SSS #52 - First Birthday Bash!

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. ElizabethSchmid 2. BelafontePA,PhotoADay 3. ChickenSue 4. PJ-Pensacola 5. SweetRepose 6. Gingerbread 7. Generik 8. Kenobiitti 9. Bree

The Shooters:
1. JulieKing 2. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 3. Hejoko 4. maryt/theteach 5. Tameka 6. Karen 7. EmBelISH 8. Chie 9. ctmott

The Shooters:
1. Dorte 2. Raven 3. MolokaiGirl 4. ParallelBotany 5. Diahn 6. Whizkid 7. Chris(c/his son) 8. GalleryJuana 9. PaganSphinx

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #52

Shadows spotted on the roof of a circus tent at the Ipswich Show last week. And would you believe that just as I clicked the camera a plane had completed a skywriting session leaving that very appropriate message in perfect monotype corsiva font. It was indeed my lucky day! I also took my Argus 75 camera along to the show to shoot some TtV photos, so once I've narrowed down the 100+ pics I snapped I'll post some here.

Now for the surprise I mentioned last week. To celebrate one whole year of shooting shadows I've decided to have a little giveaway for SSS participants. It's just my way of saying thanks to you guys for playing along and making SSS so much fun each week. I so wish I could give everybody something but that's really not possible, so I have one prize pack to give away to one lucky shadow shooter. Here's what's up for grabs...

(1) Eco friendly hand-pulled screen printed camera journal made with FSC certified Mohawk paper by Disconsolator (2) TTV volumes 1 & 2, mini zines of 'TtV' photos shot in NYC, including a bunch of stickers by Kate Black (3) Original Yashica-D ACEO sized pencil, ink and acrylic artwork on Japanese Washi postcard, signed and dated, by Gallery Juana (who's also a regular shadow shooter!) (4) Polaroid book zine, a 14 page compilation of photos taken with a Polaroid Sun 600 camera during 2006-08 by vhswins (5) umm...the giveaway logo thingy obviously not included in the prize pack (6) Limited edition signed & numbered Vintage Camera Retro Pop Art Print by Monster Gallery (7) Cute & colourful collection of retro style camera pinbacks/badges by Barrel Of Monkeys (8) Mini art canvas peace magnet, ink on vintage kodacolor II 620 film backing paper by me. (9) A choice of any four TtV photo prints from my shop.

This is a collection of little photo/camera related things that I've purchased from Etsy for this occasion. Each item I purchased I did so because it appealed to me, so please click on the seller name links to check out all of their wonderful shops! To be in the draw to win the prize pack all you have to do is be a participant in SSS this Sunday (as every week, the Mr Linky will remain open until Sunday has come to an end in America). Yes, it's that easy! Once you've posted your shadow shot and you've added your link to Mr Linky you are automatically entered into the giveaway. I'll randomly draw one name from the Mr Linky list and announce the winner on the SSS #53 post next Sunday. A happy 1st SSS anniversary to us all! Good luck! xo

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sweet Repose
2. bentley's photoblog
3. The Summer Kitchen Girls
4. Shannon
5. Sylvia K
6. Chie
7. Tom Hilton
8. Martha
9. robin-one still frame
10. Margaret Gosden
11. Kuusela Finland
12. PJ - Pensacola
13. Gallery Juana
14. BABYLONEZOO (France)
15. Molokai Girl
16. Carin
17. Rinkly Rimes Australia
18. justjody
19. Sunnymama
20. Bobbie
21. marcia TX USA
22. kden
23. Gemma
24. The Pagan Sphinx
25. MonikaRose
26. wickedchilddesigns
27. Dianne
28. ScrappyGram
29. Ginger
30. Jeri
31. lisa/parallelbotany
32. Just Like Martha
33. Generik
34. Ria
35. Raven at Raven's Nest
36. Brandi B
37. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
38. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico
39. Gina [Gingerbread]
40. ChickenSue
41. Terri - teelgee
42. whizkid
43. Diahn
44. Charlie & Grace
45. EmBelISH
46. Sherrie
47. Katie
48. ctmott
49. Dorte
50. Long Island Daily Photo
51. Christy
52. elizabeth schmid
53. wildeve
54. Linda M
55. Paz's New York Minute
56. tapirgal, Astoria, Oregon
57. Sarah Wallis
58. hejoko
59. storyteller's other blog
60. maryt/theteach
61. David C.
62. The Explorer, Philippines
63. Twinkle Star Art
64. Lisa's RetroStyle

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Updated 18th May - As Sunday has officially ended worldwide, entry into the SSS giveaway has now closed. Thanks very much and good luck to all the wonderfully creative shadow shooters who entered!


