Shadow Shot Sunday #44

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for a little further info before submitting your link. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. maryt/theteach 2. PJ 3. CatherineBardrick 4. Bobbie 5. Chris 6. GalleryJuana 7. Gemma 8. HotFudge 9. Alissa

The Shooters:
1. JustLikeMartha 2. HighDesertDiva 3. Babylonezoo 4. Vicki 5. Chie 6. MusingsFromThePond 7. Jeri 8. Cecile 9. Cam 10. ctmott 11. MoreOfMe 12. Carin 13. Ahab 14. Kym 15. Christy 16. KittyBooBoo

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The Shooters:
1. jc 2. Tameka 3. Raf 4. RinklyRimes 5. BlackStar 6. Gina 7. Annette 8. Lisa'sRetroStyle 9. SummerKitchenGirls

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #44

Some shadowy tree reflections I spotted in the window of a building somewhere in South Brisbane. These trees look a little bit sad to me. I get the feeling that they’d prefer to be growing someplace else. I could be wrong. They may be perfectly happy where they are. I hope so. I’ll try to imagine them as being happy.

This Sunday is the last time that I’ve included ALL shadow shots in the collages. It’s becoming a little bit difficult for me lately to compile the collages using everyone’s photos each week. I am still very keen to continue making some collages, but I’ve decided from now on I’ll create only three collages (I'm thinking three of the nine picture ones) every week using a selection of the shadow shots from participants. I may choose shadows based on a theme (if I notice one occurring), or I’ll select ones that I think will look nice together, or I’ll simply randomly select them. It will just be whatever happens to work out each week. And it will be fun! A change is good right? Anyway, I do really appreciate you all for playing along, and while compiling collages of all the photos has been a bit of a struggle, it has in no way dampened my enthusiasm for looking at all of the wonderful shadows! So keep ‘em coming! You shadow shooters rock! You truly do.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. High Desert Diva
2. GalleryJuana
3. Sweet Repose
4. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
5. Wildeve
6. Musings From The Pond
7. PJ
8. pRiyA
9. Kuusela Finland
10. Tom Hilton
11. The Summer Kitchen Girls
12. maryt/theteach
13. Hot Fudge
14. Sacred Ruminations
15. Raven
16. Becky
17. More of Me - EG WoW!
18. Sylvia K
19. Molokai Girl
20. Hildegarde (Flanders,EU)
21. Chie
22. Gemma
23. Just Like Martha
24. Carin
25. Terri - teelgee
26. Bobbie
27. chanpheng, Laos
28. BABYLONEZOO (France)
29. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
30. ahab
31. Dianne
32. Rita/Cashjocky
33. {S.T.U.F.F.}
34. BLOGitse
35. Kym
36. Ginger
37. ctmott
38. hejoko
39. Twinkle Star Art
40. Christy
41. Sherrie
42. elizabeth schmid
43. Whizkid
44. Lisa's RetroStyle
45. Pagan Sphinx-Massachusetts
46. Happily Retired Gal
47. Karen ~Georgia Angel
48. Cam
49. Two Barking Dogs
50. Dee
51. tameka
52. VINTAGE Shadow Shot
53. Catherine Bardrick,Mexico City
54. Generik
55. EmBelISH
56. Jane
57. raf
58. Margaret Gosden
59. Kenobiitti
60. Cate
61. ppdesigns

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Whatever you decide to do with the collages is fine with me....I'm impressed you've been doing them all for so long!

Your shot is so modern looking this week. People living in a box trying to green up their space. I'm going to imagine the trees being happy to be there, too.
Margaret Gosden said…
Just to let you know I posted 3 SHADOW SHOTS yesterday, if of any interest?
GalleryJuana said…
I was beginning to think the group has really grown (Hurray!), and that doing the collages was becoming a task too big for one person to handle. So I can perfectly understand any changes that need to occur.

Your shadow shots of the city are always beautiful. I bet the Tourist Burearu or Chamber of Commerce would use them to promote the city.
A Wild Thing said…
You have such a popular meme these days and I only see it growing as new friendships are have my permission to do whatever...ha!

