Shadow Shot Sunday #42

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #42

The side of a house located in the Valley. Or in New Farm. I can't recall how far along James Street it was. Do you notice anything odd about this house? The oddness created a more diverse display of shadows.

“It always amazes me to think that every house on every street is full of so many stories; so many triumphs and tragedies, and all we see are yards and driveways.” - Glenn Close

And shadows on the walls...

Happy Sunday!

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55. Kelly

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GalleryJuana said…
The shadows are interesting and I like the monochrome colors.

Hmmm... trying to notice what is odd? Is it that the bottom window have an awning frame but no awning?
A Wild Thing said…
Oh Tracy, I love this shot, the lower level must be sun lovers, as their awnings have no top...too cool!

Have a wonderful Sunday friend, it's good to be back writing again!

sharon said…
Yes! there are no awnings on the bottom set of windows allowing a different & interesting shadow. I love this shot Tracy. You have quite a good eye.
As usual, I always enjoy your collages too.
Different is good. I quite like this.
Victoria said…
Such a terrific shot, Tracy! Love that it's B&W, and all the angles and lines are fabulous! How cool that they removed parts of the awnings. (I imagine) to let in the sun? Great quote as well. So true. And so often those yards and driveways are filled with such pretense. Everyone trying so desperately to hide their true stories.

Enjoy your weekend, friend! xo
Great shot Tracy...and I love the quote! I'm wondering what stories their missing awnings tell? New feature not yet completed...dismanteling a look the owners are tired of...or something more complicated? Interesting.
Unknown said…
Amazing shot T. The lower rows has no awnings..very odd, or maybe they just love the sun. Great, great shadow shot from you. What a contrast of shadow from top to bottom :D Have a great weekend T...yes, move over here...there's no winter for sure..big hugs for Sunday.
Catherine said…
A beautiful collection of collages as usual this week... and your shot with the missing roofs...very cool!
Generik said…
Excellent shot this week! I"m a big fan of b&w shots of architecture. This one really appeals to me.
Anonymous said…
Since I wasn't able to visit other blogs last week, I'm especially glad for your recap here. Thanks!

Love your latest shadow shot, too.

picciolo said…
I love how you have put this weeks shots together, the 'collages' all look great
Gemma Wiseman said…
Those house wondows look as if they are part of some very avant garde artwork! And its the levels of distinctly different window shadows that gives that impression! A great shot!
PJ said…
You do beautiful work, Tracy. You're the memester! About the house, I noticed what everyone else noticed. I have to add that those window are awfully close together.
maryt/theteach said…
This is a marvelous shot, Harriet! The windows on top have awnings and the ones on the bottom only have the frames... :) My SSS is up!
Alissa Nicolau said…
This shadow shot of yours looks totally cool! And vintage! Love it, love it! Happy Sunday to you.
What an interesting shot..the awnings are gone in the bottom row..Probably being repaired.
Beautiful shadows..Happy SSS..
even though I am here on Saturday.
Tracy, love your SSS this week, how funny about the shutters - bizarre - who are we to question - and hey makes a great SSS shot.

Thanks for sharing and for the wonderful collages this week, simply fab!

