Shadow Shot Sunday #41

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1. Cecile 2. maryt/theteach 3. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 4. HighDesertDiva 5. Generik 6. Christy 7. BarbaraL 8. EmBelISH 9. ElizabethSchmid

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #41

This obliging pelican happily posed for me early this week. The photo looks like it was taken at a train station and the pelican is standing on the platform waiting to board the train. Well that’s what came to mind when I uploaded the photo to my computer. I took this shot at Bretts Wharf in Hamilton and the structure behind the pelican isn’t really a train but a restaurant. The pelican is waiting for restaurant staff to come outside with a bucket of fish scraps, as they regularly do every afternoon for their pelican pals. While this is most definitely a pelican, his short and stumpy shadow looks very much like a penguin!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
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2. Gemma
3. High Desert Diva
4. Sweet Repose
5. Bobbie
6. raf
7. PJ
8. The Summer Kitchen Girls
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24. Rita
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GalleryJuana said…
I am so impressed with your Ttv photography skills. I love the seagull photos in your Etsy shop!

This pelican certainly strikes a good pose:)
Gemma Wiseman said…
The pelican certainly casts a strangely small shadow for its size. Very much like a penguin shadow! Incredible!
Ha! You are sooooo right. The shadow does look like a penguin!
A Wild Thing said…
I LOVE pelicans, we have huge flocks of white ones here in my neck of the shot girl!
Unknown said…
Wonderful SSS T, and awesome collages as usual. Happy Sunday :D
bobbie said…
Really love your pelican! I do enjoy this meme so much!
raf said…
As is said, a strange bird is the pelican, but stranger still - in your great shadow shot, Harriet - is his shadow!
PJ said…
I love the seabird pics, just brilliant and your gull-friend looks pretty cool, even with them big feets.
I've closed my Abstractions blog, it was a bit of a distraction so I'm using my daily city photo blog now. Have a great Sunday, Tracy.
Oh Tracy! This is great! You need to cut & paste some luggage beside him - it does look like he's waiting for the next train to come by! Perhaps Elizabeth can come up with a childrens picture book - ha! Wouldn't that be grand?!
maryt/theteach said…
Perfect pelican in Black & white, Harriet! :)
Hot Fudge said…
A penguin in pelican's clothing. Who'd have thought? Your latest gull and pelican shots are brilliant, as are the collages of shadow shots you assemble each week. I take my hat off to you, Tracy.
Terri said…
What a great shot. The shadow reminds me of a cartoon bird from years ago; I can't think of it, maybe Heckle and Jeckle? The pelican beak is actually coming out of his butt in the shadow isn't it? LOL!
Love your pelican shot Tracy and how exciting seeing my very first shadow in a collage - hey I am addicted girlfriend have already DONE my SSS for this week (and its not even 8am!) - hope you like it!
Luv Lee xx
Anonymous said…
Great shot Harriet. He looks so calm just waiting there - of course he knows something great is coming -food!
EG CameraGirl said…
Gotta love a pelican that'll pose for you! Cool shot!
Chris said…
Every time I see a pelican, I'm reminded of an oil-paint artist that my parents knew when I was a kid. He always painted boat, dock and marsh scenes. But he once told me a poem that goes:

A mighty bird is the pelican,
Whose mouth can hold more than his belly can.
But I don't know how the hell he can!
Claire, said…
Wonderful TtV shot of an impressive Pelican Tracy! Is that from your Argus? And beautiful collages. I've been away so long I've missed Shadow Shot Sundays. I'm afraid my shadow shot is boring seeing yours. Hope all has been well.
Chubby Chieque said…
I guess this lil pelican knows your meme and that's why he really poses a perfect one, huh?

Great shadow collage again this day!

Have a great Sunday T...

Hugs from so chilly Stockholm! It's -11 below zero now at 00:48hrs.
Wonderful shot of the pelican! It would have been really funny if you had set a suitcase next to know, to complete the waiting for the train look. You may have had to sit it out there covered in fish guts to get him to stand next to it. lol.

I'm really loving your Ttv shots cool!!

His shadow does look like a totally different bird.

Beautiful always!
Alissa Nicolau said…
He is beyond precious! You and Ttv seem to have been made for one another! Good thing it was you that won that contest.
jo said…
Love that shot...he is a very cooperative bird, the effect, the shadow, the colours - all gorgeous!
Carletta said…
Very nice in black and white.
I was thinking the shadow didn't look much like a pelican but a crow.
What a great shot!
Anonymous said…
how nice of the pelican to pose for you. did you reward him afterwards? ;-)

Shannon said…
The shadow looks more like a toucan! COOL!
Kranky Granny said…
I love your photo. The "old salt" thought that it looked like a wood carving sitting on a table. Something about the wings I believe. I would love to know what software you use to edit your shots?
I am so loving your series of Ttv shots! And, yes, by golly that shadow DOES look like a penguin! Does that qualify as a paradox (pair of ducks-yuk yuk!)???
An art associate of mine who just does photography and has gorgeous camera gear, used to do all the print film stuff and darkroom galore. Owns a Hasselbad and a Yashica twin lens reflex camera. Anyway, he just doesn't 'get it' as to why anyone would want to shoot through a viewfinder of another camera! Sigh...
Anonymous said…
I also think the shadow looks like a toucan. What an interesting photo. And the black and white makes it look even more old and strange.