You are coming up with just the best shots these days, very artsy!

Have a wonderful Sunday Tracy!

Cindy said…
This is my first time here, it's so fun. Please feel free to use my shadow shot any way you want. :)
pRiyA said…
Er, this is my first time here and I'm the eighth link.

Hi Harriet! I'm glad you are friendly.
I hope i've done everything right.
You can use these picts in a collage and I will be thrilled to bits.
I am here thanks to Tessa ( who saw my latest post and suggested I take part in this.
pRiyA said…
And you are from Brisbane! Yipee!! I love that place ever since I studied Art there years ago.
PJ said…
Of all the memes I do yours is the most fun. It's beautifully organized, the participants visit each other's blogs (this is a pet peeve of mine: I don't care if the other person puts up a post that does or doesn't speak to me, I'm there and I'm gong to say something positive and create a connection, not just move on to something else.), and you're always so upbeat. Thanks for everything you do. Handle the collages however you feel comfortable, I'm sure they'll be wonderful.
Tom Hilton said…
Thanks for all of the work you've put into this--it's a real gift to all of us.
Love the blue background reflection of the sky! Maybe those trees would look happier if we'd put a big smiley face on each of the trees.....!? Ha!
Have a great weekend!
maryt/theteach said…
Beautiful shadow shots, Harriet! Mine SSS is up! I love your collages! :)
Hot Fudge said…
I take my hat off to you Tracy. I know it must take you many hours to compose the collages each week. Please keep them coming, even in the modified form.

Your poor little trees this week look a little sad to me as well. It's probably the knowledge that the Brissy sun hitting the windows behind them will be sure to cause them a lot of discomfort! Let's hope they are strong enough to resist.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it amazing where we find shadow shots when we're looking for them! Wonderful captures this week! As for the collages, you know we all enjoy them and wonder how you manage ... so whatever adjustments work for you will be fine I'm sure ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Little Mary Moo said…
Yep, I have to agree, I think those trees just might be a little happier somewhere else. Great shot though.

Your collages look great and the modified form so you are still able to produce them without it being too time consuming sounds like a great idea.
Anonymous said…
Are these little trees happy ? Good question ! I think they are making the best of it.
Very good choise to make the collages this way that it is a pleasure, choose what fits well together or random or whatever, without worrying. You rock too !!
I love your tree shadows! Very artsy...
I know the collages are a LOT of work to do. I've always been amazed that you are able to pull it off every week. So, whatever you do will be fine with me!
Chubby Chieque said…
That's good idea, T! It's lot of work doing the collage right? And every Sunday more shooters join the fun.

Back to business §:-)) your tree shadows are well taken. Looks so artistic like many ladies said.
Another job WELL done, girl... keep it up & I keep on droppin´

Have a great Sunday & c yah
Gemma Wiseman said…
Great idea to just select some of our shadow shots for collages! I am sure it must be at the overwhelming stage now with so many of us enthusiastically participating!

Love these tree shadows! They almost look as if they represent topiary in the way they are shaped! Intriguing!

Happy SSS!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy, I am with everyone else as I know the collages would have taken a long time to do and we are all time poor.They have been really great, the way you have displayed them.
Now the trees - I feel sorry for them, they look like they have had too much sun and not in the best of conditions.
Carin said…
Those trees make a mighty artistic picture. They might prefer a better place but don't look that bad.

Though I enjoyed seeing your collages I can understand you bringing it back a little to just about 3 collages. Just now, while scrolling down I was admiring all those different shadow shots and what a wonderful collages you make every week!

Enjoy your Sunday and have a good week!
Gina said…
A good decision T! I'm sure all SS's appreciate all the effort put into making those collages! Love your tree's is a weird spot for them, but they do look the warm light in the 2nd one. Have a great Sunday :D
Ali said…
I like your shadow shots today Tracy (well, I like them every week, actually!) - these photos don't look like Brisbane to me though. More like a bigger bustling city.

