Shadow Shot Sunday #45

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. Kym 2. Becky 3. Wildeve 4. Cam 5. Whizkid 6. Dianne 7. Gemma 8. Katie 9. HotFudge

The Shooters:
1. Raf 2. Raven 3. Chie 4. PJ 5. Lisa'sRetroStyle 6. PP-Designs 7. CatherineBardrick 8. Ahab 9. LongIslandDailyPhoto

The Shooters:
1. Jane 2. TwoBarkingDogs 3. SummerKitchenGirls 4. Bobbie 5. ctmott 6. BLOGitse 7. pRiyA 8. Tameka 9. Rita

It felt extremely weird collaging less than half of the shadow shots posted last week. The urge to include all of them was strong, but I resisted the urge and stopped at twenty-seven photos. It did save a lot of time. The plan is to mix it up each time and not use shadow shots by the same participants every week. If you happen to notice that I've not included a photo by you for a while and you would like me to, please feel free to let me know because I am not a very organised kind of a person and may lose track. A simple message saying something like "hey doofus it's about time you included one of my shots!" will be fine.

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #45

I cannot claim the first photo as my own shadow shot. I took a photo of a photo. I cheated. The original photo was taken by Anton Corbijn, titled 'Nick Cave, London, 1999' and can be found at the Nick Cave exhibition that I blogged about in my previous post. The second one is of my desk in my studio. By studio I'm referring to my junk-filled closet-sized spare room. By desk I'm referring to a big door balancing on a couple of dodgy old wooden trestles. I'm all class! The late afternoon autumn sun shining through the curtains cast pretty patterns and some nice paint bottle shadows on my desk-door-trestle-table-thingie.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. Catherine Bardrick - Mexico City
3. Sweet Repose
4. PJ-Pensacola
5. Bobbie
6. Sylvia K
7. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
8. GalleryJuana
9. More of Me - Canada
10. Tom Hilton
11. Shannon
12. wildeve
13. Jeri
14. High Desert Diva
15. Gemma
16. Chie
17. Raven
18. The Summer Kitchen Girls
19. maryt/theteach
20. Just Like Martha
21. meka
22. Jo
23. Vicki (Maraca)
24. Generik
25. ahab
26. Pagan Sphinx - Massachusetts
27. Terri - teelgee
28. Molokai Girl
29. Paz's New York Minute
30. Lisa's RetroStyle
31. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
32. Raven
33. whizkid
34. BABYLONEZOO (France)
35. Rita aka Cashjocky
36. ChickenSue
37. BLOGitse
38. raf
39. EmBelISH
40. zendotstudio
41. Carin
42. chanpheng, Laos
43. Fog and Thistle
44. ctmott
45. Christy
46. hejoko
47. elizabeth schmid
48. julie king
49. The Small Things
50. BlackStar
51. Jenn, in Muskoka
52. Cam
53. Kenobiitti
54. storyteller
55. Cate
56. Barbara
57. Kym
58. Junie Rose
59. {S.T.U.F.F.}
60. Nona

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Victoria said…
Yeah, that Nick Cave photo is pretty damn cool, and I like the way you think, Tracy!

Your sun and shadow speckled shot of your work space is lovely... you make old paint bottles look very romantic and full of dreamy possibilities!

Enjoy your week! xo
Unknown said…
err..okay, hey Doofus ;p (haha)..that first shot was cool, bet you would love the take the real picture. And, I LOVE the 2nd one, looks very sunny, bright and happy and like that curtain/lace effect. I like very much a peek at your studio with all those paint bottles, and what a smart bunny you are to have recycled door as a table. Happy Sunday T..btw, you dont have to worry about collaging my SSS, you've done great...
A Wild Thing said…
What a colorful rendition of work soon to be inspired...I like yellow, LOTS!

I can't handle Nick's second hand smoke, but I love his style!

Have a goody Sunday!

