spring like day! I know how cold you get:( I don't want to think about how much longer you have to wait for your spring to really arrive...'cause you know what that means for me.

The SSs are great! I'm really grooving on the first and last. I love the geometrics on the curvy path...very appealing. I must like curves cause I like the curvy wood on the last one too.
Laura said…
I love the way the shadows accentuate the curves in the wood...the sky is just perfect too! Beautiful!
urban muser said…
you got some great shots this time! i especially love the last one.
Anonymous said…
Such beautiful weather and fun shadows. This is my first time to be brave enough to join! Thanks for the opportunity!
Elizabeth said…
Hi Tracy --I think it is Monday in Australia now!!
Oh well.
Love the New bold look of your blog
and your zebra-like urban shadows.
Greetings and hugs from New York!
Clytie said…
I like those poles in the bottom photo. They intrigue me!
an9e1a said…
I love your shadow shots, especially the first one. I wish I could just step right into this scene! :)
Annie Jeffries said…
I just love urban settings like this for interesting and angular shadows. Nice variety, not to mention, beautiful cityscapes.
wow while i was absent this sure grew didn't it I lave harbour shots mine is simple toda
Unknown said…
Wow! look at the first shadow pattern, very nice and clever. Happy week ahead T. I'm off to Vietnam this Friday but there's a nasty storm brewing there..hopefully I dont have to cancel the trip like the last one to Bangkok :( not very happy at all if I have too..its all been paid :((

Happy week ahead T.
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! LOVE your new button/badge for the SSS--it's GORGEOUS! And so are you photos for this time... That river walk park has some wonderful features & textures! An beautiful week in photos all in--so many summery-looking shots & shawdows... FUN! Sorry slow to visiting lately... Hubby & I were both sick, now well we're just back from a little long weekend trip, and I'll be closing my shop soon--so lots on at the moment... LOL! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))
toby said…
Oh, I just noticed that you included my island/carrot in your gallery! Thanks - I'm honored!
Unknown said…
I love that market...I will be at the Victoria Market everyday when I am in Melbourne. My son said that just almost 4 months to go...he's more excited than me :) Bye for now..I'm off to Hanoi and will be back next week. Hugs...M
picciolo said…
hello! What a fantastic looking market, I would have spent lot of money on yummy things there I think! And that island is beautiful too, what a wonderful place to escape
: )