A Wild Thing said… fun is this...I have just been blogging since April last year and you were the first project I grabbed onto.

We are all giving each other the gifts of friendship through this lil' meme, I'm glad I found you and hope we share many more shadows and chuckles together...until you're sick of us anyway...

Bring on the clowns!!!
Have a great Sunday Tracey!!!

My shadow is posted. My first one! I chose a good week to join up! What a fantastic prize and so very kind of you Harriet. Your shadow shot is great and you did well to capture that skywriting so perfectly ;)
Sarah said…
Love this week's shot-especially the perfect plane writing! How did they know! It must be an indicator of how wide your fame has spread!
That is a great giveaway and I feel privileged to have a chance to win, having only found SSS fairly recently. It is fun and I look forward to it each week, though, as usual, I am not ready yet!
Well done you for starting such a great weekly event.
Sarah :)
Hee Hee....just reading Sharon's "bring on the clowns..."
Very funny!!
Happy Anniversary - we don't know what we'd do without hunting down shadows for Saturdays/Sundays!
Cool Contest - your the best hostess!!
keiren said…
Haha! Cute & clever 1st SSS birthday shadow shot. Congratulations on your first SSS anniversary. I hope it's the first of many more! While I don't participate in SSS (one day!) I do enjoy looking at all the great shadows every Sunday. I am very tempted to dust off my camera and join in today for a chance to win that amazing giveaway pack!
Martha said…
How cool and what fun! Happy anniversary! I guess I better go find my shadow shot for this week and get it posted. I'll be back :-)
Tom Hilton said…
Awww...they grow up so fast! Happy birthday, little meme!

Love the circus tent shot...
Martha said…
Mine is up and on Mister Linky.

Love your circus tent shot this week by the way :-)

I heart SSS!
Chris said…
52 SSS? YAY!

Congrats and thanks for posting the only photo meme that I do on a regular basis. You have opened my eyes to shadows even when I don't have a camera in hand.

Have a great weekend!
Chubby Chieque said…
A million thanks for the entertainment you share to us. Wish this will last till Internet goes RIP, ain't it?

He he... your too clever as well, with the anniversary tent, you have. Love it!

Hugs to you on your BDAY!
robin. said…
Tracey~i've just been participating for a month or so... it is the highlight of my weekend to come up with a shadow shot and something clever to go with it. i am loving being part of this group.

the tent and shadows are very appropriate for your one year anniversary!! congrats!! your giveaway is a very nice surprise and best of luck to all the participants!!! happy weekend everyone.
Margaret Gosden said…
It must have been a windless day when you caught that one! Incredible. You hold some sway in the heavens, that's for sure......
Pekka said…
Here in Finland we have now lot of sunshine and also long shadows. There is now saturday evening and I find football in the tree in our garden. Happy sunday for you. ;-)
PJ said…
Well, I'm not missing out on this one. Congratulations Tracy! I couldn't be happier for you. You've opened up a whole new world of photography for me and I thank you.
GalleryJuana said…
Thanks for starting this shadow sunday meme and keeping it going! I agree with what other have said: I look forward to this meme every week.

Your tent shot is lovely with the blue sky and red lines. The colors sing.

And thank you for choosing and purchasing my yashica aceo to be part of the pack.
Unknown said…
Happy 1st SSS Anniversary, Tracy! Yours is the one and only meme in which I participate so far, doing so only recently, and now I need to get the camera and start looking for my next SS post--we finally have sunshine today in Missouri! Congratulations! And a job well done this past year--So glad I found you! Thank you for offering such an awesome blog candy bundle!
For me, the gift has been being able to have a place to post my endless array of shadow shots! Which, in turn gives me even more reason to justify shooting more shadow shots!
And now, you've offered prizes to go with the one year celebration! that's what I call icing on the cake!!
Thank you so much for hosting this fun and fab meme! I am having a blast and enjoy seeing what others around the world come up with each week!
Carin said…
Amazing that those letters dropped down like that! LOL Colourful shadow shot!

Congratulations with your first anniversary! I think it is a great idea these shadow shots. Now that I joined in the fun I am seeing shadows everywhere.

Enjoy your Sunday!
Sylvia K said…
Congratulations, Harriet, on the one year anniversary! I know it has been the most fun ever for me and I'm so glad I found you and your blog! I haven't even been blogging for a whole year,but can't imagine my days without the fun and Shadow Shot is most definitely a part of that! Thank you! Have a beautiful Sunday and enjoy!
Rinkly Rimes said…

Where you'll find a special celebratory poem as well as a little shot.