I must have missed it when you explained the Through the Viewfinder thing. Do you put one camera right next to another one and take the tiny photo that way? I do like the effect but I am having trouble envisioning how you do it.
keiren said…
First amazing seagull TtVs and now awesome pelicans! You seem to be at one with sea birds! This pelican/penguin is a cutie. I like the idea of a pelican boarding a train!
Generik said…
I like the glowing pelican!
Anonymous said…
Here again:)
Pelican is majestic.
Anonymous said…
Way to go Mr Percival!. Nice to see not all celebrity pelicans go back to begging for buckets of fish. Catching trains now is he? That's no surprise after seeing his bottom can cast a shadow of a stumpy penguin. Looking forward to seeing what he will do next, how his talent has blossomed since 'Storm Boy'.

Oh and you're really clever and talented too Miss T ;)

Love your pelican photo and your collage of last sunday's shadow shooters. Seeing them here on display has given me the chance to catch up from missing last weeks SSS.
Christine Gail said…
What a shot..You are so lucky to catch the bird shadows..Beautiful.
You know, I just enjoy birds and watching them..Good job..Happy SSS..
Jeri ~ said…
Love the pelican, the collages, and your whole meme!
Chrisy said…
Thanks for getting all these talented people to show us their fabulous shadow shots...
MyMaracas said…
Wow, I love the pelican shot! What a great capture. The play of light and shadow is amazing, and the subject is a unique treat. "Pelican Waits for Train" ... LOL!

Victoria said…
Another fabulous bird shot! You are the Annie Leibowitz of the bird world! Pelicans have fascinated me every since I was a kid and we went to Florida for vacation. I remember standing on a pier, and everyone was fishing, but no one was catching anything. Pelicans however, (which I had never seen in person before) flew up above us, and would dive bomb down into the water bringing up a fish each and every time. I loved there success!
Anonymous said…
I've always found that pelicans are very friendly. Most of them will willingly pose to have their picture taken. Great shot!
littlebird said…
i love that you are able to take, what i assume is a random group of images, and make them look like a collection that belongs ; )
Anonymous said…
My shadow is small this week, but it is there! Have a great week.
Anonymous said…
OOps on the above link. My shadow shot is at

Anonymous said…
What an interesting shot - and nice blog!
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
{LUV} this pelican.
I don't see them, in the flesh, in my neck of the woods.

He certainly makes for an interesting shadow :-)

P.S.: Thanx for the collage feature.
Tessa said…
Fantastic shot, Tracy, and I love the kind of allegory of Mr. P waiting for his train! And yes, his shadow most certainly looks very penquin-like! How oddly fascinating. said…
I love the "penguin shadow"! & yes, I too thought he was waiting to board a train! That is so neat the restaurant feeds these guys.
Thanks again Tracy for this fun meme. I'm late this Sunday, but happy to be here none the less.
PS beautiful collages, they inspire me to try & do better with my shadow hunting!
Anonymous said…
What a marvelous black and white penguin photo 'waiting' ... and once again your collages of last week's participants are wonderful.
Hugs and blessings,
luvmyboys said…
You're so right about this big guy's little shadow. The shadow looks almost like a toucan.
Carin said…
Amazing shadow shots I find here every week. They give me loads of ideas!
Your pelican looks lovely too and LOL it's shadow looks like a pinguin indeed.
Birds never pose for me and I find it very hard to take their picture.
Catherine said…
As usual your collages are a joy to behold, and a real Sunday treat to look forward to... and as with everyone else am loving the photo which kills/shoots two birds with one lense!! Thanks
Catherine said…
As usual your collages are a joy to behold, and a real Sunday treat to look forward to... and as with everyone else am loving the photo which kills/shoots two birds with one lense!! Thanks
Gina said…
I've come to get my hey harriet fix..sorry for the long absence!
Loving yoru pelican shadow..does look like a penguin..with a beak extension ha ha! Hoping to join in next time..very busy this week..but new camera arriving soon, can't wait to try out! gx
Janis said…
I could stare at those collages for hours.

And your pelican is priceless. But how on earth did you get him to strike the penguin pose?! Too cute.
Unknown said…
I tell you, am loving that pelican shadow shot!!! you are one clever pants!!
picciolo said…
great shots from everyone this week, and I love your pelican!
: )
Ali said…
oh no... more birds! Although, I do rather like your pelican / penguin waiting for his train!