Urban Wall-Capers (Part 3)

These are more samples of street art I found around the West End area recently. This last photo is of a cool piece of stencil art displayed in the window of Avid Reader Bookshop. Love that one! Partly due to my fondness for old clunky typewriters! The inclusion of the Mr Colour characters from the Reservoir Dogs film in the corner of the third photo I thought was an interesting addition.

An excerpt from Reservoir Dogs

Mr Pink: Look I ordered coffee. Now we’ve been here a long fucking time and she’s only filled my cup three times. When I order coffee, I want it filled six times.
Mr Blonde: Six times. Well, what if she’s too fucking busy?
Mr Pink: The words “too fucking busy” shouldn’t be in a waitress’s vocabulary.
Nice Guy Eddie: Excuse me, Mr Pink, but I think the last fucking thing you need is another cup of coffee.

(Apologies to those who are offended by swearing. I’m hoping my nanna doesn’t stumble upon this post)

Now onto something that my sweet nanna would wholeheartedly approve of. A favourite West End haunt of mine, Reverse Garbage, will soon be launching their popular annual end-of-year pre-Christmas exhibition. These are always fun events with so many amazing and unique art and craft pieces on display and available for sale. What’s particularly exciting about this one is that three of the participating artists this year are fellow BrisStyle team members. Included in the “Renaissance: a rebirth of recycled materials” exhibition are Helen Berthold (ruby red studios and ruby 2 go-go), Ali Chisholm (jellygnite) and Rebecca Hollis (wheresbeckybean). Congratulations on your successful submissions guys! I’m so very looking forward to heading along to this and checking out all of your creations!

"The exhibition will showcase both functional and decorative artworks made from 70% or more salvaged materials. The title ‘Renaissance’ was selected for its ‘rebirth’ and ‘renewal’ connotations. We’ve invited artists to breath ‘new life’ into discarded materials creating pieces perfect for ecologically sound Christmas presents" – blurb from the Reverse Garbage website.

Opens Friday 21st November at 6pm. If you’d like to attend the opening night celebrations simply RSVP by 14th November on 3844 9744. If you can’t make it along to the opening, fear not, as the exhibition will be continuing in the RG Echoes Giftshop during regular Reverse Garbage opening hours.

And I’ll plug the awesome BrisStyle Giveaway here again because it’s relevant to this post. Besides submitting pieces for the Reverse Garbage exhibition, Helen, Ali and Bec have also contributed super gifts to this awesome giveaway. So there’s another wonderful reason to enter! Which you can do so by clicking here if you haven’t already. Enjoy the rest of your week and see you in the shadows on Sunday!


Unknown said…
Hey T, was thinking of you ..as I edit my SSS and postpone one particular post again for the 3rd time, something interesting pop up yesterday..as usual. I saw an image I like..Buzz Lightyear! I am very updated with all the current kiddies movies..though slowly moving from Buzzlightyear or Barney to Camp Rock,guess the kids keep me young huh? OK, love that typewritter too...as that how I learned typing..the old fashioned way, and I can type fast with all my fingers haha..That exhibition sounds fun..let me check the flight schedule first :P woo..first time reading so many swearing words in blog land but its ok i guess for fun ;p
Oh, I think reverse garbage is possibly one of my favourite places in the whole world! I hope I get a chance to go to this exhibition!
I forgot - you can totally squish in my suitcase and come to the States with me! As long as you don't mind hanging out with crazy musicians in LA for a few weeks :D
bobbie said…
I love this stuff - especially the Dali.

The BrisStyle giveaway looks like such fun! I entered. What cute and clever gifts!
Hey Harriet said…
Shells -

Hey that sounds fun to me!
The street art amazes me...

I want a Reverse Garbage here. Take lots of pictures when you go, ok?
Always enjoy the Wall Caper posts! So many interesting images.
I can't believe you're quoting Reservoir Dogs!
Exhibit sounds great! Wish I could come:(
I laughed seeing Dali..once I wrote to him. Of course he didn't write back..Had a typewriter like that picture, someone gave it to me and I gave it to someone else..
Exhibit sounds like a nice place to go..Have fun..
maryt/theteach said…
Hey Harriet, love Resevoir Dogs - especially when Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) wants to know why he has to be Mr. Pink... Ha! :) Thanks for commenting at my blog! :)
You have a very nice blog here Harriet, and I love "Reservoir Dogs".

Keep up the great work.
dianasfaria.com said…
what a great post. I look forward to checking out the exhibit online. Thank you.
Chubby Chieque said…
Ha! my young days came back in nostalgic mode, T... love cartoons even now. My son draws so good. He draw & I do the dialogues.

The exhibit sounds appealing, T... can fix my accomodation in, Brisseland? I will take the first flight, "in my dreams".

Have a great day ahead!
Hot Fudge said…
The only wall art where I live is street numbers. How do you find all this wonderful stuff?

I'm really excited that three of our BrisStylettes are starring in the Reverse Garbage exhibition. Can't make opening night, but I will certainly be getting along to see it.

We are up to 199 on our BrisStyle Giveaway - how tantalising!
Anonymous said…
ha! always thought dali had a bigger mo than that. maybe the artist ran out of paint. do you remember the madonna dialogue from reservoir dogs? that was my fav scene. interesting exhibit. wish i could go. good luck to those involved.
Ali said…
Great typewriter!! I found one at a trash 'n' treasure once and just could not justify starting up a 'typewriter collection' - as much as I wanted to, practicality won out ... damn practicality!
Thanks for the 'Renaissace' plug too :) - see you at the opening?
Morrgan said…
Very nice street art photos! I wish there was more like this around here, but no such luck (or I'm not looking in the right places).
Anonymous said…
where do you find all this art T? On one of those 3km walks of yours!! Fantastic, never get sick of looking at it, please tell me Nan isnt bloghopping, lol!! Have a great week, look forward to attending reverse garbage exhibition through the lens of Hey Harriet ;0) Ax
Anonymous said…
where do you find all this art T? On one of those 3km walks of yours!! Fantastic, never get sick of looking at it, please tell me Nan isnt bloghopping, lol!! Have a great week, look forward to attending reverse garbage exhibition through the lens of Hey Harriet ;0) Ax
I love the typewriter the most! How nice to cath the "old" ways of a typed message. So much for white out these days ;-) HAHAHA!
littlebird said…
Hmm yes i think the typewriter one is my favourite too.

"You're acting like a first year fucking thief! I'm acting like a professional! " - reservoir dogs : )
Bec said…
I think I typed my last uni assignment on a typewriter that looked like that....actually no, i'm not that old...by the time I handed in my last essay we were getting highly technological. I had an ELECTRIC typewriter. I thought it was AWESOME :D
Thanks for plugging the exhibition. I still haven't done a post on my own blog about it yet. I know. Slack.
It's on my weekend to-do list. Have a great one!!
Victoria said…
Amazing street art. The typewriter is f'n fabulous!
Katie said…
Haha nice quote! I think I like Nice Guy Eddie the best.
Gemma Wiseman said…
A fascinating, lively post as always! But it's that street art that really gets me! Wow it's incredible! Unique! And yes! I'm also partial to the typewriter image in the window!
Unknown said…
That urban art-wall capers is fantastic!

Great photos and what talented artists.

I took a couple of pics in Melbourne that I was quite pleased with - very busy walls, fabulous stuff. I will post them when I get organised so you can take a peek.

Yep, that type writer is excellent - gives me itching fingers :)