Shadow Shot Sunday #53

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Shadow Gallery

1. Kuusela 2. TheExplorer 3. SarahWallis 4. Bobbie 5. BrandiB 6. kden 7. TwinkleStarArt 8. Carin 9. Raven(Raven'sNest)

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #53

My shadows were found surrounding a sculpture at the Gallery of Modern Art this week. The artwork is called Human human - lotus, cloisonne figure 1 by Ah Xian. This piece is part of The China Project exhibition being presented by GoMA until the 28th June 2009. This exhibition is really really good!

And the randomly drawn winner of the SSS giveaway is...

Number 42 shadow shootin' Whizkid!

Congrats Whizkid! Email me (my email link can be found in the sidebar) your postal address. Part of the prize pack includes your choice of four photos from my shop, so pop in there, and then include the titles of the four prints you would like in your email. As soon as I've received the details from you I'll pack up the bundle of goodies and send them your way! A big mushy thanks to everyone for making the first year of Shadow Shot Sunday so much fun. I'm looking forward to celebrating the second year anniversary already!

A few very lovely bloggers have kindly passed awards onto me recently and rather than making this post any longer than it already is, I'm going to follow through on acknowledging and thanking those sweet folk in my Wednesday post. I'm sorry to those who did give awards to me for taking a while to respond. I'm really not good at this kind of thing. And being so disorganised doesn't help matters. But please know the fact that you like my blog enough to give me an award does make me very happy and I do really appreciate it. xox

I'm off to the Cameraholics Photographica Fair today

I've compiled a wish list. I'm so excited. I'm so nerdy...

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Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. High Desert Diva
3. Sweet Repose
4. Cecile
5. PJ - Pensacola
6. robin-one still frame
7. Gallery Juana
8. Generik
10. Bobbie
11. Sylvia K
12. Martha - Menagerie
13. whizkid
14. Chie
15. BABYLONEZOO (France)
16. Carin
17. Kenobiitti - Finland
18. Vicki
19. Jen - Canada
20. Terri - teelgee
21. wildeve
22. Tom Hilton
23. justjody
24. Brandi B.
25. Gemma
26. Molokai Girl
27. Rinkly Rimes Australia
28. kbear
29. Sunnymama
30. Bree (meandmy2guys)
31. The Summer Kitchen Girls
32. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico
33. Lisa's RetroStyle
34. MonikaRose
35. Joanna P
36. Sara Chapman in Seattle
37. alexa
38. Twinkle Star Art
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40. Just Like Martha
41. wickedchilddesigns
42. fotodiod
43. Kuusela Finland
44. Charlie and Grace
45. Katie
46. EmBelISH
47. Sherrie
48. elizabeth schmid
49. ctmott
50. Christy
51. Ria
52. ScrappyGram
53. Hildegarde (Flanders,EU)
54. Ginger
55. Sarah Wallis
56. Kelley
57. marcia TX USA
58. dorte
59. hejoko
60. Linda
61. chickensue
62. VickiSp
63. Authentically Unique
64. Happily Retired Gal - USA

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Wow! That exhibition looks fab!

Hope you get everything on your list at the camera fair!
That exhibition does look great! Wish I could visit it! Congratulations to whizkid for winning that cool giveaway pack. So lucky!

Hope to be back soon with a shadow shot. The weather hasn't been very cooperative so far :(
PJ said…
I wish I could go to the camera show.:(
Have fun and give us a full report.
keiren said…
Great arty shadows Harriet! Have fun at the photo fair! I can imagine how big that wish list of yours is. Happy hunting!
GalleryJuana said…
Congratulations to whizkid!

I would love to see that exhibition. The shadows from the figure in each direction are pretty cool.
A Wild Thing said…
How lucky you are to have galleries so close...even if I did, would I have time to attend...I wish.

Have a wonderful weekend Tracie!
Generik said…
Subtle shadows this week, very nice! I'd love to see that exhibit, too.

