Shadow Shot Sunday #43

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for a little further info before submitting your link. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. Carletta 2. Alissa 3. Bobbie 4. Carin 5. Becky 6. CatherineBardrick 7. Chie 8. Babylonezoo 9. Cam

The Shooters:
1. DailyVintagePhoto 2. Generik 3. Gemma 4. EmBelISH 5. GalleryJuana 6. Annette 7. Christy 8. Fog&Thistle 9. Cindy

The Shooters:
1. Hejoko 2. Christine 3. HighDesertDiva 4. Kelly 5. Kenobiitti 6. LeeMills 7. Lisa'sRetroStyle 8. Jeri 9. Jo

The Shooters:
1. PaganSphinx 2. SaraChapman 3. Me 4. PJ 5. maryt/theteach 6. Olga 7. Rita 8. MoreOfMe 9. HappilyRetiredGal

The Shooters:
1. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 2. SummerKitchenGirls 3. Raf 4. MolokaiGirl 5. Raven 6. Tameka 7. Nell 8. Sherrie 9. RinklyRimes

The Shooters:
1. Terri 2. SweetRepose 3. Shannon 4. SylviaK 5. TheSmallThings 6. ZenDotStudio 7. ctmott 8. Vicki/Maraca 9. Rebecca

The process of creating these collages this week was a lot more random than usual. I was a little rushed for time. I think the individual photos shine above the mish-mashy randomness of the groupings anyway. Thanks to all the shadow shooters for participating. Apologies to both Long Island Daily Photo and Musings From The Pond for your photos not appearing in the collages. Unfortunately I was unable to include your shadow shots due to the photos being PNG images. The editing program I use to create the collages will not recognise PNG images. I can only collage JPEG images. I may not have mentioned this before. If I haven't mentioned it before...oops! So thought I'd better mention it now for future reference.

Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #43

A couple from my shadow archives taken recently at Roma Street Parklands. I’m glad I have a few shadow shots saved because we’ve had miserable weather this week in Brisbane due to cyclone Hamish further up north. Overcast and wet for much of the week. Coincidentally I’m off to Roma Street Parklands today for a BrisStyle meet-up at the Melange Café. Today marks our first anniversary as an official Etsy Team, so it should be a fun celebration. Happy birthday BrisStyle! One year old today and a good excuse to eat cake!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. High Desert Diva
2. Bobbie
3. Dublin Sky & Shadows
4. Gallery Juana
5. jc
7. Rinkly Rimes
8. Sweet Repose
9. Musings from The Pond
10. Pagan Sphinx-Massachusetts
11. tameka
12. PJ
13. Sylvia K
14. Cecile
15. ctmott
16. maryt/theteach
17. Chris
18. Gemma
19. The Summer Kitchen Girls
20. Carin
21. Hot Fudge
22. Raven
23. BABYLONEZOO (France)
24. Alissa
25. Chie
26. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
27. raf
28. Jeri
29. Carletta
30. More of Me - EG WoW!
31. Shannon
32. In This Life - Annette
33. Lisa's RetroStyle
34. Cam
35. Vicki
36. Molokai Girl
37. Terri - teelgee
38. Gingerbread ~ Gina
39. Rita/Cashjocky
40. Just Like Martha
41. ahab
42. hejoko
43. Kitty Boo Boo
44. Black Star
45. EmBelISH
46. Tom Hilton
47. Dianne
48. Gennaro | Cusco Peru
49. Generik
50. An Aerial Armadillo
51. Christy
52. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
53. Kerslyn
54. storyteller
55. Lucy
56. GreenMeadow
57. Kym
58. Catherine Bardrick
59. The Small Things

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bobbie said…
Very unusual and beautiful shadows!
GalleryJuana said…
The collages are quite a collection! Thanks for putting those together.

I like the earthy colors in your shadow shots. It reminds me of adobe.
Unknown said…
Hey T, anytime is a great time to eat cake, maybe that's why I eat too much of it ;p Now, that's a super lovely shadow, very interesting texture you have. Hope the weather gets much's raining on alternate days here. Have a wonderful Sunday :D hugs/m
XUE said…
A year already?!! Never thought that a brickwall could look so stylish!
Rinkly Rimes said…
What a lot of work for you! But very interesting to be able to 'leaf through' other shadow shots. Thank you.
A Wild Thing said…
I'm with ya on the icky weather, but the sun came out...finally!