PJ said…
The NC photo is like seeing a split personality, the geek and the cool guy. Brilliantly done so thanks for sharing.
Trestle-table-thingies are always perfectly acceptable, it's the work produced at them that counts and this SSS is fabulous. Thanks again for being the hostess with the mostest.
Unknown said…
I'm honored to be included in SSS #45, and now I'm hooked on looking for unique shadows to shoot. Your studio sounds perfect & the shot of your bottles is a reminder that it's the little things in life that really matter. Thanks for all your efforts, Harriet!
Great shadow photos. Of course you wish you could take credit for the first one; it's practically a textbook illustration of using shadows meaningfully. But I truly love your cheery and warm curtains/desk shot. Gorgeous lace, too! And of course it's not the tools, it's the artist, but you knew that.
GalleryJuana said…
Your desk looks inviting to sit at and daydream or create! Beautiful warm shadows. I think I'd use an old door too if I had one!
EG CameraGirl said…
Your "classy" studio works for me!
Shannon said…
That photo of a photo was pretty fab... the lighting, color, etc... perfect!!!!
whizkid said…
Aww..Thanks for including my pic in the collage :) Loved your photo...the colours in the streaming light is looks so beautiful. The Anton Corbijn photo is fantastic!

ps. will be posting my sss tomorrow. it will be sunday in india then :)
Cindy said…
I love both shots. The warrmth of your studio shot and the lace shadow is really inviting. NC- very cool. I was exited to see my shot in the collage! Thanks, this is really fun.
Hot Fudge said…
Your studio looks so warm and inviting, Tracy. No wonder you produce such works of art. Thanks so much for including my shot this week - I feel 'umbled.
You crack me up!

Love your desk ss.....very pretty
Little Mary Moo said…
I love this shot of the autumn sun shadow. Very pretty. Doors do make very classy tables - don't let anyone tell you different.
Gemma Wiseman said…
You are all class! Very creative using a door to get a huge size table! And the shadows effects on it are beautiful!

Love your choice of the Nick Cave silhouette! It is artistic!

I'll volunteer to be missed for next week's collage seeing you included me this week!
Chubby Chieque said…
NC's shadow is so alive... just look at it! Smart post from you, T! NO matter if it's urs or the original.

Amazing that you even create such a cool and wonderful SS in your studio. You are one good artist, lol

Thanks for letting me in in your collage. Lil L says *blushes

Hugs to you all!
Love that "cheater" shadow {we're glad you shared it though!!} and we love your sunny studio....we prefer to think of our junk filled basement & mud room as our "studios" too - it just sounds sooo much better - in our minds at least!
Have a great week!
maryt/theteach said…
Hey Harriet, I love your shadow on the table! Very nice! Thanks for hosting this fun meme! :)
I adore this shot of the lace shadows and the paint bottles. It's got a dreamy ambiance.
jo said…
Love the collages this week Tracey, the groupings are classy, they make the shots even better.
Nick Cave is uber cool especially in shadow!
Jeri ~ said…
Great shadows on your desk and who can blame you for "cheating" with that photo, so cool! Happy SSS.
MyMaracas said…
Love the lacy shadows from your window. It's as if the paint is dreaming of its own possibilities.

Than Nick Cave photo is amazing. Thanks for sharing that one.
Generik said…
Love the shot from your studio, and I think you did a great job capturing the Nick Cave photo and giving it a new angle, as it were. Both very strong entries this week.

Also, just to weigh in on the collage discussion, it doesn't bother me at all to not be in them every week. I'm really glad that you included my blogmate ahab's photo in this week's collection, though, because I thought his contribution was just outstanding.

Happy SSS!
Unknown said…
Very cool Nick Cave photo! Happy Sunday, Tracey!
Terri said…
I LOVE your studio and desk! And those shadows are awesome!
Well, yes, you should cheat! It's too cool to pass up! Thanks!
And, what a yummy image of your table,um, door, um trestle table thingie! Yum, yum, yum!!
Anonymous said…
LOL! YOU are funny. Thanks for making me laugh. Love your shadow shot.

Unknown said…
excellent shadow shots ... oh and how much do i love Nick ... a lot ... i almost had a conniption yesterday when i was at south bank and saw the FREE exhibition ... wow ... ahhhhhh ... love ... that ... man. Got quite jealous of Susie, with that beautiful pic of her and their cute kids and then then 'when i first met Susie' piece written on the wall said…
You are so funny Tracy. You always make it a joy to visit here. I think your positive vibe attracts all the great shadow shots & like minded bloggers who participate every week. This is one friendly meme with such great participants. Forgo my shadow whenever you need too. I love being in your beautiful collages, but I don't mind not being in them either.
Thanks for all your work.
& Your shadows are wonderful as always!
Cool shots!