Thanks for all your hard work!
just jody said…
one year.........happy anniversary. hope you have many, many more! thanks for helping us see more creatively.
sunnymama said…
Happy 1st birthday to SSS! I love your circus tent shadows, and how opportune that the plane was passing by with the message at that moment :)
bobbie said…
What a nice thing for you to do! Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you started this meme.
I love the collages this is my first time --the link didn't take me anywhere so I hope this is ok:)
Gemma Wiseman said…
O Tracey you are incredible! This shadow idea of yours has certainly blossomed in 12 months! We all love sharing it with you!

Congratulations on such a successful meme and always making us feel part of your ongoing shadow party! It has been brilliant!

Love your photo for this week! Very clever for the 1st shadow anniversary!

And I think all of us feel it really doesn't matter who gets your generous giveaway! You have created so much fun every Sunday, we are all winners!

Martha said…
Hi Tracey,
Come over to see my Color Carnival entry for a little first anniversary surprise :-)
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, posted my #3 SSS today, love it all. Thank you for making my Sundays. Excellent way to share my photos with everyone. What timing too, great giveaway specials, cannot wait till next Sunday.. :) Have a Fantastic Day and week ahead.. MonikaROse
MonikaRose said…
Congrats on One Year Anniversary, great way to celebrate :)
Dianne said…
it is fantastic how that plane came along ;)

happy 1st and thank you for hosting and for all the wonderful collages you make
Unknown said…
Yea! I found some shadows today--maybe not all super interesting, but better than NONE, after weeks of rain and clouds! Happy Anniversary & thanks for all that you do to help us see the details in our world much clearer and with a new perspective! ScrappyGram
kden said…
Happy Anniversary and thanks for holding such a great meme. Love your shot with the beautiful colors and vivid blue sky.
Jeri ~ said…
Your shot is great - Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for doing this. I have only discovered you in the last couple of months,but I have (and continue to) enjoy your meme immensely.
→lisa said…
Wishing you a very shadowy anniversary :)

In the on-line world, one year is like a millennium.
Holy Macinoles! That's one heck of a giveaway!! You certainly are generous Ms. Harriet:D I think we should be giving YOU some sort of present for hosting this shindig for an entire year. I CAN'T BELIEVE it's been a whole year! Amazing!
Well, I must say that is the neatest skywriting I've ever seen. I love that beautiful blue sky. It's quite remarkable how you've been about to come up with such varied shadows every week. This is another cool one!
Better go get mine posted so I can be entered in the fab drawing. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday friend. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
XUE said…
Oh my goodness! Have we all really grown one year older already! Seems like I have known you forever!
Generik said…
Happy 1st anniversary! So glad to be a part of this, and best to all the participants the world over!
Ria said…
i missed last week but im glad to be back this week! happy SSS!!! and happy anniversary!
Raven said…
Congratulations on your first anniversary of SSS. It's great fun and has made me more aware of the wonderful shadows around me.
Brandi said…
Happy Anniversary! This is such a fun thing to participate in! Thanks for the fun!
Sara Chapman said…
Happy, happy Blogoversary! What a thrill! I was away for a bit but now I'm back, and happy to see your computer problem is no more. Your skywriter could have been a bit puffier, but why quibble? I am so grateful to you for this meme, as we all are. You've done a fine thing for art in the world.
Terri said…
Happy anniversary, Tracy!!! So glad you're here doing this meme, it's one of my favorites and has made me very aware of shadows and light! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

You sure lucked out with that sky writer! :o)
Happy First anniversary! your skywriting comments made me laugh! :D What a delightful idea to give away such wonderful stuff...but the most fun is always looking at the shadow shots each week!Thanks for hosting this. You do a great job!
whizkid said…
Congratulations on this first SSS anniversary! This is a great meme, and offers such great views every week!

btw, what was that bit about a plane and monotype corsiva? :D :D :D

Have a happy sunday!
Ali said…
Happy SSS anniversary Tracy! :D
Holey moley - that's some giveaway there! So many nice camera-y things.
I'm looking forward to seeing some of your TtV shots from the show too.

Happy Sunday Tracy! and thanks for your shadows :)
artangel said…
Such a great project - I'll be looking out for interesting shadows all day now!
Unknown said…
Happy SSS Birthday! Great shot - everything's better at the circus! I'm so glad I found this project - I just love looking for shadows, and now I have a place to keep them!