Congrats to Whizkid for winning the SSS Sweepstakes!
Beautiful choice of subject for shadows. Bodily markings are curious. Hope the exhibit comes our way!
whizkid said…
OH GOSH!!! Am absolutely freaked out right now. Winning this is unbelievable really...!!

Its not sunk in yet...but a zillion thanks. This is a great group to be part of, among such wonderfully talented people. :)

Thanks Tracy!!
and thanks for your wishes, everyone. :)
bobbie said…
Love the multi-shadows from the statue!
Martha said…
Love your shots this week! I played too ...
Sylvia K said…
What great shots, Harriet! I love those multi shadows, too!

Have a great weekend! And thanks for hosting this meme, I've never had so much fun looking for shadows! and it's amazing that while you're searching for the shadows how many other lovely things you become aware of!
Chubby Chieque said…
That exhibition seems great.

Appreciated that you shown the bit of Asia.

Congrats to Whizkid! Enjoy your SSS
Carin said…
Wishing you heaps of fun at the exhibition!
That human statue gives shadows all around. Especially like the shadows/statues in the background. Those make it look like a China Project like you mentioned. Funny eh how just a few figures can give such an impression.
Happy Sunday to you too!
MyMaracas said…
Wow! You find the greatest stuff. And your photos are so good; you really have a way of capturing the feel of a subject.
Terri said…
Fabulous shadows, Tracy!! I love the colors too.
Victoria said…
That last shot is sci-fi cool! Looks like she has to stand before the tribal space council... I hope they let her live!

Congrats to your lucky winner!
Tom Hilton said…
Great shadows. That second shot is especially cool--very moody and evocative.
just jody said…
wow.....i love the shot with four shadows! i'm sooooooooo jealous! i wanna go to the Cameraholics Photographica Fair! congrats to whizkid.
Brandi said…
wow! What cool shadows that sculpture produced! The other "people" off to the side were very good too...and slightly creepy!

...and for the record, I don't think it's nerdy to have a wish list. I think we've all got them! :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
A most entertaining post as always!

Congrats to WhizzKid! Well done!

Great collages Tracey!

Like Sweet Repose, I can't get to galleries/exhibitions either! However, I do have some galleries nearby that I should visit at least on school holidays I guess!

And love the subtle shadows playing around your sculpture! Enjoy seeing the artwork you present!

Have a great weekend!
Unknown said…
Congrats, whizkid! And great collages, Tracy--I'm honored to have my DH's and my shadow included. :-) Here's to a sunny week for all!
A Camera & Photographica Fair??? How cool is that?
Have a great time and I can't wait to see what you pick up there.
Rinkly Rimes said…
I love the sihouette of the child! Maybe we should all 'silhouettise'our grandchildren for posterity as they did in days gone by!

Thanks for a very interesting blog.
kbear said…
i posted my first Shadow Shot today. i added myself to Mister Linky. hope it works. ~kbear
sunnymama said…
Looks like a really interesting exhibition! I love the sculptures, and their shadows :)
→lisa said…
That exhibit looks wild. You always go to interesting shadow places! know, I don't think I have any shadows this week :(
My gosh always have the coolest art events to go to! This is so lovely! Thanks for bringing us some of the art you see - we always enjoy it (especially the shadows!!)
Interesting shadow shot. I like the "people" in the shadowy background in the second shot. I'm wondering what kinds of peculiar things they have on their heads.

Cool camera fair. Looks like fun to me:D

Darn that lucky whizkid. I wanted to win all those goodies for myself:( Oh well, congrats to them!
Catherine said…
wish I could see the rest of that exhibition as it does look really interesting... I do love art work shadows they come out so well...
Teneale said…
well done whizkid !! have to head over to your blog now :p

happy sss everyone !
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, how are ya? I have my SSS #4 ready, posted and MrLinkyed. There is a story to follow for the inspiration shot....have a great day :)MonikaRose
Sara Chapman said…
Your shadow photo this week has given me an idea for next week's post. Wonderful and multidirectional shadow! Have a great weekend; here in the US it's Memorial Day and a three-day break.
Sit A Spell said…
What a cool blog. It's very cloudy up I get very excited when I see a shadow of any kind!
Hi there, belated congrats on your first Birthday - you go girl - hope you had the chance to celebrate!