I love the contrasting earth tones of the brick and mortar shot!

Have a great Sunday Tracie...

keiren said…
Random or not they all look great! An amazingly creative group! Your shadowy wall is very cool! Enjoy your day and have a piece of cake for me. Make it big and chocolatey :)
T.Allen said…
Beutiful collage-it amazes me how much the group has grown since I first started lurking.

Happy Anniversaty Bris Style!
Janis said…
Congrats -- that's a very good excuse to eat cake!

I just love it when I get to see Sunday's collages on Saturday because your time is ahead of us here. It feels like I'm getting a sneak peek!

I want to cuddle that adorable puppy in the first set. Lovely work once again!
PJ said…
You always have the most thought provoking images. I love this.

I thought you might like to see this, it's lomography but in the same fam as TtV:
What a wonderful shadow..very interesting..I don't know how you get to do the collages either..they are wonderful. Have a happy SSS...
maryt/theteach said…
Love the nice RED brick and of course the shadows, Harriet! Mine's up! :)
Chris said…
I finally got over being lazy and did it this week!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the abstract variations of the shadows on the earthy tones and textures! Just beautiful!
david mcmahon said…
G'day from Melbourne - what a great idea. I really like the strong geometry of the last shot.
Love the texture of this brick? Is it brick? Fabulous!
We really like that lush vegetation in the background of that first pic too!
Victoria said…
Super duper cool texture! And the green of that leaf really pops against the wall! Hope you have a fun get together with your Etsy buddies, and that the sun comes out for you soon!!
Carin said…
Yes it's a good thing to have some shadow shots saved! Great shadows on your photo's

Really like the way you collect all entries in those collages. You make our photo's look even more special.

Enjoy the cake and hope you have fun!

Happy Sunday to you to. Here it's Saturday evening, time to go to sleep. Looking forward to a sunny Sunday!
Hot Fudge said…
This week's collages are so beautifully composed - I don't know how you do it week after week. And looking at your entry for this week reminds me that I shouldn't be sitting here - I should be getting ready to go to the very place where you took the images - time for our first anniversary BrisStyle meet-up. Catch you there!
Alissa Nicolau said…
Neat wall, or what I think is supposed to be a wall... The texture is great, so interesting. It looks like a possible summertime project for me, or um, the spouse!

Hey, I've missed you!
Chubby Chieque said…
Lovely collage & fantastic earthy tone shadows you got.

Yeah, sometimes feels desperating chasing shadows when the sun isn't cooperative.

Hope you having a great Sunday...

jo said…
love the texture & the tones in your shot - very earthy & the contrast with the leaf is superb
Anonymous said…
Fabulous as usual!
raf said…
Love those wonderfully rich contrasts of red and black today, Harriet. And the brick and leaf textures. I also used a close-up shot today for detail, along with the larger image. Seemed appropiate.
Beautiful collages, as always!
Carletta said…
The shadows of the brick is a clever shot!
I like the subtle shadows of the leaves on the ground behind the brick.
Wonderful collages as always.
EG CameraGirl said…
I like the subtle shadows cast by the bricks!
Jeri ~ said…
Very unique shots - well done!
Sylvia K said…
Really great shots! Thanks for sharing and for hosting! It's a fun meme and I do enjoy it -- even though I sometimes have a long wait for the sunshine!
Anonymous said…
Love the shots Tracy, very textural!! Happy Sunday to you
Anonymous said…
I agree - unique! Happy SSS :)
MyMaracas said…
Great texture on that brick, and it makes a lovely contrast to the feathery fern shadows.

Sorry to hear you're having bad weather, but I hope your celebration is fun!
It's always so much fun to see what everyone has posted! Spring is just about here and looking at the shots with the snow makes me shiver!
Love the contrasts in your brick wall.
Terri said…
Happy Birthday BrisStyle! Enjoy your meetup!

