Heart Show Art Show

It was almost one year ago that I had my very first exhibition at Pandemonium Café and I’ve been exhibiting my artwork there ever since. The owner kindly offered me a permanent wall space to do with what I please. It was a lucky break and a wonderful opportunity that Ive been really grateful for. Now I have an opportunity to also participate in a very worthy charity event that Pandemonium Café are hosting next month. Currently I’m working on a few pieces to donate to the Heart Show Art Show fundraiser. I'm looking forward to checking out the other art that will be there! But hey, if you can’t make it along on the night you can always go check out my current exhibit there called “Peace. Is the Harvest of Love. Birds.”

About the Heart Show Art Show:

Variety Queensland, a children's charity which supports disadvantaged children will be holding their inaugural Heart Show Art Show fundraising event at Pandemonium Café in Paddington at 7.00pm on Friday 6th March. Art enthusiasts will be treated to delicious tasty treats and funky DJ beats at the 70s retro style café. There will be a cheap cash bar available and the opportunity to get creative by spraying, painting, chalking, drawing, stencilling and decorating the Pandemonium Café car park walls in old school street style fashion! What fun! Entry to the exhibition is $15 and all art will be available to buy for a small cost of $25, with all of the proceeds from the sales of the donated artworks going to Variety Queensland.

Places are strictly limited, so to book, please phone Sarah at Variety Qld on 3368 3321 or email Sarah.

BrisStyle Monthly Giveaways!

While on the subject of giving, I’d like to mention that BrisStyle have now kicked off their monthly member giveaways. The February featured BrisStyle member is Rebecca of Edward and Lilly, so click here to read the interview and be in the running to win the adorable item Rebecca is generously giving away on the BrisStyle blog. Another BrisStyle member, Ali of Jellygite and LittleJellygnite is offering a sweet giveaway on her blog. Click here to be in the running for that one also. Giving is great! And so is winning! Good luck!


Alissa Nicolau said…
Hello Tracey,

It's great to learn a little more about you. I feel we are becoming friends through your shadow shots but... I don't know much else about you my dear.

I did spy into your etsy shop when you first listed you new pics. I loved the one of the asian dolls, I shoulda bought it. I paused a bit too long and now it is gone! Will you do a second run? I'm actually interested in buying 2 of the same from you - if that is possible.

I did take your advice and shortened the amount of posts per page for my blog. I do get a bit photo crazy. Mainly because I will be printing the blog through Blurb into a book and want photo options and not all the extra work of sorting through a year's worth of photos. I can't believe I've been blogging for almost a year!

Anyway, I'm so grateful to Amy over at Spitting Ink since she introduced me to your blog.

Happy creating! - Alissa
Unknown said…
Hey Tracey ... I will be in attendance and make sure I am cashed up. This sounds like a fantastic idea.
Can't wait to see mor eof your work in one place ... :-P
Unknown said…
I know! But it's the only time I get to myself ... I can't believe it's 1 am though ... geez gotta work tomorrow so I am outta here
I didn't know you had permanent gallery space there...that is so fantastic!
please sir said…
Sounds lovely - wish I could be there!
Victoria said…
Wow, your own wall... to do what ever you want!?!
How cool is that?!!! Yee-Ha!

Wishing you lots of sales for your lovely charity event. As far as attending, you know I would if I could! xo
How I wished I lived on the other side of the globe! I would be warmer and I'd have a fun art charity event to go to!! It does sound like a very good time and a worthy charity. You'll just have to have a double helping of fun for me:)
The show sounds great, I'll spread the word!
Unknown said…
Hey T, I wish I could just pop over to that Pandemonium cafe, see your art, even better see you :D
If only we have more of such cafe. Happy WEEK T.
Chrisy said…
...hopin to get over there...
keiren said…
Having a permanent wall space at that cafe is fantastic for you. I did know you exhibited there but didn't realise it was an ongoing arrangement. Great news for me because it means that I can see your work whenever I visit Brisbane! I wish I was visiting at the time of the charity art show. Hope it's a huge success for all involved. Decorating the car park walls would be a blast!
The art show sounds like a lot of fun.
Hey Harriet said…

Thanks! Yes, I've ordered more prints (including the one you mentioned) and should have them ready to list in the shop in the next day or two :)
Sandee said…
OH I wish I could go to the Art Show, fabulous! I love your blog and thank you for dropping by mine..Many blessings to you:)
Hot Fudge said…
Well, having seen your exhibition space at Pandemonium, I know I will be back regularly to check it out.

Eat your hearts out girls, because I have a Tracy original, one of several given to each committee member of BrisStyle when we had our meeting at Pandemonium a week or so back. It is the lone item on our fridge door, so you know that it's special!
Anonymous said…
Hello! I had lunch at Pandemonium cafe yesterday and picked up one of your flyers with your blog address and here I am. I love your blog and I love your artwork! I wanted to buy one of your paintings but they were all sold :(

I hope to make it to the heart show art show!
The Art Show sounds like fun, wish you luck:)
Unknown said…
I would love to see what is up on your gallery space! Please do take photos and treat us!!

Sounds like a great event. Wish I could go and hang out with you and your friends.

Best to you Tracey,
Anonymous said…
the show sounds fantastic, i too would love to join you, i'm sure you will make huge sales :0) can you photograph your wall and show us at Pandemonium, or do we just have to use our imagination. You know i am a huge fan of your art, and am loving your new etsy creations, (still love the old stuff too!!) have a great week T.
Annette :0)
Sarah McBride said…
what a great and fun thing!
have a great week!
Chubby Chieque said…
G´day T!

What a nice thoughts of giving, specially the heart. HOpe you'll have so many guests as ever.

Am drolling of those giveaways but guess am too far to win or just... I am not a lucky girl.

ENjoy your Friday & w/end ahead.

C u around!
Bec said…
Wow Tracy, I just read in the comments here that all your artworks in Pandemonium are sold already! Boy that was quick!!!!! I'm not at all surprised though - they really were gorgeous, and I loved how they made you stop and really study them. Anyway, I would love to come to this event - whether I can get there or not might be another question.... I'd love to try and get babysitters and bring Matt too...sounds like a lovely evening out!!!
picciolo said…
hi, sounds like it will be a great event, thanks for the giveaway info too!
: )
How wonderful!!! I would LOVE to see your wall space. Huh. Guess I now have an even better reason to visit Australia! Just keep the spiders away from me! HAHAHAHA ;-)
littlebird said…
sounds like a great night for a worthy cause, i'd love to attend, alas it is a little out of my geographic area : )
What a wonderful honor to you, to have your own space..Now that is something really wonderful..Good for you Tracy.
What a great thing they are doing for children..just wonderful..
see you Sunday..
Anonymous said…
I agree with other commenters you NEED to post a picture of your exhibited works from Pandemonium! The Art show sounds great and really well thought out, hope it all goes brilliantly.
Gina said…
Oh I wish I could be there...best of luck with the charity event..such a wonderful cause too! Your TtV images look fabulous too btw! ;D