Shadow Shot Sunday #50

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Unfortunately I've only been back online for a few hours so I didn't have time to check in and collage shadow shots from those who participated last week. These collages feature shots from the previous Sunday as I'd already saved these images before my computer problems. I noticed a few new participants added their links to Mr Linky last week. Thanks heaps for joining in and welcome aboard! I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to visit many blogs yet. I have a lot of catching up to do now! It's so nice to be back!

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #50

I included the second photo just in case you were curious about what was casting those pretty round shadows. Pretty round lanterns! These red lanterns are hanging all through Southbank Parklands as part of the current Buddha Birth Day celebration. I attended the festival on Friday and took many photos, so I'll post some more during the week. If you're a local and haven't been to the festival yet, it's still on today, with fireworks tonight to close the festivities. It's a lot of fun! Especially the International food fair! Yummy!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
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2. robin-one still frame
3. The Summer Kitchen Girls
4. Sweet Repose
5. Bobbie
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9. Gallery Juana
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Victoria said…
Welcome back Tracy! You have been missed! Hope your computer works like a charm from now on. (Geez, I hope Sam wasn't tinkering with it while you were at work!) Those polka dot shadows are as cool as can be, and I'd have never guessed that they were made from strings of chinese lanterns. Fabulous!
Tom Hilton said…
So glad to see your long computer nightmare is over (I hope), and you're back in the game! And of course, thanks for all the work you do organizing this and putting together those great collages.

That is a great shot, and I'm with Victoria--I'd never have guessed the source of the shadow.
robin. said…
Computer troubles are the pits!! Glad you are back. i'm with victoria...would not have guess the shadows to be from the lanterns. Love the shot(s)!!
yea!! Glad your with us this week....we missed you!
Love those polka-dot shadows - glad you shared the cause of them - very pretty indeed!
Have a great week Tracy!
Chris said…
I'm glad you got your computer back up and running! Congratulations!

Love the paper lanterns and their shadows.
A Wild Thing said…
Yayyyy...she's back and what a wonderful birthday party to attend. What a wonderful festival of lights and cool shadows too, you always find the coolest, artsy types.

Have a great Sunday, oh crazy one!

bobbie said…
Glad to see you're up and running again!

Love your polka dot shadows.
I love that shot! Would have been very mysterious had you not shown us the second photo. How pretty the Southbank Parklands must be with all those lanterns hanging about! I love festivals...and festival food;o Can't wait to see and read more about it in the coming week.
I'm glad you're back:D
Rinkly Rimes said…
What a good idea! To show us the actual 'shadower'!
Chubby Chieque said…
Ohh oooppps!!! her she comes! been missed...

I can imagine how the festival area looks like specially in the evening.

Am glad your back and am thankful that am back too §:-))

Enjoy your Sunday!
Sarah said…
Glad your computer is back! I love that shot and the lanterns too! I'm glad you had a good time at the festival, sounds like fun. I will be back tomorrow with my shot!
Ria said…
Hi! Its great to have you back! I know how horrible it is when the pc is down!!! hehe.

interesting shot this week! it reminds me to be mindful of things around me. if i was at that festival i may have missed all those shadows coz i would have been looking up too much!
GalleryJuana said…
Welcome back! We missed you:)

Very cool circular shadows. The lanterns remind me of candies.
Margaret Gosden said…
Spectacular shadows. Nice when there is a story line, too.
whizkid said…
Missed you T! good to have you back.

smashing photo. That street's got a polka-dotted sense of style :)
Hot Fudge said…
Whew! I thought the Wicked Computer of the East had gobbled you up. Welcome back to the Land of Blog. Naturally, you hit us once again with an artistic, original shadow shot. It's so good to have you back!
maryt/theteach said…
So glad you're back Harriet and your computer is fixed! My shadows are yp for your perusal! Your shadows are awesome and thanks for posting the lanterns so I know what made the shadows... :)
Yay!!! Welcome back!
Wow, you DO have the coolest shadow shots, no doubt! I really like this one (I'm sure I say that often for your shadows, but each time I mean it just as much).
Ali said…
welcome back Tracy :)
lovely shot too - both of them actually, but I love the shadows!
Happy Sunday!
Gemma Wiseman said…
O it's good to find you back! I even intended to write a comment and put a link in last Sunday's post ifyou weren't here!

Love your lantern shadows! Like a fantasy world!
Unknown said…
Welcome back, we've missed you too much and these red lanterns are the prettiest ever. We have next Saturday to celebrate Buddha's birthday, which will be a public holiday..Saturdays are not public holiday here, so more holidays. Great shot T.
Glad you're back! Pretty round shadows from pretty red bubbles! Love it!
XUE said…
yippee! yippee! Tracy's back! I'm doing a "welcome back" jig for you in my almost-neat studio! Who would have guessed that the dotted shadows came from pretty Chinese lanterns!
storyteller said…
Wonderful Shadow Collages! I'm delighted your computer's working again. Love your Shadow Shot for today and appreciate you sharing the source in the second photo.
Hugs and blessings,
Chrisy said…
Pleased to see that you've whipped that computer into shape! Lovin your shot of the lanterns...and that one of the marbles in a collage is a fav...
Shannon said…
VERY cool round shadows! LOVE it!!!
Sam said…
Very frustrating being off the air due to technical difficulties! The lantern shadows are lovely as are the lanterns!
Sylvia K said…
Oh, I'm so glad your computer problems have been solved! I know only too well what that's like! I love your shadow shots -- both of them! Great colors in the lanterns. Thanks for hosting this meme, it's the most fun I've had since I took up photography for the first time about six months ago. Never had so much fun, aside from blogging itself!
Anonymous said…
You always seem to find the most amazing shadows to shoot. I'm glad you included the second photo, I would have been sitting here scratching my head for ages. Now that I know what it is, I can go and have my afternoon nap :)

Hope you and your computer are feeling much better this week.
Raven said…
Glad your computer has recovered. Thanks for sharing the red lanterns that made the shadows. Fun to see what was creating those interesting patterns.