Wonderful subtle shadows on the bricks. I hope you get some shadow weather soon.
Gina said…
Great shadow mosaics once pleased to be joining in today! I hope your weather improves this week..and you enjoyed your cake today..big congrats to you and your group too :D
Kranky Granny said…
I'm sure hosting this meme is a great deal of work and I believe everyone here knows and appreciated that. I also believe that no one would be upset or complain if you did what worked best for you in terms of time and effort each week. We are just happy that you are willing to do so much.

Thank you for all you do.

Have a great day.
Hi Trace, Luv your collages this week as usual and your wonderful shadows...Happy Birthday to you and the talented Bristyle team Luv Lee x
Cassandra Kiss said…
lovely & interesting as always
: )
Ali said…
Great shots Tracy - and I love the collages too, I always like the photos with snow in them the best :)
I thought you had taken those pics today when I saw them :) (but then I kept reading!)
happy Sunday
ahab said…
Fun meme, Hey Harriet. This week I'm finally joining my photo blog mates (from Pixels at an Exhibition) Generik and Tom Hilton in playing along.
Wear Your Wild said…
What a cool idea! And great photos! I'm jumping on board. I read the directions, not sure that I understand everything (it's early here still). If I'm doing something wrong, someone please let me know.
ahab said…
I love those diagonal shadow-lines. So vibrant!
Tom Hilton said…
Very nice--great textures.
Dianne said…
I love the bit of green to compliment the clay color - and the texture is wonderful

Happy 1 Year at Etsy - that's quite an accomplishment
Generik said…
I like the angles on this week's shot.
Shannon said…
Hi there! I was looking again at the AMAZING collages again from this week and remembering that when you first started this, there was only ONE collage - and NOW many! Getting MUCH more popular and I'm glad! I've seriously fallen in LOVE with shadow shots!
Tessa said…
Oh, I love those shots. They appear so tactile, like a wonderful abstract painting. said…
every week you astound me with your lovely shadows & collages! I love the rich terracotta color contrasting with the green leaves. Very nice.
Your so sweet to include me in your post. Thank you my friend.
I hope I did it right this week. So sorry for being late!
Anonymous said…
Hi! My first time to join this meme.

Happy SSS!
storyteller said…
Interesting textures to your shadows today. I always enjoy the Shadow Shot Galley collages immensely and today is no exception. I played at Sacred Ruminations this week.
Hugs and blessings,
lucy said…
I haven't played in a how you have grown! You do such a wonderful job putting all of this together. Thank you for the time and effort you give to us all!
Anonymous said…
This is so fun! Thanks for all your work in putting it together. Every week I'm inspired to go out and shoot some shadows.
Amanda said…
Very striking shadows of the Roma St Parklands. It does help when there's actually a 'sun' involved :)

On another note... Royal Gala's are probably the best at the moment. I'm personally hanging out for the Pink Ladies to come back. I really recommend that you go with proven low GI foods after cake and caffeine ;D

and for goodness sake, don't start eating frogs!!!
I want cake!!! Yippee! But then I guess I'm awfully late to be expecting cake aren't I? Darn.

Sorry you're having terrible weather. Ours is finally wonderful. So wonderful I couldn't make myself spend anytime inside this weekend.

Your shadow shots are both great! Very clever little detail shadows on the brick wall. And I love the shadows down the lane....really makws me want to have a walk down there and see where it leads.

I like your random collages. Very nice!
Anonymous said…
I missed visiting everyone's shadow shots last week (and will unfortunately do so this week, too). I'm so glad for your recaps, where I can see everyone's photos in one place. Everyone is so creative with their SS. Love it!

Happy week to you.

Anonymous said…
P.S. Congrats on your anniversary!

picciolo said…
wow you get more and more participants every week! I love looking through them all. Hope your weather improves!
: )
Catherine said…
thanks again for putting this wonderful set of collages together...and love your archive shots...thanks also for putting my link up as I was away this wknd without internet access!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goshhh !!!
those shots are aweeeeesome !!
These make me feel like getting back to my photography :)
Thanks for sharing all these !!