And while I agree that those funny-shaped trees would probably prefer to be somewhere else, I think if I was on the inside of that building (trudging away at work everyday...), then I'd really like and apreciate them being there.

Happy Sunday :)
Terri said…
Good for you for setting the limit Tracy! It's quite reasonable for you to cut back on the collages. However you choose to do it will be perfect. Thanks for all the work you do for this fabulous meme!
bobbie said…
I can certainly understand why you feel you have to cut down a bit on the collages. I do enjoy them, but your meme keeps growing bigger. It must get to be a chore.
EG CameraGirl said…
Happy or unhappy, they make interesting shadows. ;-)
Unknown said…
Very interesting shadow T and I guess people need some green to make them happy, it always makes me happy so I can understand. Meanwhile, you've done fantastically well for almost a year. Copying, linking, collaging so many photos is not an easy task, so having a selection is good,'ll grow till hundreds and you'll really have to blog/collage full time-with no pay of course ;p I think with this bloggy thing as much fun as it is, discipline is really critical..otherwise, we get lost in the www and it never ends. Good for you T..will be back later to see the final numbers ;p
Anonymous said…
Please don't burn out. Adjust so things work for you. We love this meme!

The plants perhaps a bit too warm and sunny, but they look like a bit of tender loving care will perk them right up. As for us all. Interesting shadows, as always.
Catherine said…
Great collages as usual... and yes those trees do look dwarfed and subjugated by all those buildings and rigid concrete...
Trish Goodfield said…
I love looking through the shots but boy it must be a lot of work. Be kind to yourself.
Dianne said…
I'm going to imagine the trees are happy right along with you.

The collages are a bonus however you do them - I think you should do whatever suits you.

Happy Sunday
Kym said…
Tracy...your shadow shots are wonderful, I love that you looked up for the shadows with your shot (Sometimes we forget to look up and miss many things passing by us!) for this week. Thank you for including my late entry and it must be a task for you since the challenge has grown, so I do not blame you for mixing the challenge up and just picking a few each week that fit well or even having a theme makes the shadow shot much more challenging that way! I am looking forward to seeing what you decide...go for it!
Kranky Granny said…
I have to ditto everyone elses sentiments. You have to do what works for you.

For me half the fun is hunting the correct shots to post. The other half is visiting and reading all the other post.

I admit that I get so caught up in reading more then just the SSS post that I sometimes forget to leave a comment. I promise to do better.
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
Just like Rita, I fun and pleasure in finding just the right photo & reading the entries. Do what works for you, just don't stop providing this forum {please}
Chrisy said…
I always enjoy ur collages...but gosh it must be a lot of work...I wonder how it would go to put a list of participating blogs in ur sidebar and then just do one collage a week...
BLOGitse said…
my first entry today...

Nice to meet you all,
shadow meme bloggers! :-)
Kym said…
I have added a new link to a new image...thanks for the inspiration...this is fun!
Beautiful pictures,the trees are very pretty. They are in such an interesting place on the building.
Good job..You know, I was always amazed at the job you did on the collages..To be truthful, I don't know how the heck you did it, I can't even keep my blog going.
Happy SSS...
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, I don't get angry if my shadow isn't in the collages.
This must be fun to you too:D
Anonymous said…
You may have stumbled across the very last three entings (young ents) in existence. They do look a little hot up there all alone. Do you know if they ever found those entwives (female ents)? I know they seem to have lost them at the time The Lord of the Rings took place.

Yeah, totally understand about reducing the amount of images in the collages too! Get some of your life back :)
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
That's a great shadow shot! Makes you wonder who does the watering of those 3 little trees! Have a great day!!