The Nick Cave one is really weird. When you look at the real him...he looks like this hot rocker dude I could have dated back in the day. But when you look at his shadow...I'm not sure...he looks old and stooped over, kind of like a Neanderthal bird man. Something about it is unsettling to me. shot;)...I love the shadow shapes of the curtain/doily doodads. The curves and laciness of them...very pretty. Nice warm shot. I love your honesty about your work space. Refreshing.
Raven said…
I love your photo of a photo! And your more colorful shadows below it. I also really enjoy the collages that catalog all the wonderful shots I missed last time... and are just beautiful in their own right.
Kranky Granny said…
You are very creative. I learn something new every week.

I have to admit that I am getting very hooked on chasing shadows.
BLOGitse said…
NC - cool!
your studio - better small and cozy than not at all!

have a great rest of the SSS!
raf said…
Always feels good being greeted with a Howdy. Reckon it's my Texas roots.
Love both your shots, Harriet....something borrowed, something new! Beautiful collage work as always. Thanks for hosting!
Carin said…
Love the shadows made by your curtains on your desk. Classy picture!
Great shadows..both of them..Your shadow with the desk is really nice. Hey, I have used doors for tables before..they are wonderful..especially if you have a crowd. Happy SSS..
XUE said…
Hey doofus, it's about time that you include more shots of your home! Couldn't resist that! Just 1 pretty pic of yr desk!!! - more! more!
annette said…
Hey T, nice to have a peek into your studio, sounds like my kinda place ;0). My goodness your sss has grown, 61 players last week, thats awesome!! you do a fabulous job, specially on those collages - works of art. Have a great week. A:0)
Chrisy said…
You've really made these collages into works of art...they each have their own flavor...
Chris said…
I thought the Nick Cave shot was awesome even if it is just a photo of a photo. At first I thought it was Bob Geldoff.
Anonymous said…
Oh I do love the paint bottles!
Elizabeth said…
Nick Cave is cool.
As is your shadow shot for the week.
Greetings from New York and love
julie king said…
i stumbled into you blog yesterday and was so thrilled to see others taking photos of shadows. shadows are one of my favorite subjects! i've just posted my first shadow shot sunday post which also commemorates my one year anniversary of blogging.

your shot with the lacy curtains casting a shadow is stunning!
Wear Your Wild said…
I love your studio shot!
ahab said…
All you needed was Nick Cave in your studio and your shot would have bettered the top one!
Jenn Jilks said…
Great meme - lots of great photos! I wish I were a better photographer but practice makes perfect!
Kym said…
Tracy...Thanks for including me in this week's shadow shot...I love your work....the bottles do have a romantic feel to them being bathed in the sun as they sit there on your door! I have to look through some older shadow shots I have, we got some sleet and nasty rain the past few days so no shadows for me today! Have a great Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Cool shadow shots this week! And lol at your studio's description. Creativity can thrive anywhere :)
Nifty collages and shadow photos again this week as usual. I love this meme and how it's changed the way I look at the world ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
luvmyboys said…
You ARE classy! I love the description of your desk/table/door thingy! LOL!
Janis said…
I am quite impressed with your studio (I admire improvising) and you are nothing BUT class! Each week I can't wait to see what you are up to.

Cheers! ;)
Kym said…
Tracy, I finally got some shots today....the sun came out and I saw some shadows outside and finally got a decent post! Also, do not worry about adding this to next weeks, cause I understand how much work this is, I am just excited to have something to look forward to on Sundays! Oh, and thanks for your comments on my copier art! Have a great Sunday!
Catherine said…
Thanks for adding my in the depths of the mountains here in Mexico visiting some gorgeous Mission churches around Jalpan...great collages this weeek as usual and like your desk shot very much...
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
The collages are great.

{LUV} both Shadow Shots, especially the lace shadow in the second shot. said…
awww, i'm seriously tempted. this is such a wonderful idea.
picciolo said…
great shadows this week! Did you enjoy the exhibition?
: )
picciolo said…
sorry I'm not awake, you have already been!
: )
Anonymous said…
Beautiful gallery collage of shadow shots Miss Harriet. It was a good thing that you left out Buzz Lightyear, he would have looked a little out of place, hehehe!

Love your shadow shot, so pretty :)

I love the Nick Cave shot! maybe you should print it out and take another photo... then it would be a photo of a photo of a photo... err just a thought.
amy said…
these are great shadow shots. i've been away too long, look how many participants! I'll be back soon, don't worry!
Gina said…
As if you could ever be a doofus!
Cool shadows from everyone..including your lovely lacy shadows.. The Nick Cave shadow is so him!! Must have been a great exhibition!! "D
Anonymous said…
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