As always, I love your collages, whatever week they come from.
Hello, I just posted a bad link...can you remove #28 for me...I reposted with a good link on #30...thanks

I love this have a great blog...
Generik said…
Polka dot shadows!

Fabulous, glad you're back up and running.
welcome back! i totally forgot about buddha's birthday...woops! i'm sure he doesn't mind, right? :)

have a good week!! xoxo
Terri said…
Welcome back Tracy! I love the lantern shadows! Brilliant.
keiren said…
It's Buddha's birthday? I was so busy celebrating your return Harriet that I didn't realise that it was Buddha's birthday! Welcome back!
Glad to see your computer is back up and going, and love the pattern of shadow you caught!
Tizzalicious said…
Welcome back!

I love your shot!
Carin said…
Glad to see you got your computer fixed. Funny eh how we can't seem to do without a PC anymore.

Thanks for sharing the second picture too for the first one would have set me of wondering. That festival sounds like fun, looking forward to more pictures. Will be back this week to see.
Elizabeth said…
So glad that your computer is now back in business.
I bet you were frustrated without it.
Your Shadow shot is excellent --yes we may well have filed to gusess what the round shadows were!
Love from New York.
Dianne said…
I'm glad you're back!

Those lantern shadows are stunning. I love how you caught them on 2 different surfaces, it adds so much to the shot
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
Glad to see you back! Not having a computer is a pain in the butt! Mine crashed a few weeks ago. Luckily my son got all my stuff off my hard drive. Great shadows! Like those round shadows. Mine is posted. Have a great day!!

Anonymous said…
Welcome back, and very cool shadow shot!
Martha said…
So glad to see you back! Thanks for this very cool meme - I think I'm addicted! :-)
Martha said…
Almost forgot - very cool shadow shot this week!
Anonymous said…
I'm back with shadow shot this week. Now I'm off to look at everyone elses. Thanks!!!!
hejoko said…
It's good to see the second pickture too. Those balls are so nameless:D
Brandi said…
I'm a first time shaddow shooter. I hope one day I can produce shots like yours! Thanks for letting me play! :)
laura said…
Love your Shadow Gallery--what a fabulous idea, and what a great way to re-look at your surroundings.
Sadly not many shadows here--rain rain rain.
Wear Your Wild said…
Love the SS Harriet!
Unknown said…
Glad you're back! FANTASTIC shadow shot...absolutely love it! said…
Tracy I love your circle shadows. They form such a pretty design.
Sorry I have no shadow prepared for this week, next week I definitely will!
sunnymama said…
Those lanterns make really cool shadows!
alexa said…
That's an awesome shot! I don't think I would have figured it out.
Catherine said…
Glad to see you back online...and great shot to return with!!
Linda said…
Glad you're back up and running! I'm playing along, and it is really a fun exercise to LOOK for shadows. Love it!

And I never would have figured your shadow out without the explanation. The lanterns are a great shot, too!
MonikaRose said…
Hello, I have just joined your SSS today. I hope I have done this correctly. Added your SSS button to my blog and posted my first SSS #1 photo and added my link to Mister Linky.
I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally I had the time today. :) I love taking photos and have many shadow shot opportunities around my home and on my travels.
Welcome back after your comp break down, I know and have been there.
I like visiting your blog and seeing the collage's you put together. Will look forward to each week. Thank you for this opportunity to share my photos and blog with others.
Have a Fantastic day :)
Cindy said…
I love the round shadows, and the red lanterns that cast them! My computer has been giving me problems as well, no shadow shot for me this week. I hope to get one in next time.
please sir said…
Another amazing shot - ohh love the lanterns!
raf said…
Howdy! Yep, coming in late again. You found some great shadows as always, Harriet and even with all your pc probs, put up super collages every week. Would have enjoyed that International food fair, no doubt! Thanks for hosting!
MonikaRose said…
Hi, thank you for dropping by and for the kind words, will be posting about my 2nd glider flight soon, will look forward to next shadow shot.
see ya soon, MonikaORse
p.s.great to find another Ossie blogger too :)
Janis said…
You read my mind -- I was trying to figure out the circle shadows! Thanks for your visit to my blog and your oh-too-kind compliment on my photos. Maybe one of these days I'll get good enough to submit one to SSS. Yours are always AMAZING!

Have a great day!
picciolo said…
hello, I'm glad your computer is orted out, I love your shadow shot for this week, thanks for the explanation pic too
: )
annette said…
Nice to see you back on board T!! Fabulous photos, especially the lantern ones, i would have been snapping away at them as well!! No ttv ones? Have a happy week, i see you only have 2 ss's to go till you have done a whole year, wow how its grown, i rememeber when it used to be 15 or so - you've done an awesome job. See ya. A:0)