XUE said…
Hey T ! You deserve a special award for popularising this SSS & taking it to what it is today! I know much work you put in each time around & probably even more work than anyone could imagine. That special "colour" goodie that's making its way to you, is to say "Thank you" for a fab blog, for being a fab bloggy buddy!
Wear Your Wild said…
Hey Harriet~ You do a great job with this and whatever you decide to do will be just as fab! This is only my second week doing this and I've been looking forward to Sunday's post. Can't wait to see how this evolves.
Elizabeth said…
Loved the sad trees against the building and the window.
So sorry to have gone missing but am glad to be back.
Almost a year of Shadow Shots.
You have made a big hit of this --and you collages are so great -- but I quite agree that this is so popular now you would have to devote your whole existence to it.....
lots of love and thank you again.
ahab said…
Well, at least those three trees have each other! That's a positive.
Anonymous said…
I Love shadows! This is fantastic. Now I need to look at them all.
I think you so much of your time to our growing group of shadow lovers!!

I think your trees...if not decidedly happy about their place in life...are feeling a little self righteous. Proud of their ability to grow where they're matter how difficult their lot in life may be. You'll not here them complaining. I think they feel special. Important. Above the fray.
Amithigirl said…
I love checking out your shadow gallery - some wonderful photographers, thank you:)
Unknown said…
I love the red steps (?) in the first photo.

Regarding the collages. They've been wonderful but I can see how cumbersome it must be to put them together. Whatever you decide to do is fine. Everyone has time constraints.

Anonymous said…
I'm back ... loved the collages all over again and decided to participate at Happily Retired Gal!
Hugs and blessings,
Anonymous said…
Love your tree shadow shot, and the collage change is understandable. Happy SSS!
Anonymous said…
Hope everyone has a great week, filled with a few shadows!
T.Allen said…
I agree the trees look like they're thinking of greener pastures.

No worries on the collages-I'm impressed that you've hung out this long, there are so many of us shooters! I'm just happy to look at light in a new way-this meme has truly changed my perpective and challenges me regularly. Thanks!
Generik said…
Back to the shadows again!

I like the tree shots. Did you know that in California, just south of San Francisco, there is a little town called Brisbane. It's set mostly on the sides of a couple big hills, and faces east and the SF Bay. I pass it every morning and evening on my way to and from work.
Janis said…
I think your idea to limit yourself to three collages is a good one. It's only fun when it's not overwhelming.

Maybe one day soon I can accomplish a shadow shot worthy of contributing! Have a lovely day -- it must be your Aussie Monday already?!
Anonymous said…
Awesome shadow shots as usual. I like the idea of just choosing a few random ones to highlight.

Have a great week.

Shannon said…
SUPER sad I missed this week's shots! FIFTY-FIVE... WOW! Unfortunately I won't have time to visit all those sites, but I'll be back next week! .. Cool shadowy reflections!
raf said…
Just barely made it aboard this week since we were traveling during the weekend.
Seems we're both into the trees this weekend, Harriet. My tree is leading a rugged life clinging to a windy, rocky ledge, but would probably rather be there than in a pot in the city. You think? :)
Hey, I like doing your shadows meme and thanks for hosting.....great job!
Unknown said…
Mmmm...57, very close :D
Thanks so much for hosting this meme...I hope you realize that this has enriched our lives (and photography skills) your shadows, too...
Unknown said…
Harriet, I've enjoyed browsing all the Shadow Shot Sunday posts & others' sites too--what awesome work you've done to share all these. I participated yesterday, and am sorry I linked TWICE! Oops! Will be anxious to see your newest collage. Everyone has such great perspective & thanks for sharing this art in life! said…
this is mega cool. pity i'm a shite photog.
I'm really excited about SSS. I just heard about it and can't wait to participate. I didn't realize so many people enjoyed snapping shadows as much as I do.
Victoria said…
I hope the little window trees are happy, too. Either way they made for some lovely shots! I think you are a wise woman to scale back on the collages. I've been watching them grow over the months and have wondered about how time consuming putting them all together must be. Amazing how this one idea has taken off so, and now people all around the world are shooting shadows! You might have to start handing out yearly Shadow Shooting awards... like the Oscars... the trophy could look like the old comic book character "The Shadow"!
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