Have a good week, see you next Sunday xxx Lee
Anonymous said…
Love it!! I have a photo in my archives like the top half of this photo taken from exactly the same angle. We live in a Qlder and the windows are almost identical. Very cool, are they doing reno's or is it just to let in a bit of extra light? A good quote to and so very true. Have a great Sunday T, as always your collages look fantastic, such wonderful creative shadow shots.A :0)
Jeri ~ said…
Great shot - those bottoms frames make the shadows even more interesting.
Love your shadow this week Tracy! It looks like it needs some new canvas on the lower windows! Looks like a summery picture to us....sooon for us - we almost got to an unusual 70 degrees today - it was heaven!
Oh - forgot to mention that we just LOVED that true!
Unknown said…
That is a great shadow picture in black and white. The awnings are missing but instead of making the building look shabby, it gives it an artistic touch. Nice work, Tracey!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracey, could be wrong but looks to me if the 'galvanised iron' is missing (awninigs to other people not familiar with Australian architecture)Anyway made very interesting shadows on the second lot of windows. Thanks for all the time you put in to making the collages - they look great as usual.
jo said…
Your shot is fantastic, the effect is it
bobbie said…
Tracey, your picture is really terrific this week! Love it!
Terri said…
Wonderful photo Tracy. Love the symmetry. And yes, much more interesting shadows from the bottom row.
Carletta said…
I think the symmetry truly makes the shot! You do have a terrific eye for finding great shadows.
The collages are wonderful - great job.
Shannon said…
always fun to see everyone's shadows displayed like this! THANKS for all your hard work!
Chrisy said…
Always a visual feast in your weekly shadow post! Thank you...
Rinkly Rimes said…
What a coffee-table book these shots would make!
Thanks for hosting such a great theme... it was fun for us...wonderful shots from all your participants
Becky @ Thoughtfully Blended Hearts
Here's to the beauty of diversity!
keiren said…
Ok, the awnings are missing from the bottom row of windows. Even more odd is that the windows are so close together. What a strange house. The capture of the shadows is great. You've done another amazing job with the collages. They are all a feast for the eyes!
T.Allen said…
Gorgeous collage; so many interesting shadow shots! I've been remiss in my shadow hunting, but will be back in the groove soon!
Anonymous said…
It's hard to keep topping yourself, but you keep doing it, and the shooters seem to just outdo themselves as well. The quote is something I fully agree with and think of often. I think even your collages surpass themselves. Very subtly arranged. Have a great day, you artist, you. And I Must. Have. That. Book.
Ali said…
A great collection of shadow collages - so many shadow shots! Thanks for compiling them all Tracy!
And I love your pic this week - makes a great, quirky photo!
Anonymous said…
I wonder who nicked off with those bottom awnings? Hmmm... I like the mystery of this photo. I enjoy the odd things in life :)

I'm a bit slack with this sunday's SSS. Maybe next week.
Carin said…
Interesting SS.
I noticed the oddness and was going to describe it as I didn't kwow the right word. But just now I learned a new word: awnings! Well that's what I noticed: missing awnings on the bottom line. Those missing awnings give great shadow effects though!
Cassandra Kiss said…
those are some truly fantastic shots!
raf said…
Ah, yes, you have the eye, Harriet. Well done! And perfect choice for b&w.
It's true, how well you balance the collages too.
Thanks for sharing those classic photos in the previous post. Wow!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful capture you've shared this week! The missing awnings on the lower row of windows creates a nifty effect. As always, I enjoyed the collages you created for this week's Shadow Gallery and love the Glenn Close quote.
Hugs and blessings,
Anonymous said…
Interesting shot & quote. Happy SSS!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful collection! I like the cats ear in the first group best.
Sherrie said…
Great Shadows!! The bottom awnings don't have covers on them. Have a great day!!

Chris said…
Interesting with the missing awnings on the first floor. I wonder if they were off just for maintenance or just gone for good. Either way, the result is great for film:)
maryt/theteach said…
Do come back Harriet, to add your line to finish the limerick! :)
MyMaracas said…
Great capture, perfect for black and white.
Christine said…
Great photo! I love the dark shadow contrast against the house.
Elizabeth said…
Dear Tracy!
another super shot of yours.
This sss has become such a big hit! Your collages are so excellent getting better all the time.
I have been a bit out of the loop since in India and away from wi-fi until yesterday
much love
Elizabeth said…
Dear Tracy!
another super shot of yours.
This sss has become such a big hit! Your collages are so excellent getting better all the time.
I have been a bit out of the loop since in India and away from wi-fi until yesterday
much love
Tessa said…
Wonderful, striking shot - with the different shadows cast by the empty awnings. (I'm a big windows fan because I love their sense of mystery!)
Hot Fudge said…
How do you come up with such incredibly diverse shadow shots week after week? Well done on yet another brilliant image!
maryt/theteach said…
Harriet, sorry I updated my "Limerick" post before you had a chance to write your last line and then Leora beat you to it - scary! I'll do this again at the end of the week. Thanks for participating! :)
Gina said…
So many cool shadows!! and very interesting SS from the decorative shadows from the lower window sides..if that makes sense! Gx
Jill said…
Wow-that was some great shots last week and the way you grouped them-fantastic. I also like your shot for this week. I'm sitting out a bit because the time on the computer on the weekends isn't happening.