And thanks for the feature!
Chrisy said…
happy anniversary to all the shadow shooters...your feature gives so much pleasure...i love heading on over and checking them out...picking out my favs...
donat said…
congrats harriet! i can see why people enjoy playing along so much. i don't even play and i enjoy it! one of these days i'll start a blog so i can join in. ever thought of starting a sss group on flickr? i could join in on that! well done on your first year of shadows. may you continue this project for many more years to come!
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
Congrats on one year for SSS!! I love your shadows and your "special sky writing"! Mine is posted. Have a great day!!

I must admit, joining in SSS has been so much fun. But getting to know you and everyone else is the blessing I really received..and for that I am so thankful to you.
What a great shot you captured this week. Amazing what happens when we "look up"..ha,ha..
Happy SSS..
Wear Your Wild said…
Happy 1st SS Anniversary Harriet and everyone! I'm somewhat new to SSS and look forward to it every week. I love shadows and love looking at everyone's pictures.

Great picture of the circus tent. The colors are so alive.
Have a great week everyone~
Gina said…
Love your big top shadows T!..and congrats to you and all the shadow shooters on SSS's 1st birthday! You are such a wonderful host..thanks for everything you do! Gx :)
Dorte said…
Happy anniversary! Just post my second sss.
Really like your shot of the circus tent and the writing - amazing :-)
Elizabeth said…
This is so thrilling that you have been organizing this event for a whole year.
It really has grown and developed into quite an important blog event.
So many people really enjoy it.
The collages are superb as ever.
You really have done a super job.
I'm so thrilled to have been in on the beginning of it all.
Hugs from New York.
Cindy said…
Happy Anniversary! I have so much fun with SSS. I'm a little late but will be posting in a minute!
Linda said…
Very very happy first bloggerversary! :-) I'm so glad you started this project ... in the few weeks that I've been participating, it has made me look at the world a little bit differently ... always looking for that special shadow!
Anonymous said…
Happy First Anniversary!

tapirgal said…
Happy Birthday, SSS - that's quite an achievement!
Happy 1st Anniversary for Shadow Shot Sunday!!! I've only been participating for a few months but I'm delighted to have found this wonderful Sunday blogging activity and enjoy the many virtual friends I've made here. May SSS continue indefinitely ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
picciolo said…
Happy anniversary! What wonderful prizes too
: )
maryt/theteach said…
Happy Anniversary to you and SSS! You're very generousto think of the wonderful givaway! :)
MonikaRose said…
Hi, thanks for dropping in. My hubby and I are together for 14 years now. Fabulous man. Those squares are everwhere, I have many, maybe put them together for a blanket..Have a great day :) MOnikaRose
The Explorer said…
Mine is up

Sandrine said…
Hi Tracy, Nice to meet you too :)
My photographic skills are so so bad that I can not enter your shadow Sunday...I would scare off everyone...Just see the one on my shop and you will realise!
So once I get better I will give it a go ;)
Cheers S x
Anonymous said…
Oooo! oooo! I think I just might have scraped into this week's SSS by a few seconds. I hope my late entry is still counted. I would loOOooove to win these gorgeous items. Miss Harriet, you are very generous and happy SSS anniversary to you! I can't believe it's been a year already :)
Unknown said…
Happy anniversary SSS and T :D Did you visit Bozo while snapping that tent? Wow..such an impressive artwork from that plane, the pilot must have known you and the rest of the shooters are having an anniversary hehe :P Wonderful collection of giveaways..I should do one too as I've not done any before..and I love here's good luck to the winner. I await the day your SSS hits 100 in your linky..and I think that's going to be soon too :P
Victoria said…
Congratulations on a year of SSS! That is amazing, and you have done a fabulous job putting it all together, week after week! I remember when you started, I thought, "I'm going to have to try that!"... now that I see a whole year has passed, me thinks I may have a problem with procrastination! Love your SS, and am blown away at your amazing good fortune of having a sky writer fly overhead at just the right moment, and with just the right message! Looking forward to seeing your circus TtV's!
Janis said…
Happy, happy, happy anniversary! Like Victoria, I'm still thinking I'm gonna try one of these days. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying watching what everyone else does and your special talent in mixing the eclectic.

Big pat on the back for a job WELL DONE! One year - woo hoo!
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! Happy Birthday to your wonderful SSS!! So many fab participants with their great photos...this is a terrific thing! Happy Day :o)
Hot Fudge said…
A very happy first anniversary Tracy. I am so sorry I was interstate and unable to participate in your marvellous milestone. Sorry I missed the BrisStyle meet-up as well. Here's to bigger and better shadows!
Dang! I missed the birthday bash!