I have joined in again this week but MR LINKY didn't want to play - can you please add me - thanks xx
Anonymous said…
Great shadow shot, I like the reflections on the figure too. The visitors in the background have strange taste in hats though.

And congrats to Whizkid for winning the lovely prizes. If you like, I can send you her postal address, you can trust me ;D

Have a great week :)
Sandrine said…
What a clever shadow you did ;)
Ali said…
Lovely shadow collages again Tracy.
Ah Xian is one of my favourite artists!! LOVE your pics, love his work - aren't his face so serene and composed? So intricate too. (great exhibition overall, actually ... Lachie really liked to too!)
Well, I hope you had fun at the fair - you big nerd (I'm a little jealous actually!!) I hope you were home in time for Sunday Arts though! ;)
Ali x
Wear Your Wild said…
Very cool shadow shots!
And congrats to Whizkid!
Sherrie said…
Beautiful Art!! And shadows. Two for the price of one, how wonderful!! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said…
Happy Sunday!
Hope you have a terrific time at the camera show.
Your picture of the sculpture is wonderful.
Great shadows and what a beautiful place. Congrats on all the certainly deserve them.
Have a Happy SSS..
Ria said…
I especially love the second shot! Great photo!

Congrats Whizkid!

Happy Sunday!
Hildegarde said…
Ah Xian : thanks for showing, that's very interesting. On the one hand there is the connection with the ancient pottery human figures from the king's grave, on the other hand it's like art on cows (elephants, ...) but than on the human figure. And then there is of course the decoration. Multiple connections. Who knows that one day I can see his art in Flanders. // And congrats with the anniversary of SSS !!
Sarah said…
Looks like an interesting exhibition. The figures around the edge make me think of some intergalactic council in Star Wars or something!
robin. said…
Happy SSS! What a cool idea for a fair. Hope you had fun!!!

Love your always find the interesting ones!!!

Have a great week!!!

SouthLakesMom said…
My first shadow shot. Not a very good camera and not a very good photo, but I loved the lacey fringe the tree canopy over our church gave the front porch roof.

Thanks for doing this. I'm sure it inspires all of us to look at more than the central object in each frame!
That is reminiscent of the Masters linked w/ body works I do like the collages
Dorte said…
Congratulations to whizkid!
Your shots of the sculpture are great.

Enjoy the exhibition!
Linda said…
I"m interested in participating, but have been unable to access the link for "First timers". Can you help me out?
Chris said…
Is that a shadow that you shot or a human model sundial? :)

Excellent shot, I love it!
Unknown said…
Fabulous shadow shot, love the 2nd photo with the multiple shadows. Wow..cameraholic? sounds like an exhibition I would go. Here's to a great week ahead :P
Darcel said…
I just joined. Love all the photos!
Later than usual, mine's up finally. Guess I'll be visiting others tomorrow because the day got away from me ... totally! Hope you have a wonderful time and learn lots at the Cameraholics Photographica Fair ... sounds nifty. Congrats to Whizkid ;00(
Hugs and blessings,
Wow! Great artwork and fabulous shadows too!
Sam said…
Those shadow shots are amazing! What an inspired thing to do! That Ah Xian chap - we have a bit of his work here in Sydney too - he's very good I think!
MonikaRose said…
hey girl, thanks for stopping by, you can come by the club and sit in your chair and watch me fly...yeah.. ;) Have a fab day, great shadow shots for the week... cya MonikaRose
Shannon said…
ugh! All this out-of-town-fun is impeding my ability to get in on the shadow shot sunday meme (my favorite)~ The collage featured some of my personal FAVES from last week as well!
Chrisy said…
All fantastic! Particularly like twinkle stars profile shot...
Smarties said…
Oh these shadow collages of yours are always so inspiring. They make me wanna live in a country with more sunny days, also :P
Good luck and thanks for visiting!
Paz said…
I love everyone's creativity with their shadow shots. Great job lining them up for us. Thanks!