Another Pelican Post...

The other week I posted a pelican photo for Shadow Shot Sunday and it wasn’t the only pelican photo I took on the day. I actually took many photos but I’ll refrain from posting all of them and just share my favourite four. I took a few pelican photos last October and was really keen to go back to the same location to try shooting some pelicans TtV style. So I did. And I'm so glad I did because it was a whole lot of fun!

I’ve just listed these four in my Etsy shop, along with a couple of other photos that don’t contain birds of any kind. I seem to be on a bit of a bird craze at the moment. Water birds in particular. And to further fuel my water bird obsession I won a very cool duck brooch last week from fellow BrisStyle member Hayley.

I love this! Thanks Hayley! Hayley makes these awesome brooches from recycled children’s books. Go check out the entire range in her RE-read etsy shop, where you’ll also find cute buttons, pendants and softies. If you’d like a chance to win one of Hayley’s wonderful creations be sure to regularly visit her blog, as she offers a giveaway every week. Yes, EVERY week! Besides the generosity of the weekly giveaways it’s also a very fun and entertaining blog. For even more giveaways click here to enter the super March giveaways happening over at BrisStyle. Enjoy the rest of your week and see you in the shadows on Sunday.


Love all the shots of the pelican!! Beautifully captured!
Victoria said…
Tracy, I'd be peeing my pants with excitement if I had taken such awesome TtV shots. I love them all! The composition of the first one is dreamy, and the elegant position of the pelican in the 3rd shot... will call him Baryshnikov, as he looks like he can defy gravity in holding this amazing ballet pose. The two color shots look retro fab. I have TtV envy!

Congrats on the very cool (and fitting) bird brooch! xo
Celtic Cat said…
Love your pelicans!
keiren said…
I'm finding your bird obsession to be fun! Love these images! I'm very taken with the last one. It has such a wonderful retro feel to it and almost looks like a 50s painting. Nice work Harriet! Cool bird brooch that you won!
Erin said…
Love the pelicans!

eireanneilis :)
Unknown said… smarty pants! You know I love those pelicans and I dont even know if we have them here..outside the zoo. I havent seen them anywhere at all. Cool, cool shots and I really love them all, didnt know their wings are so long. I am still in love with the first know the one with his shadow jutting out from his butt..and when I thought I'd slow down on blog hopping, he got me coming back all the time. I blame him and no one else haha!! I am off to see your etsy shop :D
Your shots are amazing!! You are just soooo Ttv talented!!! The last one is my fav...I really like the colors and the sureal quality! So cool.
Congrats on your winning...lucky duck:)
XUE said…
I love pelicans & these makes me think of the pelican who helped find Nemo!
Anonymous said…
the two sepia ones are awesome. just checked in your shop and loved the b&w heart photo. it's amazing!
Janis said…
Your pelican shots are great -- I can almost smell the water. I love your work!
T.Allen said…
The shots are great, I love TtV. Congrats on the giveaway win, it fits nicely with your current bird obsession.
Wear Your Wild said…
What beautiful photos!

Thank you SO much for stopping in and telling me how to fix my photo on my blog. It worked!
Wear Your Wild said…
What beautiful photos!

Thank you SO much for stopping in and telling me how to fix my photo on my blog. It worked!
Wear Your Wild said…
Sorry for the double post! Delete away. Yes, I am that excited.
keiren said…
After looking at your pelican photos from October I was reminded of a weird pelican photo I saw a while ago. I did a search for it and here is the link if you are interested:

You may have already seen this
doing the rounds but if you haven't enjoy!
Ali said…
Ooooh! glad you won Hayley's brooch - they are just so lovely!
And I'm really enjoying your TtV pics Tracy - they're great! I had a little go at TtV photos but I think I did something (many things, possibly!) a bit 'wrong', so I may have to get some Hey Harriet advice!
Anonymous said…
Those are awesome! It really makes me want to head out to the beach and wish for warmer weather!
PJ said…
You're killin' me with these.
Hot Fudge said…
Well Tracy, you really are the most remarkable artist. These images are simply stunning. You realise now that you will have to give us a demmo next time we BrisStyle gals meet up!
Catherine said…
Love that effect you get through shooting with the other lense...magical!!
Trish Goodfield said…
I love pelicans, your shots are incredible.
Anonymous said…
Great photos! I also love the pin by Hayley:)
The are gorgeous! I am in awwwe! Pelicans really are beautfiul birds...just the way the cary themselves is so graceful.

Sorry I haven't been around too much :-( I've been a bit busy but I'm trying to keep up! Miss you Dear!
picciolo said…
I love all those shots, and thank for the tip about the giveaways! That brooch is lovely
: )
Gina said…
Just love your pelican shots..esp the sepia ones! ..and the brooch..drooool!
Chubby Chieque said…
Just dropping by to say "A good week end" to you and fam.

Hugs from a snowy & chilly Stockholm.
GalleryJuana said…
What a fun win!

The first photo pelican is really amazing how each bird has its own perch.
maryt/theteach said…
Your pelicans are extraordinary! :)
MyMaracas said…
The pelicans are perfect! I just adore this effect, especially with the birds. I think you're really onto something magical here.
These are as much fun as the sea gulls are!!
Happy anniversary too (Etsy).
Jill said…
I saw your pictures in your etsy shop--I love the pelican ttvs!!
Anonymous said…
Out of all Mr Percival's paparazzis, you must be the kindest. He looks just like the young star we all remember him to be.

Most celeb pelican paparazzi's take their images at shockingly unflattering angles, letting all feathers hang out! I guess they're trying to make all the Mr Nobody pelicans feel better. Although the 'average' feathery friend can't exactly comprehend who's 'Who' in a magazine or catch a train unless it's by mistake. So who does it help? nobody, including Mr nobody.

Geees... so glad I got that out of my system.

Seriously, nice Pelican shots :) And I really like the Gluttonous Gulls in your Etsy shop. Did you ask a 'hot chip' to take that photo? I'm sure I saw that bird on 'happy feet'. You must hang out in the hottest feathery corners of Hollywood.

Ok... by this stage you probably think I'm on some kind of drugs, well no... I just need a chocolate and caffeine fix. (and notice no 'apple' mentioned.. whoops until now).
Anonymous said…
LOVE these pelican shots